Paper Pendant Lamp

Getting a paper pendant lamp today is a piece of cake (they’re available just about everywhere), but making one is also within everyone’s capacities. And the satisfaction is incomparable. There are tens of tutorials out there with detailed instructions on how to make an absolutely unique lamp with minimal resources. Are you going to give it a try?

Paper pendant lamp

Looking for a dazzling lamp to your cozy home? Why don't you take a peek at this stunning black orb design with pin holes for extra light effects. With such a beautiful decoration, your contemporary interior is going to shine like never before.

Paper pendant lamp 1

Add style, beauty and elegance to your apartment with the Danish modern lamp by Fog & Morup, which is made of paper with blue and orange colors. It will be excellent in kitchen or drawing room in neutral colors.

How to make paper mache lamps

Add something beautiful and extraordinary to your home with this paper pendant lamp. It is made of tissues paper and scissors only! IT has the floral shape, which fits perfectly to classic style and decor.

Paper pendant lamp 2

Refresh your favorite interior with the beautiful cut and folded paper pendant lamps. They fits perfectly for bedroom, drawing room and other. The neutral color palette is suitable with white and gray finish.

Paper light pendant

This pendant light provides good light level in the room, but it also decorates indoors thanks to its original construction based on cardboard. This attractive lamp is resistant to heat or other forms of damage.

Paper pendant lamp shade

A very original and unique interior stylization with a paper pendant lamp. This construction includes paper and coffee filters. White color of this lamp perfectly suits different decorations and functional home elements.

Paper pendant lamp 10

Those paper lamps shine with bright light, and their design is, simply, stunning. Each ball is cut out from a paper, forming beautiful patterns that grant you a magical effect of lights and shadows interaction. The lamp is lightweight, and so simple, that you could do it by yourself.

Paper pendant lamp 27

This paper lamp is dedicated for every fan of modern, stylish design or for Japanese origami's lovers! It can be used as a table lamp or chandelier. Lamp will play its role perfectly in minimalistic living room.

Paper globe lamp shade

Artistic pendant lamp located on a natural looking tree branch. Its shade is made of grocery bag painted in orange color. The whole lamp looks natural and very stylish in any types of indoors. It is also resistant to wear and damage.

Paper pendant shade

Vintage approach to a cozy, decoratively-made pendant lamp with a lampshade resembling a children’s mobile. The lamp is made out of cut-out wood with little paper butterflies hanging from the top and providing a cute finish.

Paper pendant light

If you are a fan of unique products, you can create the lamp by yourself! You just need the paper cups! It's an eco-friendly cup, which provides the beauty and style.

Paper hanging lamp

Made of paper pendant lamp is a simple, original and attractive way to do interesting interior design. An unusual form is reminiscent of a flower or another plant delights. The perfect solution for living room, bedroom or hallway.

Paper pendant lamp 7

Get inspired by origami, a mysterious and highly exacting paper folding art. Origami was also adopted in the creation of minimalist, modern paper pendant lamps. Light, full of geometric bends in shades of gray and white.

Paper pendant lamp 23

Pendant lamp in modern style. Lampshade is made of paper. Suitable as main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Paper pendant lamp 17

Modern arrangement of contemporary ceiling pendant lamps made out of white paper, which give a minimalistic yet stylish vibe. The lamps are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, bound to match any interior design.

Paper pendant lighting

Being a fabulous example of contemporary design, this paper pendant lamp delights with its minimalistic form. An ideal proposition for loft spaces or modern offices or workshops.

Paper pendant lamp 19

Pendant lamp in rustic style. Frame is made of branches and covered with paper. Suitable as main or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Paper pendants

A lamp like origami? Why not. This beautiful and original motif is a perfect solution for any interior. Beautifully designed as a dining or kitchen decor. The subtle and lightweight design does not strain the decor.

Paper hanging lights

This element of home decor is a paper pendant lamp that features solid materials and attractive appearance. Its black and white colors look very interesting in any modern and traditional decor. The lamp is suitable for ceiling mounting.

Folded paper light shade

This element provides decoration and additional light indoors. Its original design matches modern indoors. This paper pendant lamp looks very attractive and it is available in many different colors. The product is also very durable.

Paper hanging lamps

This paper lamp features an attractive shape and beautiful brown color. This construction is mainly based on cardboard, but it is solid, resistant to heat and other negative factors. The lamp provides good level of light and aesthetics.

