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Everyone is all about dart boards and pool tables in your local bar, but have you ever tried shuffle board. Like a tiny version of Canadian curling, shuffle board is a fun, yet challenging, game that is more like a battle of wits than a duel between foes. Used shuffleboard tables come on the market all the time, and in this collection, we have a few styles to choose from.

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Updated 07/04/2021
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Playcraft Georgetown Cherry Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Georgetown Cherry Shuffleboard Table

This type of element is a shuffleboard table with a very solid playfield made of hardwood. Its whole construction is based on hardwood, so it is durable and stable during the game. Its stylish cherry finish looks very nice in any decor.

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Used shuffleboard tables

This shuffleboard table sports a lodge design that simply oozes modern appeal and charm and offers a truly remarkable choice for your inteiror. It is built with hand-peeled wood logs using a drawknife.

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Used shuffleboard table 1

Being a modern representation of the popular in 1930s shuffleboard tables, this model honors the history of Amercian gaming. It reflects the vintage design and unwavering attention to detail.

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Used shuffleboard table

Elegant and functional shuffleboard table with curved legs. This unique design is based on durable hardwood, so it is resistant to wear, stable and strong. It also looks very nice in different interior stylizations.

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Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table

This high quality solid and durable shuffleboard table is a great piece of furniture to any interior. Covered by a polyurethane finish and built on a solid base of hardwoods will provide front fun.

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I always used to play these in bars with my

I always used to play these in bars with my dad - : Playcraft Georgetown Shuffleboard Table : Sports & Outdoors

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Used shuffleboard table 29

Sportscraft 3-in-1 Turboslide Shuffleboard Table! so fun! from

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District Eight 12' Shuffleboard Table

District Eight 12' Shuffleboard Table

This is a great option for anyone looking for a top-quality shuffleboard table that delivers value for money. It is a bit pricey but gives you what you pay for, and more. It is made of solid oak wood with either a dark brown or dark wood finish. It also features cast iron legs, steel rods, and gutters. It is a durably designed table but only meant for indoor use. The table comes in four easy-to-assemble pieces.

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Imperial Reno Rustic Shuffleboard Table

Imperial Reno Rustic Shuffleboard Table

Looking for a way to create an authentic pub-style décor at home? You can easily do it and have lots of fun with this shuffleboard table. It is constructed from solid Aspen wood with a gorgeous elm veneer finish. The shuffleboard also comes with solid wood legs complete with crossbeams for stability and strength. It is a heavy and stable shuffleboard table that includes pucks, gutters, brush, polymer coat, and a manual scoreboard.

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Used Shuffleboard Table

Buying Guide

You should shop for used shuffleboard tables at several online retailers. If you’re lucky, you may also be able to find one at a local garage sale or resale shop; but, as that will likely be rare, it’s a good idea to start your search online.

Shuffleboard tables are built to last. As long as the used shuffleboard table you purchase is in good condition, there’s no need to buy new. Good online resources to look for used shuffleboard tables include Craigslist, eBay, Sure Shot Billiards, Facebook Marketplace, and online auctions and estate sales.

A used shuffleboard table will be lower in price than a brand-new one; however, you need to beware. There are many online retailers that won’t think twice about selling you a piece that isn’t going to last, so you need to be able to look for good condition and durable craftsmanship if you’re looking at online used shuffleboards. Where a brand-new shuffleboard table would not go for less than $1000, we’d expect a good-quality used shuffleboard to net around $500 (or more).

The best length for a shuffleboard table is 22’. This is the standard regulation size and what professionals use in tournaments, which means the range and space of play is of the best size and quality for ideal gameplay.

However, not everyone has the room for a table this big, so there are models available that can accommodate smaller spaces. From the smallest models averaging at 8’. to sizes ranging from 9’ to 22’, there are tables available that will suit your living space perfectly. Even though 22’ is the best length for a shuffleboard table, it doesn't mean that you can’t have a great game on smaller models.

You can also buy a used shuffleboard table that is excellent if you are on a budget or still an amateur.

If you're a child of pop culture from the '80s then choosing a Shuffleboard table was probably an inevitable addition to your legacy. Even if you weren't captivated by shuffleboard when it was at its peak popularity in the 80s, you may have stumbled across these beautiful, fun and interactive conversation starters at a visit to a friend's house or your local country club.

