Country Cottage Living Room Furniture


Country cottage living room furniture is so quaint you will want to redecorate your entire house to accommodate it. It is all very attractive and very well made, designed to last a long time. There are plenty of options to choose from in our collection of country cottage living room furniture and we think you will find the set you've been looking for your whole life right here. Take a look and see.

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Our Picks

Country cottage sofas

Wide sofa in Vintage style. It is mounted on carefully carving legs made of wood. Upholstery is made of polyester and decorated with checkered pattern. It has additional pillows for added comfort.

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Country style living room chairs

The country cottage living room sofa prototype was cassapanca. A wooden piece of furniture equipped with a chest, armrests and back rested during the Italian Renaissance. Today, traditionality is included in the green-blue check in the classic upholstery.

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Country cottage living room furniture thefairs

Country Cottage Living Room Furniture TheFairs

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Country cottage living room furniture

This charmingly decorated room is a rustic, country atmosphere combining the warmth of details and colors like red and white. Beautiful motifs of crate, flowers and wooden furniture create a unique whole.

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Carolines cottage living room full chambersburg pa

Carolines Cottage Living Room Full Chambersburg Pa

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Accent Chair

The homely look of this lovely armchair is accented with an elegant yet cozy floral pattern and traditional-style frame. The armchair comes with rolled arms, padded seating, and a fully reversible back cushion.

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Floral sofas and chairs

A lot of people has their own summer cottages to spend some free time during their holidays. This one was designed by the red colour enthusiast, a little bit in rustic style. That's a great place to have a rest.

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Red plaid furniture

With this French styled interior your household will surely get a significant boost of style, since it comes packed with charming, pastel pink, green and rose colors and will ensure a look of distressed and rustic appeal thanks to the rolled arms of the sofa or the turned legs of the chairs and table.

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Living room furniture country living room chairs country living room

living room furniture country living room chairs country living room ...

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Cool country cottage living room furniture

Cool country cottage living room furniture

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Country Cottage Living Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Country cottage living room furniture pieces add a warm and cozy look to living spaces. They consist of overstuffed cushions and pillows with natural tones of wood. This particular style, country cottage, makes an attempt at simulating the beauty, ease, and simplicity of nature. If that's what you are after, then our buying guide will prove to be of use. Check it out.

When it comes to country cottage furniture for living rooms, the method used for the assembly of a unit will determine its durability. The joints, for instance, should be dowel or mortise-and-tenon, and they should be secure and stable at the same time.

You should also know that miter and butt joints are weak. They won't stand a chance against heavy wear unless there's reinforcement.

The legs of tables and chairs should be reinforced using diagonal or triangular blocks of wood to keep joints square. Any reinforcement will help in stabilizing a furniture piece when pressure is being applied onto the surface or when it's moved.

If you want to check furniture's stability, apply pressure diagonally.

If the room will be acting as a place where the family can hang out daily, you'll need stain-resistant, durable furniture, especially if you have kids. However, if you'll only be using the space to entertain occasional guests, then you'll be able to add fragile pieces of furniture with delicate detailing and fabrics.

Hardwood is your most durable material option, but it's typically more expensive. The colors available range widely, but various types of wood can be bleached or stained to alter the original color.

Among all types of hardwood, the most prized for their quality are maple, cherry, teak, walnut, and mahogany. However, maple and cherry are a little difficult to craft compared to other commonly used hardwoods.

Hardwood is generally chosen for its appearance. If you want a color that's light, then a good hardwood option for you would be birch. The material lends a good resistance to swelling, warping, and shrinking. However, this type of wood is difficult to use when making intricate details, which is why it's used only in constructing furniture with simple lines.

For a reddish-brown material that dyes well and resists warping, swelling, and shrinking, consider cherry. Quality country cottage living room furniture that has decorative carving and detailing is often made of cherry.

Composite, on the other hand, is a manufactured wood product. Performance and price vary, but the material is often used in making shelving and backs of furniture pieces. A composite may be your last option for country cottage living room furniture as it's for modern pieces. The most common composites used in making furniture are plywood and particleboard.

Don't expose the furniture piece to direct sunlight as that will cause the material to fade and wither. Blot spills immediately using a clean, dry cloth. If you buy an upholstered country cottage furniture, vacuum the material regularly to take out the accumulated dust.

Best Ideas

Built in for tv and closed storage i like how

Built in for TV and closed storage. I like how they arranged the furniture in front of the entire built in.

Country style living room furniture

One of my favorite types of living room, furnish with the country cottage living furniture set. It includes the bright windows and walls, floral rug, mint coffee table, padded seats and the bench under the window. This pastel color palette is adorable!

Rustic country living room furniture

Rustic Country Living Room Furniture

Buffalo check sofa

I love that shabby chic coffee table, it creates the girly accent in the home. It features the white distressed finish, two drawers and square top. It's suitable with white sofa and armchairs around.

33 photos of the cottage style living room furniture ideas

33 Photos of the Cottage Style Living Room Furniture Ideas

The traditional country style eclectic cottage modern country

the traditional country style, Eclectic, cottage, modern country ...

Cottage living room furniture 3


Red and white checkered sofa

Furnish your drawing room with English living room furniture. These chairs have got the beautiful floral pattern and padded seats, for enhanced comfort of use. They add style to any home.

Home and cottage sofa

Suitable for smaller rooms with a low ceiling, this country cottage sofa can be a great idea for making your room even cozier. It comes with a durable frame, white upholstery, soft back cushions and stylish lines.

Ivory living room furniture 4

Junk chic cottage home tour - Debbiedoo's | Debbiedoo's

Red plaid rug

plaids, stripes and dots combined with more sophisticated rug designs on simple furniture. Not cutesy but cozy and elegant.

Country living room furniture

A warm interior with walls painted in restful tones with white trimming around door and window frames as well as around a black fireplace. It looks really great in combination with a floor in warm browns and red upholstered sofas and chairs.

Country chic country style living room furniture

Country chic~ | Country style living room furniture ...

Cottage country living room sets youll love wayfair

Cottage & Country Living Room Sets You'll Love | Wayfair