Living Room Bar Cabinets


These living room bar cabinets are to die for. They have the luxury of plenty of room for all your alcohol and glassware needs, with the style that says you are a classy person worth knowing. The moment you show this beauty off at a poker night or dinner party, you will be immortalized as the person with the best home bar they've ever seen. Maybe it's time to get you one.

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Our Picks

Wine Barrel Bar for Living Room

Wine Barrel Bar for Living Room

Loon Peak®

Are you a wine aficionado looking for somewhere to store your prized vintages? Stylish and functional, a barrel bar adds a touch of whimsy and character to a space. As well as providing extra bottle storage, it can also be used as a table for serving drinks and nibbles or for catching up with friends.

Store your wine safely with a wine rack; they help keep the cork moist, preventing it from crumbling, and keep unwanted air from making contact with the wine.

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Portable Living Room Bar Cabinet

Portable Living Room Bar Cabinet

Zipcode Design™

If versatility and portability are a priority for you, a mobile bar cabinet may be the best choice. Caster wheels allow you to move the cabinet away from the wall, around the room or house, converting it from a sleek storage unit into a snazzy cocktail bar!

When choosing a mobile bar cabinet, make sure the caster wheels have brakes, so your bar doesn’t roll away! Also, check that the wheels will not damage your floor. As a general rule, hard casters should be used on smooth floor surfaces, such as carpets, and soft casters on hard floors, such as wood. 


Small Living Room Bar Ideas

Small Living Room Bar Ideas

Rosalind Wheeler

Short on square footage? No problem! Maximize every inch of your living room space with a corner bar cabinet! Low-profile, enclosed corner units are ideal if you want something more discreet that can be adorned with a plant, lamp or other display objects. Alternatively, tall and slim designs take advantage of vertical space, providing maximum storage potential for large liquor collections, whilst taking up very little floor space.

If your bar cabinet has shelves or a spacious counter top, add some personal flair with a stack of pretty cocktail books, nicely presented garnishes or florals, and some stylish glassware! 


Enclosed Bar Cabinet for Living Room

Enclosed Bar Cabinet for Living Room

HB Home

An elegant cabinet by day and fully-equipped bar by night, bar cabinets come with a wide range of features to fulfill every bartenders needs. Check out this enclosed cabinet, for example. Hidden behind closed doors, it features electrical outlets for mixers and blenders, a removable easy-cleaning glass workstation, stem-holders, shelves, drawers, and even some ambient lighting!

Make your unit as functional as it is stylish. To help you choose the right cabinet, think about how you plan on using it, as well as what you need to store and how much space you need. 

$2599 $2999

Small Old World Living Room Bar Ideas

Small Old World Living Room Bar Ideas

Astoria Grand

Add a touch of old world charm to your living room with a globe bar cabinet. The perfect accent piece for a classic aesthetic, these ornate globes offer more than meets the eye. Hidden within the sphere you’ll find a secret liquor cabinet with space to stash your finest vintages and glassware. And, it’s wheels mean you can roll it from your old-style study to post-dinner drinks in the living room with ease.

It’s worth bearing in mind that globe bar cabinets are best for neat drinks that don’t require much mixing or preparation. This is due to the lack of workspace. 

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Rotating Bar Cabinet for Living Room

Rotating Bar Cabinet for Living Room

Even if you’re not much of a drinker yourself, it’s always useful to have a small, discreet bar cabinet ready for when you play host, or fancy the odd nightcap. Rotating bar cabinets are a great choice for some time drinkers as their small stash is hidden within a stylish console table that, with a gentle tap, turns into a sophisticated mini bar when needed.

Functionality aside, it’s equally important to pick a bar cabinet that blends in with the decor and theme of the room where you’ll be keeping it. After all, you want it to stand out for all the right reasons! 

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Metal Living Room Bar Cabinet

Metal Living Room Bar Cabinet

Latitude Run®

Metal bar cabinets offer a sturdy and durable option for a modern or industrial style living room. Often featuring open shelving, they provide a great way to adorn your entertaining space with beautiful glassware and dinnerware, tempting your guests with your fine wine collection and professional cocktail making kit.

When it comes to entertaining, a well-equipped open bar cabinet is a good choice if you don’t want to play bartender all night, as it encourages guests to comfortably serve themselves.

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Chic Glass Living Room Bar Cabinet

Chic Glass Living Room Bar Cabinet

Ivy Bronx

Create an ultramodern and chic home bar with a glass bar cabinet. The glass casement allows you to be transparent about your love of entertaining and cocktail-making, and artfully display your liquor collection. This style of cabinet is distinctly contemporary and, thanks to its translucent qualities, it’s unobtrusive and maintains a sleek and uncluttered aesthetic, true to modern design.

As well as looking sophisticated, glass bar tops have the added advantage of being easy to wipe clean, with no risk of damage caused by water rings, condensation or red wine spills.


Innovative Bar Cabinet Ideas

Innovative Bar Cabinet Ideas

Opt for an innovative bar cabinet that encapsulates your passions and makes a design statement in your living room! Take this motorcycle bar for instance. It has practically been made with motorsport aficionados and bikers in mind. The perfect piece for a man cave or eclectic style living room, this bar provides a unique and memorable way to serve drinks and snacks.

Stemware racks are an invaluable feature for bar cabinets. As well as saving you time going back and forth between the kitchen, they keep surfaces and shelves clear for other bits and bobs, and help prevent breakages and accidents! 

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Cabinets for Bar Area in Living Room

Cabinets for Bar Area in Living Room

17 Stories

If you have a living room with space to spare, why not create a designated bar area for extra seating and sophisticated entertaining. Kit it out with a large bar with storage for your favorite liquors, glassware and other equipment, paired with a few stools, and get hosting! A rail-style footrest makes a fun design detail that adds comfort and a real bar vibe.

