Black Roll Top Desk

A roll top desk will never go out of style. even if they are not the most popular concept right now there are still plenty of people that love the look and functionality of this terrific desk idea. and if you were looking for a roll top desk and your furniture is mostly black then we have a wonderful surprise for you in our collection of black roll top desks. As always, they are very attractive and made of top-quality material.

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Broadway black floating desk with storage

Broadway black floating desk with storage
A very original, unique and space saving piece of furniture. It is a desk that looks like an ATM. It provides a working space with a top shelf and small side compartments. It is made of durable MDF and composite wood.

Roll Top Desk

Roll Top Desk
This beautifully made roll top desk is extraordinary piece of furniture in a traditional style. Beautifully carved details make it look very stylish, yet very functional. Made of mahogany it is strong and solid.

The Captain's Davenport Roll Top Desk

The Captain's Davenport Roll Top Desk
This beautifully made roll top desk this extraordinary piece of furniture in a traditional style. Beautifully carved details make it look very stylish, yet very functional. Made of hardwood it is strong and solid.

Regalia Secretary Desk

Regalia Secretary Desk
This stylish cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture that is perfect for your office. Handy drawers and cabinets will store various small items. Made of wood was finished in antique walnut.

Black roll top desk 3

The piano style black roll top desk. This piece of furniture is very solid, made of oak wood. Equipped with many drawers to hide all your office accessories. The silver color handles perfectly compose with black plain of wood.

Black roll top desk

This black painted roll top desk constitutes a stylish and practical proposition, attractive especially for vintage fans. It features seven drawers, each finished with nickel plated knobs.

Roll top secretary desk

Are you trying to find the nicely finished and stylish desk? We have got something for you! This one has got the black roll top with plenty of storage. For me, the most attractive is the bright blue color inside.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you refurbish a roll top desk?

There are different ways to refurbish a black roll top desk, so it really depends on your preferences and what kind of look you’d like to achieve. However, the basic steps involve:

  • Removing all the drawers
  • Applying stripper to all the wooden parts (a tip? Start with the smallest ones!)
  • Applying it to the actual roll top surface
  • After it’s stayed for the recommended length of time, scrap off your roll top desk’s old finish
  • Sand it
  • Stain it just like you want it
  • Let it dry for a whole day
  • Finish it off with a layer of lacquer

What style of interior will a black roll top desk match?

A black roll top desk has a classic and elegant feel that will match various types of interior style. However, as a piece of furniture that was a common fixture in offices before World War II when steel desks started to take over, they are more at home in rooms with a classic, vintage, industrial or rustic decor. Since the desk is black in color, it will fit in well with a wide range of fabric and furniture hues.


Black roll top desk 8

A classy traditional roll top desk made of wood with a bit worn black finish. It has tall straight turned legs, 2 drawers under a top, a hutch with a roll cover and 6 small drawers under a hutch top, decorative flower-like silvery pulls.

Black roll top desk 11

Haus Artisans: Restored Black Roll Top Desk $495

Roll top desk riverside deluxe barrell roll top desk in

roll top desk) Riverside Deluxe Barrell Roll Top Desk in Black

Black roll top desk

This is the type of furniture your guests will react to - "what a lovely roll top desk". Made of wood, combining oak and alder, but painted white with black top and borders. The distressed look comes together with the whole orbit of little drawers and cabinets.

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Black roll top desk 2

Haus Artisans: Black Roll Top Desk and Captain's Chair $595

Black roll top desk 28

really wishing I would have kept our old roll top desk!!

Black roll top desk 4

Shabby Chic Black Painted Roll Top Desk...for by TheCottageWay, $250.00

Shabby chic roll top desk

How to fix a broken Rolltop Desk |

Black roll top desk 14

Home office/studio/craft white on top, black on bottom

Black roll top desk 23

Found this roll top desk at a thrift store. Painted it black. I use if for a buffet for entertaining on my side yard. I love the way it turned out!

Black roll top desk 2

Polished Steel Roll-Top Desk industrial-desks

Love that she added feet to the bottom of it

Love that she added feet to the bottom of it! The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill: Desk Makeover~How to Update an Oak Rolltop Desk

Black roll top desk 1

Secretary desk in vintage style. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Base is fitted with 2 drawers for storing personal items. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Black roll top desk 32

Modeled on an antique roll top desk, but with clean lines for 21st century homes, the Abigail fold down desk is both charming and

Black roll top desk 10

Fixing a Broken Roll Top Desk |

Black painted roll top desk plans the desk has seven

black painted Roll Top Desk Plans | the desk has seven drawers each ...