Three Legged Stool

If you’re apprehensive that a three legged stool is like a three-wheel car, don’t be – in most cases there are no stability issues … lol. In fact, such stool can make not only a very reliable, but also an incredibly attractive addition to your kitchen or bar. They say less is more, and it couldn’t be truer in this case.

Wooden 3 legged stool

Three legged stool created by British designers. Low, profiled backrest supports the lumbar part of your spine. Here this wooden stool is left unfinished, but the design comes in different colours, also vibrant ones.

Three legged stool 5

A smart and simple idea for a folding chair that you can take everywhere with you. Perfect for fishing or picnic. It features three hinged legs that, when folded, fit ideally in a y-shaped hole in the seat.

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Wooden three legged stool

Marlow Three-legged Stool

Three legged stool

A simple, designer, three legged stool that might become a nice accent of your space. It's in a minimalistic style that will suit modern interiors. The legs are light wood and they are connected together with a black profile. The seat is plain black.

Small 3 legged wooden stool

Very trendy three legged stools made of two colors of wood. The designer's great idea is a fact, that you can choose the legs and seat colors and fully personalize this piece of furniture to your special needs.

Stool made in sustainably sourced black

Stool Made In Sustainably Sourced Black
This wonderful modern designed stool made from walnut and white oak, will be great addition to your decor. Unique profile of the seat will provide maximum support. Handmade look catches your eye and warm your soul.

It is able to bend freely as well as to

It is able to bend freely as well as to tie. TRINITY is a folding stool applied the characteristic of a rope. The tied knots at the both ends of the rope which pass through the legs and the seat, to give the relation that pulling each other from three dir

Three legged stool 13

three legged stool

The business judgement rule a three legged stool of security

The Business Judgement Rule: A Three Legged Stool (Of Security)

Three legged stool 14

Three Legged Stool

Roll About Stool

It is a fantastic roll about stool that is a perfect addition for your kitchen and is great for cooking, working on garage and more. This stool is comfortable, nicely finished and high quality.

Workshop stools

Wharton Esherick Sculpted walnut three-legged stool

Antique Revival Wooden 3-Legged Stool, butter

It is an antique 3-legged stool that has got a solid wood construction. You can choose one of three color options to choose: beige, red and white. It adds style to any dining room area.

Cherry wood bench

I like, it -- flip the third leg forward! Room for you feet & you can pretend to be on a motorcycle! Three-legged Stool - by Furnitude @ ~ woodworking community


Three legged wooden stool mint gloss finish on seat and

Three legged wooden stool Mint gloss finish on seat and partially down each leg. It is almost like it has been dipped into a delicious pool of minty fresh paint! The perfect bedside table or stool in a bathroom or children’s room 35cmW x 45cmH

Arktura Clic Stool

The triangle can symbolize many things in today's world - but what's most important here - comfort and good design of three legged stools. The combination of small stools, blue and red - with triangular seats is a great idea for a furniture puzzle.

Stacking kitchen stools

Stacking Stools (model 60) Alvar Aalto (Finnish, 1898–1976) 1932-33. Birch, Each: 17 1/4" ( 43.8), diam. 14" (35.5 cm). Manufactured by Oy Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötehdas Ab, Turku, Finland. Gift of the manufacturer

Butler 2050025 Revolving Bar Stool

An industrial style swivel barstool having 3 quite tall narrow U-shaped splayed legs and a footring of thin black-coated iron rods. A round seat of recycled solid wood with a natural brown finish is fixed to a thick bolt and has adjustable height.

Deluxe Adjustable Leg Milking Stool

Vintage stool you cant have enough of them seats tables

vintage stool -you cant have enough of them -seats, tables, steps, stands...

Rca graduate product the stools three hinged legs fit perfectly

RCA Graduate product - The stool’s three hinged legs fit perfectly into a y-shaped hole in the seat, locking them into place.

Three legged stool 4

'Tripod' three-legged stool. Fantastically modern. Made from light, pine wood. The seating is pretty comfortable even if it looks quite harsh. Ideal for modern style big, open space living room. Very innovative.

