Small Desk With Drawer

Want a desk but don't need anything to huge? Or maybe you're cramped for space? Then a small desk with drawer is the right fit for you. Great as a youth desk, or just somewhere to do bills or write thank you cards, simple stuff, these desks give you all you need, without the extra wasted surface, and they have a handy drawer for desk items to be stored.

Best Products

Laptop Desk with Drawer

Laptop Desk with Drawer
This laptop desk is the perfect choice for any home owner, that is looking for a clean and tidy vibe in their interior. It sports sleek, simple lines and ample amount of drawers to fit all of your belongings.

Perry Writing Desk with Drawer

Perry Writing Desk with Drawer
This writing desk is the true example of simplicity and functionality. It's compact in design and ideal for smaller homes and since it offers the premium quality construction, you are sure to enjoy it for years to come.

Writing Desk with 3 Drawers

Writing Desk with 3 Drawers
Compact desk for your home office that comes with suitable storage for files and other office supplies. Built from solid wood, the table is finished in a dark walnut stain. It also has a large workspace up top, four drawers on one side, and amazing powder-coated metal pulls for outstanding beauty.

2 x 5 ft industrial reclaimed wood work

2 x 5 ft industrial reclaimed wood work
A bit of contrast to what you are used to when it comes to office space. A juxtaposition of modern, hi-tech devices with industrial, reclaimed wood constitutes a marvelous combination. A fully handmade project, which will enhance any workarea.

Small desk with drawer 1

A simple set of white narrow drawers that created a spacious, small desk with drawer - combined with a bookcase, and a gray, thick shining top. Inspired by IKEA design - very modern, based on metal simply foots.

Small desk with drawer

The small spaces get cluttered easily, so you should think over all pieces of furniture you put it on this space. Please remember to use possibly fair colors, because it optically blows up this interior.

Very small computer desk

Closet office idea. If you have really small room, this small computer desk with drawers seems to be a really nice idea! It looks really cute against this greenish mint wall decorated with paintings and artistic shelves above.

Our advice Buying Guide

Whether you're running your own business from home or you just tend to spend a lot of your time working at home, a small desk with a drawer can be very useful. It's the ideal piece of furniture for one person to work from, and its small size means that it doesn't take up a huge amount of space. It doesn't mean that there aren't things to consider beforehand, though. Let's take a brief look at some of the factors you should think about.

How to find the right size desk with a drawer?

The first step is to look around your home and decide on a suitable location for a desk. You can then measure the available space so that you know the measurements you have to work with. Bear in mind that most small desks with drawers will start at a size of around 2.5-3 feet in length and 2 feet in width, so if you don't have a minimum of this space available, you might have to rearrange your furniture a little to make it work.

Another thing to consider is the number of items you might need to put on the desk. While your storage drawer will be able to contain paperwork and books (it will normally have a standard A4 sized drawer), there are likely to be things you need to put on the desk. For example, you might like to have a calendar, a pen pot, writing paper and other accessories. Take this into consideration when deciding on the size to buy.

What are the most popular desk colors?

Many desks are wooden and therefore quite natural, but others have unfinished wood which is then painted in a different shade. While the most popular color of paint for desks is a simple and plain white, it doesn't mean you have to choose this. If you shop around, you will find desks in a huge range of colors, including green, blue, pink and grey. Unfinished desks can always be painted with wood paint if you get bored of their existing color.

How to determine the necessary number of drawers?

While many small desks will only have one or two drawers, it doesn't mean it's impossible to have more. Depending on the size of your desk, you may be able to have a small set of drawers along one side of the desk. The width of the drawers is normally around 15-20 inches, so when you're calculating the size, you may have to add this onto the size allowance.

Another factor to help decide how many drawers you need is to think about the number of items that you wish to store in the drawer. This will depend on your job, what you're working on and how many things you have related to your work. As it's very subjective, you are the only one who can really figure this out and answer the question.


Small desk drawers

High-quality countryside-inspired work desk that delivers an impeccable balance of colors. The piece stands on four sturdy legs, each made from metal and finished in a glossy industrial black coat. The top is made from wood and comes with a single drawer and one open shelf for your office storage.

Small bedroom vanity

A simple narrow contemporary desk made of wooden materials with a laminated white finish but a base of black-finished metal. It has a rectangular top and 2 drawers (with cutout pulls) underneath. Legs are quite tall straight and angular.

Small desk with drawer 1

A small desk with drawer makes a pleasant place to organize your essential paperwork. Add a shelf above it, and homework or record-keeping becomes easier. Excellent for small rooms or small homes, maximizing workspace while maintaining a small footprint.

Small desk with drawer 3

Variably placed reclaimed wood, buffed to smoothness, and finished creates an interesting table surface. Angle iron corner brace pieces make sturdy legs that continue the DIY appearance of the tabletop. It is a perfect selection for county or rustic décor.

Black vanities for bedrooms 1

This beautiful, white secretaire enchants with its antique, romantic character. Transformed into a small vanity table, it lets you organize your jewelry and make-up cosmetics, thanks to the multiplicity of various drawers and pigeon holes.

Small desk with drawer 10

Yes! Organized chaos! Well, I wouldn't want it right above my desk. I need a clear, clean workspace!

J1s Writing Desk with Drawer

J1s Writing Desk with Drawer

Work area the desk also has a keyboard pullout and

... work area. The desk also has a keyboard pullout and file drawer

Small desk with drawer cabinet in wenge finish

Small Desk with Drawer & Cabinet in Wenge Finish

Small desk with drawer

I like the desk n drawers, maybe file cabinet. I like the shelves with books n small pictures, no bulletin board.

Desks with drawers

Just remove the drawer, add hinges to the bottom of the drawer front, then drill a large hole at the back of the piece for cord management - easy

Small desk drawers

small desk drawers

Small desk with drawer

Add a little desk and chair and multi-purpose as a bedside table :)

Organized junk drawer i should totally start some rubberband balls

organized junk drawer. I should totally start some rubberband balls-- can't STAND them loose all over the place!

Small computer desk with file drawer

A great idea for a computer corner in the kitchen. A small desk is just a part of kitchen cabinets. It features three drawers and a classy black top. The furniture set is in a nice, light green color with a rustic touch.

Small desk with drawer 6

Desk under stairs

Small white computer desk

This kind of desk is a space saving product ideal for use in small offices and rooms. Its construction is ideal for a corner use. This desk features a very convenient keyboard drawer and two small storage shelves.