Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet


Want a liquor cabinet that doesn't look like a liquor cabinet? Then you wanna hide-a-bar liquor cabinet. These handsome furniture pieces look like elegant cabinets, or decorative motif pieces, but inside, plenty of room to store or showcase your best liquor, along with glasses and tools. In many styles to fit your ideal hide-a-bar, your are sure to find one you will love.

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Our Picks

Modine bar

Modine bar

A veryinteresting product that will update the decor and improve the functionality of a home bar or dining area. This standing bar features a very large storage space for the storage of wine and other drinks and glasses.

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Liquor storage

Make a grand impression with this bar cabinet. It features the curved, segment panels of wood veneer and spinning coin design. A wonderful original piece to hang in my home.

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Home bar with refrigerator space

If you think that nothing can be done with an old armoire, than check this fantastic bar area transformation. After opening the large doors, you will find a capacious rack for bottles of wine, many open shelves for storing your alcoholic beverages, a rack for glassware, and 2 drawers for smaller appliances.

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Hidden bar furniture

Stylish bar cabinet in elegant form. It is made of wood with antique finish. It consists of 3 drawers and a lot of shelves in various sizes for storing glass, bottles and others needed items.

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Hide a bar liquor cabinet

Spacious cabinets is a great way to store, and this cabinet is a curious combination of functionality and attractive design. The whole finished in the wood will bring home made beverages, wine and accessories to help them serve.

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Hidden liquor cabinet

Stylish wine rack that’s able to hold 7 bottles and four glasses. It’s dark, shiny colour, as well as its interesting shape, make it appropriate for modern and contemporary houses, or even restaurants.

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Mid century hide way dry bar liquor cabinet

Mid century hide way dry bar liquor cabinet

A retro bar cabinet of brown-finished wood. It features a split flip-out top. The top is marble-like laminated. A cabinet has legs, wheels, 2 doors with glass holders, a barware rack and a bottle rack inside. Holders and racks are of white plastic.

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Old liquor cabinet

Subtle, minimalistic liquor cabinet, that looks like just an ordinary storage cabinet. It’s not very capacious, but we don’t always have to store entire bars in such cabinets. A couple of glasses and one or two bottles is all you need.

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Ivory stateroom steamer travel trunk bar portable bar

Ivory stateroom steamer travel trunk bar portable bar

This portable mini bar is a good option for everyone, who deals with small spaces. Wheel-based, it offers full mobility, being ready to move whenever you need it. Cleverly organized, it features lots of different shelves, drawers and nooks.

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Hide a bar liquor cabinet

A peak of modern elegance, this hide-a-bar liquor cabinet is characterized by a striking appearance, in and outside. All is hidden behind large doors that reveal a gold interrior with 1 mini bar, 4 glassware racks, and a lot of space for storing your liquor.

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Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

Buying Guide

Most adults like to indulge in an alcoholic drink every now and then. People have been drinking alcohol recreationally for centuries, and there’s no sign of it stopping! If you’re someone who has a large liquor collection or you happen to have a few bottles saved for when the time is right, then a hide a bar liquor cabinet could suit your needs.

Hide a bar liquor cabinets are typically a sophisticated, classic designed dresser-type piece of furniture. They offer drawers, shelves, cabinets, and even specific areas to store wine and liquor glasses. These cabinets are very useful for keeping alcoholic drinks hidden while at the same time being suitable for gatherings at the home due to their design and functionality. Read on to learn about some tips when choosing the right hidden bar cabinet for your home.

Liquor storage is a basic necessity for any home of someone who enjoys having some drinks. Whether it be wine, whiskey, vodka, or tequila, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated area to store the drinks when it’s not an appropriate time to drink. Some people might not like the idea of storing liquor out on a shelf where it can easily be seen. This is where a hidden bar liquor cabinet can help. It makes it so you can store liquor in a classy way that isn’t so obvious to family and visitors.

Hide a bar liquor cabinets can range from small dresser sized to armoire sized, being able to house the largest, most diverse stash of alcoholic drinks. Depending on the size of your collection, you’re going to need to determine the size of the cabinet you want.

If you’re looking to store wine glasses and cups in your hide a bar, then make sure to consider extra space for them. You definitely don’t want things to get overcrowded, making it a risk for glasses to topple over and break.

If you’re someone who either doesn’t have much space in your home or is passionate about saving space, a wall-mounted hide a bar might be suitable for you. However, these cabinets tend to be a bit smaller. If you’re not a big drinker and have only a few bottles, then a wall mounted hidden bar could be a great option.

Many hide a bars are designed with wood and feature a traditional design reminiscent of the type of storage you would find in a classic bar set up. It’s a charming style for the man-cave, though other homes may be more fitted to a modern structure.

When you browse the selection below, you’ll notice that there are a lot of innovative hide a bar options to choose from. Choose a fun design that makes your hidden bar unexpected to guests if you’re on the quirky side.

Best Ideas

Hidden liquor storage

Luxurious liquor cabinet. Shelves and drawers can be hidden, when you don’t want them to be out in the open. Then, all you have to do is open it when the time comes, and in addition to the impression your liquors will make on your guests, there will also be the element of surprise!

Liquor cabinet question the perfect man cave more

Liquor Cabinet Question - The Perfect Man Cave More

Howard Miller Cognac Hide-A-Bar

With this liquor cabinet your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It is a Howard Millet cognac hide-a-bar which has got the cherry wood construction, door and two deep drawers.

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Howard miller clock hide a bar sonoma wine cabinet

Howard Miller Clock Hide-A-Bar Sonoma Wine Cabinet

Hidden drinks cabinet

A gorgeous and functional decoration that offers a perfect mix of wood craftsmanship and a practical liquor cabinet. The globe rests on 3 shapely legs with a round shelf at the bottom. And its North hemisphere flips up to reveal a compartment for holding bottles and glasses.

Drink cabinet bar

A marvelous decoration for contemporary homes, that is going to bring wildlife accents into your home decor. This hippopotamus sculpture is made of bronze, and has many movable parts that reveal organized storage compartments for your liquors and glasses.

Prohibition liquor cabinet

When you close this home hide a bar liquor cabinet- no one will even think or notice how much treasure there is inside. However, when you open it, it will spread your storage options. Mahogany drawers, sliding tops, alcohol shelves and wine racks.

1930s burled walnut art deco liquor cabinet

1930's Burled Walnut Art Deco Liquor Cabinet.

Hidden home bar ideas

This living room solution combines style and practicality. A liquor cabinet, cleverly concealed in an old, unused piano. A good way to distinguish your living room from the others.

Armoire bar cabinet

If you want a nice and original way of hiding your bar cabinet from plain view then this amazing piece of furniture is the perfect way to go, since on the outside it looks like a piano and will even add a dash of elegance to your home.

Howard miller shiraz hide a bar tm cabinet r7980

Howard Miller Shiraz Hide-A-Bar™ Cabinet (R7980)

Mid century hide a way dry bar liquor cabinet image

Mid Century Hide-A-Way Dry Bar / Liquor Cabinet image 4

Hide a bar liquor cabinet

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