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Desk drawer pulls offer an added aesthetic to any cupboard in the home. When we decorate with desk drawer pulls, we can add an element of sophistication, modernization and style that can change or upgrade a simple desk. A vintage piece can be simply updated with new desk drawer pulls, or a modern piece can be artistically stylized to meet your new needs and demands. Whatever it may be, there are undoubtedly reasons to enjoy playing around with its expression. 

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Updated 13/06/2022
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Sleek Modern White Pull Bar

Sleek Modern White Pull Bar

GlideRite Hardware

Made with zinc alloy, this modern bar, which is available in gold, chrome, nickel and more, is a simple yet effective modern solution. Sleek and fluid in design, it encompasses modern chic, ideal for a modernist office space. The pull is 5.38'' long. 

$6.2 $9.7

Designer Advice:

The simplicity of this desk drawer pull means that it would be ideal on white furniture to upgrade easily. The finish on this is contemporary, so these pulls would look great in a set. To add some flair, why not pair it with some exotic florals for your desk, colored cactus plants can look incredible. 

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Gold, Geometric Long Desk Pull

Gold, Geometric Long Desk Pull

Wayfair Basics®

The gold style of this modern desk pull is unique and brilliant for a gold/white themed room. Available in black, bronze and more, it is crafted from pure zinc. It’s 6.69'' long and has a rectangular geometric design, with a thick frame. 

$6.74 $7.29

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Adjustable Satin Desk Pull With A Glass Length

Adjustable Satin Desk Pull With A Glass Length


Adjustable and versatile; this desk drawer pull is ideal for a dynamic room. There are many reasons to love this piece. The glass bar overlapping with a gold rim adds style. It is handmade from glass and is 5.5'' long.

$28 $35

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Sleek, Rounded Gold Bar

Sleek, Rounded Gold Bar


The aesthetic of this design is distressed metal with a zinc alloy finish for durability. This is ideal for a shabby/chic room or a cozy cottage style. It is 5.04'' it is also available in antique silver if this is a better fit. Strong and versatile, it’s a great overall choice. 

$54 $89

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5 Piece Black Bar Desk Drawer Pull

5 Piece Black Bar Desk Drawer Pull

Franklin Brass

These black desk drawer pulls are strong and offer a unique look. They are crafted from steel, and would work well in a monochromatic room. They also come in chrome. For sizing, this pack is 7'' long. 

$21.24 $48.88

Designer Advice:

The black thick frame of these desk drawer hardware allows you to play around with style. Whilst they would be ideal in a monochromatic room, you can add color into the mix to enhance this look. For example, we would highly recommend some colorful city artwork to heighten inspiration as you work. 

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Vintage Rubbed Bronze Ring Pull

Vintage Rubbed Bronze Ring Pull

Sumner Street Home Hardware

For the ultimate vintage look, this is it! This vintage rubbed bronze desk hardware pull offers many benefits. At just 1.9'' long, they are tiny, ideal for a smaller room and desk space. Available in satin and pewter, these rings are versatile and stylish.

$7.1 $11.32

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An unusual but attractive vintage drawer pull in the form of an octopus with length-varied arms and marked eyes. It's manufactured of metal with a beautiful though a bit aged finish in bronze shades.

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Superb metallic drawer pulls designed to accentuate your desk or chest. The pulls are relatively large and come with a stunning stainless steel finish that will provide incredible accent value to any wooden backdrop. You just need to screw them in and that’s it.

Beverly 3" Bar Pull

Beverly 3" Bar Pull

A contemporary and stylish bar pull with a chic and contemporary accent that will match any design scheme. It is made of zinc that ensures durability. The manufacturer provides limited lifetime warranty.

Desk drawer handles 6

Black Wooden Drawer Knob with Metal Insert and Crystals

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Vintage-inspired desk drawer handles designed to look like beautifully curved flowers. The pulls come with a nice brass coated finish with little touches of silver along the mounting hardware for outstanding color balance. They are great for large drawers.

Desk drawer handles 35

Transform your desk drawers into incredible décor accessories with this stunning accent pulls. Constructed from metal, the pulls are designed to look like a large key for that little dash of whimsy. They are easy to mount too and should work on any wooden desk.

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Unique desk drawer handles constructed from wood and neatly curved for impeccable visual appeal. The pulls come with their original natural wood grain, making it easier for you to customize them with the colors of your choice. They are also easy to set up or install.

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Desk with kids’ dinosaur toys as knobs, via Design*Sponge

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Massive, ornamental desk drawer handle, having 3.5 diameter inch, will fit most standard thickness cabinets. It is cast in zinc for precision detail, finished in antique brass, and features a Bakelite insert, just like the 1930s originals.

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