Contemporary Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks just makes sense when you have a high-quality countertop that you would prefer not to cut into like granite or marble. and if you have a more modern look to your bathroom or perhaps, you're planning a redesign, then a contemporary pedestal sink is what you need to bring the room together. They are quite attractive with a more modern look and feel.

Best Products

Veer 24" Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Single Faucet Hole

Veer 24" Pedestal Bathroom Sink with Single Faucet Hole
Elegant modern-day standing sink for smaller bathrooms. It is manufactured of quality white ceramic, has a sleek column, a protruding semi-oval basin and a wide deck with 2 raised edges, a central drain hole, 1 faucet hole and an overflow.

Contemporary pedestal sinks 2

Why not choose this amazing pedestal sink that sports a versatile black finish and a contemporary design that is sure to work like a charm in any bathroom, keeping you and your guests comfortable at all times.

Emma Full Pedestal Overflow Bathroom Sink

Emma Full Pedestal Overflow Bathroom Sink

Contemporary pedestal sinks 32

Here is an unusual pedestal for your sink. Shaped rather like an upside-down L, this wood pedestal supports a clean-lined square sink. Top it with wall-mounted spigot and handle set in simple chrome to complete this understated setup.

Contemporary pedestal sinks 12

Say goodbye to the messy bathroom sink cabinet with this clean-lined pedestal sink. Perfect for small bathrooms where space is at a premium, but also gives an elegant look in larger bathrooms, as well. Pluming is concealed in the column.

Zoom in contemporary bath design saturn clear complete pedestal sink

... zoom in contemporary bath design saturn clear complete pedestal sink

Contemporary pedestal sinks

The oval shape of this pedestal sink is echoed by the oval mirror hung above it. Add a ring loop towel holder to complete a convenient setup that makes the most of limited space and that eliminates under-sink messy storage.

Our advice Buying Guide

Should I get a pedestal sink?

If you are asking yourself should I get a pedestal sink, then you should know the pros and cons before making a decision. Pedestal sinks are usually good for small bathrooms or powder rooms, and they take up less space.

They are also more durable, easier to clean and give you that wow factor when entering the bathroom. Pedestal sinks are, for these reasons, more common in smaller bathrooms or half bathrooms.

Pedestal sinks have a compact design; however, they offer no storage. There's no room underneath either to store your hairdryer, toothbrush, or razor. Pedestal sinks also have a limited range of design options due to their freestanding form.  

They may be harder to install because the plumbing is exposed, and additional wall and floor supports are needed. Pedestal sinks also tend to be more expensive than vanity sinks.

What are the most durable materials for a pedestal sink?

The most durable materials for a contemporary pedestal sink are probably what you picture whenever someone mentions a sink: traditional vitreous china or enameled cast iron.

However, keep in mind that you can consider reliable stainless steel or stone sinks, too.

How do you make a contemporary pedestal sink look modern?

There are a variety of ways you can make a pedestal sink look modern. For example, you can mount a trendy mirror above the sink, opting for an ovular shape with sleek wall-mounted lamps on either side. Contemporary pedestal sinks also appear more modern, with floating shelves fixed above and around the mirror and sink.

Wooden shelves with metal brackets are a hot trend that adds a current, minimalist look to your overall bathroom aesthetic. You can also add decorative items around your sink, from bright green succulents in contemporary pots or minimalist art hanging on the walls.


Details about pedestal sink ballista round modern resin vanity

Details about Pedestal Sink BALLISTA Round Modern Resin Vanity ...

Contemporary pedestal sinks 36

Pedestal sink designed for the bathroom. It is made of high quality ceramic. Elegant design for any bathroom according to taste and need.

Modern pedestal sinks for small bathrooms image

Modern Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms Image

Modern pedestal sink canada

Impressive pedestal sink designed essentially for a contemporary bathroom. Nickel-plated, it raises eyebrows with its beautifully hammered exterior; in contrast, the interior is sleek and smooth. Flared vase like form is also extraordinary.

Contemporary pedestal sinks 34

This contemporary pedestal sink manages to provide a wide ledge around a generously proportioned basin for a minimalist appearance that is nonetheless practical. Plumbing is concealed in the pedestal or in the wall behind the sink. Fixtures sold separately.

Modern pedestal sink vanity treviso

Modern Pedestal Sink Vanity - Treviso

Trapani 42cm clear glass washbasin with contemporary wooden pedestal stand

Trapani 42cm Clear Glass Washbasin with Contemporary Wooden Pedestal Stand and Tap

Wall Mount Clear Glass Vessel Sink Combo W Stand

Parigi Pedestal Lavatory with Single-Hole Drilling

Parigi Pedestal Lavatory with Single-Hole Drilling

Contemporary pedestal sinks 21

Check out this round decorative pedestal sink, part of the Blu Stone collection by Blubathworks. It's simple, yet striking. A perfect decorative sink for your contemporary bathroom. The Blubathworks

Contemporary pedestal sinks 10

Contemporary Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms ~

Options for powder room instead of pedestal sink

options for powder room instead of pedestal sink

Contemporary pedestal sinks 8

A nice, contemporary sink basin with some handy space on the sides to store your toothbrushes and soap – a good addition to a modern, mid-century bathroom. Minimalistic and simple, yet looks quite nice.

Contemporary pedestal sinks 4

Modern Pedestal Sink - contemporary pedestal sink - Varazze

Modern pedestal sink and toilet jpg


23 Inch Modern Bathroom Vanities Tempred Glass Design Vessel Sink

Contemporary pedestal sinks 35

Contemporary Pedestal Sink with 8" Centers