Mirrored Room Divider

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A mirrored room divider is a very functional piece. It creates a defined border in a large open spaced room adding the element of privacy and a unique dynamic. It also adds the illusion of space and creates light and style. They are a stylish solution and a brilliant way to play with design. A modern Scandi vibe or a chic avante garde aesthetic, there are available options to create interior wanderlust. 

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Updated 04/08/2023
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Compact Chic Room Divider with 3 Panels

Compact Chic Room Divider with 3 Panels


Perfect For: Creating depth and privacy in open living spaces

What We Like: Ingenious design with a contemporary style

Upgrade your home space with this elegant compact room divider featuring an ingenious contemporary design and easy-going style. Ideal for breaking up uneven spacing and adding depth to a wide-open floor plan, it transforms your home effortlessly and stylishly. Shipped in one carton, the white room divider boasts 3 panels, making it an excellent choice for creating privacy within your home. Suitable for indoor use only.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with modern minimalist furniture, neutral colors, and some indoor plants for an uncluttered and refreshing ambiance in your living space.

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Vintage-Style Wall Clock with Storage

Vintage-Style Wall Clock with Storage

Ebern Designs

Perfect For: Rustic or farmhouse themed interiors

What We Like: Hidden storage compartment

This vintage-style wall clock adds a touch of rustic charm to any space while providing functionality with its hidden storage compartment. The clock face opens to reveal three interior shelves, perfect for storing small items or displaying accent pieces. Crafted from high-quality materials, this clock features an elegant antique finish and weathered Roman numeral markings, giving it a timeless look. Its silent quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping without the ticking noise.


Designer Advice:

Enhance the rustic atmosphere by using distressed or reclaimed wood furniture and incorporate natural elements such as potted plants or dried flowers.

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Mirror Glass and Wood 3-Panel Room Divider

Mirror Glass and Wood 3-Panel Room Divider

Latitude Run®

Perfect For: Adding depth and intrigue to your living space

What We Like: Beautiful mirror screens and dual functionality

This mirror glass and wood 3-panel room divider effortlessly combines functionality and style by offering both a partition and a captivating art piece. The beautiful mirror screens provide the feeling of depth and the sense of adventure you've been longing for in your space. This room divider is a versatile and practical addition to any room, as it can be easily folded and adjusted to separate areas or provide a stunning focal point.


Designer Advice:

Place it in an open-layout home, and use bold or patterned area rugs to delineate separate spaces, enhancing the room divider's grandiosity and charm.

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White Vintage Room Divider

White Vintage Room Divider

This traditional style piece is perfect for a French country farmhouse style room. At 140cm high, it boasts a stylish cutout and decorative motif at the top. It easily folds away and has three mirrored panels. It is crafted from solid wood.  

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Black Framed Window Style Room Divider

Black Framed Window Style Room Divider

This mirrored room divider has eight square mirrored windows and a thick black frame. It is modern and industrial in aesthetic. It boasts high level function and stability. The frame is made from metal and solid wood. It can be easily wall mounted. It stands at 200cm high.

Designer Advice:

This mirrored room divider is modern and simple. The thick black frame adds demure vibes. You can add some unique fairy lights to warm it up. A freestanding gold lamp would also look delightful. Pair it with a black sideboard to unify the look.  

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Modern White Rectangular

Modern White Rectangular

This mirrored room divider is composed of medium-density fibreboard and iron. The piece is ideal for a classic modern room. It has a marble white finish and ten individual mirrored windows. The top mirror is semi-circular. It is easily foldable and stands at 146cm in height.  

Designer Advice:

Modern and sleek, this is a versatile piece that would suit many different rooms. White is a clean look, so you can add most decorative items and colors. However, white framed wall mirrors and artwork will complete the look.  

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Black Framed Folding Room Divider

Black Framed Folding Room Divider

This versatile mirrored screen room divider is simple and effective. At 183cm high, it is 100% foldable. With a unique geometric design and lightweight frame, it’s perfect for smaller rooms. It is crafted from steel in a matte black finish.  

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Mirrored Room Divider

Buying Guide

Every home could use at least one mirrored room divider screen as it can offer plenty of benefits. It can help increase your privacy and it can be used as a stylish way of zoning a living space. Since it comes with a mirror, you can utilize it for personal use or for creating an illusion of more space.

Keep in mind that a mirrored room divider screen comes in many different varieties. If you don't know what to look for, then the shopping task can be really confusing. To help you find the perfect one for you, this article is going to be a buying guide for mirrored room divider screens.

One of the first things to decide on is the type of divider. Below are a few of the popular ones.

  • Free-Standing - This is considered as the "standard" type. As the name suggests, this type can stand on its own. Typically, it comes with three or four panels that you can fold like an accordion. It's an excellent choice if you want something that is simple to use and does the job well.
  • Partition Panels - These are typically sold in batches of three or four, or in singles. The most significant advantage with partition panels is that you can connect one panel to the other. This allows the room divider to contract or expand depending on the needs of the user.
  • Wall-Mounted - This type is similar to the free-standing as it can fold in and out like an accordion. However, this type requires one end to be mounted to a wall. It's a more permanent addition. On the upside, you don't have to worry about the divider falling over, which is usually the case with the freestanding type.

