Single Cushion Loveseat


When you're sitting on a loveseat, there are few things that are less comfortable than that space between the two cushions. So, to alleviate that, why not get a single cushion loveseat. Now no one is uncomfortable, and snuggling is more fun. And who doesn't love to snuggle. That’s why they call it a love seat.

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Carlisle Upholstered Sofa Collection

Carlisle Upholstered Sofa Collection

Making a really bright and warm accent to the interior, this white sofa has actually a lot more to offer. Designed with a deep seat and low back for unparalleled comfort, it delights with subtle details and prestigious style.

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Single cushion loveseat 2

A pretty loveseat which is distinguished by a seat with a single cushion, which gives it a smooth and plain character. The piece is in a universal shade of grey color that will suit both traditional and modern interiors.

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Soft modern petite upholstered sofa whether you are downsizing or

Soft Modern Petite Upholstered Sofa Whether you are downsizing or trying to find a sofa to fit in a tight nook, this comfort-down cushion and ultra-soft back sofa saves space with its sleek double-sweeping arms and 5'6" size. Just right for stretching out

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Single cushion loveseat 3

A pretty though modest traditional sofa with a wooden frame with low bun feet. It has wide flat arms, a thick seat and a rather low backrest. Its skirted cover (with piping) is of plain greyish fabric.

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Modern loveseat upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Frame is made of wood. Stylish addition to the living room and others interiors as needed.

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Banbury sofa product no 2019 62 collection items available include

Banbury Sofa Product No: 2019-62 Collection items available include: Sofa and Loveseat. Tall shaped back with curved, sloped arms and extra deep seat cushion gives this graceful style comfort and a sophisticated look. It features a single bench seat cu

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Bliss Sofa

Bliss Sofa

A solid, comfortable and attractive sofa that introduces a neutral style into the living room. Its frame and legs are made of solid ash wood that increases stability. It features a soft seat cushion and two removable back cushions.

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Single cushion loveseat 11

Furniture of America Agatha Traditional Tufted Sofa

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Single cushion loveseat 10

With its gorgeous snowy white upholstery, this single cushion loveseat will provide a bright, cosy addition to your living room. Stiff straight armrests and backrests, which encompass the seating represent a universal style, that will fit into most of the decors.

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Single cushion sofa

The traditional floral pattern sofa with the comfortable pillows. Not all the people are pink color enthusiasts, but those who like it surely appreciate its beauty. Maybe it is not ideal for the modern decor's interior, but looks great in the traditional one.

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Single Cushion Loveseat

Buying Guide

The loveseat is a modern piece of furniture which is large enough for two people to cozy up on, and perfect for one person who loves plenty of space to themselves. Whatever your reasons for buying a loveseat, one of the styles you can consider is the single cushion loveseat. While some loveseats may have two smaller cushions joined together, the single cushion loveseat has just one large cushion which both people can sit on. If you're buying a loveseat, here are some helpful tips to give you some guidance.

Your plan should include the dimensions of your living room, and outline the space that you are willing to allocate to the loveseat. This gives you useful parameters that you can work with when picking out the right size. You might decide that the loveseat can take up five feet of the length and four feet of the width of your living room, so when you start shopping around, you'll know not to exceed these guidelines.

Buying large pieces of furniture often comes at a higher cost and therefore with a higher risk. It's also more difficult to get rid of large furniture since you can't always just pick it up and put it in your car.

When choosing colors, think carefully about whether you will still like the pattern or colors several years from now. Ideally, people are looking to buy sofas and loveseats which will last them around 5-10 years. If you think by next summer you may not like the furniture anymore, think about before spending any money.

Neutral colors are often the safest choices, and you can easily embellish them with colorful cushions which are less risky and can be changed more easily. Considering any colors you already have in the living room is important, especially the items that you would be extremely reluctant to let go or swap for a different color.

While considering how beautiful the loveseat looks, don't forget to think about the comfort aspect too. That's why it's always a good idea to try out the furniture you're thinking about buying – you can always go back home and find the same loveseat online. Knowing what you're buying before it gets delivered to your home is important – even if you have a guarantee and a returns policy which means you can send it back, it's always better to get it right the first time and have a piece of furniture that you will love and find comfort in for years to come.

