Solid Wood Room Divider

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Solid wood room dividers are the perfect option if you want to add a timeless touch of sophistication and style to your home. These high-quality partitions come in an assortment of beautiful designs ranging from ornate carvings to classic pegboard frames, allowing you to find a unique piece that suits your taste. Explore our selection of solid wood room dividers and find the ideal one for your home.

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Updated 08/02/2023
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Distressed Solid Wood Room Divider

Distressed Solid Wood Room Divider

Millwood Pines

What We Like: Easy to move around; no assembly required

What We Don’t Like: Lightweight construction

Not So Good For: Windy, open areas

Perfect For: Rustic and nature-inspired home decor

Crafted from natural Paulownia wood, this freestanding room divider weighs just 13 lbs. It can be easily moved around the house, offering you a versatile privacy screen for any room in your home. The simple design of this four-panel solid wood folding room divider makes it suitable for a range of home decor styles, from modern farmhouse to shabby chic French country.

Use the divider to add coziness and intimacy to a dressing room, or distinguish between a home office and an entryway to create a little privacy. If you live in a modern studio apartment, pair the divider beside your bed with a low-pile patterned rug to create a cozy bedroom area.  

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Pegboard Solid Wood Divider

Pegboard Solid Wood Divider

Ebern Designs

What We Like: Great for creative spaces

What We Don’t Like: Not suitable for outdoors; particle board can warp

Not So Good For: Permanent wall divider

Perfect For: Craft rooms, tool sheds, or rental properties

This solid wood divider provides ample space to display jewelry, crafts, photographs, or artwork, making it an excellent choice for a teen’s bedroom or craft room. The pegboard design is compatible with S-, L-, U-, and ring tool hooks, allowing you to organize and rearrange items easily. The freestanding design provides privacy while still allowing light to pass through, creating a bright but secluded atmosphere.

Use this piece to help zone off space in larger rooms or create a cozy corner for reading and relaxing. If you live in a rental, secure your artwork on the screen instead of the wall for an extra punch of character and style.  

$95.99 $124.99

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Solid Wood Divider With Shelves

Solid Wood Divider With Shelves

Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse®

What We Like: Shelves for extra storage options

What We Don’t Like: Material prone to dents and scratches

Not So Good For: Using outdoors

Perfect For: Modern farmhouse and coastal home decor

Divide up a large space and add privacy to your living room or home office with this solid wood room divider with shelves. While its shelves offer plenty of extra room for displaying and storing your books, albums, craft supplies, and other items, the wood construction ensures long-term durability.

It stands 70” tall, which makes an impressive statement in any space, plus it comes pre-assembled, so it’s easy to set up. The two-way hinges make it simple to fold the divider into different angles to fit your needs, so you can customize the room’s layout.

$149.99 $183.99

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Ornate Solid Wood Room Divider

Ornate Solid Wood Room Divider

Bungalow Rose

What We Like: Classic ornate design

What We Don’t Like: Cheap quality wood

Not So Good For: Small living areas

Perfect For: Large dining rooms and kitchens

This attractive room divider is constructed from solid finished wood with subtle ornate detailing up top. It can be used to separate large spaces within an area, like a kitchen cooking area from a breakfast nook or a bedroom from the rest of the home in an apartment. Or, use it to create a makeshift entryway if your front door opens up into your living room, making it the perfect place to greet guests.

It provides privacy and an eye-catching decorative element - add some lush potted plants and paper lanterns for an extra special touch or use it as a backdrop for your favorite art.

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Solid Wood Frame Room Divider

Solid Wood Frame Room Divider

Bungalow Rose

What We Like: Easy to fold and store

What We Don’t Like: Fragile rice paper screen

Not So Good For: Homes with young kids or pets

Perfect For: Eclectic home decor

This eastern-inspired shoji screen adds a touch of global flair to any space. Made from a solid wood frame painted in black, this wood frame room divider features white rice paper screen panels adorned with simple floral and bamboo designs. It’s perfect for creating a Zen space for practicing yoga or infusing an empty corner with personality.

