Art Deco Armchairs

Art deco armchairs hail to a time period where odd angles and straight lines were commonplace. It is most often seen between the late 50s and early 70s, and we have some art deco armchairs for you today in this eclectic and nostalgic collection. They're all well-made and sturdy of the finest steel and leatherette materials. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Club chair 1930s vintage art deco chair

Club chair 1930s vintage art deco chair
Club chair characteristic for 1930s. This piece of furniture features a very solid wooden frame. It includes a very soft seat cushion with a cushioned backrest and solid, padded arms, so it provides comfort and good support.

Danish Art Deco Armchair Mongolian Lamb Fur Attributed To Viggo Boesen

Danish Art Deco Armchair Mongolian Lamb Fur Attributed To Viggo Boesen
Arm chair in the Art Deco style. Seat and back is covered with pleasant to the touch faux fur. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

Hepplewhite Arm Chair

Hepplewhite Arm Chair
Wonderful contemporary wooden chair with a matte brown finish. It has spade-like front legs, sloped fronts of straight arms. Both a semi-oval seat and an arched shield-back are upholstered in white fabric with a floral pattern in beige and browns.

Jimmy Arm Chair

Jimmy Arm Chair
This arm chair has a very original, eye-catching design - it is upholstered with a bright red fabric with colorful, floral pattern on it. Wooden legs are decoratively carved and have a deep brown finish.

Durian Arm Chair

Durian Arm Chair
Beautiful antique style chair of wood hand-painted in white. It has turned front legs, curved and grooved arms supprts and arms with fabric pads. A thick seat and a tall back with a curved top are covered in white cotton with a green floral pattern.

Art deco lounge chair

The set of two Art Deco chairs covered with the delicate white leather. The base was designed of metal and black wood. This kind of contrast looks amazing and stylish, especially in the modern interior.

Art deco chairs

Set of 2 arm chairs in Art Deco style. Frame is made of wood. It is mounted on decorative rounded legs. Seat and back are upholstered with pleasant to the touch velvet fabric and reinforced with solid seams.

Our advice Buying Guide

Art Deco armchairs are glamorous, sophisticated, and luxurious pieces of furniture. Their addition to your home will add some glamour into your living spaces.

How to choose the right color for your art deco armchairs?

To choose the right hues, you have to consider taking two distinct routes.

  • The first one is opting for saturated versions. These armchairs are in chocolate browns, heavy blacks or creamy whites and finished using bold accent colors.
  • Your second option is less restrained. Art Deco armchairs may be decked out in eye-catching, rich shades, particularly deep yellow, blue, green, and red. You can successfully add colorful Art Deco armchairs into your space, but you need to limit yourself to a maximum of four shades.

Art Deco armchairs may be stunning, but they are not for the faint-hearted. If your home is driven by the word “opulence’ in terms of décor, then the chairs can work for you. However, you still need to include your home’s color palette when selecting the right Art Deco armchair for it.

What conditions do Art Deco armchairs come in?

Art Deco furniture comes in thre different conditions:

  • New. Lots of furniture makers create new armchairs with an Art Deco style. You can expect the quality of these chairs to be excellent as you’re getting something brand new and in the best condition.
  • Restored. At the moment, there’s a trend for ‘upcycling.’ Restored Art Deco armchairs are vintage furniture pieces that were given a modern twist through reupholstering with funky fabrics or giving the framework with stunning finishes. Restored armchairs are your best options if you want vintage chairs that are updated to suit your modern living spaces. As they’re chairs from the 1920s, it is likely for them to be sought-after and very expensive.
  • Vintage. If you are anything like us, then you also want original pieces from the 20th century. You'll find lots of vintage Art Deco armchairs online like on auction sites. However, as they’re not restored pieces, they may have cigarette burns on them. The cushioning may be past its best as well. Vintage chairs require a bit of work but they’re well worth restoring.

How to select the right size Art Deco armchairs?

Elegant shapes distinguish Art Deco armchairs. They're capable of filling a room’s empty space with their angled legs and curvy bodies, but they tend to be rather big in size. As the chairs bring visual weight, scale is an important consideration when choosing an Art Deco-styled furniture. The retro vibe of the Art Deco style embraces weighty, oversized pieces. Just choose the scale that works best within your space, one that doesn’t dominate in the room. Also, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone as you choose your Art Deco armchair/s.

How much are Art Deco armchairs?

A quality Art Deco armchair costs anywhere between $1,000 and $15,000, so it pays if you make a careful selection. Test the armchair’s stability thoroughly. If you aren’t satisfied with it, you should be able to return the piece. As for the seat, it should be firm and capable of letting you get out of it with ease. Also, the armrests and the seat’s length must allow your arms and feet to be as comfortable as possible.


Art deco armchairs

Elegant and comfortable, this modern armchair is going to show you a true meaning of relaxing time. The whole is upholstered in an off-white leather with black stitches, while the frame is crafted of durable wood, along with ergonomic arms and curved feet.

Deco chair

A funky armchair in an Art Deco style. The piece is distinguished by old-fashioned leather upholstery in a deep blue color with a yellow edge. It also features an unusal metal base with wooden armrests. A cool accent of every room.

Art deco lounge furniture

The chair presented here refers to the history of aviation, because it was inspired by the seats from the cockpit F-14 Tomcat.Aerodynamic shapes, riveted aluminum and leather finish with matte softness-these are most important values of the art deco armchair.

Art deco arm chair

The Art Deco style is always trendy! These two fantastic armchairs are made in Sweden and they've got a flutted back with zig zag details. They will help you to create the cozy nook for conversations.

Art deco rocking chair

A feather headband on the forehead, a long fifth in the mouth - sitting in a comfortable stylish armchair in the Art Deco style. Interesting upholstery with an admixture of black velour combines the decorative sides of the slightly grated gray material.

Austrian art deco period burled walnut armchairs

Austrian Art Deco Period Burled Walnut Armchairs

Art deco armchairs 2

Straight from the first half of the 20th century, this extremely comfy arm chair is as elegant as it is relaxing. Its arched legs with pointy feet provide extra stability, while the wooden frame firmly holds together all the cushions upholstered in a quality gray fabric.

Chair art deco

I'm a big fan of Art Nouveau style, so I decide to purchase this chair. The organic and floral motifs on it, are delighted and stunning. It's not an usual chair, it's a wonderful piece of art. It features the slender-back and walnut finish.

Deco club chair

This pair of Swedish art deco chairs enchants with its beautiful combination of white upholstery and tinted wooden framing. Ideal, if you want to add your interiors some smooth, sophisticated appeal.

Art deco armchair this will always be modern and beautiful

Art deco armchair - this will always be modern and beautiful to me Yes, I agree visit

An upholstered marquetry art nouveau armchair emile galle attributed to

An Upholstered Marquetry Art Nouveau Armchair Emile Galle, attributed to. c. 1900

Art deco club chairs

A very interesting element that decorates indoors and provides functionality. This armchair includes soft back and seat cushions finished in white color. Its solid wooden frame is finished in black color.

Sale armchairs 3

If you looking for an extra ordinary seating, try the Vintage Lounge Chair by K.E.M. Weber. Unique shape, modern style and well made finish create an interesting piece of furniture.

Modern home furniture design walnut armchairs with art deco style

Modern Home Furniture Design Walnut Armchairs With Art Deco Style

Mid Century Modern Classic Palisander Plywood Lounge Chair & Ottoman With Black Premium Top Grain Leather Eames Style Replica

This set includes a lounge chair with an ottoman used as a backrest. It is a combination of a modern and classic style. These elements have got solid plywood frames and special swivel mechanisms that are very convenient.

Red leather chairs 4

Kem Weber chair. I need to find out what period this really is...but what an absolutely beautiful chair!

Art deco style armchair ca 1913 gicleedruk

Art Deco Style Armchair, Ca 1913 Gicléedruk