Metal Fruit Bowl

Below you will see many types of fruit bowls. They differ when it comes to their shapes, sizes and designs so that everybody, even those who are still unconvinced, could find something for themselves. Do you already know what your final decision will be? It is worth to see all the offers first.

Metal fruit bowl

This metal fruit bowl enchants with its unique design, embodying a Mickey Mouse icon motive. It will make you smile every time you’re reminded of your last Disney trip in this classy way!

Wire 2 Tier Deep Bowl Fruit Basket Stand

Carl aubock brass wire fruit basket

Carl Aubock Brass Wire Fruit Basket
It's not a basic fruits basket. It's an awesome fruit basket, create for your dinette. This product is made of solid brass and has a brown color. Excellent as a gift.

Laurus RCR Fruit Bowl

Laurus RCR Fruit Bowl

Metal fruit bowl

Fruit bowl in elegant style. It is made of metal with gold finish. Great addition for any interior according to taste and need.

Metal fruit bowls

A sleek, modern fruit bowl with a unique, unusual design which gives it an avant-garde detail. Made out of polished metal with a chrome look, this one would be a nice addition to a mid-century, contemporary kitchen.

Hammered entertaining bowls

Hammered Entertaining Bowls
Set of two fruit bowls - big and small. Big bowl is intended for apples or oranges, small is dedicated for cherries or other little fruits. Both bowls are made of metal with decoration in a shape of honeycomb.

Fruit bowl metal

Fill this Scroll Fruit Bowl with your favorite fruit or decorative accents for a beautiful centerpiece!

Metal fruit bowl 25

Black + gold bowls. By Atmosphere Interior Design

Metal fruit baskets 18

Metal cake stand with decorative trim. Aidan gray (135)

Metal fruit bowl 2

Original fruit bowl in modern style. It is made of high quality metal. Suitable for serving fruits, cookies and more. Stylish addition to the living room, dining room and others interiors as needed.

Metal fruit bowl

3 tier fruit basket consisting of metal wires. Simple form and modern design. Handy gadget for the kitchen, dining room and more.

Metal fruit bowl 22

Silverware fruit bowl

Metal fruit baskets 17

How cool is this?! La Stanza dello Scirocco Basket The design for the sculptural La Stanza dello Scirocco Basket was influenced by designer Mario Trimarchi's childhood memories of fierce Sicilian tornado winds and pieces of blowing paper suspended in m

Metal fruit bowl 6

Large Metal Halloween 2 Tiered Bowl Spider Web Hanging Spider New | eBay

Metal fruit bowl 13

Beautiful metal fruit bowl

Octopus Fruit Bowl / Basket

Octopus Fruit Bowl / Basket
Are you a fan of original and stylish solutions? Then, you will be amazed by this intriguing octopus fruit bowl! The perfect combination of unique design and the high functionality is more than enjoyable.

Metal fruit bowl 20

I just bought this the other day and got it in the mail today. Excellent craftsmanship! Horseshoe decorative bowl

Metal fruit baskets 5

Pier 1 Scroll Fruit Bowl

Peach Pink Metal Wired Fruit Bowl

Peach Pink Metal Wired Fruit Bowl
Such a nice way to present your fruits or just to have a reason for saying "Help yourself!" to the friends you invited. This fruit bowl is made of wired metal and finished in a gentle peach pink color.

Decorative metal fruit bowls

Silver electroplated Branch Bowl is a modern woodsman accessory. $69.95 #ZGallerie

Baskets for fruits

An apple a day. Fruit (Bowl) Loops: 8 Circular Wood, Glass & Metal Designs

Metal fruit bowl 18

Take a look at this Spoon Fruit Bowl by Forked Up Art on #zulily today!

Metal fruit bowl 24

I want something like this for my fruit bowl.

Whittier Faceted Fruit Bowl

Whittier Faceted Fruit Bowl
Pretty traditional fruit bowl made of glossy white glazed porcelain with a solid design. It's round and has faceted walls. It's dishwasher, microwave, oven and refrigerator safe. Such bowls can be stacked.

