Small Secretary Desks


Secretary desk are actually nice and useful pieces of furniture. This collection consists of various kinds of such secretary desks and there is such a rich choice that everyone will find the one suitable for their house. You now have a chance to pick the one for you – do you need another look?

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Our Picks

Small roll top desk

This original looking small secretary desk is an amazing option if you want something fancy looking and practical in your home office. Its delicate color and wood construction create specific neat atmosphere.

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Small secretary desks 13

Small secretary desk with an antique look. The upper part contains 3-level shelving with glass door. The dominant material used for this unit is wood coated in black polishing. The top of the whole unit has a nice arched design, and the structure sits on 4 narrow legs.

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Small secretary desks

This is the coolest secretary desk I have ever seen. Made from wood painted in grey and mint green with a small chalk board looks just fantastic. Reminds me of modern style TV series from the future.

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Small secretary desks 5

Small vintage secretary desk with a box shape and single drawer with extended knobs. The unit stands on four narrow legs and is made from wood. It has an old steel blue coat that blends well with other hues.

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Shaker Secretary Desk

Classic Shaker secretary desk - standing on tall and slender, straight legs, sporting rather compact size that fits well in small spaces, perhaps work nooks or living room corners. Made in USA of solid ash hardwood.

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Small secretary desks 1

Compact in size, black in finish, elegant and yet cute - this small secretary desk can boost the functionality and style of a dream home office. Its two drawers have locks, just to be sure that your private correspondency is safe.

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Totally farmhouse style bedroom with small secretary desk that looks like real piano, with real plant decoration. Wall colour is intellectual gray, super white armchain and curtains add the sparkle to its overal image.

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Small secretary desks 11

This is an antique small secretary desk. It has three drawers with metallic handles on either side. The upper side is shaped like a trapezoidal prism, while the lower side is like a rectangular prism. The wood structure is covered in a baby blue coat and sits on four narrow legs.

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Small secretary desks

Every picture of this house is more beautiful than the last. Apparently I really love wood beamed ceilings? #decor

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Small secretary desks 7

If you have some free space, why not invest in a small, secretary desk? Perfect for a library or a study room, and helps you store your documents, pens and other amenities. Great, traditional look with a smooth surface.

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Small Secretary Desks

Buying Guide

The different types of small secretary desks are typically based on their material and the type of drawers or accessories they have. Alternatively, their basic shape can yield different styles: for example, a small desk could be shaped so that it fits intuitively into a corner.

Small secretary desks can have hutches, fold-out desk spaces, or several drawers under the desk space. They’re typically made out of wood and can be colored to fit the aesthetic of your space—which, in a small home, can make a world of different.

Nevertheless, all secretary desks have built-in storage above the secretary console and you’ll want to get one that has the right amount of storage for you.

Small secretary desks are built to take up a tiny footprint yet give you a place to keep stationery, complete brief tasks, and have a little bit of aesthetic storage.

To meet those goals, look for secretary desks that match your current decor and style aims (e.g., by matching materials and colors to the rest of your home) and have features to support practical storage. These may include shelves, drawers, electronic support (e.g., built-in chargers) and hutches.

We also like to see modern conveniences such as built-in cord management and soft-close drawers to make these fully-functioning parts of your home.

A secretary desk is a piece of furniture resembling a writing desk, used for working from home as well as storing documents and files. They are typically fitted with drawers, one of which is usually pulled out from the front. It is then lowered to provide a writing surface that is flat and secure.

They can store important items, such as passports, books, and stationery. Small secretary desks are perfect for providing you with a work area if you have limited space. As well as being used to work from and archive folders, they can also be used as an entryway console for keeping keys, phones, wallets, and other essentials, or as a bedroom vanity for storing and displaying makeup.

Best Ideas

Small secretary desk 1

Small Secretary Desk

Small secretary desks

Camille Wall Desk: small hanging desk, design from Glenn Ross (Vurv Design). | Klein hangend schrijfbureautje.

The antique chandelier of anthony dargenzios east village apartment is

The antique chandelier of Anthony D'Argenzio's East Village apartment is one of the few original fixtures in the space.

Small secretary desks 6

I love this! With the two tone colors and the fold out top - I am now on the hunt for this dresser.

Traditional secretary desks for small spaces

Traditional Secretary Desks for Small Spaces

Small secretary desks


Small secretary desks

Danish Modern Teak Secretary Desk

Small secretary desks 1

Small gray-green secretary desk with a small upper desk for small supplies such as postage stamps, and a larger lower desk for items such as stationery. A good choice for a kitchen desk or even a corner of the living room desk.

Small secretary desks 3

Cute, built-in secretary desk makes the most of the living space. The secretary includes a fold-down desk that conceals space for books or upright files as well as a row of drawers and a bar for hanging notes. Attractive, efficient, and functional.

Shaker Secretary Desk

Shaker Secretary Desk

This sleek cabinet with roll top desk is an excellent piece of furniture in the traditional oldschool style. Beautifully made of solid ash wood is durable and it looks very stylish. The warm tone finish gives it a universal character.

Small secretary desks 2

People dream of having a home office space.If we don't have it, we can use another idea-the secretary. Portable furniture that allows you to store documents, laptop, correspondence.It is small and made of white wood, and when you finish work -you can close it.

Manchester wood shaker secretary desk 2

Manchester Wood Shaker Secretary Desk

Love the robins egg blue and the beautiful old timey

love the robins egg blue and the beautiful old timey desk

Small secretary desks 10

A great secretary for a small space...I would love this for my bedroom because it can be closed and has great storage.