Pedestal Cake Plate With Dome

This will be a treat for cake lovers. Especially those who appreciate art and interesting solutions in their kitchen. The photos below show a wide range of pedestal cake plates with dome so you don’t have to look any further for one. These plates differ when it comes to their features but they are all good for cakes and really nice-looking.

Footed cake stand with dome

Martha Stewart recommends these! Tall cake plates with domes. Pedestal bases sport elegant make, clear glass - crystal like, and the domes have appealing crystal handles. Meant to dazzle on a reception table.

Tuscan old world drake design red cake plate with dome

Tuscan Old World Drake Design Red Cake Plate With Dome
This fantastic cake stand will surely make your birthday party much more delicious and extra decorated. The stand rests on a stylish pedestal, holding a clear glass dome with a matching ball finial on top.

Cake plates with dome

Functional plates for serving cakes or cheese. They are based on solid and decorative pedestals made of metal. These products look very attractive in any kitchen design and they provide stability and support.

High tea belmont crystal domed cake plate

High Tea Belmont Crystal Domed Cake Plate
The elegant footed cake place with a cut design and complementing cloche. This kind of household utensils will look perfect in the traditional decor. The cut-crystal cake plates are maybe not all the rage, but still look gorgeous.

Pedestal cake plate with dome

A marvelous accessory to improve your family gatherings with something sweet and sleek. This cake stand rests on a captivating pedestal, holding a luxurious-looking dome - all made of clear glass with attention to details.

Glass pedestal stand

Glass Pedestal Stand
Display your baked goods beautifully while keeping them fresh on our pedestal stand. Measuring 4.75” diam., 10.25” h, it features a stand and dome made of hand blown sparkling glass.

Charlotte footed cake plate with dome 2

Charlotte Footed Cake Plate With Dome
The beautiful design of this pedestal cake plate with dome delights in every inch. Charming decor and a nice handle on the top beautifully present the delicacies, and they will work well during the feast.

Cake stand dome cover

Rustic Oval Pedestal Stand 14in. With glass dome filled with "snow" and christmas tree for christmas & eggs or bunnies at Easter

Glass cake stand with lid dome

Trying hard not to hyperventilate with excitement over these fabulous milk glass cake plates!!

Scrolled metal cake stand with hammered glass dome footed cake

... Scrolled Metal Cake Stand with Hammered Glass Dome -Footed Cake Plate

Old cake plates

Cake Stands Pedestal Bird Top 10.5x8 w/ Glass Dome Cover

Pedestal cake plate with dome 1

Functional solution for serving cakes. This cake plate includes a pedestal base and dome. Its base features a round bottom for stability and some decorative accents for additional aesthetics. All materials are very solid.

Single cupcake stand with dome

Hand painted cake plate cake dome on pedestal by TivoliGardens, $54.00

Purple cake stand

Are you a fan of cupcakes? Of course you are! This six individual dome cupcake stand is a lovely accent piece to the kitchen or dining room. The white color is suitable with colorful decorations on muffins.

Purple glass cake stand with domehand

Purple Glass Cake Stand With Domehand
A highly-decorative cake stand that will be a real hit during various events. Designed of beautifully-formed purple glass, the stand rests on a pedestal base, holding a round tray covered with a clear glass dome with a purple handle on top.

Antique cake plate with dome

Old World Tuscan Dinnerware | Tuscan Old World Drake Design Cake Plate with Dome | eBay

Footed cake platter with dome

Cute ornament display with a cake pedestal...

Cake stand ebay

Cake Plate with Dome and Punch Bowl

T little birds pedestal cake plate with dome 211578 clear

t-Little Birds Pedestal Cake Plate with Dome-211578-Clear

Cake stand with tall dome

Classic cake stand on white pedestal base with clear glass dome lid and beaded border. The footed base is ceramic. This versatile earthenware cake plate measures 7 3/4" in diameter. For hand wash only.

Wooden cake stand with glass dome

A rural family party, a summer evening, handmade pastries - requires a specific dressing. A baking may present beautifully a white pedestal stand cake with dome. The base was formed in wood, in a distinguish form. Dome whereas is made of claer hard glass.

Crystal cake stand with dome

birdcage cake stand (not available for sale) - I've seen mesh domes like this to cover food; place silk flowers around the edge and a finial on top

Purple cake plate

Boasting of vintage appearance and attractive silhouette, this cake stand comes with a beautiful dome made of clear glass. The stand itself is crafted of sturdy wood in a distressed turquoise finish, featuring a round top and a pedestal base.

