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For your smaller than average fridge needs, like for your bedroom or perhaps a dorm room, a retro compact fridge is a way to go. It shows people that, while the present is cool, you still prefer so take a gander at the past here and there as a reminder of where we all came from. All of our retro compact fridges are completely functional, and we have different sizes to accommodate different needs. But all are compact.

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Updated 31/05/2023
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Two-Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer

Two-Door Compact Refrigerator with Freezer


Perfect For: Small spaces such as offices, apartments, and garages

What We Like: Separate freezer compartment and energy-saving design

Efficient and stylish, this 3.2 cu ft two-door compact refrigerator with a freezer is perfect for keeping food and drinks cold in any-sized room. With a stainless steel look that complements all decor styles and an interior light for easy food retrieval, it's as functional as it is elegant. The adjustable thermostat ensures optimum temperature for both fridge (32-50℉) and freezer (-1~3℉) compartments, while the can dispenser and two-liter bottle rack maximize storage space. Plus, it consumes only 0.9 kWh of electricity per day, making it an eco-friendly choice.

$176.56 $185.23

Designer Advice:

To make the most out of this compact refrigerator, place it in an easily accessible spot and utilize the removable tempered glass compartments for easy cleaning and storage customization.

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Mini Fridge with Chiller Section

Mini Fridge with Chiller Section


Perfect For: Small spaces needing extra food storage

What We Like: Sleek design and versatile storage options

The Danby Classic mini fridge features a chiller section and is the perfect solution for additional food storage in tight areas. Its sleek design and modern handle make it ideal for rec rooms, dens, and workshops. Equipped with integrated door shelving, tall bottle storage, and a transparent crisper drawer, this unit offers ample space for drinks and snacks. The smooth back design allows flush installation against a wall, and the reversible door hinge suits left or right-handed door openings, effortlessly blending with any decor style.

Designer Advice:

Place this mini fridge in a convenient location, like under a counter or beside a home bar, to maximize accessibility and make the most of your newly added storage space.

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Compact All-Refrigerator with Adjustable Glass Shelves

Compact All-Refrigerator with Adjustable Glass Shelves


Perfect For: Entertaining in outdoor spaces and patios

What We Like: Energy-efficient design and ample storage options

Designed for exterior conditions, this compact all-refrigerator boasts 4.4 cubic feet of cooling space and stylish retro-inspired curved door. With its Energy Star rating and adjustable tempered glass shelves, you can store larger bottles and various items efficiently. The see-through vegetable crisper, CanStor® beverage dispenser, and LED interior light ensure maximum functionality for any gathering. The spotless steel finish and reversible door hinge for left or right-handed opening add convenience to this versatile outdoor appliance.

Designer Advice:

Pair it with weather-resistant outdoor seating and a durable patio table, creating a welcoming entertainment atmosphere for hosting memorable gatherings.

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Rock-Inspired Fridge with Custom Shelving

Rock-Inspired Fridge with Custom Shelving

Marshall Fridges

Perfect For: Music enthusiasts and dedicated rock fans

What We Like: Authentic Marshall Amp design elements

This unique fridge showcases authentic Marshall Amp parts, such as genuine Marshall logos, knobs, fret cloth, brass-finished faceplate, and custom branded glass shelving, offering the ultimate fusion of rock and refrigeration. It also features two full-size transparent removable trays and one half-size tray for easy organization and access to your favorite beverages and snacks.

$499.99 $549.99

Designer Advice:

Place this eye-catching fridge in a home bar, music studio, or entertainment room to complement your passion for rock music while keeping your drinks and snacks chilled and ready for enjoyment.

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Retro Refrigerator with True Freezer

Retro Refrigerator with True Freezer

Commercial Cool

Perfect For: Combining vintage style with modern functionality

What We Like: Ample storage and adjustable temperature settings

This retro refrigerator boasts 4.5 cubic feet of space, including versatile storage options such as a full-width bin, pull-out glass shelves, a bottle door, and a can dispenser rack. Its true freezer of 1.35 cubic feet capacity comes complete with an ice scraper and ice cube tray. The fridge also has a 10w interior light, 8 adjustable temperature settings, a low noise level of 44 dB, and operates on R600a refrigerant. Available in three eye-catching colors - cool red, sleek black, and stunning white.

$348.05 $390.5

Designer Advice:

Complement this retro fridge with other vintage-inspired kitchen appliances and decor for a cohesive, nostalgic look in your kitchen while enjoying the convenience of a modern appliance.

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Retro-Designed Compact Fridge

Retro-Designed Compact Fridge

Avanti Products

Perfect For: Adding a stylish touch to home, dorm, or office spaces

What We Like: Its sleek, sophisticated vintage look and practical design

Available in Robin Egg Blue, this retro-designed compact fridge boasts a spacious 3.1 cu. ft. capacity and adds cool sophistication to any setting. Featuring manual defrost with drip tray and mechanical temperature control for easy settings adjustment, it efficiently stores your favorite food and drinks. The built-in door bins and adjustable, removable glass shelves offer versatile storage options. Further, its Energy Star Certification ensures energy efficiency and cost savings.

$219.99 $224.78

Designer Advice:

Place this stylish fridge in a central area of your dorm, office, or kitchen to create a functional and eye-catching centerpiece. Stick to pastel tones and metallic accessories for a seamlessly vintage ambiance.

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Refrigerator Drawer with Temperature Control

Refrigerator Drawer with Temperature Control


Perfect For: Keeping perishable food fresh for longer

What We Like: Life Plus 0°C/32°F drawer on telescopic guides

This versatile refrigerator drawer offers a controlled temperature zone (28° - 37°F) for enhanced preservation of perishable foods like fish, cheese, and meat. Equipped with electronic temperature control, it features LED lights on both sides for easy visibility and a multiflow system for consistent air distribution. The telescopic fruit and vegetable drawer offers convenient access, making this drawer an essential addition to your kitchen.

