Girls White Loft Bed With Desk

No one said that loft beds were just for boys. We have plenty of white loft beds with desks for girls, too. And these will allow your daughter or niece the opportunity to have her bed and desk in the same square footage, while making room for other items, like a dresser or vanity. Take a gander at all the white loft beds with desks for girls in this collection.

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Customizable Wood Twin Bunk Bed With Study Loft

Customizable Wood Twin Bunk Bed With Study Loft
Minimalism at its finest – this sturdy loft bed for kids is a great choice of furniture if you’re searching for something simple yet still pleasurable to the eye. This loft bed has a frame made out of a combination of manufactured wood and solid pine wood veneers, which ensures its stability and durability. The bed is made in twin size and comes in a variety of color options, making it simple to choose the one that matches your room.

Compact Twin Low Loft Bed With Storage And Rails

Compact Twin Low Loft Bed With Storage And Rails
If space-efficiency is what you're looking for in a bed, you might be interested in this twin-sized loft bed with embedded storage, as well as a desk which can be hidden underneath the frame. The bed is constructed out of manufactured wood with solid wood veneers and comes in a twin size. With this bed, you will be easily able to get rid of a few clunky pieces of furniture, as the bed provides plenty of space to replace them.

Birch Wood Twin Loft Bed

Birch Wood Twin Loft Bed
This traditional bunk bed with two spaces for mattresses of different sizes is a great choice of furniture for children's bedrooms, fitting kids of every gender. The bed features a handful of additional compartments and surfaces, including a desk, a chest of drawers, some shelves for books and even an optional chair which can be added to the purchase. The frame of the bed is made out of tough birch wood with rubberwood elements, which make it flexible.

Space Saving Pine Wood Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed

Space Saving Pine Wood Twin L-Shaped Bunk Bed
If you have only one bedroom for two of your kids, this space-saving bunk bed made in an L-shape might solve your problems. The bed is constructed in a modern manner with a frame crafted out of solid birch wood with some elements made out of pine and maple, which is much more sturdy than manufactured wood. The bed not only has space for two twin-sized beds but also provides some space to work and study with its attached desk.

Manufactured Wood Twin Loft Bed With Storage

Manufactured Wood Twin Loft Bed With Storage
A contemporary loft bed for children’s bedrooms with a frame crafted out of manufactured wood with veneers to cover it up and give it an appealing look. The particle board used in the frame of the bed is a tough material which allows the bed to fulfill all required safety standards. The bed is not only a comfy place to sleep during the night, but it also provides quite a functional workspace with some additional storage.

Steel Sturdy Twin Loft Bed With Wood Workstation

Steel Sturdy Twin Loft Bed With Wood Workstation
Compact and stylish take on a lovely gender neutral bunk bed for kids with a simplistic frame which, even though with only a few thin elements and much open space, provides the bed with a durable base. The bed can support a twin mattress and up to two hundred and fifty pounds of weight, making it fit even two kids at once. The construction of the bed is made out of steel with a classy powder-coated finish, giving it a stylish look.

Steel Twin Loft Bed With Shelves

Steel Twin Loft Bed With Shelves
Functionality combined with elegant appearance make this loft bed a great choice for smaller living spaces. The loft bed is made in a twin size and is intended to be used by children, without any gender specification. The frame of the bed is made out of steel, which makes it able to take a lot of stress without becoming wobbly. The bed also comes with a few additional pieces placed underneath it, such as a desk and a couple of shelves.

Our advice Buying Guide

Loft beds are versatile beds that can be doubled up as work-stations and they offer a lot of features that a normal bunk bed wouldn’t offer. While loft beds can be a little more expensive, they’re worth it in the long run and your kids will appreciate you more for it, because it gives them a lot more to do than just sleep on the bed.

How to select the best desk to come with a loft bed?

Before a purchasing decision is set in stone, you need to set aside the purpose of the desk. Is this more of a study desk or is this more of a fun desk where the girls can play games and draw? How much space should the desk have and how much space will be needed for all of the girls’ belongings?

What are the benefits of a loft bed with a desk?

  • You’ll save a lot of space in the room by being able to place the desk directly under the bunk and whatever else will fit under there as well
  • The bottom spacing unit is highly compatible so if you ever want to switch that desk out with something a little more spacious or compatible with her current needs, you can do so easily without a lot of de-construction involved
  • There’s a ladder included for safety precautions
  • Some of these beds also come with shelving units or storage to help your child store things when they’re not being used (let’s face it, whatever should be stored will probably end up on the floor anyway).

How to position a ladder on the loft bed?

