White Frame Bulletin Board

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Bulletin boards are clever and useful way to display information and advertise just about anything. And if you are in the market for a bulletin board for your home, we think you might appreciate one of these white frame bulletin boards. They are made of quality material and work exactly as you would expect a bulletin board to work. Take a look and see.

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Updated 01/09/2023
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White Wood Finish Cork Board with Linen Surface

White Wood Finish Cork Board with Linen Surface


Perfect For: Office, home, and commercial environments

What We Like: Modern decor and light linen surface

This contemporary white wood finish cork board offers a stylish and functional solution for pinning notes, messages, and more in any space. Its light linen surface sets it apart from ordinary corkboards, providing a clean and subtle touch to your wall. The board's dense backing material ensures push pins stay put without falling out, while the linen surface hides pinholes once pins are removed. Versatile mounting options allow you to hang it vertically or horizontally, and mounting hardware is provided for easy installation.


Designer Advice:

Pair it with a mix of metal and colorful push pins, creating an organized and visually appealing space for your reminders, photos, and calendars.

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Elegant Wall-Mounted Desk with Cabinet

Elegant Wall-Mounted Desk with Cabinet


Perfect For: Small home offices and creative workspaces

What We Like: Space-saving design and versatile storage options

The elegant wall-mounted desk effortlessly blends style and functionality, featuring a spacious work surface along with a built-in cabinet for versatile storage options. It offers a compact solution to clutter-free workspaces, and its minimalist design complements a wide range of interior styles. Constructed from durable materials, this desk is perfect for setting up your laptop, organizing stationery, or displaying decorative items while the discreet cabinet holds larger essentials.

Designer Advice:

Pair this desk with a comfortable ergonomic chair and add a desk lamp to create a cozy, productive workspace that utilizes vertical space efficiently.

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Traditional Single-Door Enclosed Corkboard

Traditional Single-Door Enclosed Corkboard

United Visual Products

Perfect For: Displaying important messages and announcements outdoors

What We Like: Durable anodized aluminum frame and cork backing

The Traditional Single-Door Enclosed Corkboard features a satin anodized aluminum frame, offering a sleek appearance while ensuring durability against outdoor elements. Designed with a cork backing board, it provides an ideal surface for pinning notices, flyers, and announcements securely in place. The single-door design makes it easy to access and update displays while keeping your items protected. This corkboard is a versatile and functional addition to schools, offices, or community centers.


Designer Advice:

Consider installing this corkboard in highly visible public areas where everyone can easily see and access it. Don't forget to keep a supply of pushpins on hand for hassle-free updates.

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Cork Board, Chalk Board, and Letter Board Set

Cork Board, Chalk Board, and Letter Board Set

Martha Stewart

Perfect For: Organizing and personalizing your work or living spaces

What We Like: Versatile, modular design with multiple elements

Elevate any space with this modular, wall-mounted set that includes a cork board, chalk board, and letter board for versatile organization and personalization. Use the included push pins to attach important receipts or mementos, while the magnetic chalk board comes with two magnets and a liquid chalk marker for writing daily reminders or notes. Personalize the letter board with inspirational quotes or announcements using the provided letters stored in a velvet bag. This reusable and adaptable set is perfect for meeting your unique needs across various spaces.


Designer Advice:

Arrange the boards side by side for a cohesive display or spread them throughout your home to create distinct focal points in different rooms, ensuring both functionality and style.

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Bulletin Board with Molded Frame

Bulletin Board with Molded Frame

Symple Stuff

Clean and modern, this white cork board is the ideal pick for pinning messages, notes, and pictures for better organization. The board is made of self-healing material so you don’t have to worry about holes and chipped cork.


Designer Advice:

A great size for a desk with medium dimensions. This piece can work well with contemporary, farmhouse, transitional, and cottage-style interiors. For longer walls, we recommend getting multiples of these and arranging them in vertical orientations. For a glammed-up look, we recommend using rose gold tacks to add color and coordinate with the gold pins that are included in the set.

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Cottage Style Bulletin Board

Cottage Style Bulletin Board

U Brands

A bulletin board for picture frames, this piece features a clean and classic wood trim in white. Its main surface is made of self-healing cork that helps mask pin holes. It also has a dense substrate that firmly grips tacks and pins.

$27.54 $24.94

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Textured Bulletin Board

Textured Bulletin Board


This framed memo board has a surface made of vinyl material and an antique white finish for the aluminum trim. The fabric backing adds to its durability and makes it dirt-resistant. Available in ten sizes and can be hung vertically and horizontally.

