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Have you ever wanted a tiki hut in your backyard? Of course you have. It is an epic staple of any fun barbeque. And now, you can get one of your very own, with built in bar attachments and a cooler for those drinks. But maybe you prefer something a little less flashy. Well, we have those too, and they will make your backyard stand out from the neighbor's. That is a sure thing.

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Updated 08/05/2023
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Best for portability and space-saving
Minimalistic Modern Metal Outdoor Bar for Sale

Minimalistic Modern Metal Outdoor Bar for Sale

Winston Porter

What we like: Eight colorful options

This foldable two-tier metal outdoor bar cart has two flat open-slat shelves that allow easy water drainage and supports 75 pounds each. A high, curved handrail on each side and four casters with two lockable wheels make it easy to move. 

Designer Advice:

Outdoor metal bar carts that you can fold for easy storage are a brilliant solution for when you can't leave your bar set up permanently. The attached lockable wheels make moving your bar around your spaces easy. And the slim minimalist metal frame can serve multiple purposes when not used as a bar cart, or it looks great left up.

What Users Say:

This is such a great and fun piece and makes moving your bar from inside the house to out on your deck very easy.

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Best for versatile use
Utilitarian Wheeled Weatherproof Outdoor Bar

Utilitarian Wheeled Weatherproof Outdoor Bar


What we like: Open and closed storage

This weatherproof outdoor bar cart has a hard resin construction in two tones - neutral beige double doors and a darker brown for the bar. Additional features include a removable organizer, four wheels, and folding bar sides.


Designer Advice:

Hard resin is a great choice for outdoor bar use because it's resistant to most weather conditions. Closed doors ensure your contents stay dry. Drinkware and accessories go up top, and the organizer works for things like cut limes, salt, celery, etc. Liquor goes at the bottom. And the bartop with folding sides is perfect for holding a speaker and blender.

What Users Say:

It's perfect for the outdoor patio. I keep liquor in the bottom cabinet, plastic spoons, forks, plastic cups and napkins in the top cabinet. 

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Best for a covered bar area
Chic Slat Wood Backyard Bar for Sale

Chic Slat Wood Backyard Bar for Sale

Millwood Pines

What we like: Open slats drain water

Not so great: Exposure to weather

This chic backyard bar features an understated high bar wrapped in light-toned Acacia wood. The open slat design adds an airy look, while the notched wrap-around center creates the perfect standing spot for accessing the three inner shelves.

$329.99 $354.04

Designer Advice:

Light-colored wood in a slatted design creates a fantastic tropical oasis vibe. You can pair it with tiki torches, a colorful outdoor rug tossed over a stone or wood patio, and decorative lights hung overhead. Going with a darker-toned table can create a more modern, upscale feel. Match it with metal accessories and a toned-down geometric floor covering.

What Users Say:

Awesome bar with great storage behind for cups/bottles/ice etc. Great product indoor or outdoor.

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Weatherproof Outdoor Bar With Roof

Weatherproof Outdoor Bar With Roof


You can stand in this fully enclosable shack-like home bar. It comes with a sturdy mineral-felt roof, two opening hatches, and a door that can be locked and positioned on either side of the bar.

Designer Advice:

Outside home bars with roofs are fantastic bar options for long term use. They are built strong and great for large backyards; however, they cannot be moved easily. This type of outdoor bar may not be the best option for you if you plan on moving homes anytime soon.

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Outside Bar With Trash Compartment

Outside Bar With Trash Compartment

Birch Lane™

Made of steel and wicker, this semi-enclosed outdoor bar comes with a built-in wine glass holder and a wine rack. Hidden inside is a storage area for trash or recycling.

Designer Advice:

Home bars with built-in trash compartments are huge smell savers. On hot summer days around the pool, you won’t have to worry about smells drifting in the air and spoiling the moment. Built-in trash areas in bars give a cleaner appeal and are less attractive to critters and insects too.

