Modern Drafting Tables


For those who love to draft or love to draw, a drafting table is a tremendous item to have in the home. It has so many features and functions specifically geared just toward what you need to be the most efficient with your drafting or drawing needs. And if you are thinking you need one of these and prefer one with a more modern design, we have plenty well-made modern drafting tables in our collection.

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Our Picks

Freedom Drafting Table 60''x30" - Black Frame, Black Surface

Prop the top of this task table to a position you currently need and enjoy the perfect working conditions. Take benefit of additional features, such as a drawer, keyboard tray and side display surface to fulfill your needs.

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Modern drawing desk with matching stool

Modern drawing desk with matching stool

If you searching for a modern drawing desk you have to choose this one. It features the matching stool, drafting top and solid wooden, simple construction. Three deep drawers are perfect for your important items.

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Drafting table legs

This backlit drafting table is a unique piece of furniture for a stylish interior. Vintage styling adds a whole style of fun, and the functional backlight makes it easy to work. The perfect solution for home, studio or office.

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Mechanical industrital drafting table

Mechanical industrital drafting table

An industrial drafting table with mechanical system including wheels and knobs that tilt, raise and lower the construction. It's completely restored and evokes past times when the handicraft projects were a real mastery. The top of it is lucent.

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Nike Drafting Table

Nike Drafting Table

Famous 1940s Swedish design of this modern drafting table is still readily recreated due to unique practical features and striking appearance. Nickel plated steel base is operated with hydraulic mechanism to adust the angle and height.

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Craft Master II Deluxe Art & Drawing Glass Top Table

Craft Master II Deluxe Art & Drawing Glass Top Table

It is a professional and highly practical table to perform drawings. Table top is slightly tilted, so you can take a more comfortable position. Near the top there are drawers and compartments for the equipment, which is necessary to perform the drawings.

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Modern drafting tables 2

A fine piece for every professional out there. This drafting table emanates with modern accents, presenting a very eye-catchy and functional design. The adjustable top is made of transparent material, while resting on a premium steel base, equipped with a steel lamp with adjustable goose neck.

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Small drawing table

A functional drafting table that allows you to adjust the desktop position as needed. Its modern appearance boasts of a tubular steel frame with powder coating and non-marring caps, a sturdy wood top, and a matching chair with a 4-legged base.

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Ultima Drafting Table

Ultima Drafting Table

Drafting table with the function of adjusting height of the countertop. It is mounted on a stable base made of metal. It folds flat for easy storage. It has an additional shelf for pens and more.

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Pro Craft Station Wood Drafting Table

Pro Craft Station Wood Drafting Table

Professional table for professional handwork. The top is large and tilted to maintain greater convenience. Near to the top there are special places and spaces for the various accessories needed to carry out manual work.

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Modern Drafting Tables

Buying Guide

Getting the right work conditions and space is very important, especially when you're working on important projects or you're trying to start your own business venture. There are many factors which you need to take into consideration, and since drafting tables can be so expensive, it's important that you know what to look for.

Always ensure you measure the area inside your home so that you can check it will fit before going through the effort of getting it into your property. If the table unfolds to create a large piece of furniture, you should measure the table at its largest to ensure that you have enough space and you are not in a position where you need to get rid of other things just to fit your new table.

Also, while you might not need a lot of space at the moment, you should consider the future and whether you will be working on larger projects required more space on your table. A modern drafting table will often be able to expand so that you could minimize the size to save space when you don't need it or maximize the space you have when you need that extra surface area.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may need to purchase a modern table with plenty of storage. Whether you just want somewhere to store your diary, pencils and other important paperwork, or you have paints, pencils, supplies and books that need to be stored somewhere, it's important to make the most of the space you have. Rather than having the underneath of the drafting table not being used, you can install some shelves and drawers or look out for a table that already has a lot of fitted storage. If none of the storage-heavy tables appeal to you, buy a table without storage and then create your own space underneath.

The location you choose to put the drafting table will have a big effect on how well you are able to work. Depending on the type of work you are doing, you may need to choose a corner of your home which is very quiet and peaceful. If you have a shed or summer house, you may even want to consider buying something to fit in this instead of your home. Inside your home, however, you should look for a well-lit area that you can work from without being disturbed.

Modern drafting tables are ideal if you want to maintain the modern look of your home while also being able to get on with some work in your spare time. Even though it looks modern, you don't have to buy a table which has been made this year. There are many antique drafting tables which can be decorated to match your modern décor, but they are often high quality, sturdy and valuable.

Best Ideas

Versa Vision Drafting Table 60''x30" - Black Frame, Black Surface

This task table is a nice option to put your laptop on or to sketch some paper images; the top can be propped in varied angles - find the one that works best for you at the moment. The construction is all black.

Modern drafting table 2

This beautifully decorated home office is a great combination of modernity, functionality and good taste. A high chair and a very attractive work surface and a bright space full of minimalist touches is elegant.

1910 industrial cast iron fully articulating tripod drafting table

1910 Industrial Cast Iron Fully Articulating Tripod Drafting Table

Europa Craft Split Top Table

Europa Craft Split Top Table

Functional split top table like this makes your work easier. Rolling casters enhance mobility and accessibility. The top may be propped up to achieve the angle you currently need. Gray and black finish sports modern look.

Split top drafting table with drawer base contemporary drafting tables

... Split-Top Drafting Table With Drawer Base contemporary-drafting-tables

Drafting tables 1950s architects drafting table haunt antiques for the

drafting tables | 1950s Architects Drafting Table | Haunt - Antiques for the Modern ...

Kuhlmann drafting table

Crafted from oak, combined with metal elements, this drafting table constitutes a perfect addition to one's workshop or home office. Smooth, bright wood, combined with a white counter creates a charming ambiance.

Professional Drafting Table 48"x36" - Black Frame, Black Surface

This is a drafting table that is recommended by professionals. Its top may be angled so that you don't have to bent over your working surface; it moves around easily thanks to tiny wheels. It offers additional shelves and units to accommodate your electronic units.

Modern drafting tables

If you are looking for a truly practical and functional piece then this mechanical desk that can serve perfectly as a drafting table will surely help you. It can be used according to your every need and is constructed of solid wood.

Antique drafting tables 2

Work table mounted on iron base and fitted with compartments for storing personal items. Rectangular top is made of wood. It includes height and tilt adjustment function. Perfect solution for organization of work at home and in the office.

Cool old drafting table and stool

cool old drafting table and stool

The polished finish the thick acrylic top the sheer scale

The polished finish...The thick acrylic top... The sheer scale and ...

Titan Solid Oak Drafting Table w Drawer in Walnut Finish (42 in. L x 31 in. W x 37 in. H)

A solid, wooden drafting table crafted from oak that consists of four (wooden as well - oak) legs and one drawer. The whole construction is meant to provide stability. The top (board) is adjustable from 0 to 45 deg.

Modern drafting tables 1

An authentic industrial style set. A drafting table has an iron base, footrests, stretchers, a weight, swivel arms for a lamp and a geometry set, a rectangular brownish tilted wooden top. A stool has a round height-adjustable seat and 3 bowed legs.