Secretary Desks For Small Spaces

For apartments, studios, or just smaller office spaces, we give you a secretary desk for a small space. Attractive in wood, in many available colors and styles, and built sturdy, these desks will give you all the space you need, without taking up space you don't have to spare. And they also have storage above the secretary console area. Clever and useful.

Best Products

Rectangular Wood Cherry Veneer Secretary Desk

Rectangular Wood Cherry Veneer Secretary Desk
The beautiful cherry veneers of this secretary desk makes for a beautiful aesthetic in any home, and its 18th century style design is one-of-a-kind. The metal handles on each of the drawers are very sturdy, as is the overall construction of the desk. The top of the desk opens up to reveal ample storage space that you can use for any number of items.

Solid Wood Brown Rectangular Secretary Desk

Solid Wood Brown Rectangular Secretary Desk
With three interior shelves for convenient storage, this solid wood secretary shelf will provide you with plenty of space to keep everything from important papers to a home phone. It has a fold-down door that acts as a small workspace that you can use when needed. The lower cabinet is perfect for putting books and other items that you need to keep handy.

Rectangular Cherry Manufactured Wood Drop Front Secretary Desk

Rectangular Cherry Manufactured Wood Drop Front Secretary Desk
The solid hardwood design of this drop front secretary desk makes it extremely sturdy and long-lasting, so you will have nothing to worry about. The recessed panel and goes back to reveal a large workstation that can fit a laptop or large pad of paper. There are two drawers and plenty of surface area for you to put various decorative items and writing supplies.

Hand Finished Rectangular Birch Wood Secretary Desk

Hand Finished Rectangular Birch Wood Secretary Desk
The hand finished design of this secretary desk makes it truly stunning, and the fixed shelves offer lots of storage space. The birch wood and MDF construction of this secretary desk makes it extremely durable. The detailing on the legs of this table is one of the more impressive things about it, making it a great little rustic piece to have in your kitchen or home office.

Solid Wood MDF Rectangular Secretary Desk

Solid Wood MDF Rectangular Secretary Desk
The sleek modern design of this rectangular secretary desk makes it a a great addition to any home office. It has a nice little front door that folds down to provide you with a convenient workspace. The two solid wood legs are very sturdy, and there is also a top shelf that you can use for displaying decorative objects or as additional storage.

Rectangular White Solid Wood Secretary Desk

Rectangular White Solid Wood Secretary Desk
This very chic desk offers plenty of space for storing a number of items in your home office. There are two bottom shelves and one drawer that easily slides in and out for additional storage. The shelves at the top of the desk are great for keeping smaller items that you want within arm’s reach at any given moment. There are also holes for cable management.

Two Tier Manufactured Wood Writing Desk with Hutch

Two Tier Manufactured Wood Writing Desk with Hutch
This writing desk with hutch has an antique design that will introduce a touch of elegance to your home’s interior. The distressed finish is perfect for those who have farmhouse décor at home. It has a two-tier design with four different drawers that you can use to store all sorts of items. The white color of this desk goes well with any furniture.

Our advice Buying Guide

The stunning, internally oriented designs of secretary desks make them the ultimate organization hubs for small spaces. If you have a private study that you also use as your bedroom, hallway or living room instead of a separate office, then you shouldn't pass up on getting one of these incredible pieces of furniture.

There's nothing better than a secretary desk as it allows you to multitask. When you need to do business and you need a work area, all you have to do is flip your desk's top. When happy hour's arrived, you can just fold it away! If you're now considering getting one, hold it right there as you still need to learn a few things so you can buy the best secretary desk like the following:

How to select the right material for a secretary desk?

Your priorities when choosing a material for a secretary desk should be weight, strength, and durability. If you'll be changing your space frequently, you'll benefit from a unit that is compact or can easily come apart. It's ideal for this type of furniture to be lightweight, so you can pick it up and move it around without breaking a sweat. Also, checking weight loads will be a good idea if you'll be using your new secretary desk for a heavy-duty purpose.