Regardless of how you stumbled across them, now you're considering making a purchase, so we've put together a brief guide that covers all features you'll need to consider to make the most effective purchase possible.

For starters, sizing your shuffleboard can be a little less straightforward than you assume. Shuffleboards can range anywhere between the official (competitive) length of 22ft long and the far more home suitable length of 9 ft long.

Of course, your choice of table length will depend greatly on the space you have available at home and what your intentions were in the first place. For example, a 9ft table would typically be better suited for an indoor bar or den, while longer tables are more likely to be suitable for an outdoor setup.

Length obviously isn't the only dimension we're concerned with when deciding on a shuffleboard. Width typically changes in proportion to length in shuffleboard design and with changes in width come changes in playable surface.

  • At a minimum, you'll want a playable surface that is 16 inches or more in width to accommodate standard play. The rule of thumb applies even if you're considering using pucks that are smaller than regulation size. This means you'll be looking at a table width of around 18-20 inches typically. (12 ft tables are generally 18 inches wide, with a playfield width of 16 inches.)

  • When measuring space for your table, you want to focus on having at least 2 ft of clearance in every direction from the edges of your table - not the playable surface. This will help you account for elbows, awkward angles and fancy or wild shots. Having some clearance also allows you to account for fragile objects or other decorations that might be in the range of a flying puck.

Helpful Tip: Use tape to measure out the dimensions of your table of choice and surround that with another set of tape that measures the 2ft of clearance you'll need. Try to visualize the height of the table as well and adjust your space accordingly. Shift couches and delicate objects, account for corners and edges that might cause discomfort or pain in the event of an over-excited or new player taking an awkward shot.

Material matters - skimping here could cost you.

Once you've figured out the ideal table size for your location, you need to pay special attention to the material you choose for your shuffleboard. You'd be surprised to know how many people fail to account for material when selecting a board.

The material you choose can greatly affect how long your new board lasts and how difficult it will be to keep in good condition. Your table will always be at risk from the cumulative effects of dropped pucks, knees and elbows and temperature and humidity changes. Which is why choosing a long-lasting wood is essential.


The most common materials used for shuffleboards are North American Maple, White Maple, Russian Birch and Canadian Soft Maple. These materials are very economical and choosing a table or playing surface made from these will ensure you save a few dollars, but you'll also be shaving a few years off the life of your table.


Ideally, a hardwood such as hard maple, oak or mahogany would be ideal for the longevity of your surface, since these tend to resist impact and changes in temperature and humidity much better than softer woods.

Resin finish

If you can't afford a hardwood surface, try purchasing a board that comes with an epoxy resin finish. Even a softer maple coated with a finish like this can last significantly longer than unfinished maple.

Playing field thickness, often overlooked, is more important than you think.

Playing field thickness is frequently taken for granted in a few ways when making a purchase. For instance, most first time shuffleboard buyers will assume that the thickness advertised on a board is the actual thickness of the wooden playing surface.

What many fail to account for, is the thickness of finishes and sealants, which tend to be anywhere from .25 inches to .5 inches thick. You may think that losing .25 to .5 inches of hardwood in exchange for sealant or finish isn't that bad, however, the impact of this seemingly small number can be a painful lesson if you try to refinish your board in the future.

Scratches and dents can be your worst enemy as a new board owner. It's unlikely that the people around you are experienced shuffleboard players, so pucks dropped or thrown onto the playing surface are an unfortunate likelihood. Having 3 inches of actual hardwood (not including finish) can be a phenomenal buffer for possible refinishes in future.

Climactic Adjusters - An Easy Way to Prevent Long-Term Damage

As a first-time buyer - it's highly unlikely that you've heard of climactic adjusters and that's perfectly reasonable. Fear not - they're far simpler than they sound. Essentially, climactic adjusters are metal bars typically found on the underside of your shuffleboard that run across the table's width.

These bars function as a brace that helps to prevent warping and preserve the integrity and shape of your shuffleboard over time. Whether you're choosing an indoor or outdoor board, these adjusters are essential features. Even indoors, central heating or cooling can have a significant impact on table health over time, so be sure to choose a table that comes with these.

Quality Outer Cabinets

Skimping on your outer cabinet can be tempting, especially if you find something that looks good without being too expensive, however having a table that is sturdy lends a lot to actual gameplay and longevity of your shuffleboard.

