Modern Reclining Sectional


We all love sectional sofas, especially if you have a big family. But the design is updating and we now have for you a modern version you will appreciate. Behold! The modern reclining sectional. With reclining seating throughout and many colors and upholstery options, you are sure to find your next sectional in this extensive collection. Take a look.

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Our Picks

Modern reclining sectional

Modern reclining sectional sofa allows for the optimal use of space and frequent changes in the arrangement of the living room. Another interesting idea is the upholstered in a light fabric sofa with a place to sleep, and a folded recliner with a footstool.

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Modern reclining sectional

This white leather recliner sofa constitutes a great example of the contemporary design. It will fit work out well in all modern interiors, emphasizing the refined character of the space.

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Modern reclining sectional

Beautiful sectional reclining sofa in impressive Italian design captivates. Soft seats with armrests, slim backrest and smooth upholstery in white delight. Ideal furniture for the living room or entertainment room.

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4087 modern leather sectional sofa recliners

4087 modern leather sectional sofa recliners

This sofa is Mount Everest of modernity - in a leather brown finish. Modern reclining sectional sofa has even futuristic sliding footrests, and headrests. He will probably hold the entire football team in it's semi-circular shape.

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Leather sectionals modern sectional with motorized recliners bm01 5

... Leather Sectionals >> Modern Sectional with Motorized Recliners BM01

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Modern recliner couch

Modern reclining sectional that’s perfect for a big family – or if you want to emphasise the luxurious character of your modern apartment. The white colour of the upholstery is perfect for the minimalistic style.

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Contemporary leather recliner sofa design

Sectional recliner in contemporary style. It is upholstered with high quality leather. Carefully profiled back is reinforced with solid seams. Modern solution for the living room and others interiors as needed.

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Sofa with two recliners and mid console conveniece tray 15

... -sofa-with-two-recliners-and-mid-console-conveniece-tray-15.gif

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Modern italian reclining sectional sofa top view ital moresco

Modern Italian Reclining Sectional Sofa Top View Ital Moresco

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Modern reclining sectional 1

Reclining sectional for a large family. Upholstered premium Italian leather in white; offers nice, sleek look, chaise lounge part and 3 seats that recline. Standing on low, block feet, characterized by dark finish, contrasting to the upholstery colour.

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Modern Reclining Sectional

Buying Guide

Are you looking for a large comfortable family sofa? With so many different styles and designs available, it's very difficult to agree on living room furniture for the home. However, many families will struggle to find many faults with a modern reclining sectional. With colors available to suit every living room, these sofas will slot perfectly around a corner of the living room, and have one or two sections which are able to recline. This provides ultimate comfort for everybody sitting on the sofa, and has the appearance of a contemporary and sleek piece of furniture.

If you're choosing a family sofa and more than one or two people are involved in the decision, it may take a while to find the best material. Let's look at the most common materials available and see if any of them could suit you.

  • Leather: A true classic offering plenty of comfort, leather comes with a modern look that most people enjoy. It fits in homes which already have existing leather furniture, and is available in a dark black, a rustic brown or an ultra modern clean white. The elegance of leather means that you can match a leather chaise lounge without it looking out of place.
  • Fabric: Modern sectionals can also be seen in fabric material, along with thick padded cushions. This is a great alternative for those who don't like leather, and it can still look very modern. With ranges from classic to bespoke fabric to suit every home, fabric sofas are often paired with elegant wooden or chrome feet.
  • Felt: Not everyone's first choice but definitely something to consider if you're after a different modern look for your home, a felt reclining sectional is high quality, comfortable and soft. It's available in many different colors, and often has a back which features buttons and curves, offering a somewhat retro yet highly modern style.

One of the features of a reclining sofa which adds the style is the frame. This is the skeleton of the sofa and holds it all together. While most of the sofa frame is hidden by the cushions and padding, there are elements that you are still able to see, such as the sides and the bottom.

  • Rounded sides: This modern style of reclining sectional features circular detail on either side of the sofa. This not only allows you to store things within the hollow of the circles, but also adds a modern feature.
  • Chrome posts: These don't get in the way of your sofa when sitting down on it, but chrome posts on either side of the sofa give a modern look while also providing durability and sturdiness. Most commonly seen with leather sofas, on either side of the furniture you will see chrome posts around two feet in height.
  • Affixed side table: Rather than having to buy different pieces of furniture to get the same effect in your living room, you can consider a modern reclining sectional which already has side tables included. These are built into the frame of the sofa so that you have two matching side tables at either end.

Best Ideas

Modern reclining sectional 1

A beautiful sectional sofa with a power reclining mechanism and stylish button-tufting. The corner design allows you to save space in your living room, making you comfortable while relaxing on gray leather upholstery.

Leather sectional sofa with recliners and colour orange modern leather

Leather Sectional Sofa With Recliners And Colour Orange Modern Leather ...

Cado modern fueniture aura sectional sofa

CADO Modern Fueniture - AURA Sectional Sofa

Reclining sofa 5 piece power recliner sectional 2 power recliner

Reclining Sofa, 5 Piece Power Recliner Sectional (2 Power Recliner ...

Gh 228 modern reclining sofa electronic recliners flip back function

gh 228 modern reclining sofa electronic recliners flip back function

Modern reclining sectional

Sectional corner sofa with chaise lounge and take-down footstool. It is covered with bright, elegant leather. This type of furniture will play its role perfectly in spacious living room, especially during parties.

Modern reclining sectional sofas

Macy's Natuzzi Power Reclining Dove Grey Leather Sectional*WE SHIP ANYWHERE* #Natuzzi #Modern

Lia italian leather sectional sofa modern sectional sofas

Lia Italian Leather Sectional Sofa modern-sectional-sofas



Bellagio reclining sectional

Bellagio Reclining Sectional

Modern reclining leather sofa

modern recliner sofa sectional

Modern sofa recliner

Modern and very stylish reclining sectional sofas are an excellent combination of comfort and convenience and robust construction. The elegance of the finish admires the details and makes the whole a perfect element of contemporary interiors.

Modern reclining sectional 2

Sectional recliner in modern style. It is upholstered with nice touch leather and fitted with comfortable headrests. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams for added comfort.

Jedd fabric reclining sectional sofa

A stunning modern sectional sofa upholstered in elegant brown (on seats and backs) and beige leather. It has low metal feet and wide 8-shaped arms. It's equipped with a coffee table, back pillows, 2 recliners and height-adjustable roll headrests.