Airplane Riding Toy

The thought of flight is always fascinating when you're a kid. Soaring through the sky, free as a bird, just seems so magical. And the airplane riding toys in this collection help to keep that imagined ideal alive with a fun and safe medium your kids will love for hours and hours. Pick your child out a airplane riding toy and watch them light up. See collection for details.

Best Products

Roomii Ride-On Toy Chest

Roomii Ride-On Toy Chest
It is a fantastic roomi ride-on toy chest that has got a blue finish and monster shape. It is perfect for your kids and it adds fun to any kids room. This product is a perfect choice for fun.

Swing Car Riding Toy

Swing Car Riding Toy
It is a great swing car riding toy that has got red and blue colors and it adds fun for any home. Your kids will be impressed how amazing this product is. It is very safe, high quality and nicely finished.

Airplane riding toy

Some kids have their own small cars, but this toy is perfect for a little pilot. The little plane was made by metal and plastic, but it is fully safe for kids. The sitting was covered with a soft material to give the player a comfort to fly.

Airplane pedal car kit

Let your child fly high with this wonderful airplane riding toy. This riding toy will give your child hours of fun outdoor. Colorful design and very comfortable seat will give your beloved one a moments of joy.

Airplane riding toy 6

Let your children fly away to the world of fun and joy. This aeroplane riding toy depicts faithfully a vintage model, delighted with the carefully reflected details. A must-have for all vintage enthusiasts.

Airplane riding toy 2

A wonderful, handmade plane will be your kid's favourite toy. It's in a glossy, deep turquoise color. Your kid will ride in it due to two wheels and pedals. It is decorated with U.S. Navy symbols and numerals.

Airplane riding toy 3

A lovely traditional riding toy airplane having wheels and powered with pedals. It's modelled on first primitive airplanes. It's built of wood with a multicoloured finish. It has a bluish fuselage, white wings and a yellow rudder.

Our advice Buying Guide

Vroom! Flight has always been a favorite fancy of humankind. Riding toys have been around at least since the days of the Romans. Combine the two and you have a super toy that is just right for your busy toddler. Unlike walkers, riding toys allow your child to be in charge of on or off the toy. This means it can be sat on and pushed with feet, or it can be pushed from behind or the side. Riding toys are the perfect precursor to tricycles and bicycles, giving your toddler the chance to steer and push, developing healthy muscles and having some fun along the way.

What are the best airplane riding toys on sale?

Wooden Biplane

Your toddler won’t know about the proud history of barnstormers, crop dusters and other early pioneers of flight but he or she can enjoy this dual-winged prop plane. Made of wood and painted in primary colors, this colorful toy is ready for your future pilot to get those first licks of steering practice.

Sesame Fly with Elmo

This modern solo flyer has a steering prop similar to modern airplanes. It is equipped with colorful buttons and an altitude stick for added imaginary fun. Elmo is perched on the front of the plane in front of the steering apparatus but behind the prop. The forward prop spins, Elmo talks. The chubby, pale blue plastic body with riding seat is perched on orange wheels. Elmo fans will love this riding plane.

Race through the Living Room

Race through the skies, um, living room with this plump, jumbo jet pillow racer. The four caster wheels allow easy quick turns. When your little pilot is all worn out, the jumbo jet pillow detaches and becomes a cuddly sleep buddy. The pillow is washable, so no worries about those sticky jelly hands and shared s’mores “bites.”

Mickey Takes to the Air

What modern nursery or playroom is complete without a Disney character or two? This chunky plastic bodied “air” plane is bright red and mounted on black plastic wheels. The wheels are decorated with the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. Stubby yellow wings stick out to each side, and Micky himself is seated right behind the gray and yellow prop. Realistic airplane sounds, as well as music, are part of the fun for this riding plane.

Whale Teeter Totter

Not everyone is ready to fly. For the not quite walking yet baby, here is a fun toy. The plush seat is curved just right to cradle a young body, the handles give chubby hands a place to grasp. Mounted on elegantly curved rockers, this little whale will rock as if cradled by the steady waves of the deep ocean. But it isn’t just for ocean waves, because there is a propeller at the front of this contraption. You know that it is ready to fly.

Retro Rocket

The Radio Flyer Retro Rocket is perfect for youngsters ages one through three years of age. The climb-in cabin invites the rider to get those Flintstones feet ready for racing. The tubby, fire-engine red rocket-shaped body is ready for action.

How to make sure an airplane riding toy is safe?

Before you make a purchase, verify whether the toy has passed all the safety requirements or not. Make certain that the appropriate regulatory agencies have approved the product and that it has not been subject to product recalls. Also, select an airplane toy that is appropriate to your child’s age. If he or she cannot learn how to use it, it will become a source of frustration instead of great fun.


Red flyer airplane

*AIRFLOW FANTASY FLYER PEDAL PLANE ~ releastic moving propeller makes children feel like they are really piloting the flight. The plane's safe, lead-free powe-coat paint and durable 16-gauge steel construction impress parents as well, solid rubber tires g

Vintage airplane toys

This stylish pedal car airplane allows your kiddies to feel like the Wright brothers. Highly vintage design, resembling the most iconic models of aviation, will appeal to all retro enthusiasts.

Airplane riding toy 14

Enchant your little pilot with this pedal car riding toy. Designed in the shape of an old-style propeller type plane, your youngster will be ready to reenact Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel, taking on the Red Baron – video sold separately.

Kids pedal plane

Pedal plane designed for boys. Frame is made of metal. Includes comfortable seat and steering wheel. Excellent gift idea.

P 51 mustang pedal plane for allister

P-51 Mustang Pedal Plane for Allister

Airplane ride on toy 5

Airplane Ride On Toy

Planes riding toy

Pilots are often true heroes for children - it is worth to instill in them such passion, buying them a miniature airplane riding toy, made of child friendly wood and painted in soft blue tones, with sweet yellow elements and safe construction.

Just found out restoration hardware has a childrens section suddenly

just found out Restoration Hardware has a children's section. SUDDENLY I WANT CHILDREN

Radio flyer airplane

Mr. Airplane - always ready for true adventurous trips. On a pastel blue plane, with bright wooden elements, the child will experience his first flights. Sturdy seat, resistant wheels, with a black frame - will make you calm about air disaster.

Radio flyer plane

A funny DIY airplane toy that your kid will love to ride in. It features a humorous cartoon image at the front and it's in a bright blue color. The wings have small lights, which can be switched from the middle of the plane.

Airplane riding toy

A cool traditional pedal powered riding toy in the form of a U.S. Army old patrol plane. It has a pink metal fuselage, black both a propeller and a steering wheel, grey other parts, chrome trimming, a padded seat. It's crafted of stainless steel.

Fancy luxury helicopter for hermes by gabriele pezzini

Fancy - Luxury Helicopter for Hermes by Gabriele Pezzini

Wooden ride on airplane 1

Wooden Ride-on Airplane

Morgan cycle b 24 liberator bomber plane ride on toy

Morgan Cycle B-24 Liberator Bomber Plane Ride-On Toy 71109

Airplane riding toy 12

Classic wooden ride-on toy plane by Moulin Roty

Kids pedal airplane

This beautiful airplane riding toy embodies what's best in vintage toys. Designed to last for ages, this solid construction delights with its great condition and wonderful cornflower blue paint.

Airplane riding toy 11

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