This is important to look out for because some children have trouble climbing up some of the ladders included on loft beds. A great ladder will have thick steps and won’t be too far away from the edge of the bed. It won’t have any kind of angle or tilt on the ladder as well, it’ll be easy to reach and climb.

How to ensure the safety of a loft bed?

When you’re looking for a great girls' loft bed with a desk, you need to make sure it comes with safety features as well.

  • Does the bed include guard rails that are taller than her when she’s laying down?
  • Is the ladder easy to access and not blocked by those said guard rails so that she doesn’t have to step over the rails just to place her footing on the ladder?
  • Can those guard rails be removed and can the bed be lowered if there’s nothing underneath the bed such a desk or storage unit?

There are a few questions you can ask to make sure the bed is safe for the ones you care about. Making sure the guard rails are tall enough so they can’t accidentally roll out of bed should be priority number one.

The best loft bed for your daughter will not only be practical in functionality but safe and affordable on your budget. There are thousands of loft beds out there to choose from, so make sure her safety is in mind when you make your decision along with the overall budget you’re able to spend.


Charleston Storage Loft Bed With Desk White And Pink

Charleston Storage Loft Bed With Desk White And Pink
A space-saving solution ideal for use in the children's room. This piece of furniture includes a bed, storage drawers, cabinets and a desk. It is a multi-functional product made of solid and durable materials.

Berg Furniture Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed With Desk And Storage

Berg Furniture Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed With Desk And Storage
Captivating color scheme and functionality of this lovely wood loft bed with desk delights and works great in every girly room. Practical details and interesting storage solutions fascinate and make every place is well-managed.

Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection

Walnut Street Loft Bedroom Collection
This locker loft bed comes in white finish and is the perfect storage solution and a nice sleeping option for your kids' room, featuring a storage locker with four shelves and a hanging rod, built into the frame beneath the top bunk.

Girls white loft bed with desk 1

Loft bed designed for girls. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with desk and a lot of drawers for storing clothes and other needed items. It provides space saving in every teenager's room as needed.

Full size loft bed with desk for adults

This full-size loft bed with desk is actually a practical proposition for the adults' bedrooms. Its white, wooden finish will add a charming ambiance, providing also an impressive storage and workspace underneath the stairs-entered bed.

Girls white loft bed with desk

This sleek designed room is an excellent interior for a cool girl. A lovely loft bed with a desk or dressing table below delight in functionality. Bright shade introduces space and cozy atmosphere for relaxing, learn and have fun.

Loft beds for girls

Suitable for girls' rooms, this lovely arm chair is upholstered in a nice-to-touch, purple material, with a gorgeous skirt around its bottom part. The wingback design makes the chair very comfy, as well as the foam-filled seat cushion.

Girls loft bed with desk

This wonderful furniture set is a perfect option for small spaces. It consists of a bunk bed and a desk underneath. There are some extra shelves at the one side. The whole structure is in elegant, white color.

Black loft bed with desk

This loft bed constitutes a universal proposition for both boys and girls bedroom. Functional and stylish, it delights with its ergonomy and cool and clean design. Features a three-drawer under the bed.

Loft beds for teenage girls

Make sure that your child is always comfortable and can enjoy as much free space as possible by opting for this loft bed that comes with the desk on the bottom and the closet for fitting some of the clothes on the side.

Teen bunk bed

This stunning loft bed with a matching desk and the futon-styled bed is the perfect choice for your interior, allowing for ample comfort and even more space-saving possibitilies, since it comes with the compact structure packed with durability.

Full size loft bed

A great solution for everyone who values ergonomy and space-efficient designs. This loft bed is as comfortable and practical as any other bed, and by placing the desk below it, you use the same space two times. The white colour fits all designs.

Loft bunk beds with desk and drawers

This loft bed with desk downstairs is a perfect set of furniture for young students. Beautiful colors, plenty of storage space and functionality make it even in the small spaces you can feel comfortable.

Berg utica twin dorm loft bed with desk and storage

Berg Utica Twin Dorm Loft Bed with Desk and Storage | Wayfair

4 poster twin bed

Go for practical use beyond measure with this amazing 4 poster twin bed. It comes with the white finish and the extra desk underneath makes for the perfect working area, ensuring ample comfort for your child.

Stor loft bed frame black

Why not use this amazing way for saving some space in your small room? Now you'll both have some extra space and a nice way of storing your belongings, making it one of the most convenient options for limited space rooms.

Desk for girls

Enhance the comfort of your kid's room with this attractive loft bed with a built-in desk. The bed is crafted of wood and painted i white, offering a convenient staircase with a built-in storage drawer in each step, proper protection for the top bunk, and 1 desk with 3 drawers.

