Shabby Chic Bedroom Sets

Shabby chic bedroom sets are very interesting and draw a lot of attention to themselves without really doing anything at all. They are very comfortable and incredibly stylish. Now with shabby chic being all the rage it is entirely possible he will see more and more of these on your friend’s beds in the future. Take a look at this extensive collection to see what we mean.

Best Products

10pc Spring Pink Roses Chic N Shabby Queen Quilt Shams Bedskirt Sheets Set

10pc Spring Pink Roses Chic N Shabby Queen Quilt Shams Bedskirt Sheets Set
This lovely set of bedclothes in a country style is an excellent combination of beautiful decorative details with floral motifs and gratings. The whole made in pastel colors adds all lightness and coziness.

Cosette bed linens rochelle fitted sheet king traditional sheet sets

Cosette bed linens rochelle fitted sheet king traditional sheet sets
An exquisite traditional bedding set for king beds. It's crafted of cotton percale and synthetic silk in creams and features beautiful elaborate floral designs in delicate pinks, beiges and greens (or greenish and creamy stripes) and wide flanges.

Laura ashley victoria inn 4 piece comforter set

Laura ashley victoria inn 4 piece comforter set
The captivating combination of color, design, and materials makes this shabby chic cottage bedroom set an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful finish and attention to detail enchant. French idyll is perfect for the bedroom.

Antique Chic Bonus Coverlet Set

Antique Chic Bonus Coverlet Set
An antique coverlet set which includes elements that are made from high-quality materials and fabrics. Its unique design will complement any interior and bring it a brand new style. This set is luxurious.

Rosy outlook 4 piece paige comforter set in ivory

Rosy outlook 4 piece paige comforter set in ivory
A classy, very sophisticated set of ruffled comforters in a pretty, cream colour. Perfect for a sophisticated, elegant bedroom, make the bed look very vintage and antique. Looks really comfortable!

Shabby chic bedroom sets 2

This beautiful set of bedroom comforter is an excellent combination of shabby chic country and beautiful floral motifs. All in white with subtle pastels delights and introduces coziness into the interior.

Shabby chic comforter

A wonderful bedding set for feminine bedrooms, which is richly decorated with delicate valances, floral patterns and pink bows. The set is designed for queen size beds and consists of 4 pieces with a lovely mix of white, blue and pink.

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If you've decided that one of the bedrooms of your home is going to be decorated in a shabby chic style, there are plenty of different things to explore. Shabby chic bedroom sets are one of the easiest and quickest ways to add some style to the room without spending too much time or money. Choosing bedding can be difficult, but if you already know that you want shabby chic, the rest is just detail. Here are some things to help you decide on the perfect shabby chic bedroom sets for you.

What materials are typical for shabby chic bedroom sets?

A wide variety of materials are used to make shabby chic bedroom sets, and you may find several materials used in the same set. Here are some of the most popular materials that you are bound to come across at some point.

  • Lace: This is a popular material for all bedding, but it lends itself particularly well to shabby chic bedding. It's rare that you'll find a set which is made completely of lace, so normally you will find lace around the edges of the pillowcases or the bottom of the duvet cover.
  • Cotton: A cheap and popular material, cotton is possibly the most common material used for shabby chic bedroom sets. This doesn't mean that other materials aren't used alongside it, but it forms a good base and keeps costs low for the buyer.
  • Ribbon: Another material which is often used, this is commonly seen in pink or purple along the bottom of the duvet cover. They may be tied into small bows as extra features on the bedding, or there may be a simple string or ribbon to add extra color and interest.
  • Silk: If you want something very luxurious to put on your bed at night, you can consider silk shabby chic bedroom sets. You should remember that with any materials, you will need to clean them, and since bedding requires cleaning more than many other household items, you may find that it's tricky getting the right products or even finding the time to wash the silk bedding by hand.
  • Ruffles: As soon as you think about shabby chic designs, ruffles are a material and feature which springs to mind. One of the great things about ruffles is that you can have them in various different colors, creating a soft rainbow effect for your bedroom.

What are the most common patterns featured in Shabby Chic bedding?

Apart from the material, the other feature that makes bedding into a shabby chic design is the pattern. There are several patterns that are very common and often seem to appear whenever you see shabby chic bedding. Let's take a quick look at some of the most popular:

  • Floral: This is definitely one of the most common patterns you will see for shabby chic bedroom sets. The most popular colors are pink and lilac, although you may see baby blue and yellow shades too.
  • Patchwork: This can be an effect which looks beautifully authentic, but is easier to come across than you might initially imagine. This is usually full of many different colors and shapes, including flowers, swirls, and circles.


Target shabby chic bedding

Blue rose bedding set in Victorian style. The Beautiful and romantic set of cotton bedding will make your warm bed even more lovely and comfortable. Who has never dreamt of sleeping in the rosy garden?

Shabby chic bedroom sets 1

Shabby chic with a hint of romance - the one who decored this bedroom knew how to achieve that. Generous bedding features tons of pillows with ruffled rims; pink and cream coloring scheme with roses pattern is both cozy and inviting.

Target shabby chic furniture

A vintage vanity table and a framed 3-panel mirror with an off-white finish. A table has a glass subtly curved top. The table and a round padded single button-tufted stool are screened with draped creamy veils with flower decors and fringed bands.

Shabby chic bed set

Traditional setup for a cozy bedroom with a queen-sized bed with a wooden headboard made out of cherry wood. The shabby set of chic beddings made in a patchwork pattern provides a unique, sophisticated detail.

Shabby chic twin bedding

These beautiful shabby chic bedding sets are a perfect combination of beautiful floral motifs, high-quality materials, and functionality. Excellent details will fascinate every woman. The whole will change the entire décor of the bedroom.

