Telephone Stand With Drawer

If you still incorporate a landline into your home, then having a telephone stand next total sense. but sometimes you still need to write things down while on the phone. our collection of telephone stands with drawers or the perfect combination of what you need and what you might need. They are well made and very attractive for their functionality. See collection for more details.

Best Products

Plant Stand

Plant Stand
Elegant space-saving traditional style stand intended for plants and phones but it can be used for display other things. It is made of solid wood finished in walnut-brown. A stand has square rounded both a top and a lower shelf and tall sleek legs.

Windsor Hand Carved Telephone Stand

Windsor Hand Carved Telephone Stand
Stunning hand carved telephone stand in antique style. Features cabinet storage, open shelf and a drawer compartment. Ideal for hallways, bedrooms or living rooms. Hand painted with walnut stain finish.

Venetian valencia v telephone stand with drawer antique oak

Venetian valencia v telephone stand with drawer antique oak
A nice piece of contemporary craftsmanship, consisted of sturdy hardwood covered in an antique oak finish. The old-fashioned telephone stand comes with a square top, a small drawer with a metal pull ring, an open shelf and slatted sides.

Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Multi-Tiered Telephone Table
This lovely, unique construction is telephone table, very popular in the past decades. It enchants with the round tapered legs of natural-finished oak wood and an oval black top. Features a small key-locked storage.

Etagere Plant Stand

Etagere Plant Stand
Chic contemporary plant stand crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. Its sleek frame features 4 heavily S-curved and additionally crisscrossed posts. It has square both a top and 2 lower shelves.

Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Multi-Tiered Telephone Table
This Vintage Telephone Table in Black Finish gorgeously mixes classic design with durable, solid wood construction. The table features 1 convenient storage drawer, and a lower shelf for extra storage or displaying of collectibles.

Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Multi-Tiered Plant Stand
It is a multi-tiered plant stand that has got a marble top, metal legs and bottom shelf detailing. It fits to any style and décor and is a perfect addition to living room and other.

Our advice Buying Guide

A telephone stand with drawer was once essential home equipment, and it can still fulfill a need. Stands can range from old-style equipment sufficiently sturdy to support a phone with directory buttons, recorded message capability, and more. But they can also be a handy, charging repository for smaller phones. Having a drawer attached makes a handy place to keep a local phone directory, notepads, and writing tools. If the stand is located near a bulletin board or other message repository, it adds an option for home or business communication.

What are some examples of attractive telephone stands with drawers?

The International Caravan carved wood telephone stand

The carved wood telephone stand from International Caravan is a truly majestic piece of furniture. It is sturdy enough to support any telephone. It includes a display shelf – perfect for a region with massively over-sized telephone directories or for a floral arrangement – as well as, not one, but three pull drawers. The entire unit is made of solid wood, elegantly carved and finished with a high gloss. It is perfect to blend with Victorian or similar décor settings but can work well with any style that includes similarly worked wooden furniture. It features a rich, walnut stain color.

The Officemate OIC recycled telephone stand

The Officemate OIC recycled telephone stand can go a long way toward improving the organization of your desk. It comes in two models, one with a drawer underneath the stand and one with space. Attached to it are cups for pencils, sticky notes and similar office supplies, keeping them close at hand for taking notes. It’s an easy way to improve office communications by having all the accouterments at hand.

VANRA Black Mesh Telephone Stand

If you are a visual person for whom “out of sight” doesn’t just mean out of mind, it means you’ve lost the item and must go get a new one, you will love this VANRA metal mesh organizer. The stand lifts the phone above the desk for easy access. The pull drawer beneath it is metal mesh, making notepads and similar items easily visible. It also includes two shelves that make a handy place for phone directories or even a small ledger or dictionary. You will be able to keep your supplies neat and tidy yet be able to locate them by sight when they are needed.

Are there mobile phone holders with drawers?

Today’s phone might very well be your cellular mobile phone. It could be Android, iPhone, or some other brand, but it connects to the Internet, keeps a list of your contacts, and even has GPS capability. Rather than invest in a landline or other stationary phone, it is often more cost effective to use your cell phone. But that means that you want to have it at hand when you are doing your desk work. An adjustable tilt holder makes it easily accessible, especially in hands-free mode. Some of these come with a drawer, and some do not. However, the tilt holder can easily be placed on a regular phone stand.


Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Multi-Tiered Plant Stand
Very good looking plant stand with one storage drawer and one bottom shelf for display storage. you can use it as plant stand or even as telephone table. This furniture was constructed from manufactured wood.

Our favorite accent furniture avery telephone table

Our favorite accent furniture avery telephone table
Its presence will help change the room into a stylish living room straight from American filming. We advise you to choose, for example, such a wooden telephone stand with drawer, finished with brown paint with wiping.

Lydia Telephone Table

Lydia Telephone Table
It is a telephone table that has got a classic design. It is perfect for your living room, hall, foyer and family room. It has got two shelves for storing your favorite items. You will be impressed how great this table is.

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand
It is a pedestal plant stand that is a fantastic addition to your living room, bedroom, dining room and other. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor. This is a very good choice.

Telephone stand with drawer

A space-saving and elegant piece of furniture that will beautifully emphasize your contemporary entryway. It's wood-crafted and finished in walnut, offering a square top, 1 small drawer with a pull-knob, 2 open shelves and slatted sides.

Telephone stand with drawer

A very functional telephone table with two small drawers. It features high legs for more convenient access to a telephone. These thin turned legs are stable and they represent a nice, contemporary style.

Vintage phone stand

This element of home furniture is a practical telephone stand with a small rectangular top and two lower open shelves. It also offers a small drawer for different items. Solid wooden frame of this stand is durable and attractive.

