Brown Bedroom Furniture

Brown bedroom furniture offers so many inspiring possibilities! Whether you prefer light or dark finishes, painted or natural wood, there are lots of different takes on this versatile idea.

At the same time, when executed without taking colors and decor into consideration, brown furniture can backfire in your bedroom, especially when opting for darker models.

For example, we recommend sticking to a light wall color for brown furniture bedrooms: this will prevent a heavy or overwhelming feel. For the same reason, it’s safer to opt for lighter brown sets in smaller bedrooms. Another trick to help dark brown finishes work is to make the most of your natural light by welcoming it into your room instead of hiding it behind thick curtains.

And what color bedding goes with dark brown furniture?

The best options are certainly natural hues like blue, light blue, green, gray, or white and cream.

White: the perfect brown furniture bedroom wall color

White: the perfect brown furniture bedroom wall color

While you can always experiment with other light shades (such as pale yellow, light blue, grayish-green, tan, or a soothing grey), you really can’t go wrong with white.

This color is perfect to make your dark brown bedroom furniture stand out while maintaining a calm, airy feel. To embrace it even further, you could add some white bedding, too.

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Mid century modern brown bedroom furniture set

Mid century modern brown bedroom furniture set

If you have a soft spot for the trends from the 50s and 60s, get two birds with one stone by choosing some brown bedroom furniture in a mid-century modern style.

The secret is to scout for shapes that emphasize their horizontal length over their height (look at this headboard and drawers!) and that include thin, outward-pointing legs.

A few elements in yellow or another warm color will also add to this style’s characteristic palette. 

Solid wood brown furniture bedroom

Solid wood brown furniture bedroom

When it comes to decorating, brown and wood are pretty much synonymous. So why not put this material at the very core of your brown furniture bedroom?

By choosing a bed and set made of solid wood, you’ll immediately inspire a sense of grandeur without straying away from a cozy, rustic feel. 

Dark brown headboard bedroom ideas: slatted design

Dark brown headboard bedroom ideas: slatted design

If you’re in love with the idea of introducing some dark bedroom furniture but are worried that your small or dimly lit room will feel too cramped, here’s another handy solution: a slatted design.

Not only will it make your furniture look lighter, but it will create pleasant light tricks and shadow patterns.

Dark brown bedroom with oversized headboard

Dark brown bedroom with oversized headboard

Striving for a headboard that’s both comfy for you to sit up and also the star of the show? Then go big! You can either do so by choosing an oversized dark brown headboard or by applying some stylish headboard extensions.

You’ll only have to add a decorative element or two to fill up the rest of your wall.

Dark bedroom furniture decorating ideas: ornate designs

Dark bedroom furniture decorating ideas: ornate designs

If what has drawn you to dark bedroom furniture in the first place is the majestic sense of splendor that it can inspire, we recommend taking it to the next level by choosing the most ornate designs.

For example, this could involve a hand-carved wooden headboard or dressers with heavily decorated handles.

However, since this results in a busier visual flow, we only recommend this style in the largest bedrooms.

Dark bedroom furniture & blue decor

Dark bedroom furniture & blue decor

Remember what colors go with brown bedroom furniture other than white? Hint: blue is one of them and sure to make for a breathtaking result.

From your walls to the actual bedding, blue hues will create a perfect palette with a nautical or coastal touch when paired up with your brown bedroom furniture.

Don’t forget to introduce some white to balance these two strong colors.

Industrial brown bedroom furniture decorating ideas

Industrial brown bedroom furniture decorating ideas

Brown is also a staple in industrial decor. After all, its core materials are metal and iron, so a dark brown bedroom is ideal to make the most of them.

Choose simple, streamlined shapes and furniture without elaborate decorative details.

You can then add tasteful, typically industrial details like exposed light bulbs and elements in neutral tones.

Brown furniture bedroom with upholstery in a different color

Brown furniture bedroom with upholstery in a different color

Worried that your new brown furniture bedroom will end up being a bit too much for your taste? You can still maintain a cohesive feel by sticking to that color for most of your furniture but choosing a headboard in a different hue.

Brown frame, upholstery in a lighter shade: isn’t that such an aesthetically pleasing contrast?

Dark brown furniture for a majestic feel

Dark brown furniture for a majestic feel

Another way to emphasize the magnificent feel of your new brown bedroom set is to choose one in a dark and sought-after wood finish.

For example, ebony or dark walnut furniture is guaranteed to make a strong statement.

And don’t forget about stylish details like an ornate mirror frame or bedding in an elaborate pattern.