  • Steel - Secretary desks made of steel require low maintenance. They also offer expectational storage, a professional look, and durability. What's more, they happen to be your most affordable options. There are several different colors and designs available, making steel secretary desks excellent when you're matching existing furniture to your new addition.
  • Laminate - Laminate secretary desks are popular for furnishing offices and administrative spaces. They're highly customizable via accessories including various file pedestals and keyboard trays.
  • Veneer and Solid Wood - When they're properly maintained, secretary desks made of veneer or solid wood offer security and durability over decades. They are perfect for traditionalists as well as people who want to achieve a timeless and vintage look inside their offices. Wood veneer is very popular due to widespread availability. As for the price, it will be depending on which type of wood you select.

When choosing between several different secretary desks for small spaces, it's important that you select the material that's best suited to your needs and budget. Understanding the material of a secretary desk will provide you with an insight regarding its pricing and suitable environments. The traditional secretary desk is made of hardwood. However, it's easy to nick, a bit expensive, and can be heavy. If you love wood's look but you're not willing to spend a lot of money on a desk, then consider wood veneer.

What extra accessories pair with secretary desks?

To increase the functionality of a secretary desk, you might want to consider adding additional parts to it. If you're seeking for more storage out of your secretary desk, you can get it from file and drawer cabinets matched with bookcases, and keyboard trays. By incorporating a special feature to your secretary desk, you'll be able to ensure your desk caters to your specific needs.


Shaker Secretary Desk

Shaker Secretary Desk
This sleek cabinet with roll top desk is an excellent piece of furniture in the traditional oldschool style. Beautifully made of solid ash wood is durable and it looks very stylish. The warm tone finish gives it a universal character.


A stunning solution for any small space - this desk will allow you to both work with comfort in mind and won't take almost any of your space, making it the perfect option for any household that needs class, style and functionality.

Manchester Wood Shaker Secretary Desk

Manchester Wood Shaker Secretary Desk
A piece of furniture created for use in a home office. It is a secretary desk that offers a durable and stable construction. This kind of product features two storage drawers and its full size is 40.25" H x 25" W x 14.75" D.

Graham Smart Technology Secretary

Graham Smart Technology Secretary
Secretary desk fitted with cabinet and drawers for storing personal items. Construction is made of wood. Great solution for saving space in all kinds of interiors. Functional furniture for each home.

White roll out desk modern desks

White roll out desk modern desks
Get your job done with easy, while using this roll-out desk in white finish. The desk is compact, thus offering space-saving benefits for smaller rooms. If needed, it can be rolled out in order to provide a larger workplace.

Regalia Secretary Desk

Regalia Secretary Desk
This stylish cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture that is perfect for your office. Handy drawers and cabinets will store various small items. Made of wood was finished in antique walnut.

Traditions Painted Computer Secretary with Hutch

Traditions Painted Computer Secretary with Hutch
The Magnificent Computer Secretary with Hutch is crafted from solid wood for durability and striking look. This functional unit includes pigeon holes for CDs, small storage drawers, adjustable shelves and floor levelers, an automatic drop lid slide mechanism, and a pull-out printer tray.

Wayborn Eiffel Secretary Desk

Wayborn Eiffel Secretary Desk
A compact secretary desk crafted of wood with a pretty brown finish. It has straight angular legs with truncated ends, 2 shelves with X-like stretchers on shorter sides, a drawer with a metal handle, a tucked top under 2 drawers with sloped wings.

Cottage white secretary desk

Cottage White Secretary Desk

Small desks for small spaces

This elegant secretary desk comes with beautiful nature-themed carvings that will add style to your home office. This hardwood desk features hand crafted and carved floral patterns on the front and sides, adding depth and personality.

Modern secretary desk

Improve the functionality of your room or office by using this tall secretary desk, crafted from wood and covered in a white finish. It has 2 storage drawers, 1 door cabinet, 8 vertical partings, 2 open shelves, and 1 hutch with a desktop and place to put your monitor.

Secretary desks small spaces

If you’re looking for some elegant office furniture, take a look at this stylish secretary desk made out of smooth, dark oak wood. Perfect for smaller spaces, where you need to save every inch of room possible.

Desk for small space

A practical, ergonomic desk. It is white and black, to ensure its elegant and stylish. Plenty of drawers and storage units, to make sure you can accommodate all of your stuff. At the same time, the minimalistic appeal makes it appropriate for any interior.

