30 Master Bedroom Ideas Combining Style & Function

Storage and functionality matter, but it shouldn't end there. You deserve a master bedroom that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as you walk through the door!

Many households tend to choose a random bedframe, nightstands, and storage furniture… and then surround them with one decorative item after the next. 

Instead, our interior design experts are here to help you turn the bedroom of your dreams into your day-to-day reality.

From creating a curated palette to thinking beyond the most obvious furniture designs, here's a wide range of master bedroom ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Consider a poster bed…

Minimalist bedroom with a poster bed
Leclair Decor

Bold and majestic, these beds are perfect to make a statement while feeling like royalty.

A minimalist and open layout like this example is a handy choice in medium-sized master bedrooms. It’ll maintain a cleaner visual flow, and you can emphasize its airy feel even further with white walls and bedsheets.

Why not use it to incorporate some more creative lighting solutions as opposed to traditional table lamps?

2. … perhaps one with curtains

Master bedroom with a poster bed with curtains

If space isn’t a concern, treat yourself to a fairytale-esque poster bed with draping curtains along its sides!

You could choose colorful designs to further complement your palette. A pattern is a clever option if the rest of your room relies on mostly monochrome elements.

Plain sheer curtains, on the other hand, can maintain a brighter and lighter vibe in your master bedroom.

3. Choose some creative table lamps

Nightstand with quirky lighting solutions
Cathie Hong Interiors

We have nothing against traditional lamps similar to the ones in your living room. We’d just like to remind you that… they’re not the only option!

If you’d rather showcase your decorative flair, consider more peculiar (but still functional) designs. Some bright ideas are wall lights, floor lamps, hanging lights, or an adjustable model like this smart fixture.

4. Include a large mirror

Spacious bedroom with white walls and a mirror

No master bedroom is complete without a proper mirror!

Wall options above your dresser are a practical compromise if you’re tight on space. However, being able to fit a freestanding or tall mirror would make it easier to get ready in the morning.

Use the frame (or… lack thereof!) to further reinforce your decor too, whether that’s a minimalist design or an elaborate one for ornate styles like shabby chic.

5. Complement your bed with a bench

Bed with a wooden bench at the bottom
Cathie Hong Interiors

A bench is yet another stylish opportunity to tie your master bedroom decor together while adding texture and dimension.

It’s also quite practical when you’re getting ready and trying different pairs of shoes. Plus, should you need some extra storage, you can always get one with a hidden compartment.

As you can see in this delightful example, part of it can even become an additional shelf to decorate!

6. Opt for a decorative bed frame

Ornate bed with an upholstered headboard
Marie Flanigan Interiors

Think of your bed frame and, especially, the headboard in relation to the wall. Ideally, you want a color that complements your palette while popping against its background.

At the same time, consider whether or not you’ll be adding plenty of wall decor above it. If you’re not, the headboard itself could become the most ornate decorative piece in that section, much like this harmonious design.

7. Leave your master bedroom walls bare

Shelly Turner

If you’re opting for industrial decor, exposed brick walls are a no-brainer!

Still, they can be a wise choice with lots of other interior styles, too. This is because they’ll add texture and a timeless pattern to your bedroom, which is particularly ideal if it mainly involves monochrome elements so far.

Brick walls will also help your white furniture stand out even more.

8. Stick to neutral tones

McCroskey Interiors

If you haven’t got a favorite color in mind for your bedroom, it’d be safer to opt for light neutral hues like white, gray, or beige.

They’re impeccable at conveying a classic sense of timelessness, and you can even use them to inspire a sophisticated vibe, much like this elegant example.

9. Choose a theme that makes you happy

Jaime Hayón

The sea, the world of cinema, a specific animal like in this adorable example, or… something else entirely!

Sticking to a theme is a creative way of making your new bedroom truly yours, showcasing your personality and passions.

However, don’t make the mistake of basing its entire decor around a momentary hobby or obsession (like that new movie). Otherwise, you’ll likely get tired of it after a couple of years.

