Kids Wardrobe Closet


Kid needs a place to hang their stuff. Then look no further than a wardrobe closet for kids. Shorter than the large model, these are as attractive as they are practical, and your kid will appreciate such a furniture piece in their room. In this collection we have so many styles and options, it will be hard to choose, so maybe let your kid decide. They might surprise you.

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Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobe Closet

This wardrobe closed is very portable - it is light and made of fabric, so you can easily transport it. The construction (as its frame) has been created of metal. The zippered door provides access to your clothes.

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Wardrobe Organizer

Wardrobe Organizer

If you're dreaming about a perfect order in your wardrobe, this amazing item would be a perfect match for you! Check it out and get amazed with this unique, functional and extraordinary stylish solution.

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Dress up closet for kids

If you are looking for some ways to organize a bit your children's space, this wardrobe closet can bring the solution. FInished in pale pink, enchants with ornate design, full of curves, swirls, and subtle details.

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Disney Princess and Me Wardrobe

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KidKraft KidKraft Let's Play Dress Up Unit

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Pull down changing table

This kid's wardrobe closet sports a small design that will prove simply ideal for small clothes of your little ones' and will ensure more than enough space, while the design comes in a natural wooden finish.

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Junior Wardrobe with 3 drawers Black

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Childrens wardrobe 1

Childrens Wardrobe

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Girls bedroom dresser

Dress up "closet" - use an old/cheap dresser & pull out all but the last drawer & top with a shelf..... Add some crown molding & paint!

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Kids wardrobe closet 7

I want this so badly.

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Kids Wardrobe Closet

Buying Guide

Kids wardrobe closets are available in 5" x 6" to 5" x 7" and up to 6 feet wide and 39 inches deep. Depending on the child's age and height, these are good size ranges for your child to comfortably and independently access his belongings from the closet.

Kids closets can be custom made to include rails for hanging up clothing, slide-out storage bins, that avoid the need for clothes to be folded and later messed up by your child and drawers for socks and underwear.

Begin organizing your kids wardrobe closet by purchasing a specifically designed model for kids so it is easy for them to access. Use drawer inserts and dividers to keep small items like t-shirts, underwear, socks, and accessories like caps separate yet visible.

Use kids’ size hangers and hang everything at a reachable height for your child. You may need to install an extra rail underneath the top one, which also doubles up on the amount of hanging space. You can sort the clothes by color and type so they can mix and match outfits themselves. You could also organize their clothes by season to ensure they always wear weather-appropriate attire.

You should also add hanging shoe organizers in the closet too. This keeps all their footwear together neatly, out of sight, but still within reach.

Best Ideas

Little girl dress up closet

If you’re looking for a wardrobe/closet combo that your kids can easily use by themselves, take a look at this kids’ dresser with a handy set of drawers and a rack. The tiny size of this one makes it great for kids.

Pretty pale green armoire for a girls room love the

Pretty pale green armoire for a girl's room. Love the bird wallpaper print too. Very feminine.

Dresser with mirror for girl

This dress-up armoire is a great DIY project for the little one if they like to look fancy on more than one occasion. Can't wait to see the princess decals and pillows to complement it!

Great idea for the girls when they get older room

Great idea for the girls when they get older, room for bed, walk in wardrobe, and space to entertain friends... Perfect!

Princess wardrobe closet

Organized little girls closet

Childrens dress up wardrobe

25 Cool and Fun Loft Beds for Kids -

Cardboard wardrobe closet

Baby's first closet. Keep the colour palette neutral and use lots of baskets for easy storage. Minimal and easy to execute!

Baby wardrobe closet

DIY Custom Closet on the Cheap

Wardrobe closet for kids

#memobaby Le charme du vintage made in Poland. Ladne Bebe.

Neatfreak kids wardrobe neatkids whimsical wardrobe closetmax

Neatfreak Kid's Wardrobe, NeatKids Whimsical Wardrobe ClosetMAX

Dress up storage

Multifunctional element that can be used as a wardrobe for clothes and as a bookcase. It offers one large central compartment for clothes and two small upper and lower shelves for other elements of clothes or books.

Girl dresser

As soon as I can get Gibby a new dresser, his old one will be converted to a dress-up closet like this. Maybe a little more co-ed than girly, so Gib's fireman coat and other boy stuff won't be forced into a girly fru fru closet!

Kids wardrobe ideas

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KidKraft Princess Dress Up Unit