Solid Wood Room Divider


Divide your room with solid wood. These solid wood room dividers need no description. They are made of quality wood, sturdy enough to withstand bumping, and will cordon off your open floor plan into manageable spaces. They are designed with you in mind. Take a look at this collection and see if you might need one of these solid wood room dividers.

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Our Picks

Solid reclaimed wood room divider

Solid reclaimed wood room divider

A stark rustic style room divider made of reclaimed solid wood with a shabby finish in various colours. It's built of 3 tall rectangular hinged panels having straight rectangle section side posts. Panels are filled with horizontally arranged slats.

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Wood room divider panel

Panel Solid Wood Screen Room Divider Shelving Seperator Folding ...

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Barn Doors

Barn Doors

Those barn doors will allow you to finally create some privacy in your household by separating the living room space with the bedroom and keeping you well rested every single day. It sports the sleek, modern style that appeal to any decor.

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Wooden 3 panel room divider this rustic solid cedar room

Wooden 3 Panel Room Divider This rustic solid cedar room divider ...

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Wooden room divider

Having a bit of privacy can be really important sometimes and with this ponderosa screen you can achieve that. It is fantastic for hiding the unsightly area and makes for a nice dressing area, ensuring that no one sees you.

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Wooden wall dividers

Beautiful Vintage 4 panel solid wood room divider by BoxinCroc, $125.20

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71" x 48" Folding 3 Panel Room Divider

71" x 48" Folding 3 Panel Room Divider

Finished in distressed wood, this folding, 3-paneled room divider constitutes a fabulous proposition directed to all, who love the vintage or rustic design. Folded out, it has the size of 71 x 48".

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Timber room divider

Solid Wood Bookcase Design as a Room Dividers

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Dean 70" x 69" 4 Panel Room Divider

Dean 70" x 69" 4 Panel Room Divider

A very functional and stylish item in the house. It is a room divider that includes four panels made on the basis of wooden frames. This useful product is a combination of black and white colors, so it looks nice in different indoors.

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Metro Wood Screen 4 Panel Room Divider

Metro Wood Screen 4 Panel Room Divider

Designed for indoor use, this 4-Panel Room Divider in Black Finish characterizes varnished wood construction and easy to fold design. The folding screen is inspired by vintage style, providing highly enhancing accents for modern décor.

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Solid Wood Room Divider

Buying Guide

Installing a solid wood room divider is a fairly straightforward process. Solid wood room dividers are usually portable and provide visual screening between rooms. While some of them attach to the floor, ceiling, or walls, others do not. Some of them simply contain eye hooks that screw into the ceiling, and folding dividers require no installation; simply unfold them, and you're on your way to dividing your personal space.

Best Ideas

71" H Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panel Room Divider

71" H Tall Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panel Room Divider

71 inch high room divider featuring four panels. Each panel is made of natural fiber and features wooden top. Additionally, the divider features appealing design, which is perfect for majority of interiors.

Wooden room screen

The twenty-foot-tall, steel-framed, custom-built wood screen provides enough privacy to give the outdoor space the feeling of a room, with the 50-year-old polocarpus tree acting as a roof.

Wooden separator

Screen Gems Ponderosa Rustic Solid Wood Room Divider - 63W x 72H in. - Room Dividers at Hayneedle

English cottage screen room divider solid wood 40 colors fine

English Cottage SCREEN Room Divider SOLID WOOD 40 Colors Fine

Solid room divider 23

Useful and solid wooden room divider made of reclaimed wood with multi-color finish. It consists of three solid panels, so it can divide large spaces and it also decorates the room thanks to its original appearance.

Anonymous birch bench room divider by conant ball furniture company

Anonymous, Birch Bench/Room Divider by Conant Ball Furniture Company, 1960s

Solid wood room divider

The wooden room divider is a beautiful decoration and a clever idea to hide the shortcomings of the room. It is best to do it in a good white style. It resembles a real door, because the top contains glassed windows.

Solid room divider

A fantastic arrangement of an entry hall that is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. A black space divider made of wooden planks perfectly matches a modern storage bench in a pure white color.

Wood room divider screens

Une chambre en bois et une tête lit apaisante - Via Côté Maison

Wooden room divider screen

Room divider consisting of 3 panels. It is completely made of wood. Functional accent for each place according to taste and need.

4 panel wood room divider

Room Divider / Screens made from reclaimed by winecountrycraftsman, $400.00

ORE International 3 Panel Solid Room Divider - White

White room divider with classic louvered design. It is crafted of rubberwood and painted white. Classic, elegant design adapts effortlessly to any interior. Panels are hinged, and this provides the desired flexibility of the standing position.

Solid wood room divider 1

Coastal COTTAGE Lowcountry SCREEN Room Divider 40 Colors Solid Wood NEW

Solid room divider 29

love this idea to paint on wood to create a magical room divider, create 4 wooden frames with a brace in the middle then nail you boards in a staggered pattern onto the frames, you want your boards to end exactly where the frame does to ensure easy closin