Godinger Dublin Crystal Cake Plate with Dome Cover

Domed cake plates pedestal

This golden pedestal for cakes can be a wonderful embellishment for all parties and banquets. Its retro design shall appeal to all, who likes vintage. It is crafted with a decorative bronzed ceramic base, ensuring solidness.

Pedestal cake plate with dome 4

Wooden Hickory Cake Stand with glass Dome / Pedestal Cake Plate /Cupca

Cloche cake

When your aunt makes a favorite cake-it needs a good foundation and a decent glass.Under this glass dome, in all its splendor the cake can be presented. Domed cacke plates with metal pedestal, on the glass contains delicate decoration,of subtle leaves.

Glass domes for cakes 1

glass domes for cakes

Domed cake plates pedestal 1

Your cake will look even more appetizing when you display it in this gorgeous cake stand. It features an elegant metal pedestal with a high gloss, silver trim and a transparent glass cover plate with a decorative sign.

Decor Bon Bon Hue Tall Pedestal Cake Stand

Decor Bon Bon Hue Tall Pedestal Cake Stand

Fifth avenue crystal cake stand

Cake Stand Hot Pink Pedestal 11in with Glass Dome Cover $19.99 each. Save On Crafts.

Pink cake stand with dome

This is a must-have if you’re planning a party. A beautiful, pink cake stand with a very cute glass lid, which even has a tiny statue of a bunny on top! Perfect for wedding parties and birthdays!

Festive colorful cake stand with dome

festive colorful cake stand with dome

Glass cake domes wholesale

Crystal stand on high pedestal, with decorous crystals edging. If you're particularly proud of the cakes you make, don't hesitate to expose them decently - this luxurious Victorian plate couldn't look better.

Gorgeous cake stand in pale green

Gorgeous Cake Stand In Pale Green
A beautiful traditional cake plate of thick clear glass with a delicate greenish undertone. Its base is composed of a round foot and a short tapered up stem. A plate features wavy edges with floral motifs along and a concentric beams pattern.

Domed cake plates pedestal

Pedestal Dish: Made from vintage bowl & a coordinating teacup (for base). Glass dome from an old cheese plate embellished with vintage millinery flowers.

Turquoise milk glass cake stand

Pedestal cake plate with glass dome. This product is finished in neutral white color, so it looks very interesting in any table stylization. This element is not only decorative, but also resistant to excessive wear.

Notions by Jay Concours Square Pedestal Plate with Dome

Milk glass cake plate by fenton silver

Milk Glass Cake Plate By Fenton Silver
Made from milk glass, this white pedestal cake plate measures 4 1/2 inches high, about 10 3/4 inches diameter overall, which gives about 8 1/2 inches of usable plate space. The edge of the plate is embellished with colourless glass.

Antique cake stands with domes

Cheese plate glass domes, ruffled plates, ceramic candle holders and a little E6000! These are so cute! Guess it's time to hit the local thrift stores.

White pedestal cake plate

A charming round vintage cake stand manufactured of quality glossy milk glass. Its base is composed of a round decorative foot and a short column. A rather shallow bowl features beautifully waved edges and a delicate diamond grooved design.

White pedestal cake plate 5

This pedestal cake plate offers the white finish of the versatile design and the candle stick topped with a plate and circled by lace/ribbon pattern, ensuring a grasping and utterly beautiful look for your dining room.

Pedestal cake plate with dome


White cake plate dessert pedestal cake

White Cake Plate Dessert Pedestal Cake
Cake plate with pedestal base. It is made of high quality ceramic and finished with bird theme. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Perfect for serving birthday cake, cookies, cup cakes and more.

White pedestal cake plate 2

This element is must-have during every party or family ceremony. It is pedestal (three-storey) cake plate made of ceramic. You can use every storey separately as a tray. It is not only useful, but very decorative too.

Pedestal cake plate stand

Tall pedestal cake plate stand with three tiers. Its round base provides stability on flat surfaces. The whole construction is durable and finished in transparent pink color. It is able to hold large amounts of cake.

Pedestal cake plate with dome 1

Cupcake Stand 5 Cake Stand with Dome MADE TO by vesselsandwares, $60.00

Pedestal cake plate stand 13

Colorful pedestal cake plate stands - finally a funky alternative for all those so-serious crystal Victorian stands. They double as candle plates or fruit plates. Luckily I managed to get a whole set of them!

Glass 33

Usually ceramic bases for cakes are present in crystal or bright ceramics - here we have an exception. Black sheep, among the glass plates under the cake, on the pedestal. Pedestal cake plate stand is all in black, and have a bit square form of the plate.

Pedestal cake plate stand 6

A stunning collection of pedestal cake stands in a vintage style. They come in different colors and sizes, but they all feature a base made of high quality ceramics and a cover created from transparent glass.