Drafting Tables With Storage

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Whether you are a professional artist, architecture student, or just need a comfortable space to study, an angled drafting table is an excellent addition to your home office. Drawing and writing on an angled surface prevents neck, back, and wrist pain, making a drafting table with storage an excellent choice for long work and study sessions. Drafting tables with storage often come with height adjustment features or casters for portability, offering a versatile workspace. Explore the best drafting tables with storage with our comprehensive list. 

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Updated 18/11/2022
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Drafting Table With Drawers

Drafting Table With Drawers

What We Like: Tabletop adjustable up to 40°

What We Don’t Like: Large footprint

Not So Great For: Small or compact rooms

Perfect For: Home and office use

With its durable heavy-gauge steel frame, this drafting table is built to last. The 23.75’’ x 36’’ drawing table can incline up to 40° and support up to 50 lbs. of weight, making it perfect for various art projects. It has a ledge at the bottom of the drawing surface to conveniently store supplies when you aren’t using them.

It works well in a home studio or office, with ample storage in the three attached drawers for numerous art supplies. The desk has an ergonomic stool and a footrest, both the ideal height for the table, allowing for comfortable, back-friendly use.  

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Height Adjustable Drafting Desk With Drawers

Height Adjustable Drafting Desk With Drawers

What We Like: Storage for supplies on the drawing table

What We Don’t Like: Small drawers

Not So Great For: Artists with lots of supplies and materials

Perfect For: Compact spaces

This drafting desk gives artists ample storage options in a compact footprint. The adjustable drafting surface has convenient, organized storage on the side, with six places for pens and pencils, two round and one rectangular cubby hole, and a pivoting bucket that can store liquids without spills. The desk also has an extra pull-out side table that gives you added space for drawing or a place to store supplies.

You can adjust the desk height from as low as 27.5’’ to as high as 36.5’’, making it ideal for artists of all ages. The desk’s powder-coated metal frame prevents corrosion, and the MDF drawing surface is smooth and waterproof, perfect for any type of art.  

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Mobile Drafting Table With Storage

Mobile Drafting Table With Storage

Inbox Zero

What We Like: Tons of storage

What We Don’t Like: Drawing surface isn’t waterproof

Not So Great For: Watercolor painting

Perfect For: Drawing, sketching, or oil and acrylic painting.

Due to its ample convenient storage, this drawing table with storage is ideal for your next art project. Both sides of the 38’’ x 24’’ manufactured wood drawing surface have several organized storage areas for different types of pens, brushes, paints, and more. The table also has three self-closing plastic drawers on either side of the drawing surface, perfect for organizing supplies when not in use.

This desk is at home in small spaces and busy homes and can move easily on its four smooth rolling 360-pivot casters, two of which lock for stability. This desk gives you all the functionality of a larger drafting desk in a more compact, portable package.

$233.99 $299.99

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Drawing Desk With Storage

Drawing Desk With Storage

What We Like: Beautiful, functional design

What We Don’t Like: Table height is not adjustable

Not So Great For: Children

Perfect For: Professional and student artists

Perfect for an art student or a professional artist, this sturdy zinc-finished hardwood desk offers plenty of workspace and ample storage. The large, smooth drawing surface is adjustable up to 30°, and the table top features an extra 15’’ x 32.5’’ flat surface for extra drawing space and supply storage.

The desk’s true stand-out feature is the six lockable pull-out drawers. This provides unmatched safe storage space, ideal for use in a dorm room or shared workspace or if your art supplies are toxic or dangerous when not properly handled and need to be secured.  

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Drafting Desk With Storage Shelves

Drafting Desk With Storage Shelves

What We Like: Minimal, functional design

What We Don’t Like: No enclosed storage

Not So Great For: Homes with small children

Perfect For: Professional artist with lots of supplies and materials

Thanks to its beautiful, innovative design, this desk gives an artist a great workplace and plenty of areas to organize materials. Four large built-in open shelves can hold different shaped and sized materials. A rolling shelf base is also included that can be used as the bottom of extra shelving or as a base for a computer tower.