The delicate panels offer a beautiful, translucent quality that allows light to filter through in an ethereal manner, creating a pleasant atmosphere in any space. Measuring 71'' high, this shoji screen can serve as a stylish headboard or a makeshift window shade, and its folding construction makes it easy to store away when not in use.

$81.99 $104.99

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Solid Wood Room Divider

Buying Guide

Installing a solid wood room divider is a fairly straightforward process. Solid wood room dividers are usually portable and provide visual screening between rooms. While some of them attach to the floor, ceiling, or walls, others do not. Some of them simply contain eye hooks that screw into the ceiling, and folding dividers require no installation; simply unfold them, and you're on your way to dividing your personal space.

Best Ideas

Solid reclaimed wood room divider

Solid reclaimed wood room divider

A stark rustic style room divider made of reclaimed solid wood with a shabby finish in various colours. It's built of 3 tall rectangular hinged panels having straight rectangle section side posts. Panels are filled with horizontally arranged slats.

Wooden wall dividers

Beautiful Vintage 4 panel solid wood room divider by BoxinCroc, $125.20

Wood room divider panel

Panel Solid Wood Screen Room Divider Shelving Seperator Folding ...

71" x 48" Folding 3 Panel Room Divider

71" x 48" Folding 3 Panel Room Divider

Finished in distressed wood, this folding, 3-paneled room divider constitutes a fabulous proposition directed to all, who love the vintage or rustic design. Folded out, it has the size of 71 x 48".

Brown solid wood room divider and four piece accordion room

... Brown Solid Wood Room Divider And Four Piece Accordion Room Divider

Room divider decoration with three panel door solid wood room

Room Divider Decoration With Three Panel Door Solid Wood Room Divider ...

3 Panel Solid Wood Screen Room Divider with Full Length Shutters, Walnut

4 Panel Moroccan Style Hand Carved Solid Wood Screen Room Divider, Brown Finish

71" H Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panel Room Divider

71" H Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panel Room Divider

71 inch high room divider featuring four panels. Each panel is made of natural fiber and features wooden top. Additionally, the divider features appealing design, which is perfect for majority of interiors.

ORE International 3 Panel Solid Room Divider - White

White room divider with classic louvered design. It is crafted of rubberwood and painted white. Classic, elegant design adapts effortlessly to any interior. Panels are hinged, and this provides the desired flexibility of the standing position.

Winsome Wood 3-Panel Wood Folding Screen

A piece of equipment that has got a functional and decorative role in the house. It is a folding screen that can also be used as a room divider. It includes three solid wooden panels that are durable and attractive.

Wooden room dividers

Of course Trevor had to ruin it by snarking that for how much it cost to ship home, it had better be solid gold /

Wood divider panels

Oriental Furniture High Quality Room Divider, 5.5-Feet Open Lattice Bottom Fabric Shade Folding Floor Screen Partition 3 Panel Distressed White by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. $123.00. Solid, kiln dried wood frame panels, look great from front or backside. Browse

Handmade solid wood geometric room screen room divider by

Handmade Solid Wood Geometric Room Screen/ Room Divider by ...

Furniture appealing solid wood room divider design

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1960s mid century modern solid wood room divider screen 2

1960s Mid Century Modern Solid Wood Room Divider / Screen ...

1960s mid century modern solid wood room divider screen 7

1960s Mid Century Modern Solid Wood Room Divider / Screen ...

3 panel walnut color solid wood screen room divider rustic

3 Panel Walnut Color Solid Wood Screen Room Divider Rustic ...

Legacy decor solid wood with shutters on top half 3

Legacy Decor Solid Wood with Shutters on Top Half 3 Panel ...

Red barrel studio 6 panel solid wood screen room divider

Red Barrel Studio 6 Panel Solid Wood Screen Room Divider ...

Quality solid wood screen room divider north saanich

Quality Solid Wood Screen/Room Divider North Saanich ...

Legacy decor solid wood 4 panel room divider 70 tall

Legacy Decor Solid Wood 4 Panel Room Divider, 70" Tall ...

Wood and resin room divider by antico trentino di lucio


Solid wood room divider youtube

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