Prayer Benches

Shorter than a normal bench, these prayer benches are designed for kneeling, without pain inflicted on the knees. Give praise to your maker, thank him for his blessings, and do it all while knelt on these handsome wood benches. In a few attractive upholstery options as well as non padded, you will find your perfect prayer bench in this very fine collection.

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Gothic revival carved oak prayer bench prayer kneeler prie dieu

Gothic revival carved oak prayer bench prayer kneeler prie dieu
This prayer bench constitutes a great example of the Gothic revival. Made from carved oak, it enchants with its solid construction and refined, traditional character.

Folding prayer bench in avocado with

Folding prayer bench in avocado with
A pretty portable prayer bench of pine wood with a natural finish and protective clear acrylic coating. It's decorated with doves etched on legs and pale green lines along edges. Foldable legs and a rectangular top are gently inclined for comfort.

Antique primitive italian kneeling prayer bench chair

Antique primitive italian kneeling prayer bench chair
Richly decorated prayer bench kneeler with antique finish. It is made of wood and finished with sophisticated ornament.

Prayer bench 1

This type of furniture is obligatory accoutrements in every church. It is prayer bench made of bright wood and is decorated of little carved cross. This bench has prie-dieu covered with comfortable and elegant cloth.

Prayer kneeling bench

This raw wooden prayer kneader is a great solution for religious people who are seeking for simple help during their daily rituals. The convenient base, elbows, and shelves for the prayer book create a very effective whole.

Prayer benches

This massive kneader is a beautiful oak wood construction. The interesting decoration of the design gives the whole style and unflinching style and make an excellent impression. Comfortable base and soft place on the elbows create a warm place for prayer.

Prayer bench 1

A prayer desk that is also called a prayer kneeler can be a good choice for prayers and meditation. The whole piece was made of durable wood with a nice polish, allowing you to quickly fold the bench down for easy storage.

Our advice Buying Guide

For the spiritual at heart, prayer benches are 'godsend' pieces of furniture as it's a lot easier to concentrate in communing with God if you are in a comfortable position. Perhaps you know this firsthand, and that's why you are on the market for a prayer bench.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of prayer benches to choose from, and each has its pros and cons. This makes the entire task of selecting the right one a bit trickier. To help clear things a bit, this article is going to be a prayer bench buying guide.

What are the most common materials used for prayer benches?

While it is true that there are prayer benches that are made from aluminum and high-grade plastic, wood is still the most common. Hence, it's best to focus on this material.

When it comes to a wooden prayer bench, your choices typically fall into chipboard, fiberboard, plywood, pine, beech, ash, oak, maple, walnut, and mahogany. Each of these varies in terms of quality.

The premium wood includes mahogany and walnut. These are the top-of-the-line as they offer maximum durability. They feature beautiful natural wood patterns as well. But, you have to keep in mind that these types of wood are often expensive.

On the other side of the spectrum are plywood, fiberboard, and chipboard. The advantage of these wood types is the low price. However, don't expect these kinds of wood to last very long and/or support too much weight.

Beech, ash, oak, and maple are on the middle part of the spectrum. They are cheaper when compared to premium wood, but they are also more durable than the low-end wood types.

What types of cushions work best with prayer benches?

A prayer bench typically includes a cushion to rest your knees. Some will have a cushion for elbows and/or arms. To make things simpler, you can categorize cushions in terms of primary purpose.

If you want something that is easy to care for and affordable, then you can go for polyester or cotton covers. While these types are economical, they don't offer maximum durability.

If you want something that has a resistance against wear and tear, then leather may be your best option. Keep in mind that leather is a relatively expensive material.

If the aesthetic appeal of the prayer bench is crucial to you, then you can go for silk or velvet cover.

What types of wood finishes are there?

It's rare to see a prayer bench that has not been treated with a finish. Hence, it's a good idea to know the type of finish used before buying anything. There are basically two types of wood finishes. There's the penetrating and the coating.

Varnish and lacquer are the most common examples of a coating finish. These types of finishes coat and sit on top of the wood. The advantage of a coating finish is it provides a thick coat for the wood. This seals the material and offers greater protection against the elements.

The common examples of a penetrating finish are oil, dye, and wax. Since these types of finishes penetrate wood, they do not offer a high level of protection. On the upside, they can make the material attractive and with a natural look.


Prayer desk

Prayer kneeler with a durable construction based on wood. It features a padded knee area finished in brown color. The upper part provides support and it includes a special shelf for books and other items.

Prayer benches 2

If you've a penchant for antique pieces of furnishing, you for sure won't overlook this unique prayer kneeler bench. Its walnut wood construction features green plush padding and slanted top that opens.

Prayer benches 1

Prayer bench kneeler made of wood. It is covered with faux leather and reinforced with decorative nail heads.

