Paper Towel Holder Bronze

Even paper towel holders can be a kind of art. The collection on this site will allow you to choose from totally different types of the holders. Each of them has its own style and suits a specific style of the whole house. Which one would be best for yours? Do you already have your favourite?

Paper Towel Holder I

Paper Towel Holder I
If you're a fan of intriguing and stylish solutions, this amazing paper towel holder is gonna be a perfect match for you. Check it out and enjoy the combination of functionality and an awesome design!

Oil rubbed bronze paper towel holder

The kitchen primarily needs to be functional. This paper towel holder - hand-made of aluminum, with iron and bronze accents will bring it to you. At the top presents fleur-de-lis, finished with beautiful golden tone.

Hometrends paper towel holder bronze

Hometrends Paper Towel Holder Bronze
This modern paper towel holder is an example of contemporary design incorporated to household goods. It's easy in use - one hand pull and tear. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Simple, but solid bronze construction stands for sustainability.

Heavy duty paper towel holder

A functional gadget that is a must-have of every kitchen space. It's a paper towel holder made of solid steel with bronze finish. It's suitable for standard and Jumbo towel rolls. With this item you don't have to keep the towel on the countertop.

Fleur de lis deep bronze finish cast iron paper towel

Fleur De Lis Deep Bronze Finish Cast Iron Paper Towel Holder – Decor Le Fleur

Cucina kitchen accessories wall mount kitchen roll organizer

Cucina Kitchen Accessories Wall Mount Kitchen Roll Organizer
Functional gadgets are always welcome in every kitchen. This wall-mounted rack will let you keep your kitchen towels and foil in order and handy. It's a simple design, but it's nicely decorated with a small fork at the top.

Vintage paper towel holder under cabinet

Vintage Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet
The solution for DIY enthusiasts - the vintage towel holder made by old plumbing pipe painted in bronze. It could be mounted under the cabinet with some screws. A great example of re-using the old building materials.

Bronze paper towel dispenser

Paper towel dispenser in elegant form. It is made of wrought iron and finished with sophisticated pattern. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Paper towel holder bronze

iron towel and wine rack | WROUGHT IRON Wall WINE RACK Tuscan TOWEL HOLDER

Bronze wall mount paper towel holder

Looking for some additional space to store kitchen supplies? Consider this project. An ornamental shelf with bronze, underslung basket and paper towel holder will enhance your kitchen with style and functionality.

Wall mount paper towel holder bronze

InterDesign York Houseware, Paper Towel Holder, Bronze New

Bronze paper towel holder wall mount

Wall mounted magazine rack with toilet paper holder. This metal construction is long lasting and finished in neutral white color. It also includes some decorative scrolls and other accents that improve aesthetics.

Paper towel holder bronze

A pretty and functional gadget that will make your kitchen work much easier. It's a dispenser for paper towel that features a decorative spiral at the bottom and a practical handle at the top. A simple, but clever design.

Paper towel holder bronze 22

This InterDesign Bronze York Lyra Paper Towel Holder by InterDesign is perfect! #zulilyfinds

Paper towel holder bronze

Arthur Court Antler Paper Towel Holder at Maverick Western Wear

Bronze towel holder

Princess House® Meridian™ Paper Towel Holder. This is not black, it's actually a bronze color. It has a lacquer finish so it will not rust or chip. SALE $19.95

Paper towel holder bronze 19


Leaf Paper Towel Holder in Bronze

Leaf Paper Towel Holder in Bronze
This is a must-have for every kitchen. This Leaf Paper Towel Holder in Bronze Finish features a weighted bottom for proper stability, heavy duty steel construction for durable usage, and a sturdy screw with a leaf-like tip.

InterDesign York Lyra Paper Towel Holder Stand, Bronze

Paper towel holder bronze 6

Twigz™ Paper Towel Holder - Bronze

Wall mount kitchen roll organizer

InterDesign Cameo Paper Towel Holder Bronze

Vintage ring hand towel holder oil

Vintage Ring Hand Towel Holder Oil
A stark but extremely robust industrial style vintage towel holder for eccentric bathrooms. It's constructed of 3 length-varied bronze plumbing pipes, 3 screwed elbows and a cap. It has a round 4-screw wall mount.

Storage organization countertop wall organization paper towel holders 4

... storage organization countertop wall organization paper towel holders

Paper towel holder bronze 5

New York Series Kitchen Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder, Bronze Finish

Rubbed bronze paper towel holder

Very practical towel holder, made of bronze will be excellent addition in your kitchen. Beautiful ornaments on it's sides makes gives it a touch of delicacy. It has also a shelf where you can put an often using spices.

