30 Fun Girls Bedroom Ideas Combining Playtime & Style

Whether you have one little princess or more, the dreamiest girls bedroom will be like an ongoing gift for them: a special kingdom that actually feels like their own!

The best girls bedroom is the one that focuses on what your little one loves the most, whether that's a color, a theme, or a hobby.

At the same time, you'll want to utilize their room's existing layout to create a safe and optimal space for them to sleep, play, read, and do their homework.

Rather than a mismatch of colors and styles, you might also want to opt for a cohesive bedroom.

To help you bring all this together, our interior designers have found a wide and colorful range of girls bedroom ideas.

1. Start with a delightful bed frame

Little girls bedroom with a pink bed
Kerri Rosenthal Interiors

The bed will be the cozy core of her room!

As well as choosing the right one for your daughter’s age range (or a versatile design that will grow with her), you could also pick one in her favorite color.

For example, who wouldn’t fall in love with such an adorable pink headboard in a decorative shape?

2. Personalize your little girl’s bedroom

Girls bedroom with a neon sign
Curated Nest Interiors

Whether that’s because there are two siblings sleeping in it or because you know your daughter will want to impress her little friends, consider adding her name to her bedroom or her section of a shared one.

As you can see, a neon-style sign can be a brilliant eye-catching idea, or you could paint her name on the actual wall, too.

3. Get creative with bunk beds

Urbanology Designs

Bunk beds are one of the most space-saving solutions if you have two kids. However, if the layout of their room allows it, you could think beyond the most classic designs.

For instance, this asymmetrical model inspires an airy sense of space further emphasized by the white walls and decorative elements.

4. Consider a house-shaped bed area…

Bedroom with a house bed
Maite Granda

If space isn’t a concern, you could make your little girl’s day (and childhood) by surprising her with a playful house bed. We doubt she’ll complain about bedtime ever again!

Just keep in mind that this isn’t one of the most versatile or long-term options: since it’s better suited for young kids, she’ll probably outgrow it within a few years, but it would definitely remain a sweet and special memory.

5. … or one that feels like a tree house

Bedroom with a tree house bed
Mel Bean Interiors

Another creative take on the house idea is a more compact design that’s raised off the ground in a loft bed fashion.

One of its main perks is that you’ll save a wide portion of floor space that can become yet another play area.

So, be sure to make it inviting and cozy by adding a soft rug and some cushions like in this delightful example.

6. Create a cohesive palette

White and pink girls bedroom idea
House of Harvee

When designing your girl’s room, start with a consistent combination of colors, perhaps one that includes her favorite one.

Neutral hues like white are a versatile option as a primary shade. For the secondary, use a more colorful one, maybe as a delicate muted tone (such as pink, light blue, purple…). Finally, top it all up with a brighter or more saturated accent color for smaller elements.

7. Consider a poster bed

Girls bedroom with a poster bed
Mindy Gayer

This is exactly the kind of bed that will make your daughter feel like a princess, especially if you opt for one with curtains!

However, these models can run the risk of making a small bedroom look more cramped, so we only recommend them in larger settings (and if you don’t mind the additional maintenance and washing).

Alternatively, stick to a poster bed without curtains but showcasing ornate columns.

8. Decorate the walls in an artsy way

Bedroom with walls in different pink shades
Brenda Danso

Does your daughter love painting and coloring? Then you might want to surprise her with some bedroom walls that mirror her artistic spirit.

As you can see, a safe trick is to stick to the same color but use different shades.

If this results in a loud pattern, choose monochrome elements or delicate prints when it comes to bed sheets and other items right next to that wall.

9. Consider rattan or bamboo furniture

Kids bedroom furniture in rattan and bamboo
House of Chais

Unlike synthetic options, natural rattan and bamboo are extremely sustainable materials, so they’d be a more logical choice if the rest of your home was designed with an eco-conscious heart.

Their characteristic color is also rather versatile, which will make it a breeze to complement your girls bedroom furniture with other hues, from bed sheets to decorative items.

Plus, bamboo and rattan furniture translates into a casual and airy vibe.

