Vintage Folding Chairs


Whether you’re planning on having friends over to play board games or you’re in dire need of some additional seating for your next dinner party, having some vintage folding chairs stowed away can be a real blessing. We’ve compiled a list of some comfortable and diverse vintage folding chairs that can easily be put into storage and taken out for those special moments with loved ones when you need some extra seating.  

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Our Picks

Set of Two Padded Vintage Folding Chairs

Set of Two Padded Vintage Folding Chairs

Comfortable with a simple and straightforward design, these vintage folding chairs feature a padded vinyl seat and a vertical slatted back with lumbar support on the top and bottom rails. You get two chairs in this set with no assembly required.

Designer Advice:

Due to the simplicity of these vintage wood folding chairs and the deep espresso color of the wood, they’re really versatile and can even make great kitchen chair substitutes if you’ve just moved in somewhere and are waiting on your dining chairs to arrive. 

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Light Colored Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs

Light Colored Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs

Joss & Main

Available in three different shades including this natural wood, these vintage wood folding chairs come in a set of two and feature a two-part slatted back along with a slatted seat. Made of solid beechwood, all of the chairs are finished with a lacquer to give them a polished look. 

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Vintage Wood Folding Chairs With Vinyl Seat

Vintage Wood Folding Chairs With Vinyl Seat

Made with an upholstered seat and back to bring the ultimate in comfort, this set of two vintage wooden folding chairs is crafted out of solid wood in dark espresso. There are both front and rear supports to keep things extra sturdy and supportive. 

Designer Advice:

Even though these vintage folding chairs can be easily folded up at a moment’s notice, due to the quality of the materials, easy design, and retro feel of the vinyl padded seating, they can really complement a kitchen or dining area or even make great added seating in a living room when guests are over. 

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Set of Four Antique Wooden Folding Chairs

Set of Four Antique Wooden Folding Chairs

Made in both a simple black and red mahogany, this set of old wooden folding chairs is designed for both indoor and outdoor use with a frame made of solid wood and a comfy vinyl seat. They’re super lightweight and can easily be packed away for your next event. 

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Mesh Seat and Back Vintage Folding Chairs

Mesh Seat and Back Vintage Folding Chairs

Cosco Home and Office

Made of quality resin on a sturdy steel frame, this set of four plastic vintage folding chairs showcase a cool mesh back and seat that’s flexible and comfortable with movement. Due to the materials, these vintage folding chairs are also very easy to clean.  

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Set of Vinyl Vintage Folding Chairs

Set of Vinyl Vintage Folding Chairs

Symple Stuff

Giving those classic retro vibes, this set of four antique folding chairs feature the classic V-shape back leg which offers extra stability as well as a padded vinyl seat and back. The frame is made of metal and each chair can hold 480 lbs. 

$43.43 $276

Designer Advice:

This set of vinyl vintage folding chairs are available in a timeless black, but they also come in beige, blue, and brown, for those who want to add a little color to their home during those special life events when you have extra guests in your home. 

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Vintage Folding Chairs

Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for new stylish furniture pieces for your newly bought home or you just want to get replacements for your existing chairs that have worn out, some of your best options would be wooden folding chairs.

The online market is filled with myriads of beautifully crafted wooden folding chairs. There are those that are bare while others come with exquisite, premium cushioning. With the right set of folding chairs made of wood, there’s no doubt that you’ll create a classic, stylish ambiance for your space. To ensure you pick the ones that suit your needs and personal preferences, it’s crucial for you to know what to look for!

  • Hardwood - Wooden folding chairs with the highest quality are often made of hardwood, which comes from Angiosperms like walnut, oak, and maple. These trees shed their leaves every year. As they grow, they develop denser wood fibers. It’s important for you to know that hardwood folding chairs are rare because they’re expensive. Fortunately, there are exceptions. Gum is one as it’s hardwood but its price is similar to most kinds of softwood. What makes hardwood a sought-after chair frame material is its durability and close grain. It's also low maintenance with good fire resistance.
  • Softwood - Softwood, on the other hand, comes from gymnosperms, including fir, juniper, cedar, spruce, pine, yew, and redwood. These trees are less dense compared to deciduous trees, which makes them easier to cut down. Softwood is known to have a lighter color, higher sap content, and looser grain. It doesn’t come with fire resistance, but it makes for a lightweight, fine structure for wooden folding chairs.
  • Manufactured Wood - A type of manufactured wood that’s popularly used for wooden folding chairs is medium density fiberboard (MDF). It's strong, which means chairs made of the material will last longer than you’d expect. Because it’s not solid wood, it’s cheaper. When added with a wooden veneer, it will have an expensive-looking finish.

