Contemporary Roll Top Desk


Such a wonderful idea, and so classic, but now they have had a pretty significant update with these contemporary roll top desks. The original style remains the same, these just have metal options, which in and of themselves are still quite classic. The writer's choice for a wonderful and timeless desk, take a look at this collection of roll top desks.

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Our Picks

Contemporary roll top desk 1

A functional desk with a roll-top that will help you be more organized. It features plenty of small open shelves and six narrow drawers. It's made of wood in a warm, honey color and it features a contemporary design.

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Metal roll top desk

An extraordinary desk in a contemporary design. It features a roll top so you can close your desk when you finish your work. There is a lot of storage space in various drawers and shelves under the top. It has a silver finish with brass accents.

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Modern roll top desk 1

This contemporary roll top desk relates to the genuine idea of secretarys. Simple and functional design, offering an impressive storage space, divided into multiple drawers and cubby-holes, will enchant all enthusiasts of practical furniture.

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Elite Roll Top Desk with Seating Cutout

Elite Roll Top Desk with Seating Cutout

Here's something to get some extra storage space and a functional desk at a time. This one has spacious side cabinet and congenial seating cutout. Its top is lockable, so that you wouldn't have to clean up important papers when you stop working for a while.

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Contemporary roll top desk 2

This contemporary roll top desk is a great example of functionality in a modern edition. Restored gained brushed silver paint and brass accents, which added this condign construction a new breath.

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Contemporary roll top desk

Give your office a modern touch of elegant class with this contemporary roll top desk. Designed from wood and finished in a glossed light brown stain, the table offers a large working area and additional storage capacity, including several drawers and cabinets.

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Roll top desk modern

Secretary desk with roll top. It has wide drawer for storing documents and others personal items. It is completely made of wood. Neutral and functional design for each room as needed.

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Modern roll top desk

An elegant contemporary roll top desk of cherry red-finished wooden materials. Side cabinets have protruding bases, full door compartments and drawers with small round metal knobs. The roll top hides size-varied niches and small drawers.

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Mid century modern roll top desk in walnut image 3

Mid-Century Modern Roll Top Desk in Walnut image 3

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Marsden secretary roll top desk modern desks and hutches

Marsden Secretary / Roll-Top Desk modern-desks-and-hutches

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Contemporary Roll Top Desk

Buying Guide

Although roll top desks are older technology, they still work as a contemporary roll top desk. The general idea of having a cover that can be pulled down over one’s work to protect it from accidental disturbance or from curious eyes is a good one in any age. Contemporary desks usually take into consideration that the user will be working at a laptop or computer and have prepared spaces for wired connections. Some will even have a space for a printer, as well as file drawers and drawers for traditional office supplies.

Roll top desks can easily accommodate small laptop computers or computers with flat-screen monitors. They are excellent for both business and student use. The pulldown tops are handy for concealing or protecting a work in progress, and for hasty room cleanups. They range in size from student or secretary desks to large-size business desks. Although most roll tops are constructed using slats, a few use solid, curved pieces of wood for the top.

Simple Secretary

A simple secretary desk is one primarily designed for writing letters. To make it contemporary, add a small laptop with a Wi-Fi connection to a central house printer. Since laptops typically require little or no wiring, other than a plug to a power outlet, it is not difficult to even convert a traditional roll top secretary for modern use. The secretary is likely to have pigeon holes at the back of the desk for mail incoming and outgoing, as well as a place for envelopes and stamps.

Kid’s Rolltop

This is the perfect desk for the budding executive or inveterate desk slob. The student rolltop desk has a top setup much like a secretary, with pigeon holes, a drawer for stationery, and a flat desktop for books or a laptop. In addition, it has a pull-out breadboard table and two drawers. It is an excellent choice for youngsters who are old enough to need a designated study location, but young enough to make a mess out of their personal space. The rolltop can pulldown to protect sensitive work from younger siblings or pets, and also to hide works-in-progress from neatnik parents.

Library Desk

This is a rustic style roll top desk with pigeon holes, card file drawers and stationery drawers at the back of the desk. On either side of kneehole are locking file drawers and shallow supply drawers. The desk is set up with an access port for wiring and has a pullout keyboard above the kneehole. This is an excellent kitchen desk or a desk for an older child who is ready for some serious scholarship. It would even work well for a college student.

Elegant Charles X Roll Top

A beautifully styled desk with French curved legs and a solid top that can be pulled down over the workspace. Unlike most roll tops that are made of slats, this one is more like a turtle shell. The finish is done in a combination of mahogany and rosewood veneer, with brass inlay and fittings. There are two small drawers, one on either side, and one central drawer.

Best Ideas

Contemporary roll top desk 9

This unique desk puts the “roll” in “roll top.” Built using modern technology, it is structured almost like the letter “c” with the bottom leg braces stretching out along the floor, and the rolltop coming down over a spare desk space.

Contemporary roll top desk 7

An office desk in a contemporary design. It features extraordinary legs and metal structure with an industrial touch. It has a roll top so you can simply close the desk when you don't use it. The roll top is wooden in a honey hue.

Fab scandinavian roll top desk

Fab Scandinavian roll-top desk.

Contemporary roll top desk 1

Swedish Mid-Century Modern Roll-top Teak Secretaire Desk

Small secretary desks 2

Palmetto Small Roll Top Secretary Desk contemporary-desks

Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Drawer

Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Drawer

Pretty functional contemporary desk with a frame of white-finished laminated fibreboard. It has a simple rectangular top, an exterior shelf, a gliding keyboard tray, a drawer with a metallic bow-handle and 2 size-varied niches with open fronts.

Graphite & Frosted Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk with PC Caddy

Graphite & Frosted Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk with PC Caddy

It is the perfect solution for the modern office. This desk L-shaped been made of gray metal and frosted glass. It has a special part of a separate computer with a slide-out shelf for keyboard. It is spacious and very practical.

Metal roll top desk 1

Movable office equipment. Lockable roll-away desks are perfect to everyone who want to take care of tidiness in work area or safety of his property. Movable cabinets and tables give you a chance to arrange office again.

Princeton roll top desk by chelsea home furniture contemporary desks

Princeton Roll Top Desk by Chelsea Home Furniture contemporary-desks

Contemporary roll top desk 14

What seems to be a seamless tambour roll top is actually made from veneered canvas layered upon strips of wood.

Contemporary roll top desk

A roll top desk embodies what we all like - unique style and functionality. This solid wooden construction hides a lot of potential for some DIY, renovating project. With the multiplicity of drawers, it will for sure offer space for various stuff.

For sale modern roll top desk

For Sale: Modern Roll Top Desk

Contemporary roll top desk 18

Contemporary reproduction desk painted to mimic vintage roll top desk

Home roll top desks solid oak roll top vintage scholars

Home > Roll Top Desks > Solid Oak Roll Top Vintage Scholar's Desk