Black ruffle bedding

Splash your bed with a bit of vintage elegance, while deciding on this old-fashioned bedroom set that is going to turn your bedroom into an oasis of coziness. Each piece is wrapped in a grey fabric and decorated with a stylish valance.

Click here beautiful shabby chic bedding


Shabby chic bedroom set 4

Shabby Chic Bedroom Set

Shabby chic bedspreads

Every girl dreams of a beautiful bedroom, and thanks to this fabulous set of shabby style bedspreads, the room will have a unique style. Nice decorative details and top quality materials create a unique whole.

Shabby chic bedding sets

Whit this aqua ruffled comforter set your bedroom decor is going to be as chic as never before! IT features the shabby cottage chic style, and the aqua marquisette color. Definitely for girly room.

30 shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas 1

30 Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Simply shabby chic furniture

Shabby chic bedroom set, perfect for a traditional house. The beautiful chandelier completes the luxurious appeal, creating a timeless, perfectly fashionable appeal. The material is very soft and cosy too!

Daybed covers sets

The Beautiful seat cover of this stylish daybed is a perfect combination of beautiful decor, elegant color, and functionality. The whole decorated with lace, impressive embroidery adds to the decor a romantic atmosphere.

Shabby chic bed sheets

Classic pink and white Isabella bedding from Dunelm Mill - perfect for creating a cosy home bedroom.

Shabby chic king size bedding


Shabby chic girls bedding

lejardindesecrets: Nuestro Palacio Rosa por sweetnshabbyroses en Flickr.

Shabby chic turquoise bedding

Very sweet for the guest room. I know Jay wouldn't want all the frills in our master.

The fur babies all seem to like the new bedding

The Fur babies all seem to like the new bedding.

Posted by mad coco at 9 03 pm

Posted by Mad Coco at 9:03 PM

White shabby chic bedding

If you want for your bedroom to be drowning in feminine appearance, you may want to check this cute bedding set. Designed of delicate, yet durable fabric, the set boeast of stylish valances, lovely patterns and pink, light green, aqua and white colors.

Shabby chic bedspread

Some people said that it is sweet and romantic, but for me it is a kitsch festival - really! This kind of bedding could be maybe used in little girl's room stylization, but for adults - it looks really girlie...

Shabby chic white bedding

The beautiful finish of the bedroom in the form of bed sheets in shabby chic style is a perfect combination of lovely fabrics, colors, and design. Pink and white sweet captivate creating a climate in the interior.

Shabby chic comforter sets

This cotton bedding set provides a flawless option to introduce a truly vintage accent to a bedroom. Romantic, old-fashioned flowers (these are peonies!) pattern brings a charmful accent, and so does the pink ruffle edging.

Twin shabby chic bedding

Vanity set showing a reflection of a sitting area (source: bibinator) Picture from: Carousel of Crowns

Blue shabby chic bedding

Bedding set in the French style. It is made of nice touch fabric. Includes comforter, shams and more. It is decorated with floral theme and finished with pastel colors. Adds freshness and elegance to any bedroom.

Target shabby chic comforter

Bed frame in elegant form. Construction consists of metal wires and reinforced with solid supports. Great solution for each bedroom according to taste.

Shabby chic decor bedroom ideas 30 shabby chic bedroom decorating

shabby chic decor bedroom ideas 30 Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating ...

Black ruffle comforter set

This set is far too expensive but beautiful.Love the bed skirt idea!maybe incorporate for the one I am gonna make...

Pink shabby chic bedding

Cute Looking Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas | Decozilla mom's bedroom set painted and distressed?

Aqua ruffle bedding

Bedclothes for children. These materials feature attractive flower themes and many pink accents, so they are suitable for girls. They are also resistant to excessive wear and they provide good comfort and safety of sleeping.

Shabby chic bedroom set

Ideal for shabby chic or cottage decors, this aqua blue ruffle quilt constitutes a perfect accent for the king size bed. It will help you create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

Home shabby chic floral rose duvet set


Teal ruffle bedding

I was wondering how to furnish my daughter's bedroom. I found this inspiration, and I decide to do it just like this! The shabby chic bedroom set has the lovely floral pattern and pastel colors.

Shabby chic aqua

Let it be light, girlish and romantic. A shabby chic bedroom set is associated with times when little shepherds came out with their sheep. White, pink and delicate flowers - all this in a mischief on a bed made of flounces.

Shabby chic white chaise love it but with 3 big

shabby chic, white, chaise Love it, but with 3 big dogs, how long would it be white, and how much would I get to use it :-)

Shabby chic bedroom furniture on birch shabby chic bedroom set

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture on Birch Shabby Chic Bedroom Set Designs ...

Shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas 18

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas 18

Iliv shabby chic song bird duvet cover set duvet cover

iLiv Shabby Chic Song Bird Duvet Cover Set | Duvet Cover Sets ...

Shabby chic bedding twin

White can be a great colour for a country style room. Adding pretty touches like this fresh floral bedding and the wildflower wreaths helps further define the country roots. #white #country #bedroom

Shabby chic pink bedding

A wonderful comforter set that will beautify your master bedroom with stylish valances and pink roses. Designed in aqua blue beach theme, the set is suitable for queen size beds, and can be washed in a washing machine.

Shabby chic floral bedding

Enhance your cottage decor with this chic Victorian bedroom set with vintage fabrics, beautiful trims and old laces, to complement every detail of your cozy bedroom. Throw a couple of weathered, massive pillars, and your work is done.

30 shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas 2

30 Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Shabby chic bedroom sets 3

Shabby Chic Bedroom Sets