$89.99 $133.69

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Modern Bulletin Board

Modern Bulletin Board

Symple Stuff

For elegant bulletin board ideas, this modern piece presents a modern and contemporary look to your home office. Its surface is fabricated using a magnetic chalkboard, making it durable, stain-resistant, and compatible with liquid chalk markers.

$27.99 $29.99

Designer Advice:

While it’s not made for pins, you can use magnets to stick your favorite photos, images, and notes into it. Write some quotes on some parts either using calligraphy or bold lettering. These will give your space a personalized and aesthetically-pleasing look. While they’re compatible with all liquid chalk markers, the manufacturer recommends using the UBrands markers for better performance.

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Colorful Bulletin Boards

Colorful Bulletin Boards


Bring a pop of color to your desk with this aesthetic bulletin board for the bedroom. Fabricated in fiberboard with a fabric substrate, this piece can withstand wear and tear. It is washable and comes in ten sizes.

$65.99 $82

Designer Advice:

Available in eight neutral, bold, and pastel colors, these bulletin boards are perfect for creating a gallery wall in your bedroom. We recommend getting a variety of colors and sizes. Arrange them in horizontal and vertical positions just as you would with gallery wall frames. Pin inspirational images, dried plants, photos, and other memorabilia to personalize your room.

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White Frame Bulletin Board

Buying Guide

When deciding how to organize your white frame bulletin board, determine if you have time-sensitive tasks, and place them higher up on your board, then remove them as soon as you’ve completed them. You should also give your items ¼”-½” space around each document on the bulletin board to avoid overcrowding.

If you use your bulletin board for aesthetic purposes, you can add photographs and pin them around the perimeter. You can even add inspirational quotes in the center of the board, acting as thought-provoking messages to encourage motivation, organization, and productivity.

By arranging your bulletin board neatly and reorganizing it regularly, you’ll find that you are more productive.

In reality, you can put anything you want on your white framed bulletin board as it’s one of the most versatile and practical items in your household. If you’re going to make an artful display, you can cover it in vintage cloth, or if you’re a traveler, you can add a scratch-off world map and uncover each place as you visit them.

If you’re more practical than that, you can use your white framed bulletin board for reminders or keepsakes like photos, ticket stubs, or calendars. Essentially, if you can pin it up with a tack, you can put it on your bulletin board. These useful boards work best in mudrooms, foyers, kitchens, home offices, or anywhere that’s easily accessible.

Bulletin boards are ubiquitous in schools, higher education institutes, offices, and personal rooms to display notices and information. If you need a new bulletin board, this article will make your seemingly mundane purchase more meaningful, contextual, and even attractive. Let's begin with the types of bulletin boards.

These are the different types of bulletin boards to consider:

Open wall-mounted

As the name suggests, these bulletin boards are permanently fixed to a wall. Due to the permanent fixture, their location becomes a "town square," a meeting place to know about the latest pins on the board and to mingle. Wall-mounted bulletin boards have their distinct advantages:

  • People don't have to move from pillar to post to gather information
  • Comfortable to read, since these boards are fixed at eye level
  • Safe and secure, since they cannot be unfixed easily

There are two disadvantages, though:

  • Dust, cobwebs, and bacteria often form on their back side
  • The pinned information can be easily misused or stolen

You can mount these boards in two ways - either fix them to the wall with heavy-duty screws or hang them on the wall with hooks or flanges provided at its back.

Wall-mounted bulletin boards will be your choice if your workplace or institute is self-owned, not rented, and if you want it to be the go-to spot for notices and information.

Enclosed wall-mounted

They are usually wall-mounted boards with a single or double hinged glass doors. You can lock the doors, so you would want an enclosed bulletin board if you need the information to be protected and last for long.

The rest remains the same as the open wall-mounted type, including the installation methods.


These are the movable bulletin boards that can be placed anywhere, any time as needed. You will come across these types:

  • Collapsible or foldable boards that can be carried easily
  • Boards that can stand on two or 3 legs or on stands with wheels
  • Flat boards that can rest against a wall

Freestanding bulletin board are often reversible, combining magnetic and cork boards or chalkboard and cork boards.

You will opt for a freestanding bulletin board if you need it to be placed at different places for different purposes such as a notice board, price list, exhibition standee, and the like.


These are the pin-less bulletin boards that hold sheets of paper with their magnetic force. A metal sheet with strong magnets is usually covered with a laminated fabric cloth, on which you could just place papers and the magnets will hold them. So easy! They are especially suitable for temporary displays such as conferences, presentations, training programs, and activity meetings.