Paper pendant lamps

An interesting contemporary diamond or pyramid-shaped ceiling lampshade handmade of numerous triangular sheets of quality art paper (in white and creamy shades with grey spotted edges) fixed to a common core.

Paper pendant lamp 12

What if we tell you that your love of observing the clouds can exist in your room? In an easy way, using a paper spherical pendant lamp and a large amount of cotton wool, you can form a cloud with a light bulb inside.

Paper pendant lamp 5

Paper pendant lamps are a reflection of the often needed lightness in interior design. Inspired by the eggshell - the crust from which the lamp emerges, it is all white and has the form of an egg with a cut off lower half.

Paper pendant lamp 4

This paper pendant lamp constitutes a proposition for those, who like simplistic, contemporary design. Easy to assemble on one's own, you just need some vellum, paper punch, glue and a light bulb cord.

Dining room traditional dining room orange county

Dining Room Traditional Dining Room Orange County
Look how this pendant lighting fixture, with white drum shade caged in gold-coloured wire, defines the breakfast table as a focal point. Striped drapes in the background furtherly draw attention to the setting.

Troy sausalito 1

Troy Sausalito
A beautiful lighting pendant that will work wonders in your entryway or dining room, ensuring just the perfect amount of lighting for your household and adding that look of charm and an aura of refined beauty.

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Ideas para hacer tu propia lámpara | Aprender manualidades es

Paper pendant lamp 16

Flower inspired lamps by Sachie Muramatsu | Japanese Design

Contemporary pedestal dining table

Dining table mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. Round top has large usable surface. It has 6 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Pendant lamp diy

Origami style lamps

Troy lighting sausalito pendant 2

Light fixture for dining rooms. This pendant light is suitable for ceiling mounting. It features a durable metal frame with a practical chain for ceiling hanging. Its drum shade features a traditional shape and neutral white color.

Troy lighting sausalito 5 light dining foyer pendant 6

Troy Lighting Sausalito 5 Light Dining Foyer Pendant
This type of product is a chandelier that has got a functional and decorative character in the house. It features a durable metal frame and it is designed for a ceiling mounting. It is a product that provides the appropriate level of light in the room.

Paper pendant lamp 13

Light Blue Standard Lotus Luminaire (Lamp) by Renae Taylor. $125,00,

Paper globe lamp shades

Magical Thinking Star Paper Lantern from Urban Outfitters. I love those pillows too.

Troy lighting sausalito pendant

A true standout in any space - this five light drum pendant sports the stunning design and hand applied silver gold finish that goes smoothly with the stylish iron framework offering an airy, coastal aesthetic.

Paper pendant lamp 14

Opt for a unique choice of lighting for your interior with this utterly breathtaking piece. This paper pendant lamp is just perfect for your ceiling and will work in any room - from your kids' to your master bedroom.

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apartment therapy website = great dyi ideas for apartment decorating!

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10 Cool DIY Pendant Lamps Suitable For Modern Interiors | Shelterness

Paper pendant lights

This made from cutout lamp cartons is a beautiful way to use unnecessary items ecologically. The painted ones are stylish, and the raw version is more minimalistic. Ideal for any interior that is easy to personalize and tailor to your needs.

Paper pendant lamp 26

easy diy - paper lantern, hot glue gun & silk flowers. cut off the stem & glue the bud. any color/type of flower

Cardboard pendant light

An original paper pendant lamp that looks very attractive in many indoors. It decorates rooms at day and night. The product is resistant to the heat of light and its white finish perfectly matches traditional indoors.

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Yoshiyuki hibinos pendant lights the young japanese designer yoshiyuki hibino

A paper pendant lamp that features an attractive design. It provides light at night and it decorates rooms at day. This construction is durable and resistant to ageing or other negative factors. Simple white finish matches any decor.

Paper mache japanese style diy lamp shade 1

Paper Mache Japanese Style DIY Lamp Shade

Nelson bubble lamps beautifully lit

Beautiful paper pendant lamps that provide light and aesthetics in living rooms. They look very interesting in many stylizations. What is more, these lamps are resistant to ageing, excessive wear or damage.

Twirl Pendant Lamp in White

Twirl Pendant Lamp in White

Shayk 1 Light Geometric Pendant

Shayk 1 Light Geometric Pendant
Create a new and fresh lighting option in your household with this stunning pendant light that is made of a single, complex yet simple module, easy to assemble into several different shapes to allow for a more multi-functional approach.

Paper pendant lamp 18

Pod Chandelier -

Paper pendant lamp 3

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