Love the prayer board beside the bed gorgeous bedding

Love the 'prayer board' beside the bed. Gorgeous bedding.

Standard prayer bench 1

Standard Prayer Bench

French 19th c prie dieu

French 19th C. Prie Dieu

Prayer benches set of two

Prayer Benches-Set of two

Prayer kneeling bench 2

Prayer Kneeling Bench

Prayer kneeler plans

Antique approach to a classical French provincial prayer chair made with a very low frame. The prayer chair provides a unique addition to any house and brings an element that looks as if taken straight from a church.

Prayer kneeling bench 1

By using this device, a prayer bench the user really kneels. What's more, it is a position in which you can withstand many hours without the need to frequently break away from work. It is also used traditionally for prayer. Made - always made of wood.

Praying bench

Over 50,000 Square Feet in Two Fantastic Antique Showrooms: Baton ...

Antique prayer kneeler

If prayer in a kneeling position is the most important moment in your life and you spend a long time in it. To make it worthy to survive, a wooden prayer bench kneeler was designed, made of maple wood with an additional black cushion on the lower step.

Antique furniture french antique gothic kneeler prayer bench chair

Antique Furniture French Antique Gothic Kneeler Prayer Bench Chair

Kneeling prayer stool

Indoor bench mounted on folding base. Construction is made of wood. Folds flat for easy storage. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Prayer bench not in stock available in different lengths

prayer bench not in stock available in different lengths

Promise 2 Prayer Bench

A very simple prayer bench that has got a small top equipped with soft padding. This element reduces stress on knees and back, so it is good for health. This construction is based on a very solid wood.

16 results for antique prayer bench for sale classifieds

16 Results for Antique Prayer Bench - For Sale Classifieds

Some excellent detail images of recent walnut prayer benches

Some excellent detail images of recent walnut prayer benches

Prayer kneeler bench 1

prayer kneeler bench

Solid Oak Seiza Kneeling Meditation Bench (fixed legs) and Personal Prayer Altar combo by EarthBench

A set of simple meditation bench and a prayer altar made of real oak wood with a lacquered natural finish. They have rectangular tops with smooth edges. The bench has 2 full rectangular fixed legs. Altar legs have small triangle bottom cutouts.

Prayer benches 5

prayer benches

Victorian walnut prayer bench with gothic arches


How to build a prayer kneeler

An elegant traditional woody prayer bench in browns. It has 2 wide upright posts on feet, a shelf for a cushion (covered in blue flowery fabric), a rectangular slanted top with a safety slat. A base is adorned with a cross between 2 candlesticks.

Promise PFA Prayer Bench

This kind of product is a solid and comfortable prayer bench. The whole construction is based on durable wood. The top is very soft, covered with leather and finished with a very attractive nailhead trim.

Prayer bench 16

Prayer Bench

Prayer benches 4

prayer benches

Prayer bench simple and serene

Prayer bench...simple and serene.

Prayer Chair Meditation Quiet Time Qt Praying Stool Bench Knee Kneeling Chair Ivory Yoga

Crafted of quality materials, this prayer chair can be successfully used for all types of meditations. The streamlined, ivory design gives you the chance to fit the piece to almost any decor, accentuating your interior with curvaceous accents.

French prayer bench 1

French Prayer Bench

Kneeling bench in church


Some excellent detail images of recent walnut prayer benches 3

Some excellent detail images of recent walnut prayer benches

Kneeling meditation bench has rounded legs so you can tilt

Kneeling Meditation Bench has rounded legs , so you can tilt the bench ...

1004 gothic victorian prayer kneeler bench 1


455 a lighted cast metal church kneeling bench


French ebony prayer bench summer in provence one kings lane

French Ebony Prayer Bench | Summer in Provence | One Kings Lane

Kneeling prayer bench

Such a drained prayer bench kneeler has a distinctly sacral meaning. Depending on the taste and interior design of the church, you can decide on a light or dark color. For the knee of the faithful - he takes care of the bright flowery upholstery.

Prayer benches optional end carvings routings now available prayer

prayer benches optional end carvings routings now available prayer ...

Hailey bench prayer

Hailey Bench prayer

Folding prayer kneeler or prie dieu from reclaimed oak

Folding Prayer Kneeler or Prie-Dieu from Reclaimed Oak

Prayer kneeler prayer bench prie dieu prayer desk

Prayer Kneeler - Prayer Bench - Prie Dieu - Prayer Desk ...

19th century french carved walnut prayer bench or prie

19th Century French Carved Walnut Prayer Bench or "Prie ...

Antique prie dieu kneeler prayer bench with side cross ebay

Antique Prie Dieu Kneeler Prayer Bench With Side Cross | eBay

Prayer kneeler prayer bench prie dieu prayer desk 1

Prayer Kneeler - Prayer Bench - Prie Dieu - Prayer Desk ...