Kids Coat Cubby


A cubby is a great place for kids to store their coats. Instead of fighting with hanging them on a hook, they can shove it into a cubby and be done with it. And your kid will appreciate the added responsibility as they grow in the knowledge that their coat’s care is up to them. If you're curious, take a look at this collection for more information and styles.

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Kids coat cubby

This type of cubby is often used in a kindergartens, but if you have children you can use it in home. It is intended for three kids and has three shelves for every children - first for shoes, second - the biggest for coat, and third for bag.

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Coat cubbies

Well-designed cubby for your kid’s coats and other stuff. The piece is constructed from wood and comes with four storage bins below and two tiers of open shelving above. The cabinet is also fitted with hooks all round for backpacks and other stuff.

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Kids coat cubby

This stylish and functional cubby will let you organize your corridor or entryway space. Especially useful when you have children. It has 3 levels, in which the middle one is the biggest, offering space to hang your jackets.

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Coat cubby storage

Space is essential in a house full of children. Storage of jackets, shoes - it will be thinner thanks to the bench mixed with the hanger and shelves. 10 hooks and shelves, with bench seat of kids coat cubby, are made of cherry wood.

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1 Tier 4-Section Children's Coat Locker

1 Tier 4-Section Children's Coat Locker

This unique and practical children's coat locker would be the perfect option for every school or kindergarten. Bring a dose of functionality and style to the cloakroom and enjoy the extraordinary order!

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Kids coat cubby 6

Expand storage for your children massively thanks to this extra-large cubby unit. Constructed from wood, the cabinet comes with dozens of storage bins and cubbies that will be enough for your entire house. It also features a low height to ensure your little ones can easily access it anytime.

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Mud room ideas

Mud room ideas

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Kids coat cubby 11

Give your kids the best place to store their coats, backpacks and other stuff with this wooden cubby unit. The piece comes with neat natural brown finishing and a superb L-shaped design that takes minimal floor space. It offers dozens of storage compartments as well.

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This is something i would put in my mud room

This is something I would put in my mud room and/or laundry room. It can be used to hang coats and store shoes/hats/gloves/bags or you can put it in your laundry room and use it to sort out clothes. Each person gets a cubby. Put rods up and hang clean clo

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Cubbies for kids

A stylish and functional coat cubby to keep everything organized at your entryway. The coat cubby gives you 3 storage levels with the middle one being the biggest. It even features hooks to hang the young ones’ jackets. The cubby is made of solid birch wood.

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Kids Coat Cubby

Buying Guide

A kid’s coat cubby needs to be large enough for a child’s coat, lunchbox, shoes, and other accoutrements. However, it also needs to be small enough that their little arms and hands can navigate the space comfortably.

When sourcing children’s coat cubbies, we’ve found that an approximate size of 20” long by 12-14” wide by 24” tall is the perfect size for young children to use effectively.

Traditional wood is still the best material for a kid’s coat cubby. This is because it’s sturdy, reliable, safe, and sustainable.

Pine, in particular, is a popular choice when it comes to kids’ furniture as it’s one of the most budget-friendly types of wood. Plus, it paints well, allowing you to choose fun colorful options for this new kid’s coat cubby.

Best Ideas

Kids coat cubby 1

This kids coat cubby is a perfect addition to your family room. It features three levels. The middle level comes with hooks to hang your children’s coats and jackets. If you are looking for an effective solution for clutter at your entryway, get this stylish solid wood kids coat cubby.

Daycare cubby ideas

You have to know, I now have an obsession with 'Launch Pads' so I am going to share another one! Love this @downshiftingPOS

Kids coat cubbies

An aesthetic traditional recess mounted hall unit with a bench of wooden materials with a creamy-white finish. It has 2 open front niches up and 2 larger ones with hooks. A bench has a rectangular top, a full base, 2 drawers with metal shell pulls.

Kids coat cubby 9

I found the site on Etsy that sells these coats!! $150 by littlegoodall @Amanda Berry

Ive always wanted one of these of course i wouldnt

I've always wanted one of these. Of course I wouldn't use bins in the bottom rack as this is a perfect place for the kids shoes and I would put the hooks on each side for backpacks, coats etc.

Another model similar to what id like to do but

Another model similar to what I'd like to do, but need different dimensions to pull this off for adults.

Entryway Locker

Kids coat cubby 1

A good way to easily distinguish each family member's clothes. Constructed of 100% recycled PVC-free materials, this wooden coat cubby is good to the earth as well as the child. Has the size of 21 1/2" H x 46 1/4" W x 13 3/4"D.

Kids coat cubby 4

Love the mudroom in the garage and love the picture above the cubbies.

Kids coat cubby 15

When you walk into your house so you can hang up your stuff and put your shoes away!! Also for your kids to put there backpacks on!!

Lockers cubbies kids storage bins coat lockers with cubbies classroom

lockers cubbies kids storage bins coat lockers with cubbies classroom ...

Coat cubby

I love this. Boots under. Hats, mittens, scarves in drawers (need bigger drawers) backpacks on bench

Kids coat cubby 22

an extra large mudroom. Each member of the family gets their own extra-large cubby to keep whatever goodies they'd like.

Kids coat cubby 20

Would love to have a space like this. Kids would have no excuse for not hanging up their coats :)