$3699 $3499

Designer Advice:

Install it in your main refrigerator or under-counter space. Keep the drawer organized with separate containers for different food types to maximize efficiency and reduce food waste.

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Mini Fridge with Can Dispenser and Bottle Opener

Mini Fridge with Can Dispenser and Bottle Opener


Perfect For: Rec rooms, dorms, and man caves

What We Like: Licensed Corona graphics and built-in can dispenser

This compact 3.2 cu ft (90L) mini fridge showcases eye-catching Corona graphics and offers ample storage with three removable glass shelves, door storage, and a built-in can dispenser. A durable steel bottle opener is conveniently attached to the exterior, while dependable compressor cooling technology maintains temperatures between 32°F (0°C) and 50°F (10°C). The space-saving flat-back design, reversible door, and recessed handle make this mini fridge a versatile addition to any space.

$298.74 $349.99

Designer Advice:

Place this unique mini fridge in your den or game room for easy access to cold drinks during gatherings and enjoy the convenience of the built-in can dispenser and bottle opener.

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Portable Toolbox Refrigerator with Drawers

Portable Toolbox Refrigerator with Drawers


Perfect For: Keeping beverages and snacks cool in your garage or workshop

What We Like: Compact design and wheel casters for mobility

This portable 1.8 cu. ft. toolbox refrigerator is cleverly designed to blend seamlessly into your garage or workshop environment. The red full stainless steel exterior and heavy-duty metal drawers provide a subtle yet stylish look, while the secure locking door, durable rolling casters, and interior lighting make it a practical addition to your work area. The auto defrost feature adds convenience, and the temperature control ranges from high 30ºF to mid 60ºF. With one refrigerated compartment and two storage drawers, you can easily keep your favorite beverages and snacks cool and protected.

$421.78 $549

Designer Advice:

Place the toolbox refrigerator in a discreet corner of your garage or workshop to save space and provide easy access to refreshments during a long day of work.

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Efficient Adjustable Shelves Refrigerator

Efficient Adjustable Shelves Refrigerator


Perfect For: Home kitchens and office break rooms

What We Like: Quick and efficient cooling

This refrigerator offers versatile storage with full-width and half-width shelves that can easily accommodate taller bottles. The energy-saving R600a fluorine-free refrigerant provides quick and efficient cooling, while the 0-10°C temperature control range ensures optimal settings for various needs. The sleek piano paint panel and arc design add a modern touch to any space, and the adjustable shelf and foot ensure flexibility and durability. With its 38 dB low-grade sleeping operation, this refrigerator operates quietly for a peaceful environment.

Designer Advice:

For home or office use, the "4" temperature setting should provide an ideal balance of cooling performance and energy efficiency. Pair this fridge with other modern appliances to create a cohesive look in your space.

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Mini Fridge with Bottle Opener and Can Dispenser

Mini Fridge with Bottle Opener and Can Dispenser


Perfect For: Rec rooms, dorms, man caves, and home bars

What We Like: Built-in bottle opener and can dispenser

Keep your favorite beverages chilled and within reach with this 3.2 cu ft mini fridge featuring a built-in bottle opener and can dispenser. Official Coors Light® graphics with Rocky Mountain artwork make it a standout gift for beer-lovers. It offers adjustable temperature control, magnetic door seal, removable glass shelves, and a space-saving flat-back design, making it ideal for any room. The compact white interior adds a classic touch.

$295.09 $349.99

Designer Advice:

Consider placing it in your games room or home bar to highlight your love for Coors Light and enjoy easy access to cold drinks while keeping the ambiance lively and fun.

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Retro Compact Fridge

Buying Guide

No matter if you're looking for a retro compact fridge for a room in your home, a dorm, or an apartment, it's essential to purchase one that's high-quality and low-maintenance. Not only are these fridges handy to have around, but they also occupy a minimal amount of space while providing convenience. If you're having difficulty deciding which retro compact fridge to choose, we're going to go over some specifications to help you select one, so you can begin storing things in your space.

Under most circumstances, a compact fridge's capacity is 5.5 cubic feet. While it has enough room to store items, it's typically utilized for drinks and small foods or snacks. If you can find a retro compact fridge with adjustable shelves, the recommendation is to purchase this kind because you’ll maximize your interior space. In addition to being able to change up the interior’s configuration based upon what you’re purchasing, you’ll be able to clean it easier.

Selecting a typical refrigerator has one thing in common, and it's often a lack of style. However, when you choose a retro compact fridge, it's possible to add an extra accent to your decor. These fridges tend to have an all-metal exterior that is styled with sleek, retro lines that are simple to clean. The beauty of these fridges is that, because they have a metal design, they feature a myriad of colors ranging from powdery hues to dark metallic shades. Therefore, it's possible to match them up with any design theme.

You'll increase the longevity of your compact fridge if you keep it out of your garage, away from direct sunlight, or so that it isn't near heat vents. In doing so, you'll help the compressor from working too hard. Instead, place it in a location where the climate is controlled like a basement or well-ventilated room. It's also critical that you keep the coils vacuumed to ensure it doesn't overheat from dust and dirt accumulation.

Most fridge doors are reversible but don't take it for granted. If you’re going to put the fridge into a corner, it’s essential the door isn’t opening the wrong way. So, make sure the hinge is on the correct side.

For example, a 1.6 cubic foot retro fridge will cost just under $80.00. Under typical circumstances, however, you'll find the costs ranging between just under $200.00 to up to just under $3,000.00. Depending on how many features you're going to select for your retro compact fridge, as well as where you're going to make your purchase, you're going to find the prices are going to vary significantly. There are also several size differences, as well.

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