Secretary desk with hutch ikea

Secretary desk suitable for small indoors. This piece of furniture is based on four legs with three horizontal supports. The upper working space includes storage shelves and drawers suitable for writing accessories.

Secretary desks for small spaces 1

This small secretary is a perfect solution for small spaces. Simple gray finish is universal and functional. Practical barriers and drawers will contain trinkets. This is the ideal solution for home office.

Darling shabby chic secretary desk

Darling Shabby Chic Secretary Desk

Secretary desks for small spaces

This folding, wooden secretary is a perfect solution for small spaces. Long slim legs, a small countertop and plenty of storage space allow you to work comfortably at home. It is also a stylish addition to the decor.

Secretary desk

Amish crafted, small scaled wooden secretary desk with numerous drawers, a pull-out drawer that may be a keyboard tray, top shelf, three open compartments for letters and wing design that ensures privacy while you use the desk.

Small corner secretary desk

An absolutely adorable, wooden secretary desk for one's home office. If you deal with the tiny office, like an alcove one, this proposition shall arouse your interest. It features 4 drawers and one door for storage.

White washed secretarys desk

White-Washed Secretary’s Desk

Secretary desks for small spaces

Secretary desk in traditional form. It is completely made of wood. Includes cabinet and 7 drawers in various sizes for storing personal items. Perfect for work organization at home.

Sonoma maple secretary desk by prepac dc

Sonoma Maple Secretary Desk by Prepac - DC

Desks for small spaces

You can really improve your master bedroom with this beautiful secretary desk made from the traditional dresser. The whole is hand-painted, presenting hypnotizing patterns all over the furniture. You can open the upper part, obtaining a quite spacious desk with many open compartments for storage.

Secetary desk

Secretary desks are like pop-up workspaces for any room.

Secretary desks small spaces

This very original secretary desk is dedicated to very cramped flats. There are a lot of little drawers and compartments intended to storage documents, frippery and everyday objects. There is take-down desktop, where you can insert your computer.

Desk for small spaces i do love this idea because

Desk for small spaces! I do love this idea because when company comes over, I can close it up and have a beautiful piece of furniture to look at.

This distressed birch secretary desk folds down and opens up

This distressed birch secretary desk folds down and opens up to reveal an enormous amount of storage in a small space. Open the slate inlaid drop leaf to reveal a work surface for writing or your laptop, numerous small cubby holes for keeping organized,

Safavieh American Homes Collection Abigail Fold Down Desk, Black

This stylish fold down desk consist functionality and good looking in one practical piece of furniture. Made of solid, pine wood in black this desk featured six small drawers and one large, all finished with silver handle.

Secratary desk

Make It Work: 10 Desks for Small Spaces

Secretary writing desk

Secretary desk with cabinets and drawers in various sizes for storing personal items. Frame is made of wood and fitted with metal handles. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Small secretary desk 1

Small Secretary Desk

Desks for small rooms

A stylish little vintage secretary desk of solid wood with a green finish. It has a moulding top on a shelved hutch (with a slanted front with a flip down door making a desktop), a drawer and wavy aprons adorned with scroll grooves, angular legs.

Small secretary desks

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Goofy little desk great for small spaces

Goofy little desk, great for small spaces.

Corner desk for small space

Altra Furniture Parsons Secretary Desk by Altra Furniture,

Cheap secretary desk

Hybrid workspace and console table by Margaux Keller

Ikea secretary desks for small spaces

IKEA Secretary Desks for Small Spaces

Secretary desk modern

Desk idea for den. Secretary Desk CO 772

18 photos of the finding furniture of secretary desks for

18 Photos of the Finding Furniture of Secretary Desks for Small Spaces

Small office desk solution for an affordable 149

Small Office Desk Solution for an Affordable $149

Corner desk small spaces

Versatile design for a traditional secretary desk for small spaces, as it is half the size of a regular desk yet has double the storage. The desk is made out of plywood with a black coat of paint, giving it an elegant finish.

Desk small space

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Coastal secretary desks for small spaces 2

Coastal Secretary Desks for Small Spaces