A loveseat is a versatile piece of furniture that has a similar style impact as an accent chair with the added practicality of seating multiple people. Loveseats work well in a wide variety of rooms, from livings areas to bedrooms, to a home office and even in the kitchen.

But the key to finding a loveseat is to choose one that offers the features that match your style and meet your comfort needs. Here's our guide to what to look for when choosing a loveseat.

Loveseats are a compact version of a standard sofa with dimensions ranging from 48"-70" in length, and up to 37" deep and tall. Depending on the style and width of the arms of the loveseat, you can expect to have 42"-60" wide seats.

Loveseats with less than 48" in seat space are typically used as an oversized armchair for one. If you plan on entertaining, look for a wider loveseat that can comfortably seat two people.


Leather is expensive but is long-lasting if cared for properly. Faux leather is a low-maintenance option and a more affordable alternative. Either style adds a regal atmosphere to a room and is ideal for an office, a study, or even a medical clinic's waiting room.

Look for tuxedo or Chesterfield-style leather loveseats that feature metallic studded trim for traditional living areas. Or, add a tufted leather loveseat with tapered legs to update your mid-century modern home.

Linen or Cotton

Linen and cotton can be used if they are tightly woven to increase durability. Both can be dyed and printed easily for an exceptional range of patterns and colors to fit your décor.

Try a stone-colored linen loveseat in a modern farmhouse to complement the rustic look of your wooden furniture. A nautical striped cotton loveseat makes a for a whimsical addition to a coastal style living area.


Silk is synonymous with luxury and elegance, which is also reflected in the price. Although more expensive than other upholstery fabric, the smooth feel and beautiful appearance make silk an excellent choice for classically styled rooms. It often has subtle embroidered designs that add texture and vintage charm to a room.

Unfortunately, silk is fragile and prone to easy wear and tear. Loveseats upholstered in silk are inappropriate for frequent use and are most suitable for formal living areas. Add a camelback silk loveseat is a floral print to a shabby-chic or French country home.


Microsuede and microfiber are synthetic polyester fabrics that provide a good balance of softness and durability and are an excellent option for pet owners and families with children. They come in a wide selection of colors, and the weave of the fabric gives the furniture an expensive look without the high price tag.

Choose a tight-back microfiber loveseat in a neutral shade for a minimal or Scandi living area and style with bold accent pillows and a lambswool throw rug to create a modern yet cozy living space.

Some loveseat fabrics are treated with stain-resistant coatings to prevent stains from setting and adversely impacting the appearance of the loveseat. While these fabrics still require careful cleaning, they are less likely to retain stains, making them the best choice for loveseats in heavy use areas.

Loveseat covers are also an option if stains are a concern. Most loveseat covers are machine-washable and are available in a variety of styles to fit a loveseat without bunching or riding up. Some loveseats come with a slipcover, making it even easier to clean.

The style of loveseat you buy will depend on the needs of your home. Do you want an accent piece to elevate the style of your sitting room? Or do you want a piece that coordinates with your current living room furniture to create an inviting, cohesive look?

Statement loveseats can feature interesting structural elements such as rolled arms or ornate legs. You could also use a striking pattern or vibrant contrasting color to make the piece stand out.

Choose a coordinating loveseat based on the current color palette and style of your living room or den furniture. If you have a room full of sleek, clean lines, choose a modern box-style loveseat to maintain the flow of the space. For rooms full of plush, textural furniture, select a cushion back love seat in an analogous shade to keep things cozy.

The best color for your loveseat will depend on the color scheme of the rest of your room. While soft neutrals are always a safe bet, you can use pastels or bold colors if it coordinates well with the rest of the room.

Since loveseats are small, they won't overwhelm a room if they're in a bold color, but they might end up competing with the sofa. If your sofa has an eye-catching design, get a loveseat in a more subdued color or pattern. If your sofa is a solid color like green, choose a floral loveseat with a hint of green to bring the room together.

