Blow Up Chairs

Safely usable indoors, as well as outdoors, these fun blow up chairs are an interesting seating alternative. They resemble big, overstuffed recliners, but of course they don't recline. Use them on the patio, or maybe in the pool. The thick plastic can withstand a full grown adult's weight. And would you believe, they are actually quite comfortable. Get on of these fun chairs for yourself.

Best Products

Blow up furniture

A great addition for dorm rooms or girls' rooms. This blow up loveseat is durable and shines with captivating pink design, giving you a fantastic bouncy experience. Its beautiful form comes with a shapely seat and back, and wide armrests.

Blow up chairs 1

A great choice to kick back in modern style, suitable for dorm rooms, and teenagers' rooms. This blow up chair and ottoman set gives you a bouncy experience and an illusion of sitting in the mid-air. Its durable and easy to clean.

Blow up chairs

Now you can kick back in style, with this striking, inflatable arm chair. Perfect for girls' rooms, and dorms, the blow up chair is very durable, has a wide back, a deep seat, and large arms with built-in cup holders.

Blow up furniture 1

It's a real treat for crazy teenagers! The girls will be delighted when such an inflatable blow up chair will accompany their tryst with their friends and battles with pillows. Pink, transparent, traditional in shape. Inflatable!

High Back Inflatable Blow up Chair - High Back Blow up Lounge Chair

Blow up lounge chair possess hardly any weight, they travel easily and can be set anywhere. Besides, they look just awesome! These pieces are so colorful that they are just eye candies. They have backs and armrests, just as real armchairs.

Inflatable Bubble Chair, Ocean Blue

Pretty contemporaryy inflatable chair manufactured of transparent blue plastic. It has an arched back, wide rounded arms (with 1 cup holder) and a thick seat. It's easy to inflate withe an ordinary bike pump.

Bubble Inflatables Inflatable Chair, Canary Yellow

It is a fantastic inflatable chair that has got a canary yellow color and is great for indoor and outdoor use. It adds fun and comfort to any home. You will be impressed how cool this chair is.

Our advice Buying Guide

There are just a couple of pleasures in this life that won't cost you a year's worth of being a slave at a job and one of these is a blow up chair. Buying blow up chairs can be considered as sensible expenditures as they can give years of service. Of course, this is the case if you purchase the right ones.

It's critical for you to remember that you can't just get up and purchase the first inflatable chair you find in your local store. You'll need a guide that will help you determine the right product for your needs. Keep on reading as we've listed a few tips on how to filter out your choices.

What are the best materials for blow up chairs?

A quality blow up chair or lounger is made of either polyester or ripstop nylon, which are the materials used in making excellent quality sleeping bags. You'd know a product is of good quality if it comes with a double layer of nylon or polyester. The inner layer is tasked with keeping and holding the air. The outer layer is for added comfort and durability. There are other materials used in making blow up chairs but err on the safe side by choosing polyester or ripstop nylon.

What's the average weight capacity of blow up chairs?

Most blow up chairs have 400-450 lbs as their weight capacity, which means they can seat up to three people, depending on the individual weights of the users. However, there are heavy duty units that can support up to 650 lbs. It is important that you ensure your chosen chair's weight capacity is appropriate for your situation.

What extra features to look for in blow up chairs?

Add-ons include side pockets for storage of belongings, neck pillows for comfort, as well as carrying bags for storage and transport. All these extra features are for a user's convenience and comfort. The neck pillows are usually integrated into the blow up chairs instead of being separate pillows. If you want yours to be detachable, be sure to check for separate pillows as they can offer a boost in your level of comfort while lounging.

The carrying bag is there so you can easily transport your chair and protect it from damage while it's stored. The side pockets, on the other hand, are added to ensure you don't drop your sunglasses or lose your phone and keys.

How to determine the right size for a blow up chair?

The length of your blow up chair will matter if you want ample room to stretch and kick back. You may also want enough room for 3-4 people. If so, then the blow up chair that's right for you is one that's longer than 7 ft, which is the average length of inflatable chairs.

As you may already know, blow up chairs can be rolled up and placed in storage bags. When they're stored, each chair can take up as little as 1 and 1/12 feet of space. They also weight no more than 3 lbs. each. This is great as it makes it easy for you to carry a chair with you, especially if you'll be hiking, camping, or going to a concert.


Blow up chairs

Inflatable furniture is a practical and very impressive interior design element, which will also be suitable for outdoor and pool play. Beautiful coloring and durable material make the whole can be used for many occasions.

Blow up lounge chair

Being an ideal solution for an outdoor party at the pool, this fabulous blow up round coach will create a great conversational spot. Works out well also during any receptions, meetings, conferences, or game days.

Pink blow up chair 1

pink blow-up chair

Blow up chair 1

Blow up chair, glossy vinyl, vibrant eggplant purple hue, half-transparent. Perfect by the pool side, but not a bad solution indoors - inflatable within seconds, almost weightless, delivers a fun factor in a dorm, study room etc.

Blow up chairs 7

Blow up chairs

Bubble Inflatables Inflatable Couch, Canary Yellow

This canary yellow inflatable coach looks just like a candy or a jelly, and you just want to have a bite (better not - it will lose its form!). It is a nice idea for a flexible and fancy piece of furniture.

Blow up chair in purple

Blow Up Chair in Purple

Remember those silly blow up chairs we all had 90skids

Remember those silly Blow Up Chairs we all had? #90skids

Blow up furniture makes portable living easier

Blow Up Furniture Makes Portable Living Easier!

Blow up chairs gif


Smart Air Beds 4 X 1 Inflatable Chair (Single, Black)

Inflatable seat for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used as chair, bed, lounger or recliner. Easy to clean and store. Kit includes pump. Received great reviews from satisfied customers.

Blow up chair had this

Blow Up Chair.. Had this

Blow up seat

Blow Up chairs...yep. Mine was bright green. I loved that thing!

Intex Inflatable Colorful Cafe Chaise Lounge Chair w/ Ottoman (Orange)

This super modern and intriguing lounge chair would be a perfect choice for every fan of original and stylish solutions. Check it out now and fall in love with this unique design and an incredible comfort!

Blow up Inflatable Furniture :: Full Sized 6' Inflatable Sofa Couch

This inflatable sofa couch is 6 feet long, thus it can easily accommodate 3 people. The sofa is durable, made of a transparent blue material, and designed for indoor use. Plus, it also inflates within few minutes.

Smart Air Beds 4 X 1 Inflatable Chair (Single, Black)