10. Include a reading nook in your girls bedroom

Little girls bedroom with a reading area
Katie Martinez Design

Your daughter’s bedroom should be centered around her passions and hobbies. If one of these involves books, delight her with a custom reading area.

This could involve a bookshelf that she can reach herself (but that’s safely secured to the wall), a chair, a bench, or a soft and cozy rug with cushions if she prefers to lie down on the floor whenever she immerses herself in a new story.

11. Add some adorable wallpaper

Kids bedroom with patterned wallpaper
Chango & Co

Opting for wallpaper in your girls bedroom can be a beautiful chance of incorporating a meaningful motif (for example, something involving her favorite animal) or just to breathe some life into her room through a delicate or timeless pattern.

To prevent a busy or clashing effect, complement this wallpaper with monochrome furniture pieces whenever possible.

12. Include colorful furniture

Nursery with a pink chest of drawers
Sarah Sherman Samuel

If you’ve picked white or a particularly light shade as your primary hue, don’t be afraid to introduce some more colorful furniture pieces like this stunning pink chest of drawers.

You can even create some conscious contrast by pairing them up with decorative items on the opposite side of the color wheel, or stick to smaller pieces in the same color but a different shade if you’d rather focus on cohesiveness.

13. Think beyond the most obvious designs

Kids bedroom with an unusual bunk bed
Rise Design Studio

When shopping for furniture for a kids bedroom, it’s easy to stick to recognizable or familiar designs. However, if you want your daughter to have a room that’s truly unique, consider getting a bit more creative!

For example, this bunk bed guarantees safe dreams through a one-of-a-kind design instead of the usual safety rails.

14. Give your daughter plenty of open storage…

Bedroom with a round furniture piece for storage
DaCruz Segal Architecture llc

While you might want to keep most of her toys and belongings inside closed cupboards to prevent a messy result, we recommend leaving a selection of your daughter’s favorite ones in plain sight.

That way, she’ll always have them at hand and get to reach them on her own.

From bookshelves to decorative benches and interesting designs like this round model, fill them with books, plushies, and most watched DVDs.

15. … but plan it wisely

Girls bedroom with plenty of books and toys
EJ Interior Design, Eugenia Jesberg

When upgrading your girl’s bedroom because she’s grown out of her previous setup, it should be easier to focus on her passions and purchase furniture accordingly.

That way, you’ll be able to help her store her belongings tidily or in a way that showcases the prettiest ones.

If she loves books, you’ll want multiple shelves like in this example, and how about some additional room to display her plushies?

16. Find a beautiful bunk bed

White bunk bed for girls
Chango & Co.

A simple and streamlined model (like this white design with light wood finishes) tends to be the most versatile choice.

While you can easily keep it cohesive by using the same style bed sheets, we actually recommend encouraging your little girls to personalize their section.

Favorite motifs, colors, stickers, wall decor… That way, it’ll feel like their own space rather than one they’re reluctantly sharing with a sibling.

17. Let some floral patterns bloom

Girls bedroom with floral walls
Kathy Kuo Designs Inc

If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to those plain walls, patterns involving flowers are some of the most delicate and timeless. Unlike more childish motifs, they will also grow with your daughter in most cases.

Try and keep them consistent by including a few accent items in one of their hues, like the matching cushions and lamp base in this example.

18. Include a colorful rug

Bedroom with a large rug
Smith Firestone Associates

Not only will it tie the entire room together, but it’ll make for a comfy space for playtime or to read in peace.

From a decorative point of view, we recommend choosing a rug with a noticeable pattern if the rest of the room mainly consists of monochrome pieces (and vice versa).

19. Create a magical ombre wall

Room with white and pink walls
Vanessa Antonelli Designs

If you thought that the only options were either patterns or monochrome walls, meet this creative alternative.

Ombre walls usually involve two colors that blend together smoothly like this bright pink and white example.

If you want to make your daughter’s room appear wider and more spacious, however, we recommend using white towards the ceiling instead.

