Teak Bookcases


Teak is a great sturdy wood for bookcases, and for you we have this hard wood crafted into some of them most elegant bookcases you will find. They are very fetching and will support whatever you want to display on them. And one of these lovely bookcases might not be enough, so why not pick up two, or three. See all our teak bookcases in this collection.

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Our Picks

Teak bookcases

This pair of Danish bookcases constitutes a real bargain for the vintage lovers. Designed in 1960's, these teak bookcases embody the characteristic mid-century spirit and Scandinavian design.

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Peter Hvidt Teak Bookcase

Peter Hvidt Teak Bookcase

Signatured sturdy teak bookcase with four-feet base, which can be removed if you prefer your bookcases stacked. It offers lots of shelves: three shelves on each side flank the central two-shelved compartment.

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Teak bookcases 2

This great combination of desk and bookshelf is a great solution for small spaces. Made of solid wood is extremely durable and practical. The whole is maintained in universal design. Perfect for home and office.

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Wall bookcases peter hvidt

Wall bookcases peter hvidt

Set of 6 bookcases for display decorations and storing needed items. It is made of teak wood. It consists of many open shelves in various sizes. Modern design for living room, bedroom, office and more.

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Teak bookcases 7

Teak wood is obtained from plantain, a tree growing in the areas of southern and south-east Asia. In this case, it was used to create an ordinary teak bookcases with 3 shelves, which transforms its simplicity into a touch of exoticism thanks to the wood.

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Teak bookcases 3

This sturdy bookshelf is the perfect solution for a living room or office. Capacious shelves accommodate favorite titles, and introduces a warm shade of wood inside the cozy atmosphere. Perfect furniture for book moles.

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Tikamoon sphere bi ying yang teak bookcase

Tikamoon sphere bi ying yang teak bookcase

For everyone looking for an oriental boost of visual appeal to their interior this bookcase is surely the way to go, ensuring that you not only have more than enough space for your books but can also add a dash of uniqueness to your home.

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Teak wood bookcase

Add this danish modern bookshelf to your household and enjoy the new-found amount of space for your decorative objects, movies or books. It will allow you to organize your interior immensely.

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Mountain Teak 65" Bookcase

Mountain Teak 65" Bookcase

Traditional bookcase as a natural accent to any interior. It offers 4 open shelves arranged vertically. The construction is made of wood. Received positive recommendations from customers.

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Worldstores wide teak bookcase medium height 4 shelves classic

Worldstores - Wide Teak Bookcase - Medium Height - 4 Shelves - Classic ...

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Teak Bookcases

Buying Guide

Do you have a lot of books but not many places to put them all? Do you find yourself wishing you could just get rid of them all and download audiobooks on your tablet? Keeping your books in order when you're an avid reader can be challenging, but it's easy to stay organized with beautiful teak bookcases.

Before buying any bookcase, you should consider how much space you need to store your books, and also how much available space you have in your home. Taking measurements is vital to ensuring you don't waste your time and money, and you may want to consider clearing out your books in order to cut down and perhaps purchase a smaller bookcase.

It's amazing how many people buy a bookcase without first thinking about how many books they have. However, you may have a lot of books to fill a very large teak bookcase, but if you don't have the room in your home, you'll start to face problems.

The type of books that you wish to put on a teak bookcase is important in your selection of a bookcase design. Large, antique books will need something heavy and sturdy, while smaller thinner paperback books will not require this level of durability. Several large and heavy books all on one shelf could put pressure on the material even if it doesn't break entirely. If you're planning to store books of different sizes, adjustable shelves may come a long way in helping you display your collection.

While the primary purpose of a bookcase is to store your books, and therefore the majority of the item will consist of shelves, it's also good to know that you can buy bookcases with other storage too. Many people store various things in bookcases, since many of them come with drawers or small cupboards too. Since you might be purchasing a large item of furniture, it's definitely good to think about any future plans you may have for your home, particularly if you have young children and they are likely to need more storage space as they grow older and progress in school.

Aside from storing your favorite (and not so favorite) books, you can also use a teak bookcase as a form of display cabinet. If you really like a large bookcase but you know you don't have enough books to fit it, consider displaying your ornaments and other items on the empty shelves. Aside from being a useful storage area for beautiful items you want to show off to people, it also serves the purpose of 'saving' the space for when you may need further storage for books in the future.

Best Ideas

Teak bookcases 1

The low narrow teak bookcase. The three rather short shelves will be perfect for small books. If you have limited space in your apartment, maybe it is a solution to find some place for your books' collection.

Sold teak bookcase 50

SOLD - Teak Bookcase - $50

Danish bookshelf

Bookcase in simple form. It is made of wood and fitted with 2 open shelves. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Neutral and functional addition for each home.

Retro bookcases

Mid Century Modern

York 36" Bookcase

York 36" Bookcase

This is a very classic, simple shape bookcase with three fixed, full wide shelves, which will provide a plenty of storage space in any interior. It was fully made of solid hardwood in natural finish.

Teak bookcase with adjustable shelves

Teak bookcase with adjustable shelves

Danish bookcase

Designed of durable teak wood, this charming bookcase is a great mix of modern and mid-century styles. You can store your books on 4 open shelves, or place them in 3 capacious storage drawers. The whole piece rests on strong, tapered legs.

300 jp108 teak bookcase cupboard

300-JP108) Teak Bookcase Cupboard

Teak bookcase by hans wegner

Teak Bookcase by Hans Wegner

Danish modern bookcase

An interesting bookcase which can also serve as a kind of a room-divider. Its openwork accordion frame is made of teak wood with a natural finish. It comprises of 4 rectangular ladder-like frames and 4 long rectangular shelves.

Teak bookcases danish

Representing the Scandinavian, mid-century design this Borge Mogensen teak bookcase enchants with its clear form and lightweight appeal. Made from solid, teak wood, it would provide long-lasting solidness.

Danish mid century modern teak bookcase by kurt ostervig

Danish Mid-Century Modern Teak Bookcase by Kurt Ostervig

Pair of danish teak bookcases

Pair of Danish Teak Bookcases

Teak bookcase made in denmark circa 1964

Teak Bookcase – Made in Denmark – circa 1964