Tall telephone table stand

Crafted in the traditional style, this Colfax telephone stand delights with its thin turned spindle legs and a small center drawer. It also features a functional bottom shelf to display collectibles and keepsakes.

Telephone stand

Luxurious, wooden telephone table stand. It comes equipped with two drawers, to let you keep all the numbers at hand. The Rich finish and detailed ornamentation make this telephone stand stylish and beautiful.

Telephone stand with drawer

A fine piece of decorative furniture that will save space in your home and give you an attractive plant stand with a small drawer. It's made of cherry-finished wood, offering 1 round top and 1 matching bottom shelf, both reinforced by tapered legs.

Stand with drawers

A solid telephone stand with drawer. This practical element features a durable wooden construction with unfinished wood stylization. Practical drawer completes this stylish look. It also offers two lower shelves.

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Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Country phone stand with drawer shown in oak 235

Country Phone Stand with Drawer shown in oak. $235

Phone stand furniture

This amazing telephone stand comes with a fitting drawer and will become a perfect option for you to elevate the look and feel of your interior and to gain utmost visual appeal in it, while you organize your belongings more easily thanks to it.

Phone table

Are you looking for a product, that will spruce up your ambiance? Well, here's something interesting for you. It's a telephone table, which features the white finish, drawer, shelf and 43.8 inches of high.

Traditional style square telephone table with drawer and metal base

Traditional Style Square Telephone Table With Drawer And Metal Base In ...

Phone stand table

Cherry finish telephone stand , tall, with three tiers mounted on four black posts - nothing more is needed when you fish for a handy surface to put your telephone on and to store some sundries by the way.

Amish large telephone stand oak two drawers and door

Amish Large Telephone Stand Oak Two Drawers and Door

Small telephone table with drawer

Old-fashioned console table made of mahogany wood. It has two drawers with metal handles and shape of semicircle. This table can be used as a decoration or stand intended to stand telephone in hotel's reception.

Mexican rustic pine star telephone stand with drawer 1

Mexican Rustic Pine Star Telephone Stand with Drawer

Winsome Regalia Accent Table-Phone Table with Drawer and Shelf

Small corner table with drawers

A slender silhouette and flawless craftsmanship make this traditional plant stand a fine choice for any type of decor. Crafted of hardwood in a cherry finish, the plant stand includes a bit widened square top, 2 small drawers and fluted legs.

Black telephone table with drawer

In past this type of old-fashioned table was used as a telephone table, but now it will be perfect night table. It has tall, carved legs and two little drawers. This piece of furniture is made of dark, exotic wood.

Phone table with drawer

Merlot tall side table would be perfect to colect your telephone. Is made of dark wood, with a rich Merlot finish. Rectangle shape gives a chance to present a drawer, which can be very functional, tu put there your keys or some documents.

Small telephone table

There were times when everyone had a landline phone at home. For those, there was a suitable, neat table with drawers. Like this one, with two drawers, made of steamed acacia wood.It can also serve as a night table, also to fulfill its functionality.

Small oak telephone table

We know him from film scenes depicting elegant residences. Usually standing by the stairs with a richly carved balustrade, this mysterious but simple wooden piece of furniture, with one small drawer -a telephone stand with grayish paint and natural light wood.

Corner telephone table

... Table/Telephone Stand - Telephone Tables - Wood Telephone Table

Mahogany 3 drawer telephone stand

Mahogany 3 Drawer Telephone Stand

Telephone table stand

36" high Octagonal Table with 8 felt-lined drawers. Does beautiful double-duty as Jewelry storage.

Coaster Phone Stand / Side Table, dark cherry finish

This product is finely crafted from select woods, featuring a 2 tier shelf layout. Although simple in design, the piece features intricate carvings and a dark cherry color finish that'll give your room a really exotic look!

Coaster Phone Stand / Side Table, Oak Wood Finish

This product is finely crafted from select woods, featuring a 2 tier shelf layout. Although simple in design, the piece features intricate carvings and a smooth oak finish that'll give your room a really comfortable look!

Oak telephone table

Coastal Birch Telephone Stand with Bead Board Door Finish: Caribbean Rum by Eagle Industries. $213.34. 1 Drawer.. Bead Board Detailing.. Customary Moulding.. 1 Bead Board Door.. Color: Caribbean Rum.. 77005WPCR Finish: Caribbean Rum Features: -Customary m

Regalia Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Regalia Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Single drawer telephone stand

Single Drawer Telephone Stand

Round telephone table

How to make time at work, running your own business, more effective and easier? Using office accessories such as the telephone stand with drawer. Made of plastic, with a rough matte finish in a shade of white, will bring order and organization.

Telephone table with drawers

Tasteful and slender in the form of a telephone stand with a drawer is an unusual combination in a very elegant form. The beautiful details and solid construction create an effective whole, perfect for the hallway or the living room.

Wooden telephone stand

Update your office or home decor with this telephone table Table features a working drawer for telephone books or catchall Furniture features a Merlot

Telephone table with drawer

Shabby chic elegance! White distressed wood table with a pull drawer and bottom shelf. Elegant floral details on draw and side(s). Table top has scrolled edging details. Dowel style legs. Measures 17 3/4" x 13" x 28" high. Ships by UPS Ground. [Purch

Telephone stands with drawers

Mid Century Typewriter Stand with Drawer Cart by oakiesclaptrap, $36.45

Telephone Table

Telephone Table

Landline phone stand

Mid Century Typewriter Stand with Drawer Cart by oakiesclaptrap

Winsome Wood Shaker Night Stand, Antique Walnut Finish