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Large 3 side Metal Outdoor Patio Bar

Large 3 side Metal Outdoor Patio Bar

Three Posts™

What We Like: Large, spacious, three-sided

What We Don’t Like: Large footprint

Not So Great For: Small spaces

Perfect For: Large parties

This large outdoor bar is perfect for those who love to entertain. It is made from 100% power-coated hand-finished solid cast aluminum. It has a beautiful lattice pattern outside the frame and two levels of 17.5’’ deep interior shelving. The countertop is 2’’ thick and in the same lattice pattern as the rest of the bar.

This bar comes with a gray top and a handsome antique bronze color body. The bar is 41” high, 82” wide and 30” deep and can store a large number of bottles, glasses, mixers, and garnishes. This bar is perfect for entertaining or hosting a large outdoor party.  

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2 Seat Rattan Outdoor Patio Bar

2 Seat Rattan Outdoor Patio Bar

Latitude Run®

What We Like: Stylish, comfortable; practical

What We Don’t Like: Only available in one color scheme

Not So Great For: Big dinner parties

Perfect For: Outdoor family dining or date night

This stylish outdoor bar for sale is an elegant addition to any home. Thanks to the durable steel frame of these wicker-covered stools, the furniture will last you many years. And the two wide shelves and a large top are perfect for dining or mixing cocktails.

The bar is on-trend and family-friendly, with smooth, streamlined edges to protect kids and rubber feet on the stools and bar for added stability. The bar and stools are geometric and matching, giving the bar a clean, harmonious look that brings a touch of class to any outdoor patio.  

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Outdoor Enclosed Bar

Outdoor Enclosed Bar

Leisure Season

This outdoor bar made of cedarwood looks like cabinets you would find inside your kitchen. It features two drawers, four cabinets, and a middle section that can hold a small or mid-sized cooler.

$741.75 $919.99

Designer Advice:

If you find an outdoor home bar that can be closed completely, it’s a treasure indeed. An enclosed outside bar gives you the freedom to store liquor bottles and glasses year-round. If you live in a windy place, owning an outdoor bar that you can completely close is beneficial.

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Compact 2 Seat Outdoor Patio Bar

Compact 2 Seat Outdoor Patio Bar

Bay Isle Home™

What We Like: Unique, space-saving design

What We Don’t Like: Limited storage, only fits two people

Not So Great For: Families

Perfect For: Small patios

A standout for a new or used outdoor bar for sale on the market today, this outdoor patio bar latches right onto the patio railing, making optimal use of deck space. This solid acacia wood bar has a 15.25’’ by 48’’ countertop and a lower shelf that can be used for storage or as a footrest.

The two included backless stools are also made of solid acacia wood and have a comfortable concave design for relaxed seating. They have a 17.5’’ by 13’’ footprint and sit 30’’ off the ground. This bar is great for patios with limited space and it can bring all the fun of a full-sized bar to a smaller area.

$234.99 $299.99

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Stylish Wood Outdoor Patio Bar

Stylish Wood Outdoor Patio Bar

Sand & Stable™

What We Like: Gorgeous wood styling

What We Don’t Like: Difficult to move

Not So Great For: Mixing or pouring drinks

Perfect For: Accenting a stylish patio

This is one of the most graceful and beautiful outdoor bars for sale today. It is made from solid acacia wood, with a teak-colored weather-proof finish that allows the bar to be used year-round. It has a two-shelf configuration with a 16.34’’ wide by 16’’ deep top shelf with a 1.5’’ lip for serving appetizers or drinks and a bottom shelf with three built-in bottle holders and ample room for mixers or an ice bucket.

Unique among outside bars for sale, this patio bar features a gorgeous curved front that arcs from the bottom to the top. The entire cart is 21.06’’ wide by 24.4’’ deep and 31.5’’ high, giving you lots of usable space on a small footprint.  

$108.99 $219.99

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Cart style Backyard Outdoor Bar

Cart style Backyard Outdoor Bar

Mercury Row®

This gorgeous outside bar cart is resistant to weather, water, mildew, rust, and stains. It features a tempered glass top, two rotating wheels, two handles, and a few open compartments to hold bottles and ice.

