Rattan Bookcases


Something you might not have thought of when deciding to pick a new bookcase, rattan bookcases are light, but sturdy. They will give your home an island feel without going too deep into that motif. And they are quite fetching in a very simple sense of the concept. Take a look at this collection and see if perhaps a rattan bookcase is what you want for your books.

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Our Picks

Timeless 42" Folding Bookcase

Timeless 42" Folding Bookcase

Stable bookcase made from combining rattan and bamboo. It is resistant to water and mold. It offers 3 shelves for display decoration, store books and other. Neutral accent to any interior in the Asian style.

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Rattan shelving

Combining rattan and bamboo is the best option to recreate a smooth, tropical appeal. This bookcase will distinguish any of your space, fitting well both to the living room or office decor.

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Coastal Chic 36" Bookcase

Coastal Chic 36" Bookcase

A humble, handmade bookcase that can perfectly blend with any interior. The material used in order to make it is rattan. It is sturdy enough to hold a lamp and heavy coffee table books. Designed and manufactured in China.

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Rattan 41" Bookcase

Rattan 41" Bookcase

Decorative bookcase carefully woven rattan. It is equipped with a 3 shelves and tray on the top. Freestanding form to locate any interior according to personal taste and needs.

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Rattan bookcases

This cute rattan bookshelf is a perfect combination of solid base and functionality. Beautiful shape in vintage boho style captivates and adds to the interior of an interesting character. The whole is stylish and impressive.

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3 tiered rattan bookcase set of shelves

3 tiered rattan bookcase set of shelves

A cool Asian style openwork bookcase crafted of rattan with a natural lacquered finish but 3 black shelves. Both a front skirt and cresting feature geometric patterns. A back and sides (the higher, the narrower sides are) are of vertical rods.

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Rattan shelving unit

This Taryn bookcase distinguishes itself with its beautiful white rattan, stylishly adorned with intricate side design. 5 tiered construction measures 71 1/4"H X 27 3/4"W X 14 1/8"D.

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Rattan shelf

Add comfort, style, elegance and beauty into your home with this bookcase. It has got the rattan construction, brass feet and chestnut finish. Five deep shelves make an enough space for your books, accent pieces, photos and more.

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Rattan bookshelves

Created of antique bamboo and durable rattan, this decorative bookcase is just perfect for enhancing offices with a vintage twist. Its construction is built to last, offering three spacious open compartments for storing your literature.

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Lawrence Rattan Book Shelves

Lawrence Rattan Book Shelves

Freestanding bookcase with folding function for easy storage. High construction is made of metal and combining rattan. It has 4 open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for outdoor use.

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Rattan Bookcases

Buying Guide

Rattan bookcases are a light, airy way to organize books, and much, much more. They do hold books, but they can also be home to rattan baskets, folded linens, toy collections or just about anything that could use a home. When it comes to that everything in its place and a place for everything, rattan bookcases are the bomb.

Whatever your shelving needs, rattan bookcases are usually strong, lightweight, and perfect for materials that need to breathe. The open weave of the rattan allows air to circulate, helping to prevent mold or mildew from accumulating on the shelves. Better yet, they add a different sort of texture to your rooms

Here are some ideas on how to use rattan bookcases around the house:

Rattan bookcase as a linen closet

If there is anything in the house that needs to breathe, it is your stored linens. A natural tone shelving unit of makes a beautiful place to store towels, face cloths and other fabric items. You can even move some units from place to place easily by using the wrapped handles on top. A unit like this can even be used as a tea caddy.

Extra storage in wicker baskets

Extend your use of rattan by sliding wicker basket units into fitted shelves to serve as a storage place for those itty-bitty do-hickeys that seem to turn up in odd spots when not needed, but are never available when wanted. These can range from nail clippers to the long-necked tiny screwdriver needed to open the computer case. By adding a canvas lining to the rattan baskets, they can handily retain those items that tend to slip into cracks and slither away behind furniture.

Temporary display with a folding bookcase

Perfect for classroom use or for temporary displays, a bamboo and rattan folding shelf unit can keep track of the things you need right now, and then be packed away in a trunk with the things – ready for use next time. It can also be stowed in the pantry and brought out to use as a display area for your guests’ dining pleasure or to show off your items for sale if you are giving one of those home-merchandise parties.

Rattan bookcases as plant stands

Show off your plants on a rattan bookcase that is shaped like a small step ladder. Place a large, heavy planter on the bottom shelf, and progressively lighter and smaller items as you progress toward the top. This makes an attractive display that is unlikely to tip over. The same principle works for books – but an encyclopedia or dictionary set on the bottom and those cute mini coffee table books on the upper shelves, or even for statuary.

Best Ideas

Rattan bookcases 1

A bookcase made of rattan with three shelves. It stands on four medium-height legs. It's light brown and jungle-style. Its design is rather raw so it will fit to every space full of freedom. The shelves are quite spacious so you can keep there many books.

Rattan etagere

Rattan is the term for many species of palm trees that grow in the tropical forests of the Far East. Their light, elastic rhizomes have become good for the design of this exotic rattan bookcase with 3 shelves and heigh carved legs.

I love this shelf and i love this ebay seller

I love this shelf and I LOVE this eBay seller in the Sarasota area!!! -

Wicker bookshelf

A beautiful piece for storing books and displaying decorations in your contemporary home. Designed of durable rattan, the bookcase gives you 9 open compartments with lattice sides, and bun feet for stability.

Pair of rattan and bamboo bookcases

Pair of Rattan and Bamboo Bookcases

Pair rattan pagoda etageres wicker bamboo shelves tropical

Pair Rattan Pagoda Etageres Wicker Bamboo Shelves Tropical ...

Rattan bookcase with 4 shelves and 2 drawers 1960s 1

Rattan bookcase with 4 shelves and 2 drawers - 1960s ...

Vintage palm beach tiki style bamboo rattan double

Vintage Palm Beach Tiki Style Bamboo & Rattan Double ...

Large vintage wicker rattan bookcase pickup only and

Large Vintage Wicker/Rattan bookcase - Pickup Only and ...

Padmas plantation bookcase with rattan peel baskets bk02

Padma's Plantation Bookcase with Rattan Peel Baskets BK02 ...

Benny rattan bookcase society social 1

Benny Rattan Bookcase – Society Social

Rattan bookcases for sale only 3 left at 70

Rattan Bookcases for sale | Only 3 left at -70%

Mid century rattan bookcase at 1stdibs 1

Mid-Century Rattan Bookcase at 1stdibs

Mid century rattan bookcase at 1stdibs 2

Mid-Century Rattan Bookcase at 1stdibs