10. Make your master bedroom nostalgic

Tucker & Marks Design

Perhaps, instead of following the most contemporary trends, you’d rather create a bedroom that reminds you of the ‘good old days’ or your own childhood? Then focus on making it cozy and familiar.

For instance, you could introduce some floral or timeless patterns like these curtains, chair cushion, and ottoman. It’d also help to include a decorative bed frame and⁠—why not⁠—some actual flowers.

11. Adopt a minimalist approach

Minimalist bedroom with clean lines
Michelle Boudreau Design

It’s easy to start adding random decorative items or furniture pieces that we don’t actually use… only to end up with a cluttered mess!

Instead, stick to what you personally need. You can amplify this minimalist inspiration by prioritizing clean lines, simple designs, and a carefully crafted selection of meaningful items.

12. Go all contemporary

Contemporary master bedroom in white, black, and blue
Michelle Boudreau Design

If you already have a contemporary living room and overall inspiration throughout the rest of your home, keep it consistent in your bedroom, too.

For example, you could choose some furniture with clean but dynamic lines (like this headboard. Try and limit your decorative items, and create a palette that combines neutral hues and bright, saturated shades.

13. Embrace brutalism

Brutalist bedroom corner with concrete walls
Hannes Peer

Brutalism is one of those styles that you either loathe or can’t get enough of! If you’re part of the second group, go on, and introduce it in your bedroom.

Start by showcasing your concrete walls without hiding them behind large pictures or decorative items.

You also want to prioritize neutral colors, elements with simple lines but unusual designs, and a raw, unfinished atmosphere.

14. Make your colors pop

Colorful bedroom with blue and green walls
Marie-Lise Féry

Most bedrooms tend to have neutral or more muted tones to create a relaxing ambiance where it’s easier to switch off after a long day.

However, if you personally prefer brighter hues, don’t let that stop you!

As you can see in this colorful example, contrasting or saturated shades can really bring it to life. We just recommend balancing it a little by including some white walls, ceilings, or items.

15. Consider creating a dark palette

Master bedroom with dark walls

Colors like black or ink blue can make a room look a bit smaller and, obviously, darker… but maybe that’s exactly the kind of setting you picture when you think of bedtime?

In that case, embrace walls and ceiling that are as dark as the night. You can consider complementing them with pictures or paintings of starry skies like this example.

Psst: this’ll help white items stand out even more!

16. Try a metal bed

Nostalgic master bedroom with a metal bed
Shawn Henderson

Bed frames in this material never fail to convey a charming nostalgic feeling. You can amplify it by choosing a design with decorative elements like harmonious lines or a particularly ornate headboard.

Thanks to their open layout, these frames place the actual bedsheets right in the spotlight while maintaining a more spacious and airier atmosphere in your bedroom.

17. Think beyond white when it comes to walls

Bedroom corner with pink walls and neutral furniture
Michael K. Chen

White is still the most popular color for bedroom walls as well as the best trick to inspire a sense of space. However, you can certainly get creative when choosing the core hues of your palette!

In fact, painting your walls in a different color can make your actual white items (like this bedframe and flowers) pop and steal the scene.

18. Add an eclectic twist

Master bedroom idea with different patterns
Sheila Bridges

This master bedroom idea pairs up floral, geometric, and ethnic patterns as well as cold and warm colors. While we can already hear all the minimalists scream in horror, let’s be honest: it’s got its charm!

So, if you also thrive on a variety of colors and patterns rather than a curated palette, you could experiment with bohemian and eclectic interiors.

19. Choose the perfect wallpaper for your master bedroom

Bedroom with patterned green wallpaper
Zoe Feldman

To achieve a warmer and more personalized result, find a wallpaper design that complements your palette and introduces a pattern that you love enough to stare at every evening.

You can choose to have it across your entire bedroom or, for more balanced interiors, on a single wall, especially the one behind the bed.