Most frames of mirrored room dividers are mainly crafted from wood or metal. These two materials have their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Wood - This material typically exuberates luxuriousness, especially if you buy something that is crafted from solid wood. Wood comes with a more intimate, homey feel when compared to metal. Keep in mind that wood has different varieties including solid wood, plywood, and particleboard. Solid wood is the most durable, and the most expensive. Particleboard is the most economical, but it's the least durable. As for plywood, it sits in between solid wood and particleboard with regards to durability and cost.
  • Metal - This type of material has the advantage of being the more durable option. With this material, you don't have to worry too much about moisture and water damage. Most metal room dividers are made from aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. Aluminum has the advantage of being light and economical. However, it gets dented and scratched easily. Stainless steel is very durable but it comes with a costlier price tag. Iron is both durable and economical, but it's susceptible to rusting.

The trick to avoiding confusion when shopping for a mirrored room divider screen is filtering out the options that do not apply to your situation. The key points mentioned above should provide you with a good start in eliminating the choices that do not work well with your circumstance.

Best Ideas

Antique room screens

The folded panel screens are an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful finish with soldered elements makes the whole look phenomenal. The antique trim design of this divider adds an interior of a comfortable and very functional character.

Mirrored room divider screen 1

A lovely room divider consisted of mirrored panels with magnificent finials, excellent for luxurious master bedrooms. The Venetian mirror sits in a metal frame with short legs for stability, allowing you to easily adjust the positions of each panel.

Mirror room divider

Room divider covered with mirror. It consists of three panels mounted on hinges. Perfect solution for small spaces. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cutout screen panels

The impressive combination of the attractive design of this floor mirror/room divider screen is a perfect combination of functionality and unique style. The whole presents itself incredibly, giving the interior lightness, elegance and glamor effect.

Vintage screens room dividers

This eclectic interior can be described as contemporary, rustic and funky at a time - there's raw wood, sheen metal accessories, mirrored room dividing screen, hourglass geometric stools and a zebra rug. Just wow.

Mirrored room divider screen 4

Not only will you separate from the unwanted space and strengthen the sense of privacy, but also remind you how beautiful you look - a mirrored room divider screen has many decorative and practical functions. First and foremost, it offers a glamor style.

84" x 63" Bellevue Room Divider

84" x 63" Bellevue Room Divider

Screen in the traditional form. Includes 3 folding panels framed in a solid frame and covered with glass. Appropriate solution to the division of the room. It is very well recommended by customers.

Celeste floor screen room folding screen room divider screen divider

Celeste Floor Screen - Room Folding Screen, Room Divider, Screen Divider | Soft Surroundings

French Shabby Chic 3 Fold Dressing Mirror Room Divider Screen Antique Cream

French Shabby Chic 3 Fold Dressing Mirror Room Divider Screen Antique Cream

OMG! I need to have this mirrored room divider screen in my bedroom, to separate the sleeping zone and changing room. It is construct of three glass panels with white wooden frame.

Mirror room divider 3 panel screen 2


Westminster Room Divider

Westminster Room Divider

Room divider consisting of 3 panels covered with mirror. Frame is finished with sophisticated ornament. Elegant and functional accent for each room as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Gray stencilled walls

GRAY Stencilled walls

Mirrored folding screen

ONE CENTRAL PARK, EAST — Koichi Takada Architects

Venetian glass screen 3050 by taylor llorente

VENETIAN GLASS SCREEN 3050 by Taylor Llorente

Mirrored screen room divider

Better Homes and Gardens - how to make a room divider

70" x 51" Gia 3 Panel Room Divider

70" x 51" Gia 3 Panel Room Divider

This stylish room divider panel is a very practical and decorative design element. Beautifully executed reminiscent of oriental atmosphere. Made on the basis of the wooden structure is robust.

Beveled mirrored screen room divider for sale at 1stdibs 1

Beveled Mirrored Screen Room Divider For Sale at 1stdibs

Beveled mirrored screen room divider at 1stdibs

Beveled Mirrored Screen Room Divider at 1stdibs

Screen gems 69 x 50 mirror 3 panel room divider

Screen Gems 69" X 50" Mirror 3 Panel Room Divider | Wayfair

Mirrored screen room divider ebay

Mirrored Screen Room Divider | eBay

Dont miss sales on modart 3 panel silver mirrored screen

Don't Miss Sales on ModArt 3 Panel Silver Mirrored Screen ...

Pair of mirrored screens or room dividers at 1stdibs

Pair of Mirrored Screens or Room Dividers at 1stdibs

Mirrored screen divider heirloom home

Mirrored Screen Divider - Heirloom Home

Beveled mirrored screen room divider for sale at 1stdibs 2

Beveled Mirrored Screen Room Divider For Sale at 1stdibs