Metal fruit bowl 29

Hammered Metal Serving Bowls #WestElm. These would work well with any color theme. I especially like the texture on each bowl.

Wire fruit bowl 3

A wire fruit bowl in a vibrant, yellow color with a minimalistic design. The frame is made out of metal with a soft, plastic coating and would look nice in a mid-century, modern dining room with its simple design.

Metal fruit bowl 14

FRUIT BOWL - Design: Thomas Feichtner

Metal fruit bowl 30

Decorative Horseshoe Fruit Bowl

Wire fruit bowl 17

A pretty-looking traditional fruit bowl manufactured of metal wires with a vibrant yellow coating. Its round tapered up base and quite spacious hemispherical bowl feature right-angled triangles patterns.

Wire fruit bowl 8

The black mesh bins perfect for your pantry. The fruits and vegetables should be organized in a good way to prevent putrefing themselves. The bins made of wire delivers enough air to stop rotting and keep your veggies fresh longer.

Stainless steel fruit plate fruit bowl fruit font b basket

stainless-steel-fruit-plate-fruit-bowl-fruit-font-b-basket-b-font ...

Impressions 15 oz. Watercolors Soup / Salad Bowl

Impressions 15 oz. Watercolors Soup / Salad Bowl
Designed of glass for stylish appearance, this Soup/Salad Bowl is characterized by a stackable and chip/scratch-resistant design. You can use the bowl in your dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Metal fruit bowl 1

Storage: Wire Ware by Naoto Fukasawa for Plusminuszero : Remodelista

Designer fruit bowl 16

Crafted by a Japanese designer, Takeshi Iue, this unique wooden fruit bowl embodies the spirit of the Japanese culture. Simple, plain forms reflect the depth here better then rich, ornated shapes.

Wrought iron fruit bowls then this lovely scroll metal bowl

wrought iron fruit bowls, then this lovely scroll metal bowl ...

Metal fruit bowl 15

Repurposed Enamelware Bowls into Tiered Storage Stand ~~created by Knick of Time

Stainless steel fruit bowl 6

Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl

Metal fruit bowl 19

Largest porcelain dish finished so far (before firings!) Shrunk to 45cm already. Turned base done 2

Designer fruit bowl 2

A cool modern fruit bowl crafted of wooden materials with a finish in light browns. It's round and composed of a dozen or so pentagonal curved pieces with pointy ends facing the centre where they're joined together.

Wire fruit bowl

2 tier fruit basket consisting of metal wires and finished with openwork pattern. Suitable for serving fruit, cookies and more. Handy accent for each home.

Bukran unique arts and crafts bowl 9

Bukran Unique Arts And Crafts Bowl 9
A pretty traditional bowl for fruit or sweets. It's handmade of glazed ceramic, has a wavy top edge and features various designs e.g. waves, dots, scrolls in prevalent restful blues, oranges and creams.

Countertop organizers and baskets modern steel euro fruit bowls

... > Countertop Organizers and Baskets > MODERN STEEL EURO FRUIT BOWLS

Designer fruit bowl 11

Unique and stylish fruit bowl made of hand-blown glass. Its original form looks very good in modern indoors and many other types of design. Glass surface is very stylish and resistant to many forms of damage.

Metal fruit bowl 23

more uses for lemons: 1.Deodorize your home 2. remove tarnish 3. polish metal surfaces.4. eliminate stains (sweat,grass,wine,tomato etc.) 5. brighten laundry without bleach 6.keep fruits-veggies from turning brown 7.relieve sore throat 8.clean greasy dish

Designer fruit basket

Set of two artistic bowl in two sizes. They are made of carved oak wood and have very fancy shape. This type of bowl will play its role in every type of interior - you can use it to storage frippery or dish up fruits.

12 cluster hammered metal centerpiece fruit bowl 140 99 46

... 12" Cluster Hammered Metal Centerpiece Fruit Bowl $140.99 $46.99

Spectrum 10170 Pantry Works Ellipse Fruit Bowl, Chrome

Metal fruit bowl 26

$12.95 copper-toned aluminum bowl. 6in high diameter, 3.25in height

Metal fruit bowl 27

HORSE SHOE planter/ bowl