Our advice Buying Guide

What color goes with brown bedroom furniture?

There are a handful of colors that go well with brown bedroom furniture; white being the safest color option. When white bedding and decor pieces are combined with dark brown furniture, the result is bound to be a cozy and well-balanced space. Another option is to pair brown with a cool shade like blue to create a bold and refreshing ambiance in your bedroom. Alternatively, green accent pillows, lampshades, and artwork are the way to go if you want your bedroom to look unique and interesting. You can also try pairing your brown furniture with splashes of yellow on key pieces such as pillows, blankets, and curtains to make a lively and bright statement.

What's the best wood for bedroom furniture?

All things considered, walnut and maple tend to be the best woods for brown bedroom furniture pieces.

If you want the quality of the wood to shine through instead of painting a furniture piece, you’ll want to pick a good piece of hardwood to display.

Maple is an exceptionally hard type of wood, making it very good for everyday use - it won’t wear or nick over time.

Walnut is similarly durable, making it hardy as well as beautiful.

What wall color goes best with brown bedroom furniture?

When choosing the perfect wall color to go with your brown bedroom furniture, be aware that a lighter contrasting shade can stop the room from appearing dark and cramped. Brown bedroom furniture is classy and attractive, so you don’t want to take any attention away from the beauty of the wood. Your furniture needs to be the room’s statement piece, and the wall color should complement it.

With this in mind, bright neutrals such as whites and creams are perfect for opening up a room and accentuating the furniture inside. These shades make spaces look bigger and fresher and can accompany your brown furniture brilliantly.

Other than whites, you can also opt for luscious deep greens. These shades work exceptionally well with dark wood and can provide a calming and refreshing bedroom environment. Additionally, pastel shades and subtle blues can complement the rich hues of your furniture.


Sonoma Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Sonoma Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
Set consisting of panel bed, headboard footboard and slats. All pieces are made of durable and strong hardwood solids as well as hardwood veneers. Classic rich dark brown finish easily fits variety of styles.

Avalon Platform Customizable Bedroom Set

Avalon Platform Customizable Bedroom Set
This customizable bedroom set helps you pull of the look of a sleek and trendy bedroom as soon as you decide for a remodel. The set includes a bed frame, a nightstand and a dresser - lots of drawers here to organize stuff!

Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set
Aesthetic classic set of brown-finished wood. A sleigh-inspired queen bed has thin gently curved posts. Drawer units have rectangular moulding tops and low wide profiled legs. Drawers' bail handles are of dark metal. A mirror has rounded top corners.

Vera Customizable Bedroom Set

Vera Customizable Bedroom Set
This amazing bedroom set offers a customizable design that will allow you to choose the perfect pieces for your interior, while keeping your setting decorated to utmost perfection and fully functional.

Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

Panel Customizable Bedroom Set
Attractive contemporary set of wooden materials and featuring a brown pleather cover all over. All pieces have rectilineal frames. Stands have rectangular tops, simple side-length feet, drawers with horizontal metal bar handles. A mirror is square.

Brown bedroom furniture

A high quality, king-size wooden bed that will guarantee you a good night sleep. It's a traditional kind of bed made of durable dark wood, but it will also suit modern spaces. It has, high, wooden back, which makes it comfortable to sit in too.

Brown furniture grey walls

Get the clean look with this brown bedroom furniture set. Everything has the black finish, but it's not too dark. It's a restful and inviting place to sleep! I like this bed and nightstand, because they've got the same style.

Brown bedroom furniture 1

We want to have this kind of bedroom, with layering shades of brown and beige. The classic bed with dark wooden frame, bench and beige carpet create the inviting and restful place.

Grey bedroom with brown furniture

An elegant traditional drawer chest of black-finished wood. It has a rectangular moulding top, a moulding base, low bun feet. Three smaller drawers in the upper tier and 6 larger ones in 3 tiers feature recessed panels and small round black knobs.

Brown bedroom furniture 2

An elegant contemporary drawer chest of wooden materials finished in brown. It has tapered angular legs, a rectangular top and 10 size-varied drawers in 4 tiers. Drawers have a bit recessed front panels and round silvery metal pulls.

Grey and brown bedroom

A comfortable addition for any master bedroom. This king size bed is made of wood and covered in a cherry finish, along with a classic headboard and footboard, and a low-profiled platform with sturdy feet.

Bedroom with brown carpet

Panel bed mounted on massive legs made of wood. Frame is covered with soft fabric. It is fitted with high headboard. Neutral design for any bedroom according to taste.

Gray and brown bedroom ideas

Do not be afraid of dark wood in a bedroom set - if you choose simple shapes and interesting shade suitable for example mahogany wood - it will not overwhelm intimacy and relaxation in the bedroom. It will beautifully match with blue shades.

Grey walls dark brown furniture

Navy and white color is immortal mix, which will always look good in bedroom stylizations. This composition perfectly fits to the dark brown bed frame. Even if the base is classic, the multipatterned pillows adds it up the modern look.

Gray and brown bedroom

This beautiful bedroom is a combination of a traditional king bed with a headboard with stylish, warm colors. Lovely bed linens, night lamps and an interesting picture on the wall create a beautiful combination.

Blue walls and brown furniture

Tasteful nighstand fitted with 3 drawers for storing personal items. It is made of wood in two shades. Provides saving space in each bedroom. Traditional form and modern design.

Dark brown room

Finished with various brown and grey accents, this bedroom furniture constitutes a traditional, elegant set. Solid wooden construction enchant with their gentle graining.

Bedroom ideas with brown furniture

I'm trying to furnish the bedroom, so I decide to buy the bedroom set, which includes the panel bed, nightstand, dresser with mirror and chest. This one is elegant with black-rubbed finish.

With drawers and appealing brown woods mirrored bedroom furniture

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Of america luxury brown cherry 4 piece baroque style bedroom

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Brown and grey bedroom

The beautiful combination of solid wood construction with dark brown bedroom furniture is an excellent way to create a spectacular decor. The large king bed with a high headboard and slender legs is an exceptionally stylish piece of furniture.

Bedroom colors with brown furniture

Dark brown bedroom furniture. A bed is large enough and very comfortable for two people. Its solid wooden construction provides support and stability. A nightstand is made of the same materials in the same finish.

Bedroom gray bedroom paint color decorating ideas feat master bed

bedroom gray bedroom paint color decorating ideas feat master bed ...

Brown home furniture this is the dark brown furniture gathered

... brown home furniture this is the dark brown furniture gathered from

Brown bedroom furniture decorating ideas

Contemporary setup for a clam and tranquil bedroom, furnished with a long linen cabinet made out of dark-brown painted oak wood with a round mirror on top and a stylish, wing-backed armchair on the side.

Dark cherry bedroom furniture decor ideas

Dark Cherry Bedroom Furniture Decor Ideas

Leather headboards including narrow mahogany wood night stand and

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Chocolate brown bedroom furniture for master bedroom

Chocolate Brown Bedroom Furniture For Master Bedroom

Brown carpet bedroom

Sample navy blue and brown bedroom in an EYA townhome in Washington, DC. Learn more about EYA at

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Colors that go with brown bedroom furniture

Bedroom design based on universal black and white colors. This bed features comfortable bedclothes and a durable wooden frame. It is covered with black leather that assures durability and elegance. Small nightstands are also black and they feature practical drawers.

Dark cherry bedroom furniture theme ideas

Dark Cherry Bedroom Furniture Theme Ideas

Bedroom ideas brown furniture

A great combination of modern appearance and elegant design, this set of 1 dresser in an espresso finish and 1 round mirror beautifully accentuates master bedrooms. The dresser gives you 10 various drawers and a nicely-polsihed top, while the mirror is embedded in a steel frame.

Grey bedroom with dark furniture

A chic traditional bedroom set of dark-finished wooden materials. A large bed features a showy full-panel headboard with moulding finials on side posts. A wardrobe has a crown top and recessed panels. They matches interiors in white and bluish hues.

Brown bedroom decor

This set of hardwood bedroom furniture a great opportunity to relax in warm and luxurious surroundings. Solid, oak finishing, covered in brown leather stands for style and unique style and comfort.

Adagio Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Adagio Sleigh Customizable Bedroom Set

Brown black bedroom ideas 922 bedroom furniture sets bedroom ideas

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Modern brown bedroom furniture and color setting

Modern Brown Bedroom Furniture And Color Setting

Grey brown bedroom

Chrome Bedroom Furniture

Exclusive modern bedroom with brown color black bedroom furniture

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Bedroom interactive bedroom furniture for bedroom decorating design

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Brown and black furniture

Master Bedroom red, white, and black. My favorite colors. #masterbedroom #homedecor

Natural finish dresser 2

Elegant sideboard made of wood in two shades. It is mounted on decoratively curved legs. Includes 2 side cabinets, drawer and cabinet with double doors. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

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