$222.99 $336.99

Designer Advice:

Outside home bar carts are easy to move from beside the house to next to your outdoor pool. Outdoor bars with wheels are ideal for elderly folks. The best bar carts for outside are ones with two wheels instead of four because they stay in place when the wind picks up.

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Wheeled Metal Outdoor Patio Bar

Wheeled Metal Outdoor Patio Bar

Gracie Oaks

What We Like: Light and stylish

What We Don’t Like: Not a lot of storage

Not So Great For: Mixing complicated cocktails

Perfect For: Wine and appetizers

Featuring three shelves and made from durable powder-coated steel, this patio bar for sale cart brings the party to any patio. The cart is 33.66” high by 42.71” wide by 19.69” deep and features a top shelf for mixing or pouring drinks and two lower shelves for ice buckets, glasses, bottles, and garnishes.

The cart can be easily moved with the easy-to-grip handle and the two large, durable aluminum wheels. The cart is large enough to hold ample drinks for a great party but compact enough to store easily. The durable construction can withstand wind, rain, and UV rays. This cart is perfect for small gatherings or for al fresco dining.  

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Metal and Rattan Outdoor Patio Bar

Metal and Rattan Outdoor Patio Bar

Winston Porter

What We Like: Convenient storage with built-in ice bucket

What We Don’t Like: Not ideal for use with chairs

Not So Great For: Large outdoor parties

Perfect For: Intimate happy hour on the patio

This stylish and classy metal and rattan outdoor bar for sale is the perfect addition to any outdoor patio and is great for entertaining and relaxing. It is well organized in a 2-tier layout, with a top glass shelf able to hold up to 90 lbs., ideal for mixing drinks or putting out appetizers or hors d’oeuvres. Beneath the top shelf, there is a rack for up to 12 wine glasses, and the bottom shelf features space for storing bottles and a built-in ice bucket.

The bar has a powder-coated steel frame and a weather and UV-resistant wicker body. It has 360° smooth pivoting wheels with locking casters and handles on both sides for easier maneuvering and moving. This is one of the best patio bars for sale for small parties, family gatherings, and couple happy hours.  

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2 Seat High Top Wood and Metal Outdoor Patio Bar

2 Seat High Top Wood and Metal Outdoor Patio Bar

Union Rustic

What We Like: Minimalist; clean lines; functional

What We Don’t Like: No Shelves

Not So Great For: Storing bottles

Perfect For: Outdoor dining or drinks

One of the more unique and minimalist outdoor bars on the market, this simple patio bar features two chairs and a simple countertop bar. It is made from solid acacia wood with iron framing. The countertop is a single piece of 1’’ thick wood and measures 47.35’’ by 13’’, ample space for mixing drinks or dinner for two.

The stool seats are 30’’ off the ground and feature a 7.5’’ backrest and a footrest for additional comfort. The stools can support up to 215 lbs. and store conveniently under the bar countertop when not in use. This minimalist setup is perfect for two people or a small gathering, and the minimalist style will match well with many different patio styles.  

$299.99 $294.99

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Outdoor Patio Bars For Sale

Buying Guide

Are you looking for outdoor patio bars for sale? There are a few ideas you might want to consider before settling on a model. Outdoor patio bars can be a fantastic thing to have by your pool or on your patio, and they come in all sorts of designs. They can be useful for garden parties and barbeques as a place to put ice, drinks of all kinds and even servings of finger food.

Regardless of the outdoor patio bar that you are able to locate, these handy units make a place to display and dispense food and drink for gatherings. They can have stools that can be pulled up to the bar, or they can be set up with a matching table and chair units to encourage mingling and conversation. They make it far easier for the host or hostess to enjoy time with their guests by eliminating some of those annoying trips back to the kitchen to pick up trays of food or drink. Add a basket for digital devices and several sets of lawn games to encourage a day of face-to-face interaction.

