Small Wooden Cabinet With Drawers


For a small unit with a few drawers, or a few more than a few, look no further than these small wooden cabinets with drawers. They will work anywhere, and their size makes them a versatile piece of furniture for bedroom or office spaces. Take a look at this collection of small, wooden cabinets with drawers and see if you are missing one for your home.

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Our Picks

Small wooden cabinet with drawers 12

Small cabinet. It is made of birchen wood. Cabinet has three drawers (in the size) with globular wooden handles. It can be use as a night table or cabinet to storage frippery. Due to its simplicity it will be fit to every interior.

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Vintage small wooden cabinet with

Vintage small wooden cabinet with

Small-scaled vintage wooden cabinet with three drawers. Pretty useful as bedroom nightstand, I suppose. Its distressed hallmarks hint at need of reconditioning. The tiny metal knobs could also be replaced with more stylish ones.

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See larger image japanese small wood 4 drawer file chest

See Larger Image:Japanese Small Wood 4 Drawer File Chest, Cabinet

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Vintage style wood cabinet with small

Vintage style wood cabinet with small

Old-fashioned worn-out cabinet. It is made of wood and covered of turquoise paint. It has two shelves and a lot of small drawers (in three different sizes). This cabinet will be very useful in larder or kitchen.

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3 Drawer Wood Cabinet

3 Drawer Wood Cabinet

Featuring mesmerizing design, this three drawer wood cabinet will greet you with style and grace. Meticulously crafted from sturdy wood, it has glamorous beveled mirrors and drawer stoppers for safeness and utility.

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Small wooden cabinet with drawers

An attractive cottage style drawer chest of wood finished in light browns. It has a rectangular moulding top and a protruding base with low feet and curved aprons. Nine drawers (in 3 tiers) of ceramic feature designs and round knobs in vivid colours.

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Small wooden cabinet with drawers

Stylish and convenient, this small wooden cabinet with drawers will be a perfect storage spot for your bits and pieces, as well as an elegant bedside table to your bedroom. Based on wheels, provides good mobility around the space.

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Two drawer wooden file cabinet

... 37cm Solid premium pine Sturdy construction Delivered assembled

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6 Drawer Wood Cabinet

6 Drawer Wood Cabinet

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Elegant Home Fashions Chesterfield Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet with Glass-Paneled Door, Espresso

Chic slim contemporary bathroom stand of wooden materials with a brown finish. It has a rectangular moulding top and 4 low square legs. A cabinet with 2 adjustable shelves has a door with a brass knob and a triple-split panel of semi-opaque glass.

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Small Wooden Cabinet With Drawers

Buying Guide

Small wooden cabinets are underrated gems. But with a mind-boggling array of sizes and styles to pick from, selecting the right one for your home can be a tad difficult. Here’s some help.

  • They can fit into the tiniest of spaces and gobble clutter like it’s nobody’s business.
  • They can prevent an avalanche of footwear from encroaching your entryway.
  • They can be a great alternative for frumpy spice cabinets.
  • They can organize your clothing and accessories in your bedroom.
  • They can double up as surfaces that you can put your Knick knacks on.

Make a list of all the things that will be stored in it and you should have a pretty good idea of the number of drawers you need and how deep they must be. Large cowboy boots, for example will need drawers that are taller as compared to clothing, which can be folded and stored in sleek ones as well. Also consider the available floor space and vertical space in the room where you will place the cabinet. Account for the additional space needed to extend the drawers fully.

Small wooden cabinets with drawers come in a variety of styles. Some of the common ones are:

  • The classic small wooden cabinet with drawers has a simple design. A column of vertical stacked drawers offers a roomy yet compact storage solution.
  • The Tallboy can be up to four feet tall and often comes with 4 or more storage drawers. The Tallboy utilizes vertical space and can fit narrow spaces next to the bed. Another possible use for the tallboy is as a television stand/console since it allows the TV to be positioned above eye level when you are lying in bed.
  • The 4 over 3 and 2 over 3 designs give you 3 large bottom drawers and 4/2 smaller top drawers. These cabinets allow you to organize your accessories and segregate them for easy access.
  • The 3 plus 3 is a smaller and basic design that offers two columns of three drawers lined next to each other. The upper surface can be used for storage or you can integrate a vanity mirror on it.

Solid wooden cabinets blend into any décor setting and space. Be it the kitchen, the entryway, the living room or the bedroom, you can find a wooden cabinet that matches the décor or works as a focal point.

  • Oak is everlasting and looks classy with its tight grains. It can be finished in just about any color that you can imagine.
  • If you need something less pricey, then pine is a great alternative. It has a pale yellow appearance and has straighter grains.
  • As much as we love solid wooden cabinets, it may not always be a practical or an affordable choice. MDF and engineered wood offer a cost-effective, durable and attractive option for shoppers on a budget.

Check the type of mount. Is it an under mount, a side mount or a center mount one?

  • Side mounts are considered to be more stable than the rest. The caveat is that it requires some amount of clearance for installation. Also, the mount will be visible when the drawer is pulled out.
  • The under mount and center mount slides will be invisible but may be more prone to jamming in a frequent use setting.

Enquire about the quality of the ball bearings used in the slides as well.

Best Ideas

Japanese 2 drawers small tansu chest furniture cabinet wooden box

Japanese 2 Drawers Small Tansu Chest Furniture Cabinet Wooden Box Case ...

Small wooden cabinet with drawers 1

Meet a small, but still capacious home office piece of furnishing: a small wooden cabinet with drawers, multifunctional due to numerous shelves, drawers and a cabinet with 2 shelves inside. Could do as a computer desk

32786457_934 jpg


Wooden cabinet with drawers

An antique-looking apothecary storage cupboard, made out of solid wood with a highly distressed coat of red paint. The cupboard has a handful of small drawers, which are great for storing different herbs and spices.

Reclaimed teak chest 2drawers 2doors cabinet

Reclaimed teak chest 2Drawers 2doors cabinet

Small wooden cabinet with drawers 5

An old wooden mercantile #cabinet which has four unique galvanized metal lined #bins that pull/tilt open. Imagine all of the possibilities with this treasure!

Cupboard with drawers

Tara loves to find vintage items like this old wood box with drawers, in the novel Shabby Chic at Heart.

Eight Drawer Wood Tool Chest

Art supplies, carving tools, or just plain, regular tools, this wooden tool chest is the perfect storage solution. Five shallow drawers and a chest tray topper provide ample storage for small items. A pullout sketch board completes the ensemble.

Small wooden cabinet with drawers 2

An unusual 18th Century English walnut and oak hanging corner chest of five drawers with moulded frame. Rare.   C. 1760

Small wooden cabinets

A pretty antique rustic style drawer chest made of wood with an aged finish in mid browns. It features a rectangular top having a high arched back with a curved edge. It has a flat moulding base and 3 drawers with round knobs.

Badger Basket Lightweight Three Drawer Hamper/Storage Unit, Blue Dot

Wooden swivel office chair

A modern office set for 2 persons. Cabinets have grey fronts but a top in warm brown. Side units have 3 size-varied drawers each, a central unit - 5 equal ones. Swivel height-adjustable chairs in greys have flared backrests and castered bases.

Small cabinets with drawers

- Vintage wooden spice rack with german metal signs, porcelain buttons 9 drawers

Elegant Home Fashions Madison Avenue Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet with Drawer, White