Jack Richeson Three Leg Wood Artist Stool stool

It is a folding stool that is perfect for your favorite outdoor activities. It has got a saddle leather upholstery, three solid oak wood legs and fantastic design. You will be impressed how cool this stool is.

Three legged folding stool

Ausgebrannt - German for "burnt out", is a project by Belgian designer Kaspar Hamacher, who makes wooden stools by setting them on fire.

3 leg folding stool

Making a Tage Frid-Style Three-Legged Stool

Antique Revival Benoit Stool, Red

This piece of furniture is a high quality stool that has got a durable frame made of solid materials. It means that this stool is able to hold the weight of an adult user. Its three-legged structure is very stable.

Roll About Rolling Office Chair

This office chair is a very convenient piece, excellent for all kinds of chores. The chair features a tubular steel frame with curved legs and functional caster wheels. Plus, the chair also supports 90% of your body weight.

Walkstool WA22 Comfort 55cm/22in. Portable Folding Camping & Hiking Seat

For camping, such a portable seat is just indispensable. It is very lightweight, so you can take it anywhere without struggle. Metal tripod base with special caps make it sturdy on almost any terrain.

Antique stool

Authentic antique backless piano stool of wood with a distressed dark brown finish. Its showy rich carved base comprises of a bottle-like column and 3 curved legs. A quite thick-padded round seat has a fabric cover with floral patterns in beiges.

Present Time Leitmotiv Orbit Table, Orange

It is an three legged side table that is made of MDF and wood with rubber wooden feet. It is very modern, simple and minimal so it fit to many decors of your home. This table is perfect for your living area.

Three legged chair antique

Trio: A Jointless Stool by Andrea Quiros-Balma

Bill 31" Bar Stool with Cushion

Bill 31" Bar Stool with Cushion
A three-legged bar stool, round, with padded seat cushion, upholstered in black leather. Solid metal frame, legs and footrest. Simple and lifetime design, perfect for any bar, pub, your kitchen counter etc.

Distressed Red Bottle Cap Metal 3 Legged Stool

A unique bar stool that features a funny design. The seat looks like an original bottle cap that is supported on three metal legs. The stool is distressed which creates a great, shabby look. A great idea for a man cave!

The second leg of the emerging leaders three legged stool

... : The Second Leg of the Emerging Leader’s Three Legged Stool

Chinese Antique Stool From Northern China - Is about 60-80 years old - Restored by local Chinese craftsmen - 14" x 8" x 19" H.

This vintage small stool features a three leg's frame and triangular shaped seat. It was fully manufactured from a sturdy elm wood. It is finished, lacquered and rubbed by hands to get a multidimensional color.

Odie Legged Stool

Odie Legged Stool
This 3-Legged Stool in Brown & Red brings rustic accents and durable construction. Characterized by solid wood construction, the stool also provides 250 lbs of weight capacity. Wipe down with a clean cloth and lemon oil.

Three legged stool 18

Three Legged Stool

Three legged stools and knitted pouffes

three legged stools and knitted pouffes

3 legged wooden stool

Germany Ai Weiwei 55th Venice Biennale

Legged stool 4

legged stool

Cherry 3 legged stool

Cherry 3 legged stool

Dillon Vanity Stool

Dillon Vanity Stool
Very interesting and highly original stool to the living room, which is decorated in a vintage style or French style. The stool has a not only practical function, but also it is largely decorative. It is perfect and beautiful.

Portable Folding Walking Stick Cane / Soft Seat Chair Camp / Travel Tripod Stool

Such a chair - foldable, you can take with you under any conditions. When it is folded, it has the size of the umbrella! It has a triangular seat and is based on solid black meta threel legs. 3 legged stool can be perfect for any camp!

3 legged chair antique

... stool, perched perpetually (yet variably) on just three of five

Three legged stool 3

Three legged stool

Kids table and bench set

Choose this amazing kitchen table and bench set that can be a simply great choice when you have more children and would like them to sit comfortably and with plenty of space for their various activities.

Quality bar stools 1

In 1942 Mogens Lassen designed the Stool ML42 as a piece for a furniture exhibition held at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. He took inspiration from the stools used by the shoemakers of the past, and transferred the light, elegant look to the creatio

Butler 2049025 Revolving Bar Stool