Wine Cooler Cabinet Furniture


If you love a nice, chilled glass of wine or champagne, but those clunky, boring wine fridges don't really go with your decorative scheme, then we have something you are gonna love. With wine cooler cabinet furniture, you have the function of a wine cooling unit, enclosed in an attractive furniture piece. And, many models have a drawer for a wine cork puller, or a cabinet top for glasses.

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Our Picks

Wine refrigerator furniture

The Madison Tresanti wine cabinet has got the built-in wine refrigerator, which is excellent for your wine collection. It features the drawer, glass door and traditional, wooden structure.

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Wine Enthusiast Siena Wine Credenza With 28 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

Wine Enthusiast Siena Wine Credenza With 28 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

This piece of furniture is a spacious cabinet that includes a reliable wine refrigerator. It has got a solid wooden construction with brass hardware. It has got a cabinet area with a fridge that measures 30" H x 19" W x 22" D.

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Wine cooler cabinet furniture

With this wine credenza you are getting 2 independently controlled refrigerated cabinets that will keep your wine cooled down in the proper temperature. Temperature is maintained in the range of 53° F and 64° F, by the individual thermoelectric

cooling systems. There are also 2 racks for storing glassware, and 3 storage drawers.

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Wine cooler cabinets

A very attractive and comfortable element of furniture designed for wine lovers. The upper area includes a storage cabinet with plenty of space for wine bottles and glassess. The lower one includes a cooler for wine.

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Wooden wine cabinets for you home from wine corner

Wooden wine cabinets for you home from Wine Corner

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Bar with refrigerator

This practical cabinet wine fridge is a great piece of furniture for connoisseurs of this great drink. Numerous compartments for bottles, a place for glasses and accessories, and a beautiful and solid wood construction create a unique living room or office furniture.

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Wine fridge furniture

Trying to find the wine bar for your home bar? This product has got a wine cooler, granite top, stylish decor and enough spaces for your all wine collection. Trust me, it's a fantastic and high quality piece.

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Amalfi Madison Wine Cabinet Cooler Refrigerator in Rose Cherry with Granite Top

This impressive cabinet cooler refrigerator for wine is the perfect piece of furniture for fans of this wonderful drink. Table top made of granite and base made of birch veneers and rubber wood solids makes it robust and durable.

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Wine cabinet cooler

Old-fashioned, sophisticated cabinet. This standalone cabinet made of white stained, carved wood holds glassware behind patterned glass upper cupboards over a marble countertop space. Lower half houses a full built-in wine cooler.

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50 Bottle Compressor Dual Zone Wine Cooler

50 Bottle Compressor Dual Zone Wine Cooler

A stunning piece that will be a salvation for your wine collection. This cooler is a truly amazing solution to keep your wine cool and safe, while it can just be added to your custom cabinet design but is stylish enough to stand on its own as well.

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Wine Cooler Cabinet Furniture

Buying Guide

For those who consider themselves as serious wine collectors, wine storage becomes a primary issue they face as their wine collections grow. If you are one of them, you get to have lots of options on where to store your precious wine. What we always recommend is wine cooler cabinet furniture as it maintains and balances multiple conditions for the aging and storage of wine, unlike wine coolers.

Before you dive into the marketplace headfirst, let's take a look at some of the factors you must take into consideration when buying wine cooler cabinet furniture.

One of the main reasons why wine collectors/lovers choose wine cooler cabinet furniture pieces is because of their overall attractiveness. They have been specifically designed to add a visual attraction that compliments all the other furniture pieces in the rooms they are incorporated in. In homes, they look incredible alongside bookcases, dressers, and wooden cabinets.

The wine cooler cabinet furniture is made to look elegant, timeless, and beautiful. However, beauty is subjective. It is, therefore, crucial for you to spend a considerable amount of time browsing through different models if appearance is a priority in your search. By looking at your available options online, you will develop a certain taste; it'll then be easier for you to determine the ones that work for you and the ones that don't.