Consider, for instance, the effect of an over-enthusiastic shot on a flimsy-but aesthetic-outer cabinet. It may not be very much at first, but repeated impact of a similar nature over time can quickly lead to leaning and warping, which will detract from both the aesthetic of your board and the gameplay.

Investing in a sturdy hardwood for your cabinet can be an incredible investment that ages well over time. Be sure to note the material your desired cabinet is made out of and not just the finish that's on top. If descriptions are vague, like "solid" or "firm" wood, don't be afraid to get in touch with your manufacturer to clear things up.


Not a must, but a useful feature of shuffleboards that will make the game more engaging and even more enjoyable. You can choose between Digital scoreboards that will count and display your score immediately and Manual scoreboards, for example abacus style.

Best Ideas

Telluride Shuffleboard Table

Telluride Shuffleboard Table

This is a great looking scoreboard type shuffleboard table that comes with an innovative digital scoreboard. It is made of solid wood with a dark brown finish. The shuffleboard comes with cushions, digital scoreboard, leg levelers, a shuffleboard brush, gray carpeted gutters, horseshoe ends for strength and stability, and sidewalls that help in noise reduction. It uses the traditional 1-2-3 scoring system. The indoor shuffleboard also comes with pucks included.

Montecito 12-ft Shuffleboard Table

Montecito 12-ft Shuffleboard Table

This is a large 12-foot shuffleboard table featuring superior craftsmanship and a classic timeless design. The table is made from solid birch hardwood and veneer finish. It features interlocking side beams and sculpted dual pedestal legs. For fast and accurate play, the shuffleboard table has a 1.75” thick butcher block styled playing surface. It also comes with cushions, pucks, manual scoreboard, wax, gutters, and brush included. It is a great table with a smooth and steady playing surface.

Bedford Shuffleboard Table

Bedford Shuffleboard Table

If you are in the market for a shuffleboard table designed to give you and your family years of playing fun, then this table is your best option. The sturdy shuffleboard table is constructed from thick solid fir with a sleek silver mist finish. Its playfield is made of smooth solid Aspen covered in a polymer seal. It even comes with four large climatic adjusters to give you maximum play. It includes pucks and a digital scoreboard.

Snap - Tavern 7' Shuffleboard Table

Snap - Tavern 7' Shuffleboard Table

This is another elegantly designed and functional shuffleboard to have in your home. It comes with all the necessary accessories including pucks, gutters, leg levelers, and a digital scoreboard. The table is available in a 7-foot size and a sleek brown finish. It has a height of 33 inches without the backboard. This is a great option if you are looking for an indoor-only shuffleboard with a digital scoreboard.

Penelope Shuffleboard Table

Penelope Shuffleboard Table

Here is another shuffleboard table made with durability and fun in mind. It will provide your family with years of fun and enjoyment because it is made of solid Aspen with a smooth and glossy espresso finish. The playing surface is also made of Aspen with a polymer coating. It is a great looking shuffleboard for your game room keeping in mind that it even comes with pucks, gutters, climate adjusters, and a digital scoreboard included.

York 12' Shuffleboard

York 12' Shuffleboard

This is a sleek, modern-styled shuffleboard designed to give you fun playing time and a touch of class in your game room. It is made in the US and features a contemporary design that will match your game room décor. The shuffleboard table is made of solid wood with a heritage mahogany finish. It has a 2.25-inch solid maple and polymer playing surface. It also comes with a digital scoreboard and all the other playing accessories included.

Used shuffleboard table 7

Shuffleboard table with a solid wooden construction and rectangular shape. This practical element of furniture is not only very solid, but it also looks very stylish in different commercial and home indoors.

Used shuffleboard table 2

Use this Exclusive coupon code: PINFIVE to receive an additional 5% off the Detroit Red Wings Shuffleboard Table at

Used shuffle board tables

Following a lodge design, the Montana Shuffleboard Table is built with hand-peeled wood logs using a drawknife. #mcclure #shuffleboard #shuffleboardtable

Used shuffleboard table 23

Have to have it. Holland NHL Official Logo Shuffleboard Table - $4159.99 @hayneedle

Used shuffleboard table 6

The rail guide shot or the “finger rail shot” is one of the most fundamental shots that every shuffleboard player should have in their bag of tricks. The finger rail shot allows you to use the edge of the shuffleboard table to guide your shot.

Used shuffleboard table 11

Following a lodge design, the Montana Shuffleboard Table is built with hand-peeled wood logs using a drawknife. #McClureTables

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