Rolling Carts

There are many advantages to your patio bar being a rolling cart. It can be loaded before the party and put in a secure place where it will not be attacked by wandering children, pets or swarms of insects. It is easy to load it up in your kitchen, then wheel it out to the patio when the time is right. You aren’t limited to those old three-shelf aluminum carts, either. The rolling carts can include wicker weave carts, folding carts made with wood slats, and even stylish serving carts that include a food prep space, shelves for ingredients, a towel rack and a place to hang pot holders and more.

Tiki Bars

Add an exotic touch to your next garden party with a tiki bar. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and color schemes ranging from the classic tiki set up with palm thatch over the bar to mod-tourist, complete with a corrugated roof and beach signs. Stock it with the drinks you prefer. Alcoholic beverages are traditional, but you can just as easily stock your bar with fruit juice and soft drinks – especially if you are hosting an under-age group. Scooby-Doo fans are likely to appreciate the tiki theme, thanks to the Scooby-Doo movie that was set in an island amusement park.

More Permanent Bar Arrangements

You can add a patio bar as a permanent installation. You just need to make it of something that is weather resistant. This can include an ordinary patio table, a built-in slatted bar, or even a charming metal Sicily bar unit. Good choices for a permanent patio bar include recycled plastic planks, cedar or redwood milled lumber, or metal. They can be a narrow counter-style positioned at one edge of the patio, or they can be a central unit that features curves and has an area for attractive bar stools to be added.

You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to the materials that patio bars are made out of. Each imparts its own unique style. Some of the most common materials include:


Wood creates a timeless base for a home bar. Choose a wood style if you want a piece that can fit in with just about any home style. Non-painted wood, especially in the slatted bar designs, can give your outdoor space a more rustic look. Bamboo is a common wood texture that gives a tropical island party feel. especially in slatted bar designs.

If your wooden patio bar is going to be exposed to the elements a lot, either choose dense wood varieties that are naturally decay-resistant, such as Western Red Cedar, white oak, teak, and bald cypress, or seal the piece adequately with coating of polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer.


Patio bars also come in lightweight metals for easy transportation, like aluminum. Metals are common in sleek, modern patio bar styles. Though some metal designs are good in classic patio arrangements, as they come in vintage styles with complex patterns. Wrought iron bars with beautiful scrollwork and mesh design are one such example. The downside of such bars will be their weight, though.*

Resin wicker

For a classic, textured appearance and increased durability, you can also find patio bars in wicker styles. Resin wicker, also known as all-weather wicker, is a material that resembles natural woven designs, but has been manufactured for use in outdoor patio furniture. Wicker, whether natural or synthetic, is a favorite among homeowners as it offers great versatility and weather-resistance. Light colors will beautifully complement casual, boho, and beach style patio bars, while dark grays or dark browns will add a bit of formality and elegance to your outdoor entertainment space.


These models are often made to look like another material, such as marble or granite, but are lighter and thus easier to move. Choose this material if you want durability, function, sleek elegance, and a certain textured style, all at an affordable price.

It's also worth noting that it's common to see patio bars made using multiple materials. For instance, a patio bar may have a metal base and a plastic counter for easy cleaning. It's important to keep function and style in mind, rather than looking for a piece this is only one material.

Beyond the style imparted by certain materials, there are also several different themes to choose from.

  • Bold and colorful: Many patio bars come with a colorful base and a white countertop. Some styles even allow you to choose a base from a wide variety of colorful options. Choose this style if you want a bold and artsy look.
  • Wrap design: Some patio bars have external wraps you can put around the base of the bar itself, usually made of a polyester fabric wrap. These allow you to customize the design of the bar, often going for themes like beach images. Choose this style if you want a customizable option that helps you design a certain party theme.
  • Faux stone: Since the point of a patio bar is to have a piece you can easily set up at a moment's notice, you won't find a patio bar made of stone. However, some styles have an outer wrap with a stone design or are textured like stone. Choose faux stone for an upscale, permanent-looking feature.
  • Text styles: Some patio bars have text on the front, usually related to a drink theme. It might have the word martini or Margaritaville, for example. Choose text for a playful, party theme.
  • Distressed and rustic: If you're going for a rustic look, you can find certain styles that have distressed paint jobs. These are often in wood materials for a further rustic look. Some get even more creative and look like they are made out of barrels.