Wine cooler cabinet furniture varies from one unit to another. There are those that are fairly compact, capable of fitting into limited spaces. Others, on the other hand, are especially large. These are the ones that require serious floor space.

Before you proceed to making a purchase, think of the room where the wine cooler cabinet furniture will be placed. Also, pick the specific spot it'll be staying at. Measure this space, so you know what can be fitted into it as you do your search. If you buy a wine cabinet that’s too big for its intended spot, you may still be able to use it by doing a bit of reorganizing. But, to save yourself a major headache, figure out the ideal dimensions of your wine cooler cabinet furniture first.

As for the functionality aspect of your purchase, a top concern would be capacity. Because wine cooler cabinet furniture is meant for wine storage, you must ensure that the piece you're going to purchase is one that’s capable of holding the number of wine bottles you want it to carry.

For some buyers, they intend to use the furniture pieces as supplementary wine storage solutions. In this case, a sizable capacity isn't important. If you'll be using your wine cooler cabinet furniture as your only storage option, then you must get one that'll be able to fit as many bottles you have.

Wine collectors know that wine storage is a serious business. Fortunately, storage isn't synonymous to ugly! A beautiful addition such as the wine cooler cabinet furniture will enhance any room's aesthetics and functionality. Remember all the things we've talked about and you'll get the most out of your wine cooler cabinet furniture!

Best Ideas

Wine refrigerator cabinet furniture

A very solid, stylish and functional wine testing table that features a soliw wooden frame with plenty of space for wine bottles in its compartments. This construction also includes a reliable wine cooler.

Furniture style wine fridge 1

Large wall unit - which serves as a site for glassware, crystal dishes in our house,also as well as wine storage and wine fridge. On one side there is a cooling cabinet - glazed, with elegant wooden oak wine shelf. Contains also marble top - to serve wine.

Wine rack modular wine rack wine cabinets furniture wall wine

... wine rack modular wine rack wine cabinets furniture wall wine rack

Premium wine cabinets with controlled temperatures to protect wine

premium wine cabinets with controlled temperatures to protect wine ...

Bar cabinet with wine cooler

An elegant take on a spacious wine rack with a built-in thermoelectric wine cooler on the bottom and an upside down glasses storage on top. The wine rack is made out of oak wood with a polished finish, providing a stylish touch.

Wine cooler cabinets furniture

If you are a fan of home parties, you need to have the wine cabinet with the wine cooler. It has drawers and shelves for many types of wine and for glasses. The dark wooden frame brings the solidity and style to any home.

Cava 36-Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Wine Credenza Finish: Espresso

Contemporary design for a modern, thermoelectric wine credenza with two separate minibars with adjustable temperatures. The wine credenza has two handy compartments in the middle with upside-down glasses storage.

Drawer dishwasher

Drawer dishwasher

Classy designed home bar with vine racks and many spacious cabinets for all barman's equipment will impress your friends on the parties. The simplicity of combination wood and stone makes it a fashionable designed place in your home.

400-Model White Oak Wine Credenza with 4 Glass Doors by Vinotemp

Wine cabinets with double doors. Fame is made of high quality oak wood and covered with glass. Great for storing bottles of wine, glasses and others needed accessories. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Horizon accent pieces wine cabinet with cooler value city furniture

Horizon Accent Pieces Wine Cabinet with Cooler - Value City Furniture $399.99

Refrigerated wine cabinets

A chic contemporary bar cabinet of wood with a finish in light browns. It has a crown top and a full protruding base. It's equipped with a lighted cabinet with a glass shelf and a drinkware rack, 2 drawers, a metal cooler with double glazed doors.

Wine cabinets can be an attractive addition to a home

Wine cabinets can be an attractive addition to a home

Old wine coolers

Wine cooler in rustic style. It is mounted on wooden frame with antique finish. It consists of 2 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Wine refrigerator cabinet

This solid wooden cabinet includes plenty of space for 18 wine bottles. It features solid wooden doors with glass surface. Its compartment also features a cooler function. Attractive brown finish of its wooden frame looks very attractive in any room.