Hanging Collage Picture Frames


You love your family. You love to take photos. But just showing them on social media isn't enough. You want to see them all the time without having to log into your computer. For you we give our collection of hanging collage picture frames that will properly showcase your photographic prowess, while also being a great decor choice for your home.

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Our Picks

Adeco 9-Opening Decorative Wood Collage Wall Hanging Picture Frame, Black

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Handmade photo frames images

Set of seven black rimmed picture frame set makes it easy to display a set of pictures commemorating a special event or a special person. Easy to hang, and easy to change out the contents for a variety of displays.

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Family Tree Picture Frame Wall Decor

Family Tree Picture Frame Wall Decor

Pretty-looking traditional wall-mounted family tree. It has a form of a bunch of delicate thin twigs with size-varied both numerous round 'leaves' and 10 photo frames. It's crafted of metal with a brown and silvery finish.

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Berkeley 7-Opening Picture Frame

Berkeley 7-Opening Picture Frame

Create new memories and cherish the old ones with this 7-opening picture frame in the beautiful yet simple design and a versatile, black finish. You can now choose seven perfect pictures of your family or friends and display them at your home.

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Handmade photo collage

You see the frame - you think, just glass and I can hang one of your favorite picture. What if instead of the glass hang the strings and on them, together with the buckles hang dozens of photos? That presents this hanging collage picture frame.

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Adeco Decorative Black Plastic "Memories" Wall Hanging Collage Picture Photo Frame, 4 x 6-Inch

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Handmade collage ideas

The beautiful and very stylish hanging collage picture frame in blue is a great way to make a lovely wall decor in any interior. The pictures and pictures hanging on strings are unusual and intriguing.

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Adeco 5-Opening Decorative Wood "Forever" Collage Wall Hanging Picture Frame, 5 by 7-Inch/4 by 6-Inch/4 by 4-Inch, Black

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Hanging photo collage frames

Add character and class to your walls with this wine themed wall art collage. The collage is super large too, making it ideal for bigger high ceiling walls. It comes with superb detailing and outstanding artwork all round. The collage works great on a white or cream background.

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Handmade photo collage ideas

I love this, and want to do it in my own home, I just wonder how it is done? Are these just all individual frames hung close together??

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Adeco Decorative Black Plastic Wall Hanging Collage Picture Photo Frame

Adeco 10-Opening Decorative Wood Wall Hanging Picture Frame Collage, Black

Finished in matte black, this set of 10-opening decorative wall hanging picture frames constitutes a great way to perpetuate your favourite moments. Easy to hang, with a hook on the back, it can hold up to 10 images.

Designs for handmade photo frames

A gorgeous way to decorate walls in your home with your precious memories, by using those various size picture frames. Easy to hang and stylish, each frame is made of durable wood, also offering a clear glass front and white background.

Adeco Decorative Black Wood "I Heart You" Wall Hanging Collage Picture Photo Frame, 8 Openings, Various Sizes

Turn of the Century Wood and MDF Wall Photo Collage Picture Frame

Turn of the Century Wood and MDF Wall Photo Collage Picture Frame

Hand made collage

Black Picturewall Frame Kit 2 ...includes 10 picture frames with templates..this will make hanging pictures so easy!

Hanging photo collage frames

frame layout- all old family pics

Collage of different framed photos art and mirrors creates a

collage of different framed photos, art and mirrors creates a ...

Adecotrading 13 opening decorative wall hanging collage 2

AdecoTrading 13 Opening Decorative Wall Hanging Collage ...

10 piece hanging frame collage assorted at menards r 1

10-Piece Hanging Frame Collage - Assorted at Menards®

Adeco decorative black wood wall hanging collage picture 1

Adeco Decorative Black Wood Wall Hanging Collage Picture ...

Adeco decorative black polyresin detailed wall hanging 1

Adeco Decorative Black Polyresin Detailed Wall Hanging ...

Charlton home family sentiment 8 opening collage hanging

Charlton Home Family Sentiment 8 Opening Collage Hanging ...

Zipcode design 11 opening wooden photo collage wall

Zipcode Design 11 Opening Wooden Photo Collage Wall ...