20. Bring nature inside your girls bedroom

Nature-inspired girls bedroom idea
Laura Lee Home

From her favorite animals to the kind of magical forests she sees in movies, you could plan your daughter’s bedroom decor around the natural world.

As well as including some animal plushies, think patterns and motifs like these floral curtains.

We absolutely love the way these walls were turned into woods by painting some white trees against a pastel background and adding some decor that involves forest animals.

21. Leave your little daughter plenty of room to play

Spacious girls bedroom in white and pink

While practical matters such as storage and bed sizes are still important, don’t forget about the most fundamental element in your little daughter’s bedroom: playtime!

So, leave her enough floor space (if it’s limited, you could get creative with a loft bed) and consider how she actually enjoys playing with her friends. That way, you can include relevant toys or larger items like teepees or tables and chairs.

22. Add a hanging chair

Kids bedroom with bunk bed and chair
Shawna Kuykendall Interiors

For girls who are at least three years old (but you should always check the actual product specifications), you could consider a playful but comfy hanging chair. That way, they’ll obtain a special reading corner or a fun spot to watch TV.

It’s also another chance to keep their decor consistent by including cushions in the same style and colors as those on the bed, much like this cohesive example.

23. Make it stylish for older girls

Beautifully decorated girls bedroom idea
Studio McGee

When planning a bedroom for tweens outgrowing their childlike furniture and decor, you definitely want to take their opinion into consideration.

Still, focus on choices that won’t become outdated again in only a couple of years.

For example, instead of planning the room around your daughter’s current obsession (like the umpteenth movie or singer that will be forgotten in a few months), suggest more versatile ideas like this nature-inspired wallpaper.

24. It’s all about details!

Elegant girls bedroom in pink and white

While you should always start with furniture and large elements, it’s the small touches and decorative items that will bring your girls bedroom to life, especially for tweens who start noticing these things.

From the lighting fixtures to the accent cushion and the items on the chest of drawers, this room only features a small selection of decorative pieces and ornate functional elements: this helps them stand out more beautifully.

25. Use white in smaller spaces

Bedroom with white as a primary color
popix designs

Sure, you can still include a couple of additional colors like these pink and black accents.

Using white as a primary and even a secondary hue, however, can really help a small girls bedroom look airy and breezy.

This trick will work even better if you can also rely on plenty of natural light.

26. Try dual-use furniture pieces

White and green girls room
Fry Homes

Another game-changing way of decorating a small girls bedroom: dual-use items and furniture pieces will literally meet two needs… for the floor real estate of one!

Some clever ideas are storage benches, loft beds with desks, or even a more traditional bed that can also be used as a sofa thanks to its design and layout (like this model pushed right against the wall with some propped-up cushions).

27. Don’t forget about including a desk

Charming girls room with desk
Swanson Homes

Playtime aside, your little girl will also need a comfortable space to do her homework, so be sure to take a desk and chair into account when planning her new bedroom.

If space is limited and you wouldn't be able to fit one with a big enough surface, you can always choose a loft bed that includes a desk underneath.

28. Create a special area for your daughter to catch up with friends

Girls room designed for playtime
Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Whenever her cousins or friends come to visit her, they’ll never want to leave!

Try and create a cozy corner for your daughter to play with her peers, like this adorable table with small chairs.

You can also encourage her to use it to showcase a couple of plushies whenever she’s not playing there.

29. Make your girls bedroom nostalgic

Traditional girls bedroom with wooden furniture
SABIN VIEHLAND Interior Design

Maybe you’d like for your daughter to have a beautiful bedroom that reminds you of the kind you see in fairytales (or your own childhood)?

Then scout for an ornate metal bed frame in a vintage design, a bed skirt, some wooden furniture that showcases its unique veins, and pieces with harmonious lines like the chair in this room.

30. Top it up with a teepee

Children’s bedroom with a teepee
JMorris Design

This is exactly the kind of addition that your daughter will be super excited to show to her friends!

A teepee makes for fun and unforgettable playtime, but it can even be used for quick naps and story time with her parents: how precious is that?

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