The desk is made of durable manufactured wood and is fade, scratch, chip, stain, and water resistant, making it the perfect desk for any type of art medium. The desk is also an ergonomic 29.52’’ off the floor, allowing plenty of knee room and promoting a healthy seating posture.  

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L Shaped Drafting Table Desk

L Shaped Drafting Table Desk

What We Like: Huge workspace

What We Don’t Like: Limited shelving and no drawers

Not So Great For: Compact or small spaces

Perfect For: Home offices or studios

This L-shaped desk is the perfect desk for professional digital artists. The desk consists of two detachable desks, giving you plenty of design options, and keeps the work area decluttered and open. One desk has a tiltable work surface that can rise to 60° with a storage shelf for supplies underneath; the other has room for two computer monitors on a raised shelf designed for ergonomic use and storage under the worksurface for a computer tower.

The desk is supported by adjustable .6’’ thick particle board risers that keep the desk perfectly even. The back of the desk features a grommet-based cable management system that keeps the sleek design of the desk looking clean and organized. This desk is ideal for hard-working professionals who need the creative space of a drafting desk and a practical work area for a computer.  

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Drafting Tables With Storage

Buying Guide

For an architect or engineer, a drafting table is a crucial part of the profession. This specialized table is able to tilt to make the job a lot more convenient. It's also a versatile table that can be used for writing, crafting, viewing large documents, drawing, and drafting. Shopping for a drafting table that comes with drawers will only enhance the utility of the unit.

Since drafting tables come in a plethora of designs and types, finding the right one for you can be a tricky endeavor. To help you uncover the right one for your situation, this article is going to be a buying guide for drafting table with drawers.

The most common choices are a four-post table, pedestal table, and fold-a-way table. Each of these table types is generally made for a specific purpose.

  • Four-Post Drafting Table - As the name suggests, this drafting table comes with four legs. These types of table are the most stable when compared to the other options. The tablespace is also typically more spacious. The drawers are plentiful and more abundant. On the downside, these tables are bulky and large; which means it's likely going to be a fixed fixture. It's also the most costly of the three options.
  • Fold-a-Way Drafting Table - This type of table is designed to be opposite of the four-post while still being considered as a drafting table. For example, it's lightweight, and you can collapse it to make it smaller. Hence, it's very portable and consumes lesser space. Also, its the most economical. All these benefits come with a downside. This type of stable is the least sturdy, which can be a big factor when you are drafting or drawing.
  • Pedestal Table - This type of table typically comes with only two legs that are connected to a broader base. By design and purpose, these types of tables sit at the middle in between the fold-a-way and four-post. This means that it's a more portable than a four-post and sturdier than a fold-a-way.

Generally, your storage concerns center around the size and number of drawers. The most significant limiting factor when choosing drawers is the type of table itself. The four-post table can offer the most drawer space, while the fold-a-way will provide the least. If drawers are very important to you, then you a four-post may be the right choice.

The stored items are another crucial factor. If you are just storing small objects (e.g., pens, pencils, erasers), then it's better to choose smaller sized but plentiful drawers. However, if you need to store large items, then you may have to settle with a fewer number of drawers but larger-sized.

Keep in mind that the buying guide above is not exhaustive. The enumerated points are only the least of the many factors that you may have to consider.

Best Ideas

Modern drawing desk with matching stool

Modern drawing desk with matching stool

If you searching for a modern drawing desk you have to choose this one. It features the matching stool, drafting top and solid wooden, simple construction. Three deep drawers are perfect for your important items.

Shain split top drafting table with drawer base contemporary desks

Shain split top drafting table with drawer base contemporary desks

Got a little artist in your house? Give him a proper drafting table! For example, one like this one here. It’s perfectly functional and practical, with a lot of storage options on the side, to ensure that every little pen finds its place.

Vintage drafting table 1

Vintage drafting table with drawers for files. Next to attractive antique design, this large table boasts a sturdy construction - making it fine enough for multi-purpose applications. A perfect work station?

