Milking Stools


As great for milking cows as they are for a simple footstool in the kitchen, these milking stools are sturdy, versatile, and will have plenty of use in your home. They come in many styles and colors and are made of good quality craftsmanship and materials. Look at our extensive collection and find yours. You might find they can come in handy in many different ways.

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Our Picks

This robert thompson milking stool includes a provenance back to

This Robert Thompson milking stool includes a provenance back to the ...

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Milking stools 8

This milking stool from the late 1800's constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who love the antique design and the characteristic cottage charm. Ideal as an accent for a shabby chic or country house decor.

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Rustic Primitive Antique Foot Stool Footstool Barn Find Milking Stool Wow

Rustic Primitive Antique Foot Stool Footstool Barn Find Milking Stool Wow

An authentic rustic footstool serving also as a milking stool. It's made of solid wood with a weathered 2-tone finish. A rectangular top with rounded edges has a natural finish. A-shaped recessed legs and a showy apron with slanted corners are grey.

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6"H ROUND RISER, 7x7x5.75 Inches

Classic stool mounted on 3 legs and reinforced with solid supports. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Handy gadget for each home.

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Hand Hewn Teak Milking Stool

Hand Hewn Teak Milking Stool

It is a hand hewn teak milking stool that has got a traditional design and it fits to any style and décor in your living room, dining room, kitchen and other. This stool is high quality and nicely finished.

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Milking stools and operant conditioning

Milking Stools and Operant Conditioning

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15"H ROUND RISER, 12x12x15 Inches

A simplistic stool for cow-milking, that will splash your kitchen with a drop of country charm. Crafted of hardwood and gracefully weathered, the stool is covered in a distressed green finish, and has a 3-legged base reinforced with a sturdy stretcher.

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Milking stools

Small elm milking stool on three peg-secured ash legs, with burr top - an original 18th century piece! It even has traces of old paint and varnish to its base. Probably one of the most unique pieces nowadays!

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Antique milking stool antique stool french antique furniture

antique milking stool antique stool french antique furniture

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Adorable Antique Refurbished Small 8" X 5.5" X 4" Milking Foot Stool Farm Barn

The exquisite milking stool made entirely of wood is a unique element in antique styling just right for the cottage house. The whole is small and can serve as a footrest or small table. Beautiful performance captivates.

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Milking Stools

Buying Guide

Milking stools can be practical and delightful additions to homes. As its name suggests, a milking stool is made to be used for milking cows and goats; however, homeowners and furniture makers have seen its potential which is why it now has a variety of functions including as a comfortable footrest, an end table, and an indoor/outdoor seating option. Its stylish silhouette is also capable of enhancing a room’s overall look.

Choosing a milking stool can seem pretty easy but it’s more complicated than it seems, which is why we’ve decided to list down a couple of tips to help you make sure that you get the stools that look great, feel comfortable, and last for years. Check them out!

Milking stools are constructed using durable materials in order to support weight properly. In the past, they were mainly made of solid wood, which is a material that's great for its strength, durability, and of course, aesthetics. But, they're now available in other materials including metal and plastic.

If you're looking for a material for milking stool that's the best, we would recommend that you look for a mahogany construction. Mahogany gives milking stools an exceptionally beautiful stature and affordable value. It's a medium-density type of wood and it creates an exotic look with its unique and stunning patterns which will definitely add character into your home.

Another type of wood that is often used with milking stools is oak. It creates a traditional or modern milk chair and it's incredibly long-lasting with its strength and durability. It's a high-density material and milking stools made of oak will last a century if maintained properly.

When it comes to the seat material, function and comfort are the two significant factors that are to be taken into consideration. The choices are between:

  • Upholstered Milking Stool - Lots of homeowners prefer the comfort well-cushioned, upholstered milking stools offer. An upholstered seat for a milking stool won’t just increase the chair's aesthetic value, but it will also give you an opportunity to add some texture, pattern or color into your living spaces. Some of the best upholstery materials for milking stools include polyester, leather, and microfiber.
  • No Cushion Milking Stool - An unupholstered seat for a milking stool is best for an area that receives high traffic. It offers an easy and quick cleanup as well as maintenance. It's also ideal if you entertain frequently as there is no cushion that gets worn out from constant use. It is a good choice as well if your home has small kids. An upholstered seat lets you be free from worrying about staining and wear.

Best Ideas

Antique milking stool

Cool clean-cut contemporary portable milking stools. They feature 3 round wide-splayed wooden legs with a natural finish. Each stool features a round seat (with smooth edges) in a glossy vivid colour.

Vintage milking stool 3

Traditional milking stool. Constructed naturally of wood. It even retained its original, crackled texture! Round seat features no backrest, as the stool was supposed to be moved freely without struggle.

How to make a milking stool

A years ago, such stools was used in a barn, now it is also common in the rustic stylizations. There is a lot idea how to use it: it could be a plant stand, a little stool to get up to the highest shelves - it depends only on you.

Antique chairs sofas stools antique stools 6

Antique Chairs / Sofas / Stools : Antique stools

Wooden milking stool

Limited Edition Milking Stools by UM Project

Tiny milking stool

Tiny Milking Stool

Legged milking stool blank pyrography blanks wood products

Legged Milking Stool Blank - Pyrography Blanks - Wood Products

Antique french oak milking stools 1

Antique French Oak Milking Stools 1

Irish ash irish oak milking stool

Irish Ash/Irish Oak Milking Stool

Milking stool by francois chambard moma store

Milking Stool by Francois Chambard | MoMA Store

Milking stools 6

A cool farmhouse style small stool modelled on old time milking stools. It's crafted of wooden materials. It has 2 upturned V-shaped legs joined by a straight stretcher just under a round black finished seat.

Milking stool 11

milking stool

Antique french oak milking stool

Antique French Oak Milking Stool

Milking stool antique farmhouse

Milking Stool | Antique Farmhouse