Accidents happen, so avoid unnecessary stress by opting for an easy-to-clean, water-resistant work surface that won’t soak up stains. 


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Living Room Bar Cabinets

Buying Guide

Having a living room bar cabinet will add an air of refinement and debonair to your space. Apart from being the furniture piece that enhances a living room's grace and elegance, it's also the perfect place for you to display and store your collection of whiskey, wine, champagne, and beer. If you're on the lookout for one, you're in the right place! What we have below is an exhaustive guide on everything that needs to be considered when buying this type of furniture piece. Check it out!

For compact living rooms or houses, always consider getting a bar cabinet that’s fully enclosed. You may use the cabinet in storing spirits, utensils, glassware, and bar accessories, but it may also function as an extra seating which can be a godsend if your space has limited space. Consider also an option that has casters if you’re planning to move the bar cabinet frequently.

For houses that have dedicated areas for eating and entertaining, the best type of living room bar cabinet is one that has open shelving. An open bar will display your beautiful glassware, colorful napkins, and your collection of expensive liquor. This type of bar cabinet is also more inviting to look at which means guests will be compelled to serve themselves.

In order for you to pick the living room bar cabinet that can address your needs and wants, you have to consider the function that it will be serving in your space. Would it be used in storing liquor for an extended period of time? Maybe you want one that can help age liquor and ensure the drinks are at serving temperatures at all times. There are also those who are just looking for showpieces for their homes. The bar cabinet’s use will influence your decision as to how the unit looks as well as the features it comes with.

Living room bar cabinets offer you various options when it comes to features which can increase a unit’s functionality and usage. Bottle holders, locking cabinets, shelving, drawer storage, bottle openers, and wine glass racks are just some of the features you’ll be able to see when you’re shopping for an excellent bar cabinet online.

Bar cabinets for living rooms come in different materials like glass, marble, and wood, which is the most common. If you want to use the cabinet in storing heavier objects like bottles, blenders, table lamps, and recipe books, make sure your shelving’s construction can support and handle these things.

Always consider the shape, style, decorative details, and finish of bar cabinets. Think about your living room’s theme or décor before you make the final decision of buying a certain unit as your new home addition should be able to blend into your existing décor instead of clash with it. Also, consider where the glasses, vases, decorative accessories, and bowls will be placed on the cabinet as they can have an impact on a room’s décor.

Best Ideas

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Boswell Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Functional bar cabinet made of solid MDF, featuring two drawers, two shelf spaces in center and six cubby spaces and top shelf to provide ample storage space. Fantastic looking and very functional item with refined style.

Theona Console Cabinet

Theona Console Cabinet

It is a console cabinet that has got an azure blue color and is made of premium quality materials with unique high-style design. It looks great and is perfect for your home. You need to have it.

Vietti Bar Cabinet

Vietti Bar Cabinet

Become inspired by this stunning bar cabinet. It is ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail and the elegant metal handles with brushed nickel finish add classy and elegant look to it, while the spacious compartments allows you to store everything neatly.

Liquor bar cabinet

Fold out bar cabinet mounted on wooden frame. It has a lot of open shelves for bottles and glasses holders. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Living room bar cabinet

Practical, durable and decorative cabinet that serves as a wine buffet. It offers a wine rack and it also features two storage compartments with doors that include X-shaped wooden decorations on their surfaces.

Living room bar cabinet

690014 Howard Miller wine bar cabinet furnitures Black Coffee finish

Half round shape bar cabinet with glass shelves

Half Round Shape Bar Cabinet With Glass Shelves

Hanging wine cabinet

This composition shall inspire all enthusiasts of rusty DIY style. Pottery barn shelves, located over buffet can be a cheap way to create storage space for wine glasses i.e.

Bar cabinet in living room corner mini bar design in

Bar Cabinet In Living Room - Corner Mini Bar Design in Living Room ...

Corner dining cabinet

Organize your home bar and create a special nook for it, even if you don't have too much space in your household. This set will work amazingly in your living room, with the small corner cabinet fitting your wine collection.

Would love to turn the nook in my living room

Would love to turn the nook in my living room into a wet bar | Polhemus Savery DeSilve via House of Turquoise

Living room bar cabinet 1

Well-built liquor cabinet sitting on four silver coated metal legs, each with nonskid stops for safety. The piece is constructed from wood and finished in a light stain for outstanding beauty. It offers plenty of storage too thanks to two large cabinets and two additional drawers at the top.

Hanging liquor bar

A functional and elegant way to store glassware and bottles of liquor in your living room, den, or bachelor pad. This vintage indoor bar is made of a repurposed wine barrel that offers a concealed compartment with round wood shelf.

Living room bar cabinet 3

Glass cabinets as pass-through, built-in cabinets on dining room side of peninsula.

Bar for living room

A very spacious cabinet designed for people who like country accents in their houses. It is equipped with double glass doors and spacious shelves that can be used for the purpose of storage of different items.

Media chest for living room 6

This exceptionally ornamented media chest for living room constitutes a proposition for refined interiors. Silver, fronts, embellished with tiny scales, compliment perfectly the aluminium base and brass door pulls.

Living room bar cabinet 1

Love almost everything about this kitchen. Color scheme, brickwork and woodwork. Perfect. I'd change the lighting for something more appropriate.

Living room and bar design

A nice stylization that includes plenty of storage and display space in drawers, compartments with doors,etc. This element is based on solid wooden construction in a nice brown color, so it looks good in any room stylization.

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