For all their ease and convenience, magnetic bulletin boards have a few limitations:

  • Indoor-only use - Not safe for outdoor use since very high winds and UV rays can affect the functioning
  • Not pilfer-proof
  • The lamination on the fabric can peel, crack, or wrinkle over time

Magnetic boards are good for corporate offices, conference rooms, departmental corridors - wherever information needs to be quickly and easily changed.

Magnetic boards at home are great educational resources to use with your kids. With the help of magnetic letters, numbers or shapes you can teach your child new skills. Kids magnetic boards are available in various shapes and, hence can become fun decorative accents in children's rooms.

Cork bulletin boards

These might be considered 'old school' style and offer a soft surface to pin the papers. If you'd like to make them unique and match them with your decor, just paint them in a chosen color. For example, you may use a bright colour to jazz up your space or choose neutral palette for organic interior.

Cork boards are very handy if you have loads of stuff to pin above your desk, however, the main disadvantage of these types of boards is that they will leave pin holes in your pictures or documents.

Cork boards can be of different thicknesses with the preferred one being 1" or more as these types of boards will best hold up the frequent pinning of thumbtacks.

Erasable whiteboards

These are the boards on which you can write, draw or make a point with marker pens.

In these categories you will find bulletin board planners with pre-applied calendar (e.g. four-month planner) that you can fill in with your schedule details. Such boards will help you be on top of your events and appointments.

Below are standard sizes and their recommended uses:

  • 20" x 24" this is a personal size ideal for your bedroom or your work cubicle.
  • 24" x 24" again, a personal size.
  • 36" x 24" for teams and groups at workplaces, classrooms, and Dean's or Principal's office.
  • 42" x 32" is the ideal wall-mounted size for offices and public places.
  • 48" x 34" is for information that has to be read from a distance of 4'' and it has to be wall mounted.

This is what you can do to upgrade your basic bulletin board:

  • Framing: Choose from wood (for traditional, rustic or Mid-Century modern styles), coated metal, aluminum (for industrial or minimalistic decor), or PVC frames (modern kid's rooms). They are available in a wide range of varieties and designs that will make your bulletin board stand out on a wall. For individual innovation, try these easy hacks on the frame:

  • Hand-paint the frame the way you want, or use stencils

  • Fabric cover: You can cover the board with a piece of attractive fabric and keep changing it periodically for variety.

  • For wall-mounted bulletin boards, paint the surrounding wall or write inspiring slogans, quotes, and sayings on it.

Buying a bulletin board need not be boring or mundane. Get the tips from this article and make the purchase exciting and purposeful.

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This white frame bulletin board is a perfect addition for one's home office. It helps you organize your stuff and reminds of all the best moments. White, ornate framing will appeal to the shabby chic enthusiasts.

Cork board white frame

An attractive vintage bulletin board featuring a decorative rectangular frame with hand-carved beading and floral motifs and a distressed white finish. Its central part is filled with cork covered in natural linen. It can be hung in both directions.

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Aristarchus Vintage Wall Mounted Bulletin Board

Aristarchus Vintage Wall Mounted Bulletin Board

A wall-mounted bulletin board is a useful item to have in your home. This handcrafted white framed bulletin board will add a vintage country style charm to your living room or hallway. It comes with a handcrafted wood frame with an attractive matte white finish and silver leaf edging. The wall-mounted bulletin board is not magnetic but comes with anchors and drywall screws included. It is a stylish corkboard bulletin board with a charming vintage design.

$269.99 $960

When i saw it my initial thought was to make

When I saw it, my initial thought was to make a fun chalkboard with it. But then I thought maybe a bulletin board would be fun too. Decisions, decisions! I decided to go with the bulletin board idea. I painted the frame in my favorite Antique White and ad

Recycled magazine cork board idea instead of making all jewelry

Recycled Magazine Cork Board - Idea: Instead of making all jewelry from your beads, if you have a lot of colorful magazines, you could cut long, straight strips to coil, to frame a bulletin board!

Framed bulletin boards

Even if you are a housewife or you are professionally active, sometimes you need some place for reminders. If you are not digitalized the traditional bulletin board will be a good solution. You can do it on your own if you like.

White frame bulletin board 24

Inspiration : 10 Beautiful Home Offices

White frame bulletin board 25

Memo / Cork / Bulletin Board / White Mediterranean Tile Pattern / Vintage Frame on Etsy, $35.00

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Vintage Bulletin Boards Keep the colors of your bulletin board neutral for a vintage look that will match any room. Wrap a corkboard in off-white fabric. Then place it in a white frame. Hang string across the top with pushpins for an easy way to displa

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Really like the way this wall is structured with the bulletin boards and shelving.

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