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These secretary desks are incredible. When most people think secretary desk, they think something that's boxy and narrow but that is not the case here. This collection of furniture secretary desks features beautifully ornate craftsmanship and is made of top-quality materials by master furniture makers. They have an old-world style and a classic look they will enhance any space.

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Our Picks

Secretary desk antique vintage

Versatile and extremely functional secretary desk featuring a large workspace and dozens of storage options. The desk is constructed from wood and finished in a beautiful brown stain. It’s also fitted with several caster wheels for easy mobility across the floor. It’s a great option for the front desk.

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Turquoise antique secretary desk shabby

Turquoise antique secretary desk shabby

Distressed secretary desk, painted turquoise sporting antique look with strong shabby chic inclinations. A single drawer is embellished with beautiful metal handles. The front of the piece sports decorous etching.

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Furniture secretary desk 2

This is a traditional-looking secretary desk with three large drawers on its bottom end and about 16 more drawers on the upper doored compartment. This unit is packed with a lot of storage compartments for books and other desk related items. The unit sits on 4 point legs and is made out of fine wood.

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Furniture secretary desk 6

You can live comfortably even in a small apartment. The furniture secretary desk, placed in one of the corners of the room, was made of warm walnut wood, and has a very antique character. Offers also classic shape with traditional pull out desk top.

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Furniture secretary desk 22

This wonderfully designed secretary desk enchants with its lovely shape and ornamental patterning. Covered with magnificent antique mosaic, it will catch the attention of everyone entering the room.

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Furniture secretary desk 1

Multi-functional secretary intended to kitchen or living room. It is made od blanched wood. It has three drawers, cabinet with windshield (for example to storrage table setting) and take-down small desk. It is very useful and elegant.

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Furniture secretary desk 4

A chinoiserie secretary. Have wanted one of these for a long, long time. I prefer the black to the red.

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Furniture secretary desk

Coastal Secretary Desks for Small Spaces

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Furniture secretary desk 8

Ultra-modern secretary desk constructed from wood and offering a nice counter height to ensure you use it easily. The table also comes with a beautiful two-tone finish thanks to its light gray base and distressed pearl top. You also get dozens of drawers and open shelves too for your storage needs.

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Trophy bureau mmsmpcolorofthemonth miss mustard seeds milk paint

Beautiful secretary desk with a striking blend of iron grey and orange. The desk has two drawers with knobs for accessing the storage space. Above the drawers are a couple of orange themed vertical shelves. Books can be conveniently arranged on the shelves, and also on top of the desk.

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Furniture Secretary Desk

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying home office furniture, secretary desks come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and their fold down desktop makes them ideal for a compact space.

Secretary desks consist of a base with integrated storage in the lower half, such as drawers or cubbies, and a bookshelf or cabinet up top, with a fold-down desktop between. This abundance of storage is perfect for a small office, as it maximizes your vertical space and ensures that it remains uncluttered.

For a compact space desk ergonomics play an important role when choosing the right secretary desk. Make sure the work surface is at the right height for your posture. You should aim to sit with your elbows at 90° so that your forearms can rest on the desk as you type on your laptop or monitor keyboard. Get a secretary desk with a worktop that’s between 27”-32” off the ground, depending on your height.

Because of how small computer monitors’ bases have become, some compact office furniture, secretary desks, and corner desks can now fit a large computer monitor. However, this largely depends on the shape of the monitor’s stand, the shape and size of the desk, and the user’s desired setup.

Secretary desks are usually at least 30” wide and 24” deep to have enough space for writing. This may be enough space for a large monitor and keyboard or laptop.

Fitting both a laptop and a large computer monitor onto the top of the desk will be a challenge unless you put the monitor on the very top shelf above the main writing surface. You may find a small desktop computer to be a better option if you can tuck it into one of the lower shelves below the desk’s writing surface.

Since they’re smaller than most desks, furniture secretary desks may fit in your dining room if there is extra space at either end of the dining table. Secretary desks are usually not very deep, so they can easily squeeze into small areas and provide an extra surface for storage or creating a display.

Most dining rooms are rectangular, so you may need to place the desk along one of the short walls to maximize walking space behind each dining chair. Remember, the high traffic areas around doors require extra space for people to pass through, so having a desk right by the door may be a hindrance. If you intend to use the desk as a workspace in the dining room, the secretary desk chair needs to be small. Consider using a tiny stool that slides completely beneath the desk so it doesn’t obstruct walkways when not in use.

Best Ideas

Regalia Secretary Desk

Regalia Secretary Desk

This stylish cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture that is perfect for your office. Handy drawers and cabinets will store various small items. Made of wood was finished in antique walnut.

Furniture secretary desk

An antique wooden secretary unit painted white outside and green inside. Drawers have wavy fronts and silvery pulls. A flip down desk hides cubbies and drawers. A hutch has a split crown, a cabinet with shelves and glazed doors with geometric inlays.

Furniture secretary desk 5

Featuring a smoothly designed foldable desk, this antique secretary with hutch combines refined appeal with functionality. It will be a great addition for all, who want to create a charming traditional character.

Antique wooden secretary desk

What an amazing, antique cabinet. Very rustic and primitive touch! Perfect for an elegant, traditional bedroom or a study room. Hides a plenty of drawers and a spacey compartment for storing your curios and souvenirs.

Secretary style computer desk

This secretary style will complement perfectly vintage or cottage decors. Its lovely design, full of intricate, subtle accents creates an unforgettable construction, ideal for your home office.

Landon Secretary Writing Desk

Landon Secretary Writing Desk

It is a beautiful white desk cabinet. It is very delicate. Entirely made of white color. Only the handles are dark. A large number of drawers allows you to organize the space. It is nice and practical.

Hemnes secretary desk

Secretary desk in the French style. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Includes open shelves and drawers in various sizes for storing personal items. Elegant accent for each room according to taste.

Furniture bureau desk

A phenomenal secretary desk that features a graceful silhouette in a magnificent matte shades of blue and grey, which were created with the use of a special, chalk paint. It offers plenty of storage space in open shelves and drawers.

Gorgeous sometimes twice black antique secretary

Gorgeous! Sometimes Twice...: Black Antique Secretary

Furniture secretary desk 21

How Mildred the Vintage Secretary Got Her Groove Back with Milk Paint

Red secretary desk


Furniture secretary desk 13

D.D.'s Cottage and Design: Serpentine Secretary Desk

Furniture secretary desk 14

Beautifully painted, this secretary desk constitutes a real fusion of colours, comprising mineral paint's coal black with golden accents. It comprises 2 large drawers and 4 smaller ones.

American antique breakfront secretary desk antique furniture

American Antique Breakfront Secretary Desk Antique Furniture