Decorative Paper Towel Holders

Up your paper towel holder game with decorative paper towel holders. Do something a little different, something fun, or even a little crazy, but do so with an eye on keeping your paper towels functionally accessible. And these will fit any paper towel roll, unless it is comically sized. For your paper towel holder needs, think of maybe going a little more decorative. See collection for more.

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Classic Paper Towel Holder

Classic Paper Towel Holder
Made of aluminum decorative paper towel rack is a wonderful detail for each type of interior. Classic Floral details captivate style and timeless character. Beautifully presented both in the kitchen and in the dining room stle.

Paper Towel Holder I

Paper Towel Holder I
If you're a fan of intriguing and stylish solutions, this amazing paper towel holder is gonna be a perfect match for you. Check it out and enjoy the combination of functionality and an awesome design!

Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder
This is truly a unique paper towel holder that not only lets you hide the towels themselves but also adds to the decorative side of the interior beautifully thanks to its detailed and realistic design.

Rustic rugged industrial towel holder

Rustic rugged industrial towel holder
Wall mounted towel holder designed to top off any kitchen style that falls on the industrial or rustic side. Such an effect is possible thanks to harmonious combination of dark finished metal and two-toned wood.

Seaworld Paper Towel Holder

Seaworld Paper Towel Holder
Elaborate sea-themed paper towel holder. Bring dreamy seaworld through your door. Crafted from brass and marble, with sculptural sea life theme: fish and turtles frolic around a tuft of seaweed. Equipped with convenient tear-off bar.

Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder
It is very useful to have a paper towel holder at home. You can always easily reach it and clean your hands when you need to. It has a light wooden construction so you can try mounting it to the walls.

Deluxe Paper Towel Holder

Deluxe Paper Towel Holder
If you're a real fan of stylish and practical solutions, check out this amazing paper towel holder! It's gonna bring you not only a huge dose of convenience, but also an interesting and unique design.

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Paper towels are a kitchen essential, but when you're proud of your décor, finding somewhere suitable to store it can be a hassle. With a decorative paper towel holder, you can eliminate the issue of wondering where to put the paper towels, and you can keep it within easy reach while making the kitchen look even more sophisticated and tidy. Here are some of the styles of decorative paper towel holders that you may come across.

What are the most popular types of decorative paper towel holders?

Mounted paper towel holder

This can be mounted on any wall in your kitchen, or you can position it underneath one of the cupboards or units. When mounted on a wall, this sturdy wooden holder also provides a small shelf on top on which you can place candles, ornaments and other items of interest. The top will lift up to allow you to put the roll of paper towels inside. When closed, you can pull the pieces of paper towel from underneath easily, creating an elegant and subtle way to keep things tidy.

Feature paper towel holder

This metal stand is the ideal size for holding your paper towel roll, and there are different designs which you may come across. One of the designs, for example, is a black metal stand which has a traditionally shaped lamp post on it. There may be other features too, such as a post box and cat or another animal. The feature item is normally thin and long to allow the roll to be placed on it. The circular base is neat and sturdy and will fit almost anywhere in the kitchen. Other feature pieces which you may find are lamps, candlesticks and tree shapes on which you can comfortably fit any roll of paper towels.

Plastic cover paper towel holder

Not everybody wants the paper towels to be visible in the kitchen, and if you've put a lot of effort into making your kitchen what you want, you might not be prepared to buy something that emphasizes the paper towels and makes them look even more obvious to you and your guests. This plastic paper towel holder is available in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen décor perfectly, and you can put the paper towel roll inside and cover it completely. A thin slit on one side offers a way of easily accessing the paper towels.

Natural branch paper towel holder

Ideal for any cottage kitchen, the natural paper towel holder designs are fascinating and unique in their own way. One such design is the horizontally positioned branch upon which you can hang the paper towels. This may be made using authentic tree branches or could be made using refined wood. The jagged effect ensures it maintains its natural effect, while a small ornamental bird or some flowers add color and interest to the piece. This is available both as a mounted wall piece and also on a flat stand to be placed on any horizontal surface.


Mrk wire kitchen collection mountable paper towel

Mrk wire kitchen collection mountable paper towel
Paper towel holder designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of metal with gold finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application on any flat surface.

Paper Towel Holder

Paper Towel Holder
If you're a fan of simple and practical solutions, this unique paper towel holder is gonna perfectly fulfill your expectations. Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary functionality in your bathroom or kitchen!

Formbu Paper Towel Holder

Formbu Paper Towel Holder
This stylish paper towel holder would be a perfect opportunity for every fan of original and intriguing design. Check it out and enjoy not only an amazing look in your kitchen, but also the highest functionality.

Decorative paper towel holders

This crown molding shelf has got the storage for the paper towels. It's an element that has got a decorative and functional role in the house. It adds a classic style into the bathroom or kitchen.