Some colors hide dirt and stains better than others. Ivory and pastel colors will almost certainly require more cleaning and careful protection than black or navy. Families with pets and young children should stick to dark neutrals and jewel tones for all living room furniture.

Ottomans are comfortable for relaxing after a long day. Although ottomans aren't common with loveseats, they can make a nice addition if you have room for one. Many manufacturers make matching ottomans as part of larger living room collections.

Keep in mind that two people sharing a loveseat might have to share the same large ottoman. For better comfort, ensure the ottoman sits at the same height as the top of the seat.

Matching living room sets are an easy way to match your sofa, loveseat, and other furniture. Side and coffee tables can even be coordinated to use the same wood finish as the sofa and loveseat frame.

Matching sets tend to be better suited to traditional or transitional style homes. They can also be a good option for small apartments because it can prevent the space from appearing cluttered and overwhelmed with different styles.

When it comes to styling modern homes, most designers suggest coordinating your loveseat to your living room furniture rather than buying a matching set. Coordinating offers more versatility and adds dimension and interest to a room.

Cushions are typically filled with foam, but down cushions are also available. Down fill provides optimal softness and is well worth the cost if you plan on keeping a loveseat for many years. However, foam-filled cushions provide better long-lasting support making it the better choice for frequently used furniture.

Some loveseats have one or two removable back cushions that are easy to clean and maintain. These are an excellent choice for families with young children or pets.

  • Loveseats are between 48"-70" wide. When including the armrests, some loveseats only have around 40" of seat space, making them a cozy option for couples.
  • Pets can scratch leather, but faux leather lasts longer. Cotton, linen, and silk aren't very durable compared to other fabrics. Microfiber and microsuede are soft and hard-wearing making them the best option for long-lasting furniture.
  • Stain-resistant fabrics and slipcovers are widely available and are a wise investment for families.
  • Choose a loveseat that complements or matches existing traditional or contemporary furniture.
  • Loveseats are small, so they can be upholstered in bold colors without overwhelming a room. Soft neutrals are a flexible style choice, but lighter colors can be harder to keep clean.
  • Ottomans are an excellent addition. 
  • Although matching living room sets don't offer much contrast, they can look very polished, especially if they are coordinated with the tables.
  • Cushions are typically made of foam or down feathers. Either split or single removable cushions are an excellent choice for families because they can be cleaned easily.

Best Ideas

Ibiza Loveseat

Ibiza Loveseat

This small cozy loveseat makes a great platform for all kinds of accessories.  Inviting microfiber/micro suede fabric lends a mellow feeling of comfort that is accepting to glass and metal, distressed wood or bright chic colors. The frame is made from solid Eucalyptus wood for years of wear and the maintenance is minimal. A shade over 56" in length, this dark loveseat will work well in any living space, den or bedroom. Soft foam cushions and a tufted pillow back make resting a pleasure.

Dmitri 51" Square Arms Loveseat

Dmitri 51" Square Arms Loveseat

Modern and old contemporary have been combined to create this fascinating clean-line loveseat. Low square arms provide a no-fuss strategy while height along the back creates a picture of refinement. Neat angled wood feet add to the attraction of a sophisticated piece that can easily be transitioned into multiple decors. The tufted back and 100% linen upholstery makes it easy to create an upscale look at an affordable price.

Maxon Chesterfield Loveseat

Maxon Chesterfield Loveseat

This classy loveseat will look stunning in a contemporary setting, as well as modern chic. The arms gently curve to the sides from the back to form a cocoon of warmth from the sink-in foam padding. Tufted buttons leave an impression of sophistication on the 100% polyester fabric. The frame and legs are made from solid wood to ensure quality. Perfect for cuddling up with a good book or good conversation with friends.

Erinn 67" Flared Arms Loveseat

Erinn 67" Flared Arms Loveseat

Mod loveseat with splayed legs will make a nice touch to those searching for a fresh new look. Tender swooping arms take away the rigidness of squared pieces without ruining the modern look. The width is 67.25" providing just enough room to seat 2 comfortably. Easy care for polyester fabric is fade resistant. Single tufted buttons on the back add a creative touch. Eclectic, modern or industrial chic will prosper from this flared arms loveseat. Set your pop art and flashy floor pillows close by for a day of relaxation.