Oil rubbed bronze paper towel holder under cabinet

BUY IT OR MAKE IT? Bronze Scroll Paper Towel Holder

Bronze paper towel dispenser 1

This stylish gadget in fancy shape is must-have in every kitchen, but it will play its role in other interiors too. It is dispenser intended to paper towels. This element is made of brass and it is mounted to the wall.

Paper towel holder bronze 15

- Patrice Paper Towel Holder (Bronze) (13"H x 6.5"W x 6.5"D) - Shelf Top Paper Towel Holders

Paper towel holder bronze 14

- InterDesign Orbinni Wallmount Paper Towel Holder, Bronze - Mounted Paper Towel Holders

InterDesign York Metal Bath, Apothecary Jar, Bronze

Practical and useful round jar for storage either medicines, bathroom accessories, kitchen seasonings or ingredients. It is made of durable transparent glass and has a removable bronze lid with a handle. It is suited for any décor.

Paper towel holder bronze 4

InterDesign Rondo Swivel Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Bronze

Kleenex hand towels holder

Pop-up towel dispenser by Kleenex, proffering a fresh & dry ink-, frangrance- and dye-free towel every time. Unique, flexible dispenser shape ensures a convenient use, letting for placement in towel bar or on counter.

Gatco 1436BZ Designer II Pedestal Paper Holder, Bronze

Designer paper holder made of metal, 22-inch high and having 7-1/2-Inch in base diameter. Elegant and solid with quality and styling of this tissue holder. Easy to assemble, can hold up to a triple roll.

You might also consider fleur de lis paper towel holder

you might also consider fleur de lis paper towel holder bronze view ...

Kleenex hand towels dispenser

Wall mounted paper towel dispenser made of stainless steel in satin finish. It includes doors that swings down for loading towels. It also includes slots that indicate refill time. Durable construction provides protection for paper towels.

Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder

Perfect Tear Paper Towel Holder
This tastefully done and very practical holder for paper towels is a great helper of every lady of the house. Robust design and ease of use makes it works perfectly. Beautifully presented in a kitchen and dining room.

Kleenex Hand Towels White - 60 CT

It is a pop-up hand white towel that is the most important item in your bathroom. It delivers one clean, fresh dry towel every time. These towels are a wonderful product for everyone.

InterDesign York Metal Short Soap Pump, Bronze

It's the simplicity of shape and color that makes this short soap dispenser fits almost any bathroom decor. On a smooth, semi matte metal surface fingerprints does not remain and it is easy to clean.

Delta 128892 Dryden Tissue Holder, Brilliance Stainless

Stainless steel toilet paper holder, takes up little space on the wall, it fits perfectly with modern elements in the bathroom, easy to install. It is available in Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel and Venetian Bronze finishes.

Take a look at this oil rubber bronze paper towel

Take a look at this Oil-Rubber Bronze Paper Towel Holder by Vanderbilt Home on #zulily today!

Home Basics Bronze Holder/Dispenser

Now you'll be able to store, organize and dispense toilet paper with ease with some help from this classic and elegant holder and dispenser that is made from heavy weight bronze finished steel and sports the rust-resistant structure.

Tube horizontal paper towel holder pt6

Tube Horizontal Paper Towel Holder - PT6

Paper towel holder oil rubbed bronze

Very handy and resistant paper towel holder. Bronze, metalic color. Great solution for small cabinet spaces or when you wanna keep in invisible. Handy and wide, doesn't let the paper slip. Easily reachable.

Paper towel holder with shelf

Bathroom, toilet and kichen accessories are very important to create the unique design. This industrial paper towel holder is made of pipes, so it's industrial and it brings the modern touch into any zone.

Gg collection paper towel holder

GG Collection Paper Towel Holder |

InterDesign Cameo Tissue Box Cover/Holder, Black

Tissue box cover box with a modern shape and appearance. It is heavy so the box does not come with the tissue when you try to pull them out. Because the bottom is open on this unit, you can use very tall tissue boxes. If you have a shorter tissue box, the top of the box is still right at the slot.

Antique paper towel holder

Modern design of paper towel made from bronze, which provides his high rust resistance without unaesthetic dying the paper. It's simple design provides practicality and universality for every kitchen decor.

Spectrum patrice paper towel holder new bronze finish kitchen counter

Spectrum Patrice Paper Towel Holder **NEW** Bronze Finish Kitchen Counter Top


It is a set that includes bathroom accessories: soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and tumbler. They have got a bronze finish and looks very elegant. You will be impressed how great this set is.

Oil rubbed bronze paper towel holder standing

It is better for the toilet paper to not lie in every corner of our bathroom. Such a stick, bronze holder- mounted on the wall, or under the cabinet - will allow easy store paper towel rolls! Made of steel with rust resistant coating.