Decorative paper towel holders 1

The unusual form of this decorative paper towel rack makes it an excellent piece of kitchen decoration in antique style. Metal construction with a shelf of marble offers a unique all that delights.

Diy paper towel holder

An attractive antique style holder for paper towels. It features a frame of black-finished metal with scrolls on low legs and sides. It has a round rod holder with ball finials. A rectangular bottom shelf is also finished in black.

Hidden paper towel dispenser shelf

This wall mounted paper towel holder enchants with its ornate form, being the result of using wrought iron as the base for it. Being a pretty formable material, it allows creating beautiful, mosaic forms.

Counter paper towel holders decorative paper towel holder by imax

... Counter > Paper Towel Holders > Decorative Paper Towel Holder by IMAX

TrippNT 51339 Retro Dots Plastic Dual-Dispensing Paper Towel Holder, 11" Width x 6" Height x 4" Depth

Paper_towel_holder_l_ jpg


Coral collection canister and paper towel holder

Coral Collection Canister and Paper Towel Holder

Mud Pie Acorn Paper Towel Holder, Brown

Unique paper towel holders 1

This paper towel holder is a nice and practical decoration for any kitchen. Hand crafted from sturdy materials, the holder as well as its lattice design brings rustic accents, and a helping hand in case of a spill.

New black metal decorative paper towel rack holder with shelf


Decorative paper towel holders 2

A fancy paper towel holder that is going to bring animal accents into your contemporary kitchen. Its decorative design features a decorative black cat sitting on a flat circular base, and an old-fashioned street lamp with a black crow on top.

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Classic collection paper towel holder

Classic Collection - Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel rack traditional paper towel holders

Paper Towel Rack traditional-paper-towel-holders

Decorative paper towel holders

Standing 15" tall, this paper towel holder has a 6.5" wide, round base with a green leaf and grape bundle around the outside. It can hold a single roll of paper towels or 2 rolls of toilet paper.

How to make paper towel holder

We are dressing, dogs - what if paper towels are also dressed and provide style and functionality in the kitchen? The original decorative paper towel holder stand is made of plastic and metal, with a hidden suction cup at the bottom in blue.

Metal wood paper towel holder traditional paper towel holders

... Metal & Wood Paper Towel Holder traditional-paper-towel-holders

Mud Pie Spigot Paper Towel Holder, Brown

Decorative paper towel holders rivers edge products black lab paper

Decorative Paper Towel Holders | River's Edge Products Black Lab Paper ...

Mud pie lobster paper towel holder kitchen decor metal mango

Mud Pie Lobster Paper Towel Holder Kitchen Decor Metal & Mango Wood

All wave form design paper towel holders are 125 and

All Wave Form Design paper towel holders are $125 and there is a flat ...

Make paper towel holder

Made of steel decorative paper towel holders are an excellent combination of solid construction and attractive appearance. The whole is a perfect and functional decorative accent in any kitchen or bar.

Paper towel holder rodworks

Paper Towel Holder - Rodworks

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Lipper International Standing Paper Towel Holder, Acacia

Kitchen counter paper towel holders iron towel holder by imax

... > Kitchen Counter > Paper Towel Holders > Iron Towel Holder by Imax

Fleur de lis paper towel holder bronze 1

Fleur de Lis Paper Towel Holder Bronze

French Chef Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holders embossed paper towel holder pewter

... > Paper Towel Holders > Embossed Paper Towel Holder - Pewter

Paper towel holder under sink

Umbra Mountie Paper Towel Holder - clips to shelf as shown, or to top of a cabinet door. 22.00 usd at AllModern

Paper towel holder shelf

Smooth and clever, the ladder patent for a bathroom towel holder enchants with its cool appeal. Finished in dark wood, it will be stylishly combined with some small plants.

Decorative paper towel holders 4

Preparing the decorative paper towel holder on your own could be a great idea to reuse the old utensils from your kitchen. Use some lacquer to refresh it and fit to your towel holder coloristic vision, e voila!

Corkscrew and Sparkling Grapes Metal Paper Towel Holder

Deco 79 Poly-Stone Chef Paper Towel Holder, 6 by 13,

Northwoods Bears Paper Towel Holder

Fancy paper towel holder

Although we don't think about a toilet paper holder- maybe today may be worth it?Here is a special idea that instead of a metal handrail, the paper will hang on a beautiful natural branch and add character together with the artificial bird that is watching you.

Interchangeable festive decorative icons paper towel 1

Interchangeable Festive Decorative Icons Paper Towel ...

Decorative paper towel holder cuongitinfo decorative paper

Decorative Paper Towel Holder Cuongitinfo Decorative Paper ...

Decorative paper towel holder bathroom disenos de unas

Decorative Paper Towel Holder Bathroom | Disenos de unas ...