Patio bars also have a few additional features that can come in handy:

  • Umbrella: Some styles come with an umbrella and the holder to keep it in place. Choose an umbrella style if you plan to place the patio bar where there is no shade.
  • Wheels: Many patio bars actually have wheels on the bottom that allow you to move the bar around. Wheels come particularly handy if your bar is extra large or made of heavier materials such as wrought iron.
  • Light up: Some styles actually light from within. Light up styles are good if you're going for a modern or night club theme.
  • Storage: It's important to assess what you'll need functionally. It can be convenient to find a model with an ice holder behind the bar or a sink built into the counter. Be sure to assess how much storage is behind the bar, as well. Most models have shelving built in behind the bar itself. Some have drawers, wine racks, cabinets or buckets included. If you serve many guests, more storage and space is key.

A major feature of patio bars is that they tend to be straight or L shape.

  • In L-shape designs, the counter itself is long with a shorter L-wing. As an example, the counter might be 63 inches long and the L-wing might be 41 inches long. This gives the appearance of a conventional bar people can sit around and allows guests to face each other more while they talk. Choose an L shape if you want people to sit around the bar.
  • Straight styles, which are more just for serving, tend to be around 36 inches high by 39 inches wide by 15 inches deep. Though you might also find larger and more involved straight styles with a sink. Larger straight styles can run around 35 inches high by 67 inches wide.
  • More rarely, you might also find patio bars that are curved for a more elegant style. These may be around 41 inches high by 70 inches wide by 16 inches deep.

You can store the same things in an outside home bar as you can an indoor one. Many outdoor home bars contain refrigerators, which allow storage of anything that needs to remain cold, such as beer, sodas, and other mixers. Alternatively, if they are unopened, you can store them in a darkened cabinet and place them in the refrigerator hours before guests arrive.

Store hard liquor outside as the various weather elements won’t cause damage or deterioration. However, for those containing dairy, like Irish Cream, keep refrigerated or indoors.

If you plan to store wine outdoors, it needs to be placed in a dark area and at a proper angle to prevent oxidation. A good option is to install a wine cooler in your outdoor bar if you find you and your guests often prefer white wine.

Drink mixes can go bad, so store them in cabinets away from direct sunlight and avoid extreme heat. Drink garnishes, such as salt, sugar, and bottled cherries or olives, keep well outdoors. Just be sure to store them in airtight containers to avoid attracting bugs and animals.

In addition, you can store sealed snacks, serving ware, and glasses of various sizes in drawers or cabinets with glass doors to avoid dust buildup. Avoid keeping anything on open shelves long-term as the exposure leaves them vulnerable to damage.

Outdoor bars can be weatherproofed by applying a weather-resistant finish. The type of finish you use depends on the material of the bar. Look for finishes that don’t contain harsh chemicals since you will be preparing food and drinks on these surfaces.

Most outside home bars are made of wood. Examine your bar first and fill in any cracks or open ends with an epoxy sealer. Next, apply a coat of stain or other water seal finish. If you plan to paint all or some parts of your outdoor bar, use a primer, then add a paint designed for outdoor surfaces.

If your bar is made of wicker, add two coats of paint or stain. Next, consider adding a layer of spray marine varnish to protect it from moisture. Wicker can easily trap moisture which leads to damage. 

For metal outdoor bars, treat with a specialized metal spray primer, then paint as necessary.

Every outside home bar needs a couple of essentials to guarantee a fun and entertaining time with your family and friends.

If your home bar doesn’t already come with a refrigerator, you’ll need an outdoor cooler to keep all your ingredients and beverages fresh for when it’s hot out. Don’t forget about ice makers too!

An adequate seating arrangement is also a must-have. This way, everyone can enjoy their food and drinks without feeling uncomfortable on a hard seat. Opt for stools with cushions and high backs for maximum comfort. If you often host large gatherings, have at least 6 stools so that no one gets left behind.