Arts Crafts Period Oak Drafting Table Adjustable Slope

Arts Crafts Period Oak Drafting Table Adjustable Slope

Drafting table with antique finish. It has tilt adjustment function and drawers for storing personal items. Construction is made of wood. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Americana II Drafting Table

Americana II Drafting Table

Traditional drafting table to design, create and more. Top provides a function height adjustment and hidden compartments for pens and more. It is entirely made of wood. On the base is an additional shelf for necessities.

Drafting table with drawers 3

Shain DT-82A Two-Station Drafting Table w/ 8 Drawers (70" W) by Shain. $1619.95. Give multiple students ample room to work on projects and store supplies with Shain's Two-Station Drafting Table with Drawer Base. The durable Fiberesin top has two individua

Decorating an office with old world charm being tazim

Decorating an Office with Old World Charm - Being Tazim

Wooden drawing table

A pretty authentic vintage drafting table made of solid maple wood with a bit worn natural finish. It has straight square legs, a hinged door compartment on a side, 6 drawers, a slanted rectangular top. C-shaped handles are of metal.

Drawing table with storage

A stunning antique home office desk that can help you do all the work you have to do easily and quickly. It sports the distressed finish and a slightly industrial look to it, making it stand out a lot more.

Extra Nice Cast Iron Oak Adjustable Drafting Table Industrial Age With Drawers

Extra Nice Cast Iron Oak Adjustable Drafting Table Industrial Age With Drawers

Are you working with a sheet and a pencil?Do you spend long nights and days designing houses or bridges?So the wooden drafting table with drawers could be perfect for you.Leg from the base is made of lighter hand-carved wood, while the top is made of jatoba.

Fiberesin Drafting Table with Drawer

Fiberesin Drafting Table with Drawer

Drafting table with additional drawer for pens and others. The rectangular table top is adjustable in height. Wooden base is strengthened by the support strip. Application according to need.

Six drawer wood drawing table

Six-Drawer Wood Drawing Table

Drafting table wooden

Fiberesin Adjustable Drafting Table with Drawer Height: 37" H, Desk Style: Two Piece by Shain. $582.19. DT - 3SA37 Height: 37" H, Desk Style: Two Piece Features: -3/4'' fiberesin tops.-One or two piece adjustable top.-One small drawer. Includes: -Pencil s

Drafting drawers

Beautifully made drafting table with drawers for the perfect choice for your office or studio. The robust design is exquisitely presented and very functional. Adjustable height of the worktop and bottom drawer of the key.

Drafting table with drawers 6

Craft desk: I want this desk. It would be perfect for my polymer clay crafts.

Arts crafts period oak drafting table adjustable slope

Arts Crafts Period Oak Drafting Table Adjustable Slope

Wood drafting desk

Practical and modern-looking, this drafting table comes with a functional frame - made of tubular metal and covered in a two-tone black and walnut finish. Also includes an adjustable top designed of tempered glass - great for drafting, drawing, or crafting.

Drafting table with storage

A very attractive drafting table that brings practical solutions and fine craftsmanship. Excellent for arts and crafts projects, the table includes a p[owder-coated metal frame, 2 drawers with hollow handles, 1 open shelf, and a large work surface with one-hand tilt, allowing you to easily adjust the table.

Drafting table with drawers 5

Lift-top desk with a solid wood frame, partitioned drawer, and adjustable angle surface. 170 Product: DeskConstructio...

Miniature frank lloyd wright architect drafting table and 1

Miniature Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Drafting Table and ...

Smi professional wood drafting table with plan and tool

SMI Professional Wood Drafting Table with Plan and Tool ...

Find more vintage hamilton drafting table with 6 drawers

Find more Vintage Hamilton Drafting Table With 6 Drawers ...

Vintage drafting table i need this for my art room

Vintage Drafting Table! I need this for my art room ...

Vintage adjustable 8 drawer jegens drafting table

Vintage Adjustable 8 Drawer Jegens Drafting Table ...