Sky Blue Sofa


People love to look at the sky. There is something calming about that very particular shade of blue. And to give you that sensation indoors, we give you our collection of sky blue sofas. Comfortable to sit on, a calming influence on a hard day, and a very attractive addition to your living space, we know you will love having one of these in your home.

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Our Picks

Sky blue sofa

Blue color - commonly toned because it is easy to combine with other decorations and pleasant to the eye. Hence the blue color on this modern sofa, for at least 3 people. Sky blue sofa, has a slide-form armrests, and low headrest but very fluffy cushions.

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Light blue sofa

Who doesn’t love colourful furniture? I bet everyone does. Take a look at this stunning sectional sofa, great both for more traditional designs as well as those modern, contemporary ones. Comes in a bright blue colour.

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Aiden Convertible Sofa

Aiden Convertible Sofa

This is a very elegant and extremely comfortable sofa. It has a nice blue color. It is soft and very delicate in appearance. It can be set in many different ways which makes it very versatile and easy to arrange.

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Light blue couch

Delightful sky blue contemporary sofa on turned espresso feet, with low back but exquisitely deep and wide seat. Looking so fresh and high end in this modern interior - note the enormous windows! The couch blends with the sky behind them.

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Sky blue sofa 5

Heavily padded sofa sitting atop four thick wooden legs. The piece offers comfortable plum seating and is finished in neat micro-suede light blue upholstery. Its modern elegance and outstanding visual appeal will bring life into any living room.

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Small blue couch

With a beautiful sky blue sofa like this one your interior will get a boost of charm and light instantly, while you can just relax and sit back, enjoying the ample back support and the thick, cozy padding of the seat and back.

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Sky blue sofa 1

From sky blue to indigo, blue-gray to navy, blues are back in ...

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Sky blue sofa 2

Top quality and highly modern five-seater sectional and ottoman. The piece comes in stunning light blue fabric upholstery, executive plum cushions, and accentuated by walnut finished legs for outstanding balance of colors. You also get matching pillows for accent and additional comfort.

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Sky blue living living room rugs ideas room interior ideas

Sky Blue Living Living Room Rugs Ideas Room Interior Ideas Bathroom ...

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Sky blue sofa 2

Plush luxury is the best way to describe this light blue sofa. The microfiber upholstery creates an easy-care surface. The rich surface makes the perfect foil for decorative throw pillows. Blocky legs lift the body off the floor for cleaning.

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Sky Blue Sofa

Buying Guide

Buying living room furniture is a crucial investment. Since a sky blue sofa will be one of the highlights of a living space, it can either make or break your entire setting. Hence, you should know some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing this type of furniture. The task may sound daunting but worry not as this article is going to be a buying guide.

The frame of the sofa is arguably the most crucial factor that you need to consider. The frame is like the skeleton of the body. If it's weak, then you can't really expect it to last very long. The most commonly used material for a frame is particleboard, hardwood, and metal.

  • Particleboard is the most economical option since it's made of composite materials. On the downside, it's also the most fragile and it easily weakens when exposed to water and moisture.
  • Hardwood, on the other hand, may be considered as the traditional material. It has a cozy feel to it because of how the wood bends to accommodate the user's weight. It's also more durable than particleboard. On the downside, it's susceptible to water damage.
  • Metal is perhaps the most durable material for a sofa frame. However, metal is not very comfortable to sit on, so the cushion must be premium.

As a general rule, you'd want to get the most expensive and durable frame material you can afford. The reason behind this is because it's a lot cheaper to repair the other parts (i.e. cushion, covering). However, if the frame breaks, you might as well buy a new one as the repair cost is so high that it's arguably better to replace the entire sofa.

The cushion plays a significant role when it comes to the comfortability level of the sofa. Hence, you need to know the different kinds of materials used for a cushion.

  • The feather-filled cushion has the advantage of being the most comfortable material. However, it will require regular plumping.
  • The fiber or foam filling may not require a lot of maintenance, but it tends to flatten out over time.

If you want the most comfortable sofa, then feather-filled may be a perfect choice. If you don't want to bother with the plumping, then fiber or foam may be the right one for you.

Keep in mind that you can also have a mixture of feather and foam/fiber if you want something that has the right balance between comfort and durability.

When it comes to getting the dimensions, some homeowners would just "wing it." Don't make this mistake unless you want a real headache. A sofa is typically heavy, which means replacing it is costly, time-consuming or both. The best thing to do is take measurements. First, you'd want to visualize where to place the sky blue sofa. Take note of the stairways, doors and the common pathways. Make sure that the sofa's size doesn't cause impediment. Once everything is factored in, only then should you browse and shop accordingly.

Best Ideas

Chesterfield 3 seater boutique sky blue velvet fabric sofa settee

... Chesterfield 3 Seater Boutique Sky Blue Velvet Fabric Sofa Settee

Sky blue sofa 4

It's all about scale and size when it comes to decorating this grand, light-filled living room. The focal point of the room is an oversized sectional that provides plenty of seating for large gatherings. Despite it's ample size, the sectional's soft blue

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Sky blue sofa 24

High-end three-seater sofa with sky blue fabric upholstery and plum cushions for seating. The piece sits atop four legs, two of which come with caster wheels for ease of movement. The sofa also offers its own accent pillows as well for that unique charm of modern elegance.

Sky blue sofa

Absolutely gorgeous luxury in pale blue upholstery is not overdoing the description of this large corner sectional couch. Add plump throw pillows to create a corner that invites relaxation and lounging. Add a complimentary coffee table for the perfect conversation corner.

Arnold medium sofa in maxwell sky blue

Arnold Medium Sofa in Maxwell Sky Blue

Sky blue sofa

1. Give them the slip. Nikki made a brave choice, opting for light-colored sofas in the family room. Luckily, super durable white denim slipcovers stand up well in the high-traffic space. "They're absolutely incredible," she says. "I throw them in the

Sky blue sofa

Moroccan tiles from Country Floors pave the sunroom, which is used as a multipurpose family room.

Sky blue couch

Sky Blue Couch

Sky blue sofa 7

tufted, sage green sofa - Art Curator & Art Adviser. I am targeting the most exceptional art! Catalog @

Baroque living room

Wealth in materials and shapes, combining unconventional elements. All this is evident in the examples of this two Baroque living room furniture - a chair, reminiscent of the throne with plum silk upholstery and a white couch with decorative carvings.

Benjamin moore morning sky blue mixed 50 50 with white

Benjamin Moore Morning Sky Blue mixed 50/50 with white and Benjamin Moore Cape Hatteras on walls.

Sky blue sofa 1

Barrister Arm Chair in Gray Velvet

Handy living milan sky blue microfiber sofa traditional sofas

Handy Living Milan Sky Blue Microfiber Sofa traditional-sofas