Girls white corner high loft contemporary kids

Girls White Corner High Loft contemporary-kids

Loft style beds

Why separate desk and bed when a kid's room is small and you can have to of those pieces in one. Here a bunk bed is set over a desk. Powder pink accents hint at girl's room. A white built-in ladder allows to climb up to a twin sized bed.

Bunk beds in closet

Low Loft Bunk Bed with Desk, built-in chest and bookcase with FREE SHIPPING nationwide!

Bed above desk

A comfortable loft bunk bed with many great solutions, perfect for larger kids' rooms. The bed is crafted of wood and painted in white, including a fixed ladder, protective railings on top, 7 storage drawers, 1 door cabinet, and 1 built-in desk.

Loft bed for girl

With its white, gentle finish and practical arrangement, this loft bed with desk constitutes a perfect proposition for a girl's bedroom. Functionally designed space allows to save precious floor space.

Girl loft beds

Multitasking space for the little girls. This white loft bed with the desk below is a perfect space to spend the time, even if it is very limited. This piece of furniture is white so it will fit even if you repaint the walls.

Bunk beds with desk and stairs

Every kids' room will be more than grateful for this adorable addition. Bunk bed is placed on top of the structure, and you can climb there, using a fixed, 5-step ladder. If you need a desk, storage drawers or compartments for your belongings, not to worry, they're all there, too.

Loft beds with desks white 12 excellent loft beds with

Loft Beds With Desks White: 12 Excellent Loft Beds With Desk For Kids ...

I love the idea of a loft bed with play

I love the idea of a loft bed with play area underneath. I would have loved this when I was little, my daughter will have it

Girls loft beds

An amazing addition for girls' rooms, this comfy loft bed with a built-in desk is made of wood and covered in a white finish. The combo includes open shelves, a fixed ladder, and a top bunk with protective railings.

Desk for girl

IKEA Fan Favorite: STUVA loft bed. With the STUVA loft bed, you get a complete solution for your child’s room – including a desk, wardrobe and open shelving unit. The doors and drawers come in different color options and you can configure the unit in

Loft bed desk dresser

A girl's white loft bed with desk - gives bunker increased possibilities. This segment combines a bed, shelves and a desk made of solid wood. Finished with pristine white - illuminate the room, saving space. The drawers are dove-tailed.

Bed with stairs

This low loft bunk bed is ideal for serious study, featuring lots of shelving, stairs and a nicely finished desk, special for doing homeworks. The white finish fits perfectly to any style at girly room.

Berg furniture play and study twin loft with desk

Berg Furniture Play and Study Twin Loft with Desk

Pottery barn teen loft bed and desk

Pottery Barn Teen Loft Bed and Desk

White loft bed with desk underneath

Ideal for a girl bedroom, this white bunk bed set constitutes a charming and practical proposition, featuring a desk and a vanity underneath. All maintained in stylish white, resembling shabby chic or cottage designs.

Loft beds for teens

Try this loft bed for the room of your teenage daughter or son, and you will quickly see that a very little of space had been taken. Bed is bathed in a white finish, including a fixed ladder, open shelves, and a top bunk with protective railings.

Desk for teens

A great use of space with a bed, storage & a desk. Fabulous & oh so compact! Around $804 from Ikea.

Bunk loft bed package

Bunk Loft Bed Package

Desk for teenage girl

A classic bed for an exceptional child. Overflowing from head to toe white - in a traditional Scandinavian style. Made of solid wood, it has a simple construction of a girl's white loft bed with a desk, daybed, and smooth white ladder.

Loft bed for teenager

Like this for a teenage girl's room

Girl loft bed

Space-saving and comfortable, this loft bed with desk is going to find its use, especially, in dorm rooms, boarding schools, and smaller rooms. Made of wood and painted white, the bed offers 1 built-in desk, 1 open shelf and 1 fixed ladder.

Bunk bed with couch underneath 1

An interesting teenage bedroom decor. It includes a blue armchair with soft seat cushion. The largest element is a combination of two beds (one in the upper and one in the lower area). This construction also includes stairs with storage drawers.

Cool kids bunk bed with desk i so love this

Cool Kids Bunk Bed with Desk.... i so love this and want this for my kiddos

Girls bunk bed furniture mumbai

Girls Bunk Bed furniture Mumbai

Cute girls bedroom in pink with a loft bed that

Cute-girls-bedroom-in-pink-with-a-loft-bed-that-comes-with-storage ...