Clovis 57.87" Recessed & Square Arms Loveseat

Clovis 57.87" Recessed & Square Arms Loveseat

Bolster pillows are making a come-back with their intriguing shape. They work well with this button-tufted square-armed loveseat. Using dressy Polypropylene/Olefin as the fabric, sophistication flows from the high rounded wood legs all the way to the well-formed cotton-filled back pillows. In perfect form for eclectic, chic or modern decors, an array of rare color tones will find the perfect match for your home. Great for making a fashion statement in a large entry way.

Bray Loveseat Bed

Bray Loveseat Bed

Stylish and useful, this loveseat folds down to make a sleeper that measures 47.5'' W x 72.5'' D. Contemporary and carefree, this multifunctional sofa bed can be placed anywhere for sitting or for overnight guests. The linen upholstery and squared arms keep it fit for a modern day decor. Teenagers will find it appealing with easy fold out lounging that hugs the floor. The entire set is filled with soft sinkable foam to be comfortable whether sitting or lying down. Neutral colors let it blend with any type of style.

Isaac Standard Loveseat

Isaac Standard Loveseat

This lovely 4' long loveseat uses simplicity to bring out its beauty.  Squared with tufted buttons and pillow bolsters, it will fit handsomely in any minimalist, modern or contemporary designed living area. 100% linen fabric lends a refined presence for showing off those statues and vases on floating shelves directly to one side of the loveseat. Use a white shag or plush area rug to highlight how simple can also be impressive.

Burley Chesterfield Velvet Loveseat

Burley Chesterfield Velvet Loveseat

A taste of the 70s and the city lights of today bring this distinctive velvet settee to apartment living. Whether your space is confined or you are looking for that one piece that says you have good taste, this loveseat is an eye-catcher. Squared all the way around, it reflects furniture of the Victorian era or wood-laced libraries. Trendy wood-angled feet support the solid wood frame and pocket springs. For an upscale look, add silver or brass modern lighting with light-colored rayon draperies to contrast the rich dark texture of the loveseat.

Carolina Velvet 50.4" Recessed Arms Loveseat

Carolina Velvet 50.4" Recessed Arms Loveseat

If you love traditional with a new twist, look at this newly invented loveseat. Reminiscent of tufted wing backed chairs, this fine specimen brings yesterday's impressive design into today, with a few adjustments. Instead of the huge wings that kept drafts at bay, this lovely velvet loveseat limits the wings but raises the back. The rich turned chair legs add to the royal display of uniqueness. This will be an awesome piece to place on your oriental rug.

Niemeyer 51.5" Tuxedo Arms Loveseat

Niemeyer 51.5" Tuxedo Arms Loveseat

Apartment dwellers with modern and minimalism styles in mind will fall in love with this colorful silhouette of simplicity.  The square, yet flowing design of tuxedo arms and splayed legs do not take away from the casual nature of this piece. Covered with 100% polyester fabric and a touch of covered buttons along the back, this loveseat is graceful without being traditional. Use a colorful Scandinavian themed area rug and an undefined abstract metal wall hanging to deliver texture and definition.

Muse Loveseat

Muse Loveseat

Comfy pretty traditional loveseat with a frame of fibreboard and low brown angular legs. Its curved-out arms, loose both back cushions and dense foam over springs filled seats feature welted edges. Padding is of dense foam, upholstery of beige foam.

Single cushion loveseat 5

Finished in a unique warm yellow colour, this beautiful loveseat will constitute an eye-catching in your living room decor. A good way to break your decor convention a bit.

Loveseat cushion set 1

If you worry that your current loveseat cushions have been damaged or no longer look as good as they used to, opt for these replacement ones that sports the 3-piece structure and thick padding as well as immensely durable material.

England stacy loveseat item number 5736

England Stacy Loveseat - Item Number: 5736