To avoid an overwhelming vibe, consider sticking to monochrome furniture and items whenever possible.

20. Highlight your high ceilings

Master bedroom with high ceilings
Jeffrey Alan Marks

If your bedroom happens to be built that way, emphasize it even more to enhance its verticality and sense of space.

Some tricks? Paint your walls white to highlight features like wooden beams, and introduce a chandelier.

Try and choose low furniture or narrow designs for traditionally taller items. Finally, consider including a wallpaper with vertical stripes on one section and displaying your wall decor vertically like in this example.

21. Add a plant or some flowers

Bedroom with a plant and flower pot
Mark Grattan

We somehow tend to place our best houseplants and most colorful floral arrangements in our front room. Why should we do any less in the one we wake up in and go back to every single evening?

Make your master bedroom cozier and more inviting by including at least one plant, a vase with flower, or both.

22. Give your master bedroom an airy feel

White bedroom with minimalist furniture
Limdim House Studio

If your room isn’t the largest, use white strategically. It’ll give you the best chances of making it appear a little wider, both by inspiring a sense of space and amplifying your natural light.

You can obviously start with white walls and ceilings. Why not take it even further by choosing white bedsheets and items too, like in this peaceful example?

23. Use the space above your bed wisely

Bedroom in a dark palette
Tsao & McKown

Whenever entering most bedrooms, our eyes tend to be drawn towards whatever occupies that spot: so, choose it wisely!

It’s common practice to hang up a picture, but you could also consider other creative ideas. For example, a shelf with some neatly arranged items or books, a collection of different framed photos, some macrame, a map, or something that feels unique to you.

24. Alternate patterns and monochrome sections

Bedroom with warm and cold hues
Holloway Li

In most cases, the safest option from a decorative point of view is to avoid placing two patterns together to prevent a clashing and overwhelming result.

Instead, try and alternate them by having a patterned element, a monochrome design, another patterned element, and so on.

25. Include some show-stopping accents

Bed and nightstand with violet accents
Crosby Studios

If you’ve chosen neutral, pastel, or delicate tones for your primary and secondary hues, be sure to include an accent color that pops.

Some popular spots to showcase it are smaller items like cushions and lamps. By scattering a selection of pieces in the same color across the rest of the room, you’ll achieve an aesthetically pleasing sense of cohesiveness, too.

26. Make your master bedroom more modern

Modern master bedroom idea in a warm palette
Melina Romano

Even though they draw inspiration from the trends of the 20th century, modern interiors always tend to convey a familiar but timeless feel.

You can create it in your bedroom by choosing wooden furniture in warm or dark finishes, designs that prioritize comfort and storage, simple lines, and geometric shapes.

27. Divide your space strategically

Bedroom with a bookcase as room divider
Point Supreme

In studio apartments and open-plan settings, it’s vital to find the right balance between privacy and space.

A handy idea consists of prioritizing flexible solutions like room dividers, but you can get creative and more imaginative, too. For example, we absolutely love this sliding door that’s also a bookcase.

28. Consider some wooden walls

Laurent Taïeb

If you have a soft spot for retro interiors (and especially the 70s and 80s), you could be bold and introduce some vintage wood paneling.

This will also create an even cozier atmosphere while keeping your master bedroom nice and warm.

Still, try and lighten your walls by placing white furniture and items against them whenever possible.

29. Think outside the box

Bedroom with a separate wooden section
MDDM Studio

Rather than following current trends or common practices, it’s really about creating a master bedroom that works for your own preferences and needs. So, try and start with those!

For instance, this cozy example swaps a traditional bed and nightstand for an entire separate area with a mattress and some shelves.

30. Spoil yourself with a freestanding bathtub

Master bedroom idea with a bathtub
Anissa Mendil

If the layout of your master bedroom allows it, this is a lush opportunity to pamper yourself whenever you wish.

Having a freestanding bathtub in your own bedroom will feel like being on vacation in a five-star hotel every single night of the year. Indulgent, sophisticated, and irresistible!

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