Of course, an outside home bar isn’t complete without its accessories. Always keep your cocktail shakers, towels, glasses, straws, and bottle openers within reach when preparing drinks. Include some decor and lighting into the mix to elevate the look of your home bar.

Best Ideas

Portable patio bar

click photos to enlarge

Used tiki bar for sale

Practical construction for patio use. This outdoor bar includes the most important elements, storage compartments, a spacious top, etc. It is based on four solid wooden pillars and it provides comfortable bar stools.

Outdoor patio bars for sale 1

This outdoor patio bar features a solid wooden construction with a large top and protective roof. It also features backless wooden bar stools with round swivel seats and rount stable bases. Natural wooden colors of these elements look stylish outdoors.

Description 87


Outdoor bar tropical patio san francisco

Outdoor bar tropical patio san francisco

The tropical composition of furniture in a backyard garden with a conversational area placed in the vicinity of a bar. The area is furnished with two armchairs with green cushions, paired with a small table made out of pine wood.

Outdoor patio bars for sale

Executive Summary outdoor patio bar furniture By Micheal Shook

Chatham mahogany entertaining buffet console table

Chatham mahogany entertaining buffet console table

Patio bar dedicated for outdoor use. It has 2 side cabinets and 3 open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Commercial outdoor bar designs

commercial outdoor bar designs

Simply the best in outdoor bars and bar stools alfresco

Simply the Best in Outdoor Bars and Bar Stools - Alfresco Home

Cheap garden bars for sale

The elegant outdoor patio bar is an excellent design element that allows you to have a great entertainment corner on your patio, terrace or garden. The effective composition of bricks and marble countertops look impressive.

Thatch umbrella patio umbrella palmas del

Thatch Umbrella | Patio Umbrella | Palmas del

3 Piece Luau Bar Set

3 Piece Luau Bar Set

Designed for outdoors, this 3-piece bar set consists of 1 bar and 2 bar stools - with each piece resistant to weather conditions and designed of durable metal. Each stool provides 250 lbs of weight capacity. The bar features bamboo-like steel poles and pitched roof.

Outdoor bar sale 1

Want to enjoy the neverending sunshine and joyfulness of tropics? You can invite them easily into your garden with this awesome outdoor Tiki Bar! A bamboo and plywood construction embodies well the coastal atmosphere, being also a solid, durable option.

Outdoor patio bars for sale

... garden furniture tiki style patio bars natural bamboo tiki style bar

Outdoor patio bars for sale

A fantastic idea to surprise your friends with this exotic bar for outdoor areas. Made in shape of a lovely Tiki hut, the bar rests on a large platform for stability, with a bunch of barstools, thick wood countertops, and enough shelves to store glassware and bottles of liquor.

Outdoor patio bars for sale 8

Outdoor kitchen and sit down bar!

Outdoor patio bars for sale

This beautiful outdoor bar constitutes a great way to embellish your garden space or patio. Wrought iron crafting enables to create magnificent intricate, visible for example in the barstools' backrests.

Outdoor patio bars for sale

party bar and chat sets

Outdoor bars for sale

An elegant choice for spicing up patios, gardens, sun decks, and swimming pool areas. This weather-resistant set consists of 1 bar and 2 matching barstools - all made of beautifully-woven wicker. Measurements: bar 40 x 24 x 42", each stool 15 x 15 x 29".

Outdoor patio bars for sale

With a such an attractive barn-board bar any decor can be elevated into another level. It is an excellent product for use at the porch. It features the cedar shake roof and natural finish.

Outdoor bar for sale

Summer is coming and so is outdoor entertainment time. Be properly prepared with a handy patio bar. This one-tone brown option stores glassware, beverages, ice and many more on its two extra roomy shelves.

Rum Cay Bar

Rum Cay Bar

Outdoor patio bars for sale

The captivating combination of a patio bar with stylish chairs and interesting elements styled on Hawaiian delights. The whole is beautifully combined in an elegant corner perfect for entertainment and fun.

Outdoor dining set 7 piece patio furniture brown bar table

Outdoor Dining Set 7 piece Patio Furniture brown bar table bar stools poolside