Most wooden folding chairs for children’s use can hold anywhere between 150 to 225 lbs. For adult chairs, they can carry up to 500 lbs. Although the weight capacity may seem like it is more than enough, most people use folding chairs with kids sitting on their laps. So, take into consideration the possible uses of the chairs and their users.

Best Ideas

Sale 10 off vintage wooden folding chair

Sale 10 off vintage wooden folding chair

Made in a vintage style folding chair is a great way to a functional living room or patio or terrace. Robust construction and classic form will prove to be on many occasions, providing a comfortable place to sit.

Antique wooden folding chair

Wooden folding chairs that could easily have been part of a historical Shaker house are both charming and convenient. The simple wood grain, carefully polish, turn these chairs from ordinary to beautiful. Add colorful seat and back pads for extra comfort.

Wooden fold up chairs

A perfect folding chair for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It features a nice rustic finish and sturdy construction to accommodate an adult. It folds flat for easy space-saving storage. It’s a perfect chair for your apartment, cottage, farmhouse, or garden.

Antique folding chairs wooden

Antique wooden chair with a matching wooden folding stool that’s perfect for home or travel. Both pieces fold up flat for easy transportation and storage and are made of strong and sturdy wood with metal hinges, brackets, and rods. It’s a perfect set for your child.

Comfortable Wood Teak Folding Chair

Comfortable Wood Teak Folding Chair

Vintage wooden folding chair

Vintage wooden folding chair

If you are a fan of outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, picnics and more, you need to have this vintage wooden folding chair. It's a sturdy and solid piece of furniture.

Vintage folding wooden chairs

wooden folding chair

Wooden folding chairs 13

Wooden Folding Chairs

Winsome Wood Folding Chairs, Natural Finish, Set of 4

It is a set that includes four folding wood chairs with natural finish. They are a fantastic addition to indoor and outdoor use. These chairs are very comfortable, nicely finished and high quality.

Wooden folding chairs 11

Wooden folding chair can be folded to occupy less space when not in use. Besides it has great vintage form and gorgeus shade of ash wood.The backrest is only one narrow board to allow the chair to hang freely on the hook.

Vintage folding chairs for sale


Vintage wooden folding chairs 2

Traditional vintage a bit thumbed wooden folding chairs with worn finishes in blue and green. A chair has slanted angular legs, simple stretchers (a back one resembles a ladder), a full squarish seat and a ladder backrest with 2 top rails.

Wooden folding chairs 20

wooden folding chair // the style files

Dania folding beach chair by skagerak

Dania Folding Beach Chair by Skagerak

Shabby chic folding table

A fantastic folding chair that is a must-have of every social gathering in the garden. It's a chic, wooden piece that features a cool, distressed paint, which gives it a shabby look. The seat is covered with a slim cushion for better comfort.

Antique wooden folding chair 2

antique wooden folding chair

Vintage shabby chic white folding chairs

Vintage shabby chic white folding chairs

It takes a romantic soul and creativity like of Ania from the Green Hill to create such a charming shabby chic style of furnitures- just like the white wooden shabby chic folding chairs presented here, with delicate elements imitating the grid.

Diy folding beach chair

An old-styled element that looks very attractive and provides comfort. Its solid wooden construction provides support and comfort on a square seat with a backrest based on horizontal slats. This chair features a folding frame.

Folding patio chairs and table for office 1

Folding Patio Chairs and Table for Office

Wooden folding chairs for sale at 1stdibs

Wooden Folding Chairs For Sale at 1stdibs

Vifah r marcana outdoor wood folding chairs set of 2

VIFAH® Marcana Outdoor Wood Folding Chairs, Set of 2 ...

Denia wooden folding chair pack of 2 departments diy

Denia Wooden Folding chair, Pack of 2 | Departments | DIY ...

Wood cameron folding chairs set of 2 world market

Wood Cameron Folding Chairs, Set of 2 | World Market

Pine wood folding chair peter corvallis productions

Pine Wood Folding Chair - Peter Corvallis Productions