Antique Drafting Tables


As if plucked from Frank Lloyd Wright's own home, these antique drafting tables will take you back to the times of great architects dreaming up some of the tallest, the most impressive, and the most lasting structures of the last century. Imagine owning a drafting table just like the one used to draw the Empire state building or the Golden Gate bridge. A perfect gift for the civil engineer in your family.

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Our Picks

Vintage industrial tilt top drafting

Vintage industrial tilt top drafting

Used vintage drawing desk having a tilted up rectangular brown-finished top with adjustable metal supports on sides. The top and a sturdy grey-finished base are of solid oak wood. A large drawer and 2 smaller ones have new shell-like metal pulls.

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Antique industrial style drafting table

Antique industrial style drafting table

Old styled drafting table that introduces a touch of industrial style into the house. This wooden table includes a round seat and five practical storage drawers. It is suitable especially for small spaces.

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Vintage industrial drafting table with

Vintage industrial drafting table with

This industrial drafting table will be more than suitable for your vintage workshop. Crafted from cast iron, and equipped with many options for adjusting its height and angle, the table is very functional, also ensuring a proper stability thanks to its 3-legged base.

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Rare Frederick Post Adjustable Drafting Table Vtg Antique Industrial Machine Age

Rare Frederick Post Adjustable Drafting Table Vtg Antique Industrial Machine Age

Vintage design for an antique and old-fashioned drafting table made out of a walnut wood top with a frame made of cast iron. The drafting table provides a handy addition to any home workshop or hobby room.

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Vtg Cast Iron Drafting Table Architect Drawing Antique Artist Chair Machinist

Vtg Cast Iron Drafting Table Architect Drawing Antique Artist Chair Machinist

Drafting table with tilt adjustment function. It is mounted on iron base with antique finish. Rectangular top is made of wood. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

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Mechanical industrital drafting table

Mechanical industrital drafting table

An industrial drafting table with mechanical system including wheels and knobs that tilt, raise and lower the construction. It's completely restored and evokes past times when the handicraft projects were a real mastery. The top of it is lucent.

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Wooden drafting table

This stylish drafting table is a gem in the middle of vintage furniture. Beautiful steel construction, wooden counters, and charming details will make the interior take on a unique style. The adjustable worktop allows you to customize it according to your needs.

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Wood drafting table

Designed in French style, this functional drafting table can be a practical and fashionable piece for every architect out there. The top is adjustable, offering many different angles, also firmly holding the plans and blueprints in their place.

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Antique drafting tables 2

Work table mounted on iron base and fitted with compartments for storing personal items. Rectangular top is made of wood. It includes height and tilt adjustment function. Perfect solution for organization of work at home and in the office.

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Antique drafting table 4

This antique drafting table will allow your to write and draft with style. Plenty of compartments, to help you keep your drawings in order. Restored wood is an amazing addition to any house, but will work best in rustic, cosy designs.

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Antique Drafting Tables

Buying Guide

Drafting tables used to be a must-have in the 18th and 19th century. Unfortunately, since technology has advanced so much, you can rarely find them in use nowadays.

Nevertheless, if you are a traditionalist and you love drawing by hand, an antique drafting table can add a touch of class to your office or your living room.

Just because you own such a table, it doesn’t mean that you have to be an architect or an illustrator. The best part about antiques is that they add a vintage note to your living space - and you can use them for anything you’d like.

Since drafting tables have adjustable settings, you can use it as a regular table as well. Place it in a cozy corner in your living room and use it as a workstation. Or, you can also add antique books on it and create a mini library.

What's more, entrepreneurs often buy small drafting tables for coffee shops, and they use them as decoration or as regular tables. Even though it might defy the purpose, it can do wonders for your business as many people love seeing antiques being used in day-to-day occasions.

The material used for these types of tables is durable and sturdy. They were usually made of wood, and the material of choice was oak, although other hardwoods were used as well. Hence, you don't have to worry about them breaking any time soon. Furthermore, these tables are quite stable as well, so you can rest assured knowing that they will not fall over by accident.

Most antique drafting tables look alike, but there are some things you should consider before purchasing the one you like the most:

  • Are the settings functional? Make sure that you can adjust the table to your liking. It should be able to stay in a fixed position without a problem. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it properly.
  • Is it in good shape? Even though it’s an antique, it’s vital to check the condition of the table. Little scrapes and a beautiful patina add to its character, but if it’s missing a leg, it’s not a good investment.
  • Does it have an iron base? Although this isn’t a necessary trait, it would be wise to pick a table that has an iron base. The iron adds to the durability, and it also makes the table incredibly stable.
  • Does it have compartments? Unless they feature a simplistic design, many drafting tables come with a set of small or medium-sized drawers. Those can be quite useful, especially if you decide to use the table in your day-to-day life.
  • Can you find a good stool for it? In the olden days, artists used the tables while standing, but that might cause you slight inconvenience. Hence, it would be best to find a suitable tall stool for it. But, make sure that it complements the table - it shouldn’t take away from its beauty nor should it look too modern.

Antique drafting tables are not that rare, but they can sometimes be quite expensive. Because of that, it’s vital to approach the purchase with a clear idea of how you’ll use and maintain the table every day.

Best Ideas

Wooden drafting desk

Industrial design for an old-fashioned, antique drafting table with an adjustable top. The drafting table is made out of dark oak wood with a subtle burned tint and is fitted with wrought iron elements, providing a unique touch.

855 unusual antique american oak drafting table file


1940s drafting table my dad had one of these and

1940's Drafting Table. My dad had one of these and I used to draw on it when I was a kid. WANT!

Hamilton antique drafting table

Hamilton Antique Drafting Table

Antique drafting table for sale

A decorative and functional element associated with industrial stylization. This drafting table offers a quite large drafting space and a mechanism that regulates its inclination. A solid frame includes front legs with small wheels.

Antique drafting tables for sale

Antique Drafting Table | eBay

Vintage industrial tilt top drafting desk drawing table painted

Vintage Industrial Tilt Top Drafting Desk / Drawing Table - Painted ...

Antique drafting table

An interesting vintage drafting table. A base is of iron with a worn green finish. Two upright square posts (with handwheel-adjustable height) on M-shaped feet are joined by a stretcher with diagonal girders. A rectangular woody tilted top is green.

Old vintage wooden hamilton drafting table

Old Vintage Wooden Hamilton Drafting Table

Antique drafting table craigs list score

Antique Drafting Table Craig's List Score!

Antique drafting table parts

This functional drafting table can be a nice addition to your workshop, office, or other working station. Designed in an antique style, the table allows you to adjust its height and angle, and has a large enough top to place on it all your necessities.

Details about antique hamilton economy drafting table wood cast iron

Details about Antique Hamilton Economy Drafting Table Wood Cast Iron ...

Industrial architects drawing table

Industrial architect's drawing table.

French drafting table

The most important feature of this wooden antique drafting table with a metal base is its movable table top.It can be conveniently positioned at any angle,or even placed in an upright position.Therefore is great for creative minds - architects and painters.