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If you love the eclectic stylings of the art deco movement but want larger furniture pieces that make a decided statement, then you are in luck. We have art deco living room furniture that you will wish to feast your eyes on in this extensive collection. Every piece lives up to the standards love the art deco style, and they are very well made of the finest materials by Craftsman who know what they are doing very well.

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Art deco living room furniture 1

Living room furniture set with two chairs and one sofa with green upholstery. These art deco elements feature wooden frames and their green sitting spaces are soft, comfortable and relaxing to any user.

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Art deco living room furniture 18

Everyone knows that Art Deco furniture make for the perfect addition to any home thanks to their original looks and this chair is no different. It sports the sublime and creative frame and a warm finish.

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Art deco decorating 10 ideas

Art Deco decorating - 10 ideas

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Art Deco Petite Caddie End Table

Art Deco Petite Caddie End Table

Phenomenal end table in the Art Deco style. The base and top are made of metal with a silver finish. It has many positive recommendations from delighted customers.

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Art deco inspired furniture

1930s velvet sofa. #deco #sofa

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Deco living

Art Deco/r -- Eye catching elegance that will make your home look rich.

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Art deco living room furniture 6

Accent chair in the Art Deco style. Frame is made of wood with gold accents. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors.

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I like this room setting a lot its got a

I like this room setting a lot! It's got a modernistic art deco feel to it! It's simple, elegant, and chic! I especially like the chandelier! It's so unique, it kinda reminds me of the framework of an umbrella! The pastel blues and eggshell tones of this

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Art deco living room furniture 2

Art deco style - dates back to 1920 or 1930. We find it in sophisticated hotels and high class flats. Because is synonymous with elegance.Here we see dark colors,shades of gray, black and white.Minimalism,varnished black coffee table and delicate accessories.

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Art deco living rooms

This Art Deco living room chair constitutes a simply unique piece of furniture. Crafted by La Tapicera in Spain, it enchants with its vibrant upholstery, inspired by Frida Kahlo's painting. That is why it is also called the Frida chair.

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Art Deco Living Room Furniture

Buying Guide

Art deco living room furniture pieces are the epitome of sophistication and sexy! Glossy woods, lush leathers, exotic embellishments, jewel tones, slick metal finishes, and glamorous mirrors are all the unique characteristics of furniture with the Art Deco style.

Vintage furniture has already made a huge comeback, which is why Art Deco tables, armchairs, and sofas are in demand today. To help you find the right pieces for your space, here are some tips worth keeping in mind:

A common feature of Art Deco furniture pieces is the luxury embellishment, which means authentic pieces are added with luxurious stones, jewels, and quartzes. More popular accents include Murano glass, ivory, jade, and onyx. You’ll often find them on sofas, armchairs, and tables but they’re also added to clocks, radios, chandeliers, and lamps. The decorative elements help living room furniture create a rich, luxurious, and modern look.

Back in the Roaring Twenties, Deco style was all the rave. The economy flourished and societies started to splurge on luxury goods. Among the most glamorous and luxurious pieces people invested into back then were mirrored furniture. All types of living room furniture were being made out of mirrors even cabinets, chests, and bookcases. If glamour is what you’re looking for, then you definitely need mirrored Art Deco furniture.

Furniture makers also incorporate fountains and sunburst as they are symbols of the dawning of a brand new age. You’d find geometric shapes, sweeping curves, as well as daring symmetry as technology saw an improvement during the era.

If you don’t know what to expect from the selections of Art Deco living room furniture available online, here are some things you should know about:

  • Coffee tables, dressers with mirrors, and cabinets come with mirrors in their construction. A mirror can also be paired with exotic wood like ebony, violet wood, mahogany, and Amboina. Cheaper versions come with more affordable and available types of wood like maple, ash, and oak. More often than not, Art Deco furnishings have coats of lacquer for a sleek and glamorous look.
  • The industrial boom of the 1920s is reflected in Art Deco living room furniture with their metal finishing, so don’t be surprised if you find furniture pieces with metal finishes and a futuristic appeal.
  • When the Art Deco movement started, leather furniture was getting lots of attention. Richly textured leathers that are in tan, brown, and black were a big hit as they represented modernism. You'll find ottomans, sofas, and armchairs in the three main leather colors mentioned but some come with gaudy colors like cherry red and tangerine orange.
  • For a sophisticated appeal, manufacturers of furnishings during the era gave sofas and armchairs classic wooden inlays. The colors artists and furniture makers used were mainly rich tones of copper and gold.

Authentic Art Deco furniture can be expensive, so you have to watch out for every single penny that you spend. Set a budget and be realistic about the amount that you can spend. Don’t splurge on a set of furniture but don’t also get caught in buying something that is already worn and unusable. Instead, pick the pieces with solid frames, tough construction, and a cost that will allow you to purchase several furnishings more to complete your space.

Best Ideas

Art deco living room

Art deco style can always create an atmosphere of serenity and charm around it and those pictures are a perfect example of that, elevating your interior's look and vibe and making you happy to be in it.

Art deco cabinets

Chris & Jenny's Collective Elegance — House Tour | Apartment Therapy

Art deco inspired

The shape of this vintage dowel base accent chair reminds me contemporary saucer chairs - the slatted backrest is rounded as a bowl. However, the unique designer's form stays in line with hot Art Deco trends.

Boho chic an exotic colorful romantic way of decorating mixing

Boho Chic- an exotic, colorful, romantic way of decorating. Mixing global patterns, art, fabric, and color with antique furniture to make your home an eclectic, free spirited retreat. Surya carries many rug and accessory options that fit this vintage look

Art deco living room furniture 4

Furniture by Joan Busquets i Jane - 1874-1949 in the Palacio Güell from 1960.

Art deco sitting room

A glamorous living room interior featuring pale bluish walls, a darker blue ceiling with golden ornaments, a dark blue floor. They harmonise a.o. with a white fireplace, golden framed room dividers of decorative glass, off-white and light brown sofas.

Velvet living room furniture 2

SHADES OF BLUE | the style files////

Lounger chairs 4

Poppytalk: Sunday Reading | Cozy + Blue

Dramatic art deco living room

Dramatic Art Deco Living Room

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