Library Bookcase With Doors

A single bookcase is fine. Maybe two. But if you are an avid reader and collector of books, then your collection deserves one of the library bookcases with doors from our collection. Now you can have all of your books in one place, and protected by glass door that will keep them clean and dust free. See our collection for more details.

Best Ideas

Library 84" Bookcase

Library 84" Bookcase
Phenomenal bookcase equipped with 6 doors covered with glass. Solid frame is made of wood. Made in Indonesia. Received the best recommendations for durability and elegant appearance.

Heritage Hill Library 71.25" Standard Bookcase

Heritage Hill Library 71.25" Standard Bookcase
A standard bookcase that ensures ample storage space with the spacious compartment and adjustable shelves. It sports the most beautiful cherry finish and includes U-clips to attach two units together.

5 foot blue row boat bookshelf bookcase

5 foot blue row boat bookshelf bookcase
Inspired by adventures on a boat, the sailing element is a wooden blue bookcase that has five different shelves. It has the shape of a boat, whose is topped by the bow of the boat. Made in wood, partially painted in blue.

Sproutz Bookcase

Sproutz Bookcase
Functional bookcase with numerous open storage shelves. Finished medium brown, it will easily blend with a coloring scheme that already exists in a decor, and it is just fine to display your favourite souvenirs on it, to store books or CDs.

Used italian bookcase library with glass doors traditional bookcases

Used Italian Bookcase Library with Glass Doors traditional-bookcases ...

Library bookcase with glass doors with furniture and library bookcase

Library bookcase with glass doors with Furniture and Library Bookcase ...

Library bookcase with doors 2

Simple and sleek bookshelf design with glass doors for the home office

Library bookcase with glass doors

Library Bookcase With Glass Doors

Book shelf with doors

Love the idea of a cool dark curved library with library shelves on either side of door with round top dome ceiling.

Library bookcase with doors 23

love the bottom concealed storage combined with the glass top

Library bookcase with doors 3

Ikea Billy corner combination bookcase in white and with extra height (93 1/4") - link below. The glass doors are optional, but keep some of the humid air out.

Library bookcase with doors 5

apartment by the bay - rio de janeiro, brazil | casa abril

Library bookcase with doors 9

A stunning library bookcase with doors that will easily hold your entire collection. It comes with plenty of space and the design makes it look natural and truly charming, adding a bit of a rustic vibe to your household.

Library bookcase with doors

I like to pretend that these ladder-stairs lead to a loft library. Soft cozy reading corners, just enough light to read properly, a tea caddy that can be pulled up from the kitchen… you with me? It could lead up to a circular tower type part of a house

Blue bookcases

Bright and looking sharp, making it an amazing addition to your modern-styled home - this bookcase is a nice choice for all those, who truly need a lot of space, since it comes with two spacious cabinets and plenty of shelves to choose from.

Library bookcase with doors 17

Heritage Hill Library Bookcase with Doors

Library bookcase with doors 4

I worked at a publishing house in Philadelphia that had a hidden "library shelf" door. It was great fun to astonish visitors by disappearing when they turned to inquire of the receptionist

Library bookcase with doors 13

Sauder Palladia Library Bookcase with Doors - Select Cherry - Bookcases at Hayneedle

Library bookcase with doors 1

Bookcase with french doors to close off the living room and dining room. Turn the living room into a library.

Library bookcase with doors 2

Stunning Combination of Hidden Door Bookcase: Classic Hidden Door Bookcase In The Classic Living Room With Two Sofas ~ Bookcases Inspiration

Library bookcase with doors 6

Secret bookcase door with dummy books in library of Oxford Hall. I will have one of these in my house someday.

Library bookcase with doors

Bookcase in the form of doors. It consists of 6 open shelves arranged vertically. Great solution for storing books and others needed items. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Blue bookcases 14

Interesting reading nook design with wooden bookcases finished in white color. These practical elements of furniture look very nice with blue walls. Their solid construction provides support for books and other items.

Harbor view library bookcase with doors in distressed antiqued paint

Harbor View Library Bookcase with Doors in Distressed Antiqued Paint

Bookshelf over doorway

*Sigh* want this in a secret room! Imagine a round bookcase with doors in a cozy library that gives you an impression of being entirely surrounded by fav books. Inspiring; maybe not plain white, though.

Library bookcase with doors 12

Bookcase consisting of a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for storing books or display decorations. Ideal solution for space saving in each home.

Library bookcase with doors 7

Over the years, the editors at The Family Handyman have built nearly a hundred bookcases. From all that experience, we've learned that the best building tricks are shortcuts that avoid complex steps. So whether you're a beginning builder or a veteran, the

Blue bookcases 5

Solid cabinet with a durable wooden frame in blue and black finish. This element of home design matches any family room. Its large shelves provide space for different books, decorations and other items.

Library bookcase with doors 4

built-in bookcase with nook and arched window

Library bookcase with doors


Library bookcase with doors 8

This 18th-century, antique bookcase embodies the typical features of the gothic style. Sharp, perpendicular shape and monumental design - offering a huge space for your book collection.

Library bookcase with doors 19

maybe instead of all the way up the wall, we do the bookcases all the way around the room, half way up - this leaves room for stuff on the walls and takes care of that opposite wall with NOTHING on it.

Bookcases with glass doors tall french design

bookcases with glass doors - Tall french design

Library bookcase with doors 20

Hidden bookcase door conceals secret passage in library

Library bookcase with doors 1

An attractive classy over-a-door bookshelf made of wood finished in worn mid browns. It features a wide frame (with an arched top) accommodating lots of open front shelves. An arched door has milling cut panels and dark metal door handles.

Library bookcase with doors 21

hidden room with bookcase door. check.

Library bookcase with doors 2

In my Library that has Floor to ceiling windows and massive chairs in which to read I also want this Round bookcase with a secret door!!!!! This is just too Awesome!

Library bookcase with doors 3

I can't get enough bookshelves... from Heartfire At Home - Creating Interiors With Soul: More Gorgeous Shelves

Blue bookcases 20

The simple white oak bookcase with the additional vertical shelves. The easiest furnishings solutions are the best, because it still fits even if you decide to change the style of your apartment on the totally different.

Library bookcase with doors 5

Libraries Around the World: Austrian National Library | Vienna, Austria.

Lang Furniture LTL-MAD-BS2836 Madison Three Shelf Book Shelf Finish: Indigo Blue

An eye-catching piece for office and home décor, this Contemporary Book Shelf in Indigo Blue Finish offers 3 open shelves for storing your books, or displaying decorations. Designed of sturdy materials, the book shelf ensures durable and functional usage.

Shoal Creek Bookcase with Doors

Four drawers, each of equal size and cubic form, enhance the storing capacity of this sleek dark brown bookcase. But when drawers are not enough, there always remain those three upper shelves to store some more items.

Library bookcase with doors

... bookshelf brown doors built in bookshelf built in radiator built-in

Library bookcase with doors 10

My oldest girl is home for the summer and we’re loving her company. She comes and goes like any 21 year old, popping in to say hello before she’s off to a class or a get together with friends. Her younger sibs play rock-paper-scissors in the evening f

Library bookcase with doors 15

Harbor View Library Bookcase with Doors in Distressed Antiqued Paint

UName Solid Stainless Steel Elephant Shape Bookends

Stylish elephant shape bookends with tiny pink and green cherries pattern. The design is a true mix of styles, with modern, romantic and rustic hints. It is crafted of solid stainless steel with durability in mind.

Library bookcase with doors 26

Wildly in love with book/display shelves casing doors. So